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Rambo Hunting E-Bikes Review

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - May 3, 2024

Rambo Bikes Review

Rambo bikes are designed by outdoors people, for outdoors people. The company aims to make the “ultimate travel machines” that can help you go where you have never been, pushing the limits of what you thought was possible for your bike.

In this Rambo bikes review, we will cover each of the 15 fat tire electric bikes in their range. They divide their bikes into two distinct categories, high performance, and extreme performance. The top-end models are all extreme performance and include extra power, range, and premium features and components.

All but one of the Rambo bikes is sold without the addition of extra features, so you can completely personalize your own bike with accessories from the company’s online store. At the end of the article, we will briefly discuss some of these accessories.

Rambo Electric Bikes Range Overview

rambo bikes comparison

Rambo electric motorized bikes comparison chart

Rambo The Venom

rambo venom ebike

MSRP: $8,000

The Venom electric bike is Rambo’s most advanced model, delivering the most comprehensive off-road experience. This bike is perfect for any adventure-minded person and is especially effective as a hunting e-bike.

Notable features of the Venom include a Rohloff rear hub, a large 17Ah battery, 4-Piston Tektro Hydraulic brakes, and a huge 1000W Ultra Mid-Drive motor. This is paired with 4.8″ Maxxis Minion tires and GT860 Air fork suspension all of which combine to make this bike handle and perform in the most extreme terrains and conditions.

  • Motor: Bafang 1,000W (1,500W peak) hub motors
  • Maximum torque: 160Nm
  • Battery: 48V 17Ah, 1,008Wh
  • Range: 40mi

The Ultra mid-drive motor provides a peak performance of 1500W and 160Nm and provides the most smooth power transfer available on the market, making the steepest gradients possible a walk in the park.

This Rambo eBike can go for ranges of up to 40 miles and has thumb throttle capacity for when your legs are tired. Finally, the bike has a stealthy camo finish and the quietest motor possible to make all of your hunting trips successful.

  • Rohloff 14-speed internal gears
  • GT 860 air suspension
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • 26×4.8″ Maxxis Minion FBF
  • Weight: 71 lbs

Rambo The Megatron

All-wheel drive – The best electric bike for hunting!

rambo megatron ebike

2WD – 2 x 1,000w hub motors!

MSRP: $7,200

Coming in for a close second place, the Megatron e-bike is a slightly cheaper but equally innovative and high-quality option.

Due to the all-wheel-drive of two 1000W hub motors, this model boasts the most power among the whole range and is optimized for those with the most extreme biking needs, where mud, snow, and sand are taken on with ease.

  • Motor: 🏆 2x 1,000W hub motors (Peak 3,000W)
  • Maximum torque: 160Nm
  • Battery: 2x 48V 17Ah, 1,008Wh
  • Range: 80mi

With all that extra power (3000W performance) Rambo has included 2x 17Ah batteries for a total of 34Ah and up to a whopping 80 miles of range. This huge range makes the Megatron a great choice for bike touring, bikepacking, or any longer, more demanding hunting or backcountry trips.

This bike has a higher weight than the Venom but uses similar components such as the hydraulic disc brakes, 4.8″ tires, aluminum alloy frame, and fork suspension to create an all-around excellent riding experience, no matter where you go.

  • Single speed
  • GT MRK 355 air suspension
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, 4-piston
  • 26×4.8″ Maxxis Minion FBF
  • Weight: 77 lbs

Rambo The Rampage

A rugged full-suspension electric mountain bike

rambo rampage

MSRP: $7,000

The Rampage electric mountain bike for hunting is undoubtedly the best for riding extreme gradients on rough terrain due to the full-suspension design.

The complete suspension paired with a top-level ultra mid-drive motor means this bike performs equally well going up or going down. To help with handling in the most technical places you can rely on Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, 2.8″ Maxxis Minion tires, and a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame.

  • Motor: Rambo Rampage Performance 1,000W Ultra Mid-drive
  • Maximum torque: 160Nm
  • Battery: 48V 21Ah, 1,008Wh
  • Range: 60mi

This e-bike is perfectly suited to those who want both a mountain bike and a high-level hunting/backcountry bike. To do so it has a large 60-mile range from the 21Ah battery.

