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Electric Bike Reviews – Bikes / Brands / Best-of Reviews / Gear / Blog Posts

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - December 28, 2021

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Electric Bike Blog Posts

Different Types of Electric Bikes
and how to choose.

Hub drive vs Mid Drive
PROs & CONs – Which one to prefer? 

Electric Bike vs Electric Scooter
Which one to prefer when looking for a commuter e-vehicle.

11 Reasons Why Not To Get an E-Bike
Real reasons which might turn down and stick for the conventional bicycle.

What Your Bike Choice Say About You?
You won’t be surprised.

Why most eBikes use a 1x front cog?
Instead of 2x.

11 Essentials for Every Bike Ride
a 101 guide.

Electric Hunting Bike Accessories
A new sub-trend & its extras.

Electric Bike Rules & Regulations
A brief guide.


Electric Bicycle ‘Best-of’ Reviews

Best-Selling Electric Bikes of 2022
Take a look at e-bikes with best rating & feedback ratio.

Electric Mountain Bikes
Best ‘tools’ for exploration & performance trail riding.

Electric Hardtail Mountain Bikes
For lighter trails – XC and trail riding.

EBikes by Luxury Car Manufacturers
Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla

Electric Road Bikes
Pedal-assisted mid-drive and hub motor speed-machines.

Electric Gravel Bikes
Another popular sub-trend definitely worth a visit.

Top Electric Bikes For Kids
A decent selection of great quality e-Bikes for kids.

Folding eBike COMPEP 2 Pro vs XP 2.0 vs RadMini 4
Three best-selling models reviewed side-to-side.

$2,000 Fat Tire E-Bike COMP
Comparison of the four best-selling 26×4″ eBikes online.

Best Fat Tire eBikes of 2022
Another popular type many e-bike manufacturers are going for

folding electric bike comparison

Best Folding Electric Bikes 🏆
An advancing e-bike trend in 2022.

Best Electric Moped Style eBikes
Rise-handlebar, fixed seat and 20-inch wheel eBikes.

E-Bikes 2022 Release
Have a glimpse of the newest eBikes on the market.

Best Under $1,000 Electric Bikes
You’ll be surprised by the choice at this popular price range.

E-Bikes Under $1,500
Another popular budget with plenty of good value bikes.

Best Under $2,000 Electric Bikes
See what the $2k budget can get you.

Co-op Cycles – eCTY Review
Made by one of the best-value bike brands online.

Best Electric Cargo Bikes
To haul kids or cargo.

Best Electric Hybrid Bikes
For city commutes with a capability of light gravel riding.

Electric City Bikes
Most casual 26″ / 700c / 650b wheel ebikes.

Best Hunting Bikes in 2022
Awesome beasts for camping, outback & fishing.

Electric Hunting Bikes – Under $4,000
Let’s see what’s out there!

Best Electric Mini Bikes
Ultra-portable electric bikes reviewed.

Best Single Speed eBikes
Lightweight single-speed eBikes for everyday commutes.

Best Cheap Electric Bikes
“Cheap” by trusted and high-quality e-bike specific brands.

Best 20″ Electric Bikes
Portability & convenience – one bike for the whole family.

20 inch ebike wheels

Best Electric Touring Bikes
Bikepacking, touring, gravel riding – long distance eBikes with integrated racks and fenders.

Best Electric Cruiser Bikes
Like beach cruisers aren’t comfortable already?

Best Step-Through Electric Bikes
For anyone who prefers the easy on/off the bike.

Best Belt-Drive Electric Bikes
Clean, silent, long-lasting & maintenance-free drivetrain.

Best Off-Road Electric Bikes
Beasts to tackle mud, snow, and outback trails roads.

Seniors e-Bikes
Best electric bikes for the elderly.



Best Electric Bike Racks
E-Bike racks with the highest weight capacity & tire width

Best Bike Rack Brands
10+ manufacturers that produce high-quality bike rack.


E-Bike Classes

Understanding Electric Bike 4 Classes
Check out what’s legal and what’s not in your state.

Best Class 1 eBikes
Pedal-assistance eBikes with a top speed of 20mph.

Best Class 2 eBikes
Electric bikes with pedal-assist and throttle assistance of up to 20mph.

Best Class 3 eBikes
With a pedal-assisted motor of up to 28mp/h, and an optional throttle up to 20mph

Best Class 4 eBikes
Electric Bicycles that are not street legal without proper licensing. Power over 750W, max speed up to 28mph and over.

electric bike classifcation


Brands & Single Bike Reviews

17 Best Electric Bike Brands 🏆

electric bike brands

Rad Power Bikes Review

RadMission 1 Review
Under $1,000 urban eBike.

RadCity 4 Review
One of the best-selling hybrid eBikes in 2020-2022.

RadCity 5 Review
Latest & greatest of city eBikes.

RadRunner Review
+ RadRunner Plus
20″ wheel city commuter.

RadRover 5 Review
Superstar of 2020-2022 . 🏆

RadRover 6 Review
Latest & greatest eBikes for 2022.

RadWagon 4 Review
The 4th version of what Rad Power Bikes first started out with.

Ride1UP Bikes Review

Ride1UP 500 Series
Awesome value eBike for men & women.

Ride1UP 700 Series
Best-selling hybrid model.

Ride1UP Roadster
One of the most stylish single-speed roadster eBikes on the market.

– Ride1UP LMTd
Super cheap comfort commuter eBike.

– Ride1UP Core-5
Rigid fork eBike for city commutes.

Ride1UP Prodigy Series
3  different ebikes under the same name.

Lectric eBikes Review
From kickstarter to best-selling eBike brands in years.

Lectric XP 2.0
Brands’ current one and only eBike.

lectric ebike

Engwe Electric Bikes Review
Robust and powerful – an awesome alternative (“Lectric-killer”).

– Engwe EP 2 Pro Review
Hands-on review of the 20×4″ 750W folding eBike.

engwe ebike


BUZZ Bikes Review

Himiway Bikes Review

– Himiway City Pedelec Review
Hands on review of a 26″ wheel city eBike for the EU market

Ancheer Bikes Review
Amazon’s best-sellers from 2016.

Bakcou Bikes
Hard-core off-road eBikes.

Schwinn eBikes
Let’s see Schwinn’s take on eBikes.

Rambo Bikes Review
Hunting & outback electric bikes expert.

Rungu Bikes Review
3-wheel electric off-road beasts.

rambo rebel hunting bike

QuietKat Bikes Review
High-quality off-road eBikes expert.

Quietkat Ranger Review
Entry-level all-terrain eBike review.

quietkat bikes