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Hunting Bike Accessories

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - May 7, 2024   /  Hunting Bike, Reviews

hunter stands next to the bakcou hunting bike

Investing in a hunting e-bike is a game-changer when it comes to the success and enjoyment of your hunting, angling, or camping trips.

A great feature of these bikes is that you can personalize them for a specific type of trip or to suit your individual preferences using a wide range of accessories generally available from the manufacturer’s online store.

Why Get an E-Bike for Hunting?

A powerful hunting bike will allow you to tackle difficult terrain, go farther than you could by foot, carry more cargo, and make your adventures easier.

Although many of these bikes come with components like a rear pannier rack, fenders, and a bike computer, it is extremely helpful to add some extra accessories to really take advantage of the bike and take your hunting or angling up a level.

The type of accessories or tools you need will depend on the type of trip you do most often. For example, a hunter will get a lot of use from extra carrying space like a front or rear platform or cargo trailer for packing out meat. Whereas, an angler may find a large cooler very helpful to keep their catch on ice while they transport it home.

No matter what type of trip you do, accessories to give extra carrying space, rain protection, or a different tire option will help you get out of troublesome situations that can arise when you are in remote locations.

Best Accessories for Hunting E-Bikes

Tannus – Armour Fat Tire Inserts for 4.0-4.8″

MSRP: $90

Every cyclist knows the frustration that comes from a flat tire. This is made even more extreme when your bike is fully loaded with cargo or if you are caught in the rain for example.

Using these Tannus Armour fat tire inserts, you give yourself a much better chance of avoiding this type of scenario on your backcountry adventures. These puncture-protection inserts provide 15mm of protection on the top of the tire and an additional 2mm on the sidewalls.

Tannus use a patented multi-cell material called Aither to provide this excellent protection. This product comes with 1 insert as well as a spare tube and Schrader valve.

  • Insert fits: 26″ wheels, 4″ – 4.8″ in width.

Rambo Bikes – Rack Platform

MSRP: $60

Rambo Bikes boast having the right accessory for every adventure, and their lightweight rear Rack Platform is one of those versatile and highly functional components that allows you to carry extra gear or meat from a successful hunt.

You can carry any sort of oversized or bulky item that wouldn’t fit in a bag or basket and additionally, you could also pair this accessory with a large basket that sits on top. All you need for the Rack Platform is a rear rack as well as a strap or bungee cords and you are ready to go.

  • Construction: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • R150 Rack also required for installation
  • Size: 20.5″ x 18.75″

Rambo Bikes – Gun/Bow Holder

MSRP: $130

A hunter’s bow or rifle is undoubtedly one of their prized possessions and the most important tool to keep safe and working smoothly for each trip.

With this in mind, having the right equipment to transport yours safely and securely is vital. Using Rambo’s Universal Gun and Bo Holder mount you can securely attach any gun, bow, and even fishing poles without worrying about it falling from the bike or interfering with your other cargo.

This lightweight accessory is the perfect hands-free way to travel with your weapon so each trip ends in success. Ensure you purchase an extra-large luggage rack to allow installation.

  • Construction: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • For Use with: All Rambo Bikes
  • Note: R150 G2 Extra Large Luggage rack is also required to allow installation and proper use of this accessory.

All Rite Products – Pack Rack Plus

Gun & Bow Rack for ATVs and Bikes

MSRP: $37

All Rite Products have come up with an affordable and versatile universal rack to fit tubular handlebars. This rack easily fits a rifle, a bow, fishing rods, or other long, similarly shaped items.

The Pack Rack Plus is made with high-quality lightweight aluminum paired with soft rubber that is gentle on your equipment even on bumpy terrain. The rubber has fins that add grip and cushion when holding the gear.

Additionally, this item has extra rubber security straps and a full 360 rotation allowing it to twist so it can fit different shaped objects.

Buy on Amazon

Rambo Bikes – Scent Strap

MSRP: $10

Rambo bikes have come up with another super-helpful accessory for your e-bike which allows you to easily leave an attractive scent around your location without leaving your own scent or tiring yourself out.

These scent straps attach conveniently to your wheels and create a trail that attracts deer right to you, giving you the best chance of getting the perfect shot.

  • Two pieces per pack
  • Can also be used on your boot

Rambo Bikes – Triple Accessory Bag

MSRP: $180

A high-quality cargo-carrying space is vital for adventures into remote areas, especially when you need to take along extra gear for hunting, angling, or camping.

Rambo bikes have designed this triple accessory bag which is sturdy, durable, waterproof, and easy to access. The material of the accessory is fully waterproof PVC and the total carrying capacity is 75 liters with more capacity available in the outer cords.

When you are finished riding, you can carry the bag with its built-in backpack straps, or shoulder straps located on the side bags. Additionally, the bag itself can be mounted or removed from your rack very quickly.

  • Waterproof PVC
  • Top Bag Size: 31 liters
  • Side Bag Size: 22 liters (each)
  • R150 rack is required to allow installation and proper use of this bag

45NRTH – Draugenklaw Pogies


MSRP: $109

Cold hands while riding is one of the most difficult things to avoid and get rid of once the cold has set in. With the top-quality cold protection provided by 45NRTH’s DraugenKlaw Pogies you can avoid this issue and ride comfortably in ice-cold weather between 15 and 35°F

These pogies utilize infrared yarn technology for the inside fleece which helps collect and retain body heat. Additionally, the weather-resistant outers keep out moisture and wind.

These covers are lightweight, streamlined, and universally fitting to make them perfect for any situation. Finally, they include bar plugs that keep them securely in place during use.

Buy from QuietKat

Quietkat – 50L Gore Cargo Cooler


MSRP: $239

QuietKat is leading manufacturers of hunting e-bikes and accessories, and their 50-liter cooler is one of the most useful accessories for any backcountry adventure.

This large Gore Cargo Cooler is extremely well insulated with the ability to keep food and drinks cold for several days. This allows you to have fresh food and cold drinks while you travel as well as the ability to get your hunt back without the meat spoiling.

The strap on this cooler is fully waterproof and has a padded interior meaning it can be used as a dry bag too. It also comes with sturdy carrying handles on either side to allow one or two people to carry it.

Finally, this accessory is designed to fit snugly into your QuietKat Single-Wheel trailer for easy transport.

  • Exterior Dimensions: 27” x 17.5 x 14.5”
  • Interior Dimensions: 23.5” x 14 x 9.5”
  • Volume: 50.9 Liter volume
  • Color: Charcoal

Buy from QuietKat

Bakcou – Scope Band

MSRP: $25

Bakou’s Scope Band is another example of a useful accessory that isn’t very obvious but serves a very important function.

This covering is made of a high-strength elastic material that completely covers your scope when you are out on a hunt. The band creates a tight seal that keeps dirt, moisture, and other debris away, ensuring you are ready to take the perfect shot whenever the opportunity arises.

This patented material has a built-in attachment that keeps it tied to your scope whenever you’re not using it. Additionally, this easy-install band is fully waterproof and dustproof.

Buy from Bakcou

Bakcou – Thermal Battery Cover

MSRP: $89

Many e-bikes riders are not aware that their battery is very sensitive to cold temperatures. A battery that is operating in temperatures below 50°F can have impaired efficiency and damage the lithium-ion cells.

Thankfully Bakcou has developed a helpful Battery Jacket which allows us to continue using our e-bikes even when the temperatures drop. This jacket is used to control the temperature of the battery and repel water in wet conditions.

It wraps around the battery and keeps it warm overnight or for the first couple of minutes of riding while it heats up sufficiently. E-bike batteries should maintain a core temperature of 50-75°F for optimal performance.

Buy from Bakcou

Bakcou – Rain Camo Cover

MSRP: $54

E-bikes are a huge investment of money so it is important to keep them safe and protected from the elements whenever they are not in use. Using a heavy-duty cover you can keep your e-bike running smoothly for as long as possible.

Bakou’s Rain Camo Cover is a small investment that can be used at home or on a trip to protect against rain, wind, snow, dust, or sun. The cover is made from nylon and has cinch cords to pull it tight against the bike to keep the elements out.

Buy from Bakcou

Kenda – Anti-Puncture Fat Tires

MSRP: $60

While most hunting bikes come with durable or even puncture-resistant tires, these Kenda anti-puncture fat tires are a worthy upgrade for those who want extra protection, improved traction, and superior durability.

This tire is will allow you to ride with confidence on snow, sand, and mud without worrying about flats.

Rambo Bikes – Vee Snow Avalanche Folding Studded Tire 26X4.8″

MSRP: $280

Take your winter adventuring to the next level with the Vee Snow Avalanche studded fat tire.

This off-road tire has a very aggressive tread design that delivers ultimate traction and control on the worst terrains, including loose snow and ice. This tire allows daring anglers to find the perfect ice fishing spot safely.

  • Perfect for Snow and Ice
  • For use with our 1000XP Bikes

Rambo Bikes – Cell Phone Accessory Bag

MSRP: $30

Rambo’s cell phone accessory bag is a great choice for those who want to keep their valuables close to hand. Additionally, this bag allows you to navigate unfamiliar terrain using maps conveniently secured on the top tube.

The bag material is water-resistant and opens conveniently from the top for easy access.

SR Suntour – NCX Suspension Seatpost

MSRP: $190

Any Rambo bike users that want to boost the comfort of their ride can upgrade their seatpost to a Suntour NCX suspension alternative. This 50mm travel seatpost has a preload adjustment as well as a low-maintenance and durable design.

Kinekt – Premium Suspension Seatpost

Kinekt Premium Suspension Seatpost

MSRP: $240 – $280

QuietKat also offer a comfort upgrade for their bikes with the KINEKT Premium Suspension Seatpost compatible with their Ranger, Warrior, Apex, Ridgerunner, and Jeep e-bikes

This seatpost is made from lightweight aluminum and comes with preloading capability and interchangeable springs. This seatpost greatly reduces vibrations from impacts on the road or trail boosting comfort and control.

Buy from QuietKat

Racks & Trailers

Rambo Bikes – Canoe/Kayak Trailer

MSRP: $270

One of the most impressive and unique ways to take advantage of your powerful hunting e-bike is to haul large, heavy items that would be difficult to take along otherwise.

This Canoe/Kayak trailer by Rambo Bikes allows you to take yours with you safely and securely. This sturdy steel trailer is fitted with padded grips to prevent damage and is held safely in place using a simple ratchet strap system.

  • Weight: 28lbs
  • Construction: Steel
  • Dimensions: Shortest: 8′, Longest: 10′, Width: 3′
  • For use with All Rambo Bikes
  • NOTE: R150 G2 Extra Large Luggage Rack is also required to allow installation and proper use of this accessory.

Rambo Bikes – Tailgate Bike Pad/Bike Hauler

MSRP: $130

Transporting your bike from place to place can be a risky process if you’re not equipped to do so. Scratches and bumps can easily happen on the bike itself or on your vehicle.

Using Rambo’s Tailgate cover you can avoid this type of damage. The cover is used for those transporting the bike with it hanging over the tailgate and is made from a heavy-duty water-resistant fabric.

  • Simple install design

Rambo Bikes – Aluminum Bike Hand / Cart

MSRP: $330

Rambo’s Bike Cart is a considerable investment but offers a huge benefit to anyone who needs to haul large amounts of cargo. This cart is made from lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy and has a huge carrying capacity of 300lbs. As it uses two wheels the cart is very stable under load.

The attachment is very simple and quick and the cart can also be detached from the bike for use as a hand cart such as to carry wood around your campsite.

  • Weight: 25lbs
  • Construction: Aluminum Alloy 6061
  • Weight / Carrying Capacity: 300lbs
  • For use with: All Rambo Bikes except R350JR & R350JR G3
  • NOTE: R150 G2 Extra Large Luggage rack is required to allow installation and proper use of this accessory.

QuietKat Cargo Trailer – Single Wheel All-Terrain

MSRP: $379

The Single-wheel All-Terrain Cargo Trailer by QuietKat is a more versatile style of trailer. Using a 4″ fat tire and suspension this trailer can tackle any terrain and is highly maneuverable due to being single-wheeled.

The trailer is also fitted with a pannier rack as well as the 14”x 24” main cargo space. This rack increases stability as well as adding to carrying capacity. Finally, the trailer has a handy dual-post kickstand that is used to park when you stop.

  • Weight: 34 LBS
  • Tire: 20” x 4.0” All-Terrain
  • Load Capacity: 100lbs
  • Color: BLACK

Buy from QuietKat

QuietKat Cargo Trailer – Two Wheel All-Terrain

MSRP: $349

An alternative choice to the single-wheel all-terrain trailer is the two-wheel version. This model has two 4″ Kenda Juggernaut fat tires and a much larger 47″ x 18″ cargo platform without walls.

This trailer is highly adjustable allowing you to choose from three angles for the platform depending on the shape of your load. The connection is designed to be quick and simple and has a handle to use by hand if needed.

  • Cargo Dimensions: 47″ x 18″
  • Connection: Quick-Connect
  • Tires: Kenda Juggernaut 20” x 4”
  • Weight: 38lbs
  • Load Capacity: 100lbs+
  • Color: Midnight Black

Buy from QuietKat

QK 1UP Bike Rack With Fat Tire Kit

QK 1UP Bike Rack With Fat Tire Kit

MSRP: from $549

There’s no safer way to transport your e-bike than with the QuietKat 1UP Bike Rack with its fat tire kit.

This product fits a 2″ standard receiver and includes a standard keyed hitch lock to secure it in place. The rack itself can carry up to three 80lb e-bikes safely and fits bikes with wheels between 16″ and 29″.

The rack is additionally set up to accept fat-tire bikes and the bike rack arms close around the tires without touching your bike’s frame. Finally, this rack has an impressive folding mechanism that allows it to be folded compactly when not in use.

  • Single Rack weight: 28 lb.
  • Carrying Capacity: 3 80lb eBikes
  • Fits 16”–29” wheels, 1Up Spacer Kit pre-installed for fat tire
  • Shipping weight 30 lbs
  • All bike rack parts are anodized, except a powder-coat finish on the trays

Buy from QuietKat


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