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Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes [of 2022]

By Mark David Hartley   /  Last updated - May 17, 2022   /  Best-Of-Reviews, Electric Bikes, Fat Tire Bikes, Reviews
snow and sand

Originally built for snow and sand – fat tire e-bikes are the ultimate exploration machines.

Fat tire electric bike is a new sub-trend inspired by both electric and fat bikes.

In essence, a fat tire eBike offers an extra boost which is useful when riding on snow, sand, or mountain trails. Unlike non-electric fat bikes, electric fat bikes are convenient for longer routes and hilly areas. Many riders also use e-fat bikes as a comfortable way to commute.

In 2021, the fat electric bike industry has gone through its first phase of trial & error, and what we have left is a selection of the best available bikes you can order online. Have a look at the nice bikes we’ve listed below. If you think there’s something else that should be on the list, leave us a comment below!

Best Electic Fat Tire Bikes

1. Rambo – Krusader

Rambo Krusader Electric fat tire Bike

MSRP: $4,999
Rambo Bikes

Number one on this list is one of the most capable fat tire hunting electric bikes around – the Krusader.

Rambo is a newish, popular bike brand, well-favored in North America. They’ve been around since 2015 and the success of their bike sales in that short time is largely due to the high quality and exceptional design standards the brand prioritizes.

The Krusader is a more mid-level model among their range, rocking GT MRK fork suspension, a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame, a straightforward single-speed drivetrain, and Logan HD-E500 Hydro disc brakes. The 672Wh battery provides a long-range powered by two Bafang 500W Hub e-bike motors.

  • Single-speed
  • 26×4″
  • Suspension fork

This is a high-quality fat e-bike with mid-level components that is suitable for anyone who likes to have the best value on the market.

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One frame size

Find it on Rambobikes.com

2. Lectric – XP 2.0

Folding fat tire electric bike

foldin fat tire ebike lectric xp 2.0

MSRP: $1,099 $999
Lectric eBikes

The Lectric XP is considered to be one of the best-selling fat tire folding electric bike brands on the market. Their bikes are well-priced, beautifully designed, and obviously – portable! The concept of the Lectric has seen an increase in popularity in recent years as more commuters embrace travel with a folding bike.

This 20-inch fat tire electric bike is designed for recreational users who value space and freedom in their everyday lives. It arrives fully assembled (because it is a folding bike), and the 500W motor has a max output of 750W which is more than enough power, especially if you haven’t ridden an electric bike before. Lectric has a total max capacity of 275lbs and 55lbs for the rear rack. There are five pedal-assist options for you to choose from.

  • Range – Up to 45mi
  • Folded dimensions: 37″x18″x27″
  • Weight: 63 lbs / 20×4″

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One downside is the entry-level components and rear-hub motor, but for $999, this is a great entry-level electric bike.

Buy from Lectricebikes.com

3. Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus 2021

rad rover 6

MSRP: $1,999
Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes’ RadRover 6 Plus is the result of hard work and dedication to improvement from the e-bike brand.

Rad Power Bikes have taken their flagship e-bike to the next level, improving climbing performance, optimizing geometry, boosting the motor, and upgrading various other components to deliver a supreme riding experience at unbeatable Rad Power Bikes’ value.

Beginning with the frame, the geometry on the RadRover 6 Plus is ergonomically designed to reduce rider fatigue and can be adjusted for riders at the smallest end of the height range for better handling a smoother riding.

The 14Ah battery is now semi-integrated, featuring a carrying handle, a 10 LED charge display, and easy one-handed removal or installation. The LCD control panel on the 6 Plus also received an update and is now more user-friendly with bigger buttons. Additionally, the LED headlight and taillight with brake light activation automatically switch on with the bike.

The hub motor on the bike has 750W of power and has been fine-tuned for improved power output and smooth transfer on steep gradients.

Finally, all-new hydraulic disc brakes greatly improve stopping power over the previous mechanical versions. This is combined with RST spring 60mm fork suspension, Kenda Juggernaut grippy 4″ tires with a K-Shield puncture-resistant liner, and a 7-speed drivetrain which allow this bike to perform well in varied terrains and conditions.

Step over – 5’4″ – 6’2″
Step-thru – 5’2″ – 6’2″

Buy from RadPowerBikes.com

4. Rambo Bikes – The Cruiser

Cheapest fat-tire eBike by Rambo

Rambo Cruiser fat tire electric bike

MSRP: $1,999
Rambo Electric Bikes

The Cruiser by Rambo Bikes is the hunting e-bike company’s most affordable model. Despite its low price, this fat tire e-bike has tons of power and performance, especially for a new e-biker.