Finally, the Rampage also has premium touchpoints in a WTB saddle and SRAM grips to make it even more comfortable.

  • SRAM NX Eagle 11-speed
  • GT 830E fork,
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, 4-piston
  • 27×2.8″ Maxxis Minion FBF
  • Weight: 67 lbs

Rambo The Powler

rambo the plower

MSRP: $6,500

The Prowler Rambo mountain bike is another unique option from the company’s wide range. It features innovative motor technology that delivers the most silent power possible using gearless technology from Dutch transmission company Enviolo.

The whisper-quiet rear hub has a huge 380% gear range that delivers plenty of options for extreme terrain, and the power comes from a premium Bafang 1000W ultra mid-drive motor. This motor combines three different sensors to deliver the smoothest power possible.

  • Motor: Bafang 1,000W (1,500W peak) Mid-drive
  • Maximum torque: 160Nm
  • Battery: 48V 17Ah, 816Wh
  • Range: 40mi

For juice, the Prowler has a reliable Samsung 48v 17Ah battery that can last up to 40 miles per charge. Additionally, this bike has hydraulic disc brakes, wide 3.8″ Maxxis Minion tires, fork suspension, and a proprietary camo finish which is 100% exclusive to Rambo Bikes, for the best hunting performance.

  • 380% gear range Enviolo CVT
  • GT 860 air suspension (fat & e-bike specific)
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, 4-piston
  • 27.5×3.8″ Maxxis Minion FBF
  • Weight: 70 lbs

Rambo The Rebel

rambo rebel hunting bike

MSRP: $5,500

The Rambo Rebel camo bike is a great, more affordable alternative to the top-ranked Venom. This bike features many of the same premium features that allow it to perform at a high level in extreme backcountry environments and has a stealthy camo finish perfect for hunters.

To get the job done you can trust the reliable Bafang 1000W mid-drive motor with up to 1500W peak performance, quality GT air suspension, Maxxis Minion 4.8″ fat tires, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

This bike also has a large capacity 21Ah battery which powers the motor up to 48 miles. Finally, you can also see all of your ride metrics and control the bike settings using the premium LCD control panel in the center.

  • Motor: Bafang BBSHD 1,000W (1,500W peak) Mid-drive
  • Maximum torque: 160Nm
  • Battery: 48V 21Ah, 1,008Wh
  • Range: 48mi
  • SRAM NX 11-speed
  • GT 860 air suspension
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, 4-Piston
  • 26×4.8″ Maxxis Minion FBF
  • Weight: 69 lbs

Rambo The Krusader

2WD – 2x500W hub motors

rambo krusader

MSRP: $5,000

The Krusader is a more budget-friendly all-wheel-drive option like its big brother the Megatron. However, this bike uses two 500W hub motors to deliver jaw-dropping power on tough terrain.

For riders who need to tackle surfaces like snow, mud, or sand, this bike is the perfect solution. It has 1000W and 160Nm of power, a 14Ah battery, and a virtually silent single-speed drivetrain which is built to resist the harshest conditions.

  • Motor: 2 x 500W Hub-drive (Peak 1,500W)
  • Maximum torque: 160Nm
  • Battery: 48V 14Ah, 672Wh
  • Range: 38mi

Other notable features of this electric mountain bike for hunting are the wide 4″ Maxxis tires, premium hydraulic disc brakes, fork suspension, and TrueTimber Viper Woodland Camo paint job. All of these features combine for a great ride feel no matter where the trail goes.

  • 1-speed
  • GT MRK
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • 26×4.0″ Maxxis Minion FBF
  • Weight: 74 lbs

Rambo The Nomad

rambo nomad

MSRP: $4,500

The Nomad is a mid-range Rambo hunting bike for riders with extreme ambitions but a tighter budget to work with. It has plenty of power and great components to deliver the Rambo off-road performance.

