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Best Bike Brands

Down here you’ll find a selection of 55 best bike brands in the US that sell their bicycles online. Also, luckily, we have reviewed every single and one of them to create a brief overview of the brands’ background and range of bikes.

45 best bike brands

Let’s make it clear. There’s no clear winner!

Everyone wants to feel confident that they’re making the right choice when they buy a bike. Whether it’s a road bike, a mountain bike or anything in between, you want to make sure you buy one that is well made and will last for a long time. With these criteria in mind, we’ve rounded up the best bike brands so you can be confident in your decision when you buy your next bike.

‘Best’ can be very subjective. We took the approach that all of these bikes are safe to buy and will last a long time if taken proper care of, which makes them the best cycling brands around.

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In Alphabetical Order – Let’s see what are some of the best bike brands of 2021 from around the world

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1. 3T Bikes

3T Exploro Max road bike

3TTT – Tecnologia del Tubo Torino started out making carbon fiber components for road race bikes in the beginning of 1990s. The 3T Explore was the brands first gravel bike released in 2016 when the gravel industry started to hit off. Today, their range consists of high-end road and gravel bikes. 3T bikes is also a well-known sponsor in the cycling scene.

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2. Alchemy Bicycles

alcmhey full suspension mountain bikeTo build the best Bicycle in the world” is the motto of Alchemy Bicycles. It was their main mission when they started in 2008 and is still their main motivation today. The Denver based American brand pride themselves on building quality carbon and titanium framed bikes, and have won awards for their workmanship.

You may not have heard of them due to their limited quantity runs of bikes, but if you’re after a handmade American bicycle, have a look at our full brand overview!

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3. All-City Cycles

All City Cycles Zig Zag Ultegra bike

An iconic bike brand with a specific niché orientated set of bikes on its range. All-City Cycles specializes in on-road riding only, hence the reason you’ll find a fine selection of Road, Gravel, Cyclocross, and Hybrid bikes. Something that sets them apart from other brands is the fact that most of the bikes’ frames are generally made of steel, and the components are of mid/higher-end range.

All-City Cycles as a brand is closely related to Surly and Salsa Cycles. All of their bikes have a little twist to their design, while the whole build is designed for intermediate to advanced users.

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4. Ancheer Bikes

ancheer electric folding bike

Ancheer is a cheap electric bike brand. They have a great selection of budget eBikes from $300 to $1,000+. Folding mountain bikes, mini eBikes, and much more. Most of their bikes can be bought from Amazon where there’s a ton of useful feedback based on ratings. They have something for everyone if you happen to be on a tight budget!

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5. Bianchi Bicycles

1885, Italy – One of the oldest surviving bike brands in the world, Italian brand Bianchi is recognized by their turquoise-blue paint named ‘Celeste #227’. Bianchi road bikes have a racing pedigree, with multiple Grand Tour wins under their belts including the most recent edition of La Vuelta.

However, they also produce top-quality mountain bikes, e-bikes, and hybrids.

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6. Brompton Bikes

Brompton S6L-X

Brompton is one of the most iconic folding bicycle manufacturer. Their range consists of well-engineer folding, and electric folding bikes with rich history and attention to detail.

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7. Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale Bikes overview

Cannondale is one of the most popular bicycle brands in the world. A relatively young brand, it was founded in 1971 in Connecticut, USA. One of the first brands to embrace carbon fiber in bike production, Cannondale is a firm rider favorite and has made itself known in the professional peloton.

They produce all kinds of bikes including road, mountain, electric, women’s, fitness, and so on.

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8. Colnago Bikes

Colnago bikesColnago is an Italian brand with a long tradition, established in 1952. They are known for their pioneering manufacturing, such as being one of the first brands to produce carbon fiber bikes. Their bikes have helped many a racer to victory, going as far back as Eddy Merckx and most recently being the bike that won the Tour de France in 2020.

They are well regarded for building beautiful road bikes but they have more recently ventured into gravel and e-bikes.

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9. Co-op Cycles

Review Of Co-Op CyclesCo-op Cycles is a popular bike brand created by the famous outdoor equipment manufacturer and retailer REI. They are focused on making affordable entry-level and mid-range bikes. Co-op Cycles make bikes for the whole family including road, mountain, city, electric, adventure touring, and kids bikes. Their affordability and no-nonsense branding make them a cult favorite.

DRT-series Mountain bikes
CTY-series Hybrid bikes
eCTY – Electric bikes
ADV-series touring bikes
REV-series kids bikes

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10. Critical / Retrospec Cycles

Retrospec / Critical CyclesCritical / Retrospec Cycles produce a wide range of bikes including; single-speed, fixie, city, beach cruisers, hybrid, folding, and kids bikes at accessible prices to encourage everyone to go outdoors. Riders love them because they are fast, easy to maintain, and look good.

The Californian brand also makes accessories and equipment such as bike trailers to go with their bikes.

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11. Cube Bikes

Cube full-suspension mountain bikeAlthough a relatively young brand being founded in 1993, Cube cannot be omitted when talking about the best bike companies. This is a German brand, so Cube bikes are much more popular in Europe, than in the USA.

Cube is most famous for producing top-notch mountain bikes, but they put a lot of love and skill into manufacturing trekking, hybrid, and cross bikes, road bikes, as well as triathlon bikes.

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12. Devinci Cycles

devinci purple full-suspension mountain bike

From road to carbon and dual-suspension line-ups, Devinci is a top name in the game. The Canadian brand stands tall by being one of the leaders in global frame manufacturing. Today, Devinci’s main line-up consists of high-end road, gravel, and mountain bikes.

Thanks to their distinctive design and engineering, Devinci bikes are often seen in races, such as the Enduro World Series as they sponsor top athletes, and on the local club run with recreational cyclists.

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13. Diamondback Bikes

Diamondback overdrive 29 2Washington-based bike brand Diamondback is among the best-known brands in the USA. Starting as a BMX bike manufacturer, Diamondback has since grown to become well known for its high-quality mountain, road, fitness, and kids’ bikes.

Their online selling strategy allows them to bypass retailers and offer high-quality bikes at a cheaper price tag compared to the competition.

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14. Electra Bikes

electra cruiser bike

Perhaps most famous for their revival of the beach cruiser bicycle, Electra is one of the most visible bike brands in the US. Most recently they were bought out by Trek and Bontrager, an acquisition that has allowed Electra to focus on improving their line-up with special edition bikes and artist design collaborations.

You’ll now find a mix of cruisers, hybrids, electric bikes, and kids bikes in their line-ups and should be a consideration if you’re after a leisure bicycle and want to stand out.

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15. Evil Bikes

Evil bikes is a no-nonsense brand born out of the late 2000s mountain bike scene. They’re proudly rider owned which means they make bikes that their staff want to ride, and they use their sponsored riders for research and development, to make innovative machines for the trails.

Based in Bellingham, Washington, they started with a single bike offering, and now have a fleet of gravel, enduro, trail, and dirt jump bikes to their name.

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16. Felt Bikes

Felt B14 Triathlon Bike

Felt is another young brand on this list, as they were founded in 1994. Innovative and free-spirited, they embody the California essence in their road and mountain bikes. They also produce successful triathlon and time trial bikes.

Felt bicycles are innovative and have developed a number of their own technologies including Equilink and Bayonet Fork technology, included on many of their MTB models.

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17. Firmstrong Bikes

Firmstrong CA-520 3 Speed - Men's 26

Another Californian bike brand on the list is Firmstrong. Founded ten years ago, their mission is to get as many people on bikes as possible, while keeping bikes simple and accessible. They specialize in producing beach cruisers, hybrid, commuter, and comfort bikes as well as children’s bikes.

Their prices are affordable as they try to reduce the barrier to getting people on bikes. Stylish and simple, there is a Firmstrong leisure bike for every taste and every budget.