For power, you have a mid-drive 500W Truckrun motor. This delivers smooth power transfer packs enough punch to tackle off-road trails with steep inclines. This motor pairs nicely with a 7-speed drivetrain and a 10.4Ah battery to provide modest ranges of up to 35 miles.

  • Weight: 59 lbs
  • 26×4″
  • 500W hub motor
  • 500Wh battery

Finally, to function well off-road the Cruiser has high-traction Kenda 4″ puncture-resistant fat tires and all-weather Tektro disc brakes which, along with soft touch points, make for a very comfortable and controlled ride.

19″ frame

Get It from RamboBikes.com

5. QuietKat – Jeep

A mid-drive, full-suspension fat tire electric bike for hunting & fishing

quietkat jeep

Most likely one of the few high-end bikes in its category. Also available in red!

MSRP: $6,699

A bulky hunting e-bike by QuietKat – the Jeep is a full-suspension fat tire electric bike designed to conquer even the roughest and most technical trails to allow you to travel further in your outdoor pursuits.

Equipped with either a 750W or 1,000W mid-drive motor (that can be upgraded to a 1,500W!!), the Jeep is a powerful electric fat bike. QuietKat has produced a large variety of extras and accessories compatible with their bikes, including the Jeep. The bike is a true workhorse with a solid build, but if you are looking for a fat bike to ride for fun, this might be a slight overkill.

  • Weight: 70lbs
  • Tires: 26×4.8″

26x.48″ wheels, 160Nm of torque (with the 1,500W motor), the engineering behind the bike has pushed the norms of durability within the electric fat bike market.

S, M, L
5’6″ to 6′ & over

Buy from QuietKat.com

6. Juiced Bikes – RipCurrent S

Affordable high-range hardtail fat bike

Juiced bikes RipCurrent S electric fat bike

MSRP: $2,699
Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes‘ RipCurrent S is the companies top-rated model. This fat tire e-bike is a great mid-level choice with lots of versatility.

The electronics on this bike are a carefully selected combination of a 998Wh battery and 750W motor. This motor has notably smooth power transfer for a rear-hub motor because of dual cadence and torque sensing. Additionally, a 9-Speed Shimano drivetrain supports the battery so you can achieve 70+ miles on a single charge.

  • Weight: 76 lbs
  • 26×4″ tires
  • 750W hub motor

Other features of this bike include Kenda 4″ fat tires with puncture resistance, as well as air fork suspension and powerful hydraulic disc brakes by Tektro so you can ride confidently on or off-road.

Frame sizes M, L, XL
5’4″ to 6’4″

Buy from JuicedBikes.com

7. Rad Power Bikes – RadExpand 5

radexpand 5 rad power bikes folding bike

MSRP: $1,499
Rad Power Bikes

Finally, here is another 750W geared hub folding e-Bike by Rad Power Bikes. Their RadExpand rolls on 4″ wide tires, and has a fold-in, telescoping handlebar, integrated lights, a rear rack, and fenders. The componentry level at this price range is pretty much on point, and Rad Power Bikes have some great early feedback on their new model. 

The one-size frame fits most riders and makes it a highly versatile folding fat tire e-bike. At the $1,500 mark, there are almost no competitors to the new RadExpand 5.

Weight: 62.5lbs | Max Weight Capacity: 275lbs | 20×4″ | Range: Up to 45mi+

Find It on RadPowerBikes.com

8. Engwe – EP-2 Pro

Versatile folding fat tire e-bike

engwe ep-2 pro fat tire e-bike

MSRP: $1,399
Engwe Bikes

The Engwe EP-2 Pro folding fat-tire e-bike is a versatile and powerful model with some of the highest specs you’ll find under $1,500.

This bike has been clearly optimized for comfort and versatility with the inclusion of shock-absorbent 4″ tires, 60mm travel front fork suspension, a PVC leather saddle, and upright geometry.

Aside from comfort, this bike is not lacking in power. It has a large 750W motor supported by a 614Wh battery giving riders average ranges over 50 miles and top speeds of 28mph. Additionally, there is an 8-speed drivetrain to help you get the most from your motor and battery.

  • Weight: 74 lbs
  • 20×4″ tires
  • 750W hub motor
  • 614Wh battery

Finally, an LED integrated headlight, fenders, and a rear rack mean that this bike is ready for anything you throw at it.

Buy on Engwe-bikes.com

9. Juiced Bike – RipRacer

RipRacer juiced bike fat tire e-bike

MSRP: $1,499
Juiced Bikes

Juiced Bikes is a well-known electric bike brand, and their RipRacer is a perfect example of why.

Featuring a single-speed drivetrain with basic hydraulic disc brakes, the components are at the cheaper end of the scale. The aluminum frame on the RipRacer is heat-treated, which means it is ready for hard riding around paved roads.

The custom-design adjustable saddle, upright geometry, and rear hub motor make this a great choice for anyone who prefers comfort and power as important factors.

Range: 35/55+mi | 750W

Purchase from JuicedBikes.com

10. Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike

Best under $1,000 fat tire electric bike

ecotric electric fat bike

MSRP: $899

The Ecotric Fat Tire Electric Bike is a budget electric fat bike with all the essentials needed for a recreational rider. Cheaper e-bike motors typically have a slight ‘kick’ to the power, as the torque is not as powerful as pricier models, which means they are not as smooth. However, they still perform in hilly areas as an eBike should!

Equipped with a big motor, a large ergonomic saddle, and mechanical disc brakes, this bike is well-suited to fit its price range. Available with either blue, black, or orange wheels, this is a great entry-level fat electric bike for a rider on a low budget.

Weight: 60lbs | 26×4″

Buy from Amazon.com

11. QuietKat – Ranger

Best Electric Fat Bike

quietkat ranger fat tire electric bike 750w

Designed for hunters, QuietKat is one of the dominating brands in the fat-tire electric industry

MSRP: from $3,499

Available with a 750W or 1,000W rear-hub motor, the QuietKat Ranger is a solid beast to consider for your next fat eBike.

With a front suspension, an integrated rear rack, and a side stand, it is more than just any other electric fat bike. QuietKat’s Ranger feels at home on light trails and forests. Initially designed to be used by hunters, there are a lot of extras you can add to the bike to make it a convenient ‘tool’ for your outdoor pursuits.

You’ll also find chunky tires, mechanical disc brakes, and a coil suspension fork. The camo paint job also makes the bike stand out (although not in the wild).

Range: Up to 48mi | Weight: 65lbs | 26×4.5″ | Load Capacity: 325lbs

Get It from QuietKat.com

12. Sohoo – S115

MSRP: $1,249

If you are looking for one of the most comfortable and affordable electric bikes of all time – here you have it, a fat tire beach cruiser e-bike by a little-known cruiser bike brand, Sohoo.

With a 500-watt rear hub motor, it provides a max range of 55 miles on eco mode. Although the motor is not the most powerful and the battery, not the largest, we know that cruiser bikes have a different purpose for riding and you’re unlikely to be riding particularly long distances on them.

The componentry level is on par with what you’d expect from a bike at this price. Comfortable double-spring saddle, rear rack, and mechanical disc brakes  – what else do you need for a laid-back cruiser ride by the sea, or why not use it to explore urban areas as well?

Range: 30-55mi | 26x.2.35″ | Weight: 66lbs | 7-Speed Shimano

Buy from Amazon.com

13. Velowave

velowave fat tire electric bike

MSRP: $1,599

Velowave eBikes are mainly found on the Amazon market. All of their bikes come with a rear hub motor, and this particular model comes with a front suspension, fenders, an integrated battery, high-brightness front light, and hydraulic disc brakes.

It rolls on massive 26″ x 4″ tires, which means it is suitable for year-round riding on all the different surfaces you can find in your area.

If you’re brave enough to commute on snow, this Velowave model can be used for that purpose as well. The fact that it features a large 720Wh battery and 750W motor means you can go on long, fast rides.

Weight: 75lbs | 26×4″ | Range: 25-45mi

Buy on Amazon.com

14. Ecotric Fat Tire Folding Bike

Cheap fat tire electric bike

Here is another well-priced and comfortable electric fat bike, this time by Ecotric. Folding electric bikes, in general, have become in high demand due to their sheer fun factor, convenience, and portability.

Ecotric has been producing a wide range of e-Bikes for recreational cyclists, and this is their fully-equipped mini fat bike with fenders and a super-low step-through frame. The 500W rear hub motor, fold-down handlebar, and mechanical disc brakes are nice additions to a basic model.

In addition to a max load capacity of 200lbs and top-speed limited to 20mp/h, the bike has been positively reviewed online by owners.

Range: 18-23mi | 20×4″ | 500W | 7-Speed

Buy on Amazon.com

15. QuietKat – Villager

quietkat villager fat tire e-bike

MSRP: from $3,199

Here we have another Quietkat electric fat bike, but this time the Villager takes its place on our list. The bike itself resembles the popular Lectric while having higher-level components and a more durable overall build.

The Villager has a 7-speed Shimano derailleur, Class 2 throttle-assist motor, and a 500W rear hub motor. The higher price comes from the versatility of the bike which includes an integrated rear rack and a 100mm coil suspension fork. 

At 50lbs, it is a great choice for anyone who needs a fat e-bike with a high max load capacity of 325lbs. There are also lots of accessories that can be added to the bike such as the Anglers, Overland, and Hunting kits which are accessories and extras sold by QuietKat and designed specifically for their range of bikes.

Weight: 50lbs | Class 2 | Shimano 7-speed | 26×3″ | Load Capacity: 325lbs

Buy from QuietKat.com

How to Choose a Fat E-Bike – Brief Guide

Understanding the E-Bike Classes

Class 1 E-Bike – Pedal-assist only with no throttle. Max speed of 20mp/h, motor power up to 750W
Class 2 E-Bike – Throttle-assist only (Optional pedal-assist mode) Max speed limited to 20mp/h, motor power up to 750W.
Class 3 E-Bike – Pedal-assist up to 28mp/h (Some bikes come with a throttle, assisted to 20mp/h). Wearing a helmet is compulsory. Motor power up to 750W.
Class 4 E-Bike – Motor wattage over 750W, max speed 28mp/h and over. Considered a motor vehicle so licenses may apply. An electric bike with the highest max speed.

Choosing the Right Tire Width

x2.8” – Often known as a plus-size tire (not a fat tire). Usually found on 27.5″ wheel mountain bikes.
x3.5” – Anything above that width is considered a fat bike tire.
x4.0” – A standard fat bike tire size.
x4.5” – Standard fat bike tire width.
x4.8” – Another standard size
x5.0“The maximum width we’ve seen so far.

fat bike tires

Fat Bike Tire Types – Studded – Trail – Commuter

Different Wheel Sizes

Although most fat bikes are equipped with 26″ wheels and a rigid fork, there are a number of wheel sizes to choose from.

20” – Found on folding fat eBikes.
26” – Most common wheel size among fat bikes.
27.5” – Available on rare occasions among hybrid or mountain fat bikes.
*29er fat bikes are not around, although a 26″ and 27.5″ with the fat tire make up the size of an original 29″ MTB wheel!

Rigid vs. Suspension Fork on a Fat Bike?

There’s no need for suspension on a fat bike as the large-volume tires offer plenty of comfort for the ride. Besides, suspension consumes a fair amount of energy, and the good part about having a rigid frame is that the bike keeps a better momentum compared to suspension bikes as well. Some e-Fat Bikes come equipped with front suspension, but you shouldn’t worry about the momentum since the bike is powered by an electric motor.

faat bike rigid vs suspension ebike forks

A Common Misconception

Are fat bikes slow and hard to ride?

Riding a fat bike might seems like a lot of work due to the extra rolling resistance of a wider tire, but the majority of non-electric fat bikes are quite lightweight and nimble on the right surfaces. They perform best on soft surfaces like snow and sand (the reason they were originally built). Now add an electric motor and it takes away most of the effort needed to pedal the bike through soft surfaces.

Another common misconception is that fat bikes are slow and sluggish. But that’s not really true. The fastest fat tire electric bikes out there (Class 4 and Class 3) run at a max speed of 28mi and over. That’s not really slow, isn’t it?


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    what is the rating for Titan 2 fat tire ebike

  2. Gabe Potter says:

    This list must be 100% funded by the companies that appear on it. Because for the Aventon Sinch not to be mentioned is a crime. Lectric basically knocked off the design made a cheaper version and you put it in front? The Aventon has no visible welds, uses much components and barely pushed past the lectric Priceline. Booo. Thanks

    1. Sam Millers says:

      Hi Gabe

      You are not far from right. We have reviewed the Sinch in a more suitable post – Best Folding EBikes Review. Matter of fact, we are going to publish a brand review of Aventon bikes anytime soon, and add their bikes to more of our reviews. Stay tuned

  3. William says:

    I have a 1000 watt ecell ebike I could not imagine buying a Rad ebike it was not my first choice. This ecell ebike meets all of my needs yes it’s heavy but when you see it on the back of my car 🚗 you will understand that this 32 mile per hour warthog is in a class of it own.

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