This bike has a 750W mid-drive motor with 1000W/120Nm of peak power. Unfortunately, the 14Ah battery only delivers 25 miles of range. To perform on tough terrain the Nomad uses GT MRK air suspension, 4″ Maxxis Minion tires, 2-piston hydraulic disc brakes, and a lightweight aluminum frame.

  • Motor: Bafang BBSHD 750W (1,000W peak) Mid-drive
  • Maximum torque: 120Nm
  • Battery: 48V 14Ah, 672Wh
  • Range: 25mi

Finally, this bike comes with a camo finish and the same whisper-quiet motor that allows you to make the most of your hunt each time you go out.

  • SRAM NX Eagle 11-speed
  • GT MRK 860 air suspension
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • 26×4.0″ Maxxis Minion FBF
  • Weight: 66 lbs

Rambo The Bushwacker

rambo bushwacker

MSRP: $4,400

The Bushwacker 750W is an off-road dream designed with plenty of power, torque, and all the features necessary to ride on tough terrain.

With this electric hunting bike Rambo has included a premium Bafang mid-drive motor with 750W of power and a 14Ah battery that provides up to 38 miles of range. Additionally, the Bushwacker has a 5-speed Sturmey Archer drivetrain to help you get where you need to go.

  • Motor: Bafang 750W Mid-drive
  • Maximum torque: 120Nm
  • Battery: 48V 14Ah, 672Wh
  • Range: 38mi

Other notable features include GT 860 Air suspension, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and high-performance Maxxis Minion 4″ tires. Finally, this e-bike also has Rambo’s TrueTimber Viper Western Camo paint job and a whisper-quiet motor to help make any hunting trip a success.

  • Sturmey Archer 5 Speed
  • GT 860 air suspension (fat & e-bike specific)
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • 26×4.0″ Maxxis Minion FBF
  • Weight: 66 lbs

Rambo The Roamer

rambo bikes r750c the roamer ebike

MSRP: $4,000

The Roamer Rambo hunting bike is one of their best choices for value due to its 750W motor and a 14Ah Samsung battery delivering up to 35 miles of range on one charge. This bike is considered high performance instead of extreme performance.

This bike also features Kenda Krusade 4″ tires with Kevlar puncture resistance, a solid Sturmey Archer 3-speed drivetrain, GT MRK fork suspension, and powerful Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. All of these components combine to make this an excellent bike for extreme off-road performance.

Finally, the Roamer also double-wall rims without holes which improve the durability of your tires by stopping dirt and debris from entering.

  • Motor: Bafang BBS02 750W Mid-drive
  • Maximum torque: 120Nm
  • Battery: 48V 14Ah, 672Wh
  • Range: 35mi

Roamer by Rambo bikes vs Quietkat Ranger

  • Sturmey Archer 3 Speed
  • GT MRK
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • 26×4.0″ Kenda Krusade Anti-Puncture
  • Weight: 63 lbs

Rambo The Ryder

rambo ryder ebike

MSRP: $3,500

The Rambo Ryder is a 24″ wheel bike that is perfectly suited to smaller riders due to the slightly more compact frame design.

This fat-tire bike comes in a stylish black and tan finish that is very distinct from Rambo’s other Camo-style bikes. It uses 24″ x 4″ Kevlar-reinforced puncture-resistant tires, a 3-speed internal hub,  a punch 750W Bafang motor, and a 14Ah Samsung battery for 35 miles at max range.

  • Motor: Bafang C965 750W Mid-drive (1,000W peak)
  • Maximum torque: 120Nm
  • Battery: 48V 14Ah, 672Wh
  • Range: 35mi

The inclusion of hydraulic disc brakes and a GT MRK fork suspension also allows this bike to perform well on rough trails and in wet weather. Finally, this bike has ergonomic grips and a comfortable saddle to further improve the ride quality.

  • Sturmey Archer 3 Speed
  • GT MRK
  • Logan hydraulic disc brakes
  • 24″ x 4.0″ Kenda Krusade
  • Weight: 63 lbs

Rambo The Pursuit

rambo pursuit

MSRP: $3,500

The Pursuit is another one of the high-performance e-bikes by Rambo. This bike has sleek a matte black and charcoal finish and is perfect for those with a diverse range of needs from their bike such as camping, hunting, urban riding, and more.

This powerful bike has a 750W/120Nm Bafang mid-drive motor that is perfect for everyday use or tough terrain. It can get up to 35 miles of range from one charge of the 14Ah battery and runs almost silently.

  • Motor: Bafang BBS02 750W (Peak 1,000W) Mid-drive
  • Maximum torque: 120Nm
  • Battery: 48V 14Ah, 672Wh
  • Range: 35mi

Additionally, the Pursuit has Logan hydraulic disc brakes, wide Kenda Krusade puncture-resistant tires, and GT MRK fork suspension for unbeatable comfort and great performance on or off-road.

  • Sturmey Archer 3 Speed
  • GT MRK
  • Logan hydraulic disc brakes
  • 26″ x 4.0″ Kenda Krusade
  • Weight: 63 lbs

Rambo The Colorado 4

rambo colorado


This Rambo electric bike is a great entry-level option that has plenty of power and great features for someone who is getting started.

The Colorado 4 comes with a 750W mid-drive motor with 145Nm/1000W peak performance, more than enough for new e-bikers. It also features a reliable Shimano Altus 7-speed drivetrain to help support the powerful motor and get some exercise when you want.

  • Motor: 750W mid-drive (Peak 1,000W)
  • Maximum torque: 145Nm
  • Battery: 48V 10.4Ah, 500Wh
  • Range: 35mi

The bike is one of Rambo’s most lightweight options. It uses Logan hydraulic disc brakes, 4″ puncture-resistant Kenda tires, and has a helpful LCD Truckrun display to keep you informed while riding.

Finally, this versatile e-bike has a throttle that allows users to reach speeds of 19mph without pedaling, and with pedal assistance, you’ll get 35 miles of range on one charge.

  • Shimano Altus 7-speed
  • Logan hydraulic disc brakes
  • 26×4″ Kenda Krusade
  • Weight: 59 lbs

Rambo The Savage

rambo savage electric hunting bike

MSRP $2,500

The Rambo 750W R750XP G3 Camo electric bike is another great entry-level choice for anyone who is eager to try out this type of biking.

The Savage works great both on and off-road due to the components it has. This includes a mid-drive motor with 750W/120Nm of power and torque, 4″ wide Kenda Krusade tires, double-wall holeless rims, and a 35-mile range from the 14Ah battery.

  • Motor: BBS02 750W Mid-drive motor
  • Maximum torque: 120Nm
  • Battery: 48V 14Ah, 672Wh
  • Range: 35mi

This particular Rambo 750 bike doesn’t have suspension so it will not perform as well as other models on difficult terrain. It also uses a compact LCD display that can be harder to read. However, it is quite lightweight for a Rambo electric bike, which makes it easy to maneuver and control.

  • Sturmey Archer 3 Speed
  • 26×4.0″ Kenda Krusade
  • Weight: 59 lbs

Rambo The Cruiser

rambo the cruiser

MSRP: $2,000

The Rambo Cruiser is a budget-friendly e-bike that despite its lower price, comes with lots of power and performance for a new e-bike rider.

The Cruiser has a mid-drive 500W Truckrun motor which is easily powerful enough to go off-road when it’s paired with the 7-speed drivetrain. Because this bike is more lightweight, it can climb well and is easy to control and handle off-road.

  • Motor:  500W Hub-motor (750W peak)
  • Maximum torque: 145Nm!
  • Battery: 48V 10,4Ah, 500Wh
  • Range: 35mi

Other notable features of this bike are the 4″ puncture-resistant fat tires, the Tektro disc brakes, and the lightweight but durable 6061 aluminum alloy frame.

  • 7-speed
  • 26×4.0″ Kenda Krusade
  • Weight: 59 lbs

Rambo The Rooster

rambo rooster

MSRP: $1,800

Rambo Bikes electric vehicles cover a wide range of uses. However, the Rooster, despite being the cheapest model, is the one that has the most versatility and comfort from the beginning.

This e-bike comes fully equipped for any job with a rear pannier rack, fenders, and a convenient step-through frame design. This frame makes it easy to ride for any rider and super easy when mounting or dismounting with a fully loaded bike.

  • Motor: Bafang 750W (1,000W peak) Hub-motor
  • Maximum torque: 80Nm
  • Battery: 48V 14Ah, 672Wh
  • Range: 35mi

Despite the low price, the Rooster has a punch 750W motor with 1000W peak power and 80Nm of torque. This is combined with a 14Ah battery that delivers up to 35 miles of range.

Finally, this bike has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, 20″ x 4″ Kenda puncture-resistant tires, and a convenient LCD display.

  • 1-speed
  • Disc brakes
  • 20×4.0″ Kenda
  • Weight: 61 lbs

Rambo Bike Accessories

From Rambo’s online store, their customers can purchase a huge selection of accessories, upgrades, and spare or replacement parts.

This selection includes tools for transporting your bike, hunting, angling, cargo hauling, and other components that can improve your experience as a Rambo rider. The company has thought of almost everything you could possibly need, some of which are pictured below.

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> Rambo bike parts list – Maintenance, tools, replacement parts

Rambo Electric Bike Accessories

rambo bikes accessories, rambo bike trailer, rambo bike carrier

Rambo e-bike trailer, Rambo bike hauler, Suspension seat post, Rambo bike rack

rambo bikes accessories

Bike basket, Rambo tool kit, Rambo pannier bag, Rambo fenders

rambo bikes accessories


How much do Rambo bikes cost?

Rambo bikes cost anywhere from $1800 to $8000. There are 15 different bikes across the price range, so anyone can get a model that fits their needs and budget. These bikes are slightly more expensive than the competition, but they offer excellent accessories and components.

Are Rambo Hunting Electric bikes legal to drive on the streets?

E-Bikes with a max assisted speed of up to 28 mph or motor power of up to 750W are considered to be Class 3 bikes and legal to ride on the street. Anything above that will require licensing, as they’ll fall into the electric moped category. Therefore, Rambo e-bikes are street legal.

Where to find Rambo bikes for sale?

Rambo bikes can be bought on the brand’s official website. Rambo is a direct-to-consumer business which means it sells its products directly to customers. By doing this, the final price of the bike is lower because retailers have been eliminated from the supply chain.

Who makes hunting bikes & gear similar to Rambo bikes?

QuietKat is an e-bike manufacturer that makes hunting bikes that are very similar to Rambo Bikes. They have powerful motors, hunting-friendly accessories, high-capacity batteries and camo paint that will help you stay out of sight and sneak up to your prey.

Are Rambo bikes worth the money?

Yes, these bikes are the ultimate off-road e-bikes and are very competitively priced when their value is taken into consideration. If you want an off-road-ready e-bike with a powerful motor, high-capacity battery, great accessories, and camo paint job, Rambo is the way to go.

Where are Rambo bikes made?

Rambo Bikes headquarters is located in Lakeville, Minnesota, which is where the company’s research and development center is. However, the frames are manufactured in Asia in order to reduce the production costs and offer the complete bikes at more competitive price points.

What is the max speed of Rambo bikes?

The top speed of a Rambo 1000W hunting bike is 30mph, but note that Rambo bikes are not focused on speed but on torque and versatility. Still, this makes Rambo one of the fastest e-bikes on the market, which means they are practical both for hunting and for everyday commuting.

Conclusion: Are Rambo Bikes Worth It?

Rambo fat-tire electric bikes are some of the best options out there for people who love the outdoors, taking on extreme terrain, and going wherever the trail takes them.

Thankfully, the innovative bike brand has a huge range of bikes at various prices ($1800 to $8000) so that almost anyone interested can become a Rambo rider.

We believe that these Rambo bikes for hunting have something to offer for everybody, and can be the perfect companion for any trip, not just hunting, overlanding, or angling. Because of the wide range of accessories available, you can personalize your bike for any type of job you want.

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