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18. Fuji Bikes

Fuji absolute 1.1

We’re traveling across the ocean this time, to talk about one of the most popular Japanese bike brands. They are one of the oldest bicycle companies in the world, founded in the 19th century.

The name comes from the famous Mt. Fuji, so it makes send they produce high-end mountain bikes that can conquer mountain such as this. Fuji produces XC, trail, electric, and fat bikes, but are well known for their road bikes as well.

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19. Ghost Cycles

Ghost SL AMR 2.7 AL UThe brand Ghost Bikes is no longer a ghost in the cycling world. This German-based bicycle company has been massively popular in Europe for several decades but has only recently started conquering the rest of the world, including the USA.

They are most recognized for their mountain bikes, which are successful in the racing scene on the Ghost Factory team. More recently they’ve branched out into producing road, kids’, and electric bikes.

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20. Giant Bikes

overview of Giant brandNo matter if you’re a cycling freak or an average Joe, you will have heard of Giant Bikes. They are the largest bike manufacturer in the world, based in Taiwan. Giant produces bikes of all types and prices, so you can buy a Giant bicycle for as little as $300, or as much as $10,000.

Giant produces top-of-the-line road bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes, BMX bikes, and so on. They also sponsor many athletes and racing teams.

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21. GT Bikes

Gt brand overview

Source: Pinkbike

GT Bikes is a bike brand steeped in history, having been around for almost 50 years producing quality two-wheelers. In its early beginnings, GT Bikes started as a BMX manufacturer, and only later started focusing on other types of bikes as well.

Today, they are respected for their cyclocross, hybrid, mountain, as well as road bikes. Their mountain bikes in particular have a successful racing pedigree and are well-known across World Cup competitions.

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22. Ibis Bikes

ibis mojo 4

Ibis Bikes is a bicycle brand based in Northern California, but outsource most of its production to Shenzhen, China.

Ibis is famous for its carbon frames and the “Moron” tubing. It’s a clever wordplay meaning “more on the ends,” since their frames are heavier on the ends than in the middle. Ibis is popular for sponsoring an Enduro World Series Team, which has had a lot of success. Their flagship models are Ripmo, Mojo, and Ripley.

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23. Intense Cycles

intense cycles red mountain bike

Intense Cycles is another mountain-specific bicycle brand with only under ten bikes in their range. Grown out from making Downhill racing bikes, their bikes’ setup-up and overall geometry are focused on the ‘perfection driven’ type cyclist who wants to trust their money on well-established brand perfections. Intense Cycles has also sponsored a wide variety of legendary extreme-sports athletes throughout time, while they have still kept their heads out of the stage light. Instead, they have set their focus specialized in a tight niché production and not gone for the masses. Their bikes are expensive but available for the ones who are missing a proper Intense bike in their arsenal.

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24. Jamis Bikes

jamis beatnik bike

Jamis Bikes is a US-based bicycle brand that has been producing first-grade bicycles for more than 30 years. Jamis Bikes focuses on making bikes suited to all budgets. They have won several awards for the best “value for money” bikes.

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25. Juliana Bicycles

juliana furtado womens mtb

Their range consists of full-suspension mountain bikes, and a gravel bike.

Juliana makes women-specific mountain bikes at mid-range to high-end price tags. The name has earned its name in the mountain biking scene, and there’s likely no such specialized MTB bike brand out there quite like the Juliana Bicycles!

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26. Kestrel Bikes

Kestrel Talon XKestrel Bikes is an all-American bicycle brand that strives to produce high-end road racing and triathlon bikes. They formed in 1986 with the mission to create the lightest ever production road bike.

They launched the Kestrel 4000, the world’s first all-carbon composite frame, and continued innovating from there, introducing suspension and carbon to mountain bikes. Although now widely used, Kestrel is a pioneer in the bike industry for using carbon fiber.

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27. Niner Bikes

Niner RIP 9 RDO 29Niner Bikes is the ideal bike manufacturer for adventurers and those who want to challenge their skills off the beaten track. More recently they have focused on producing 29er models and using CVA (Constant Varying Arc) suspension, which improves rider’s pedaling efficiency.

The Niner brand also produces cyclocross, touring, full-suspension, and hard-tail mountain bikes, as well as numerous bike parts.

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28. Norco Bicycles

norco alloy

We can’t forget to include Norco in this list, due to the super wide variety of different bikes in their range with over 120 different bikes to choose from. From kids’ full-suspension mountain bikes to the adult road, gravel, cyclocross, and even electric fat bikes to choose from, Norco presents a wide variety of bikes for every type of rider.

The Canadian brand is perhaps most well known for its mountain bikes, where it has bikes in every category, including enduro, trail, DH, and XC to name a few.

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29. Orange Mountain Bikes

Orange bike brand reviewThere are few bikes out there that would be more easily recognizable with no labels on them than the UK’s Orange mountain bikes. Their authentic frames are unique and are a cult favorite of hardcore mountain riders for their performance.

They began making full-suspension bikes in 1988 because they wanted to diversify mountain biking and bring in a different approach to the way bikes were built. Thirty years on, they are still at the top of their game.

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30. Orbea Bikes

Orbea Avant road bike

Orbea Bikes is one of the oldest cycling companies in the industry. Founded nearly one hundred years ago in Spain, Orbea began its life as a company producing handguns and later changing to building bicycles. By the 1930s they were featured in the Tour de France, and have gained popularity ever since.

Today, they are most famous for their top-of-the-line road bikes, such as the Orbea Orca M30. However, they also produce mountain, triathlon, and street bikes.

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31. Pivot Bikes

Pivot Cycles is a high-end niché mountain bike brand for competitive or expert mountain bikers. Their range consists of carefully designed and built bikes in eight different categories: XC, Trail, Enduro, E-MTB, Fat, Dirt Jump, and Gravel bikes.

Founded in 2007, the American brand is well known for its innovative bike manufacturing and mountain bike pedigree. Although a tad on the expensive side, these carbon-framed bikes are built to race and last even the most adrenaline-junkie athletes.

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32. Prevelo Bikes

Prevelo Alphazero grey

Founded in 1982, California – Prevelo is a kids bike specialist brand focused on building “Better bikes for kids“. Today, their range of kids’ bikes consists of five different sizes, and from balance bikes, up to high-end MTBs for the youth.

What stands out the most about Prevelo, is that every single detail about the bike has been crafted for the best ride possible for kids to encourage them to get outside and ride.

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33. Priority Bicycles

Priority Bicycles review

Belt-drive bicycles – Silent, Clean, Maintenance-free

Priority Bicycles is a small but successful bicycle company that has one dream — to make cycling as simple as it can be! They make bikes that are easy to buy, ride, and maintain. In 2014 they launched on Kickstarter and the campaign was successful enough to allow Priority to launch.

Their bikes use belt drives instead of chains to minimize the maintenance required to keep the bikes going. They specialize in hybrids, commuters, and cruisers, ideal for both men and women, with some kids models on the line as well.

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34. Pure ‘Fix’ Cycles

pure cycles original fixed gear bike

Pure Cycles offers some of the best-looking value bikes on the market. Founded in LA and inspired by the 2000’s US track bike design, Pure Cycles has done a great job offering minimalistic and kick-ass-looking bikes.

Most of their range is built on steel frames and single/fixed gear with a freehub, but you’ll see geared road and women’s step-through frames as well.

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35. QuietKat Bikes

quietkat jeep

Designed for hunters, anglers, and overlanders, Quietkat produces one of the most robust electric bikes with tons of useful extras. Their range includes nine bikes that can handle a lot that you wouldn’t expect from an eBike.

Definitely worth checking out as the brand has set the bar rather high in their league.

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36. Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes Overview

Rad Power Bikes is a direct-to-consumer US-based company that specializes in making unique electric bicycles everyone can afford. They build different types of bikes suitable for everyday uses such as commuting and provide a great way to reduce congestion, have fun and save money in the long run.

Read our detailed Rad Power Bikes review to find out about their models, prices, builds, assembly, and a lot more.

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37. Raleigh Bikes

Raleigh Merit 1

Not many bicycle companies that started in the 19th century have managed to keep their business afloat, but the Raleigh brand is one of the rare ones. Founded in 1887 in Nottingham, England, they have been at the forefront of British cycling history by producing quality bikes across ranges including road, MTBs, urban, electric, choppers, and adventure bikes.

In 2021 they were acquired by the Accell Group, a European company that owns several bike brands, yet they continue to make quality cycles after the acquisition.

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38. Ride1UP Bikes

ride1up electric bike

Ride1Up is a newcomer to the most competitive bicycle market -Electric Bikes, and they’ve made their solid steps to show masses that you     can get      a nice-looking and well-performing bicycle that doesn’t scream it’s an eBike! The best part about is that they’ve kept their prices low by selling directly to the consumer without the middleman. Their ‘fleet’ so to say consists of only a handful of bikes starting from the thousand dollars line, and high-end models end at around $2,500.

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39. Rocky Mountain Bikes

rocky mountain instinct full-suspension mountain bike

Rocky Mountain cycles is a Canadian bicycle brand that has been producing a wide variety of quality mountain bikes since the early 1980s. Over the years, its bikes and riders have won several awards, including Mountain Bike Germany’s Bike of the Year, the 2001 Red Bull Rampage, the Transalp Challenge, and the 2008 Cape Epic.

You’ll find a decent selection of bikes for intermediate, beginner, and competing expert mountain bikers!

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40. Sage Titanium Bicycles

Sage Titanium overview

Sage Titanium Bicycles was started in 2012 by Oregon local David Rosen who felt that the never-ending flow of new carbon bikes needed a fresh injection of soul. The Sage Titanium range features various cross, trail, and hardtail mountain bikes designed with aggressive geometry, slacker head angles, and excessive fork travel to allow a more controlled riding experience.

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41. Salsa Cycles

Salsa Marrakesh Deore

Salsa Cycles is another California-based bicycle manufacturer that made it on the list of best bike brands. They had been an independent company until in 1997 they were acquired by Quality Bicycle Products, who have been leading it successfully ever since.

Salsa Cycles excels in making mountain bikes, as well as cyclocross and gravel grinder models. Some of their flagship models include Warbird, Marrakesh, Fargo, and Woodsmoke.

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42. Santa Cruz Bicycles

santa cruz 5010

Santa Cruz Bicycles had a very successful start back in 1993, with their first model called Tazmon. It was powered by single-pivot dual-suspension technology, which rocked the industry, and moved the boundaries of what was possible in mountain bike production.

Santa Cruz Bicycles is most proud of its full-suspension mountain bikes, with aluminum and carbon frames, and equipped with their Virtual Pivot Point technology. You can buy their bikes for anywhere between $1,500 and $10,000.

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43. Schwinn Bikes

Legendary Schwinn Cruiser

Schwinn is a Chicago-based company that was established in 1895. At one point in their history, they were the most successful cycling company in all of the US. However, in 1992 they declared bankruptcy and were bought by Dorel Industries.

They now sell both high-end bicycles and more affordable models. The expensive line is called the Signature Series, while you can get their cheaper models at Wal-Mart, Kmart, and Sears.

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44. Scott Bikes

Scott bikes have been a staple in the professional peloton and mountain bike world cup circuit for many years. Since they began creating aero bars for Greg LeMond in the 1980s they have been at the forefront of developing cycling technologies. Currently, they manufacture a wide selection of performance road, mountain, and triathlon bikes as well as bikes for leisure cyclists, e-bikers, and kids.

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45. sixthreezero Bikes

Sixthreezero Evryjourney

Sixthreezero is a USA-based company that focuses solely on building cruiser bikes. As their selection grows, they’re slowly becoming one of the biggest producers of these attractive and versatile two-wheeled machines. Beach cruisers are not intended to be used to help you win a race or get from point A to point B quickly.

They are imagined as an extension of your personality and as a part of your lifestyle. Moreover, they look good, so they are a fashion statement that you take with yourself every time you ride a bike.

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46. Specialized Bikes Overview

Specialized Women hardtail mountain bike

Currently, Specialized Bikes is probably one of the biggest names in existence. It was established back in 1974 and they are one of the biggest names in the Grand Tour races and currently sponsor the World Champions in both the men’s and women’s WorldTours.

Their road bikes are the most popular among riders, but they produce mountain bikes, kids bikes, BMX, adventure, and recreation bikes as well.

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47. Surly Bikes

Karate Monkey complete bike front suspension side view, Toxic Tangerine

Surly is one of the most iconic bicycle brands to produce steel-frame bicycles. Their approach to cycling is considered rather alternative compared to the mainstream as the Surly team is all for the environment and keeping it green. Surly produces a high-quality variety of bikes for those who are looking for a bike that lasts for decades.

The brand was also one of the pioneers of fat-biking, and their brand tires were used on most fat bikes at the early stages in the fat-bike industry.

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48. Tern Bicycles

Tern GSD S00 Electric Bike

Founded in 2011, Tern bicycles are committed to manufacturing bikes that are serviceable, and won’t go to land-fill. Their green and sustainable approach has enabled them to build a portfolio of folding and electric bikes.

The brand now sells its bikes globally and has managed relative success at a young age.

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49. Transition Bikes

transition mountain bike

Founded in 2001 in Bellingham, Washington, Transition is a high-end mountain-bike-focused bicycle brand. Their range of bikes is best suited for anyone who’s looking for a bike to progress in performance.

Their bikes are driven by the latest technologies and geometries in the mountain bike scene and the range now includes bikes across multiple mountain biking disciplines.

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50. Tommaso Bikes

Tommaso Monza

Tommaso Bikes has been around since 1985, specializing in manufacturing top-notch road bikes. They are an Italian bicycle company and combine traditional Italian design with craftsmanship since all of the bikes are assembled in-house. They started out producing steel frames, but quickly shifted to aluminum and carbon models, as the industry demands change. They offer their bikes at accessible rates, which makes them attractive to riders around the world. The best-selling models are Forcella and Imola.

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51. Trek Bikes

Trek Roscoe 6 hardtail mountain bikeTrek Bikes is, without a doubt, one of the biggest names on this list. They are a USA-based company established in 1975, as an answer to the growing popularity of Japanese and Italian bikes at the time. They started by producing steel touring frames but went on to produce road and mountain bikes where they have gained popularity through successful racing campaigns.

They also manufacture kids, cyclocross, gravel, and e-bikes.

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52. Wilier Bikes

Wilier is another iconic race bike brand (Since 1906) with a handful of high-end road, gravel, mountain and triathlon bikes on their range. Definitely worth a read if you are into bike brands with quite a divine historical background.

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53. woom bikes

Woom 1 Pluswoom bikes is a bicycle company based in Austria. Founded by two dads with years of prior experience in the cycling industry, they noticed there was a lack of high-quality kids’ bikes available and were determined to solve the issue by making their own.

Today, woom kids bikes are already popular in continental Europe but are slowly taking over the rest of the world as well.

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54. Yeti Cycles

Yeti SB165 in blue

Last but not least, we come to Yeti Cycles, a company established in 1985, to supply the market’s growing thirst for mountain bikes. Yeti bikes are a popular choice for downhill mountain bikers, with the popularity starting with their early model the Lawwill DH-9.

Today, they equip their bikes with switch infinity suspension and their flagship models are Yeti SB5c, Robert Axle, and the Yeti 29er XC.

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55. Yuba Bicycles

family riding on cargo bike

Yuba bicycle is a cargo-bikes-focused bike brand that has a nice selection of bikes on its fleet. You can find front-loading, regular, electric, and many other cargo bicycle variations – there’s literally something for every need out there! Yuba is focused on businesses and active families, and they have obviously succeeded in that quite well.

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People Also Ask

Check out the section below if you are looking to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about popular bike brands.

What are the best bicycle brands?

The best bicycle brand is a matter of personal preference. We believe these 30 bike brands represented here from Cannondale to Yeti are the best bicycle brands in the world. However, the list might differ slightly from one person to another, depending on their subjective feelings.

Biggest bike brands with the largest number of different types:

People Also Ask

What are the best road bike brands?

The best road bike brand is Colnago (in my opinion, of course). Colnago has been an iconic bike brand ever since it was established in 1952. Today, they also produce components for their own bikes to achieve the highest quality and offer their bicycles at competitive prices. Other notable brands include:

  • Bianchi – The best selection of high-end bikes
  • Tommaso – Best Value
  • S-Works – One of the top bike brands in road cycling
  • Felt
  • Orbea

What are the best mountain bike brands?

Again, it is very difficult to answer this question objectively. The choice will differ from one rider to another, depending on their preferences and personal requirements. However, in our opinion, these are the best mountain bicycle brands by their limited, mountain-bike-only approach:

What are the most popular, good bike brands?

According to our research, these 30+ bikes above are the most popular bike brands in the world. They have achieved the best sales globally, so it seems that riders from different countries trust them the most. All of them are reliable companies that produce high-quality bicycles.


14 thoughts on “Best Bike Brands

  1. Nick says:

    Well you just made my decision making a lot harder lol. I have a Schwinn Mirada from the 90s. I did 16 miles / 4 laps at Road America for “live strong ride the track event cancer event” back in …2011 or 2012.

    I didn’t have shimano pedals or clip in shoes either, yikes.

    But uh, since then sometimes think about getting a new bike and they can be expensive, like 7k expensive. I’m looking for maybe something $500 – $900 max.

    I waterski and snow ski, cut the grass using walk behind and take dog for walk everyday about a half mile, light weightlifting everyday like squats to overhead presses 115lbs. x 40-50 throughout day reps and other exercises.

    But I’d still like to feel the air in my face on the road and maybe do some events.

    Just looking for a light but strong frame, durable enough for on and off road, low maintenance, gears that change easy 10-20 years later, looks good I guess, places for water bottle, etc…

    I mean, idk how a bike can cost $7,000 US.
    Derailleur, brakes, tires, frame, pedals, handles, wheels, suspension, yikes

  2. Moufid Hammami says:

    Nevi Bikes is not among the list. I have one titane and did a lot of long rides.

  3. Matthew says:

    What about scott

  4. Kai says:

    What about Scott bikes ? Or Specialized bikes

  5. Tygre Westerfield says:

    Giant Bikes come in any size you need, you just need to know what size you ride in general, and just about any brand will have a size for you.

  6. Saw says:

    Where AM bikes are origin

    1. Sam Millers says:

      AM = American Made? Could you please specify with a link?

  7. Saood says:

    What about xds bikes? should i buy it? Any expert opinions plz…

  8. Beach Guy says:

    What can you tell me about Gama bikes?. Mixed reviews on line re: quality issues.

  9. Jimmy says:

    Hi, I loved this list, and I agree 100 % on all the brands except Schwinn, should be removed from it. This is a good list for people with no experience whatsoever on buying a good bike made by a real bike manufacturer. Specially those lazy uninformed individuals who rather go and spend 80-200 $ on a Walmart/ Kmart garbage mass production waste of a “bike”. I’m on a budget and I always go for an used mid to high end bike in the 100-300$ range, I’d NEVER buy garbagfe bike, thanks again for the article.

    1. Melissa Rae says:

      Hi Jimmy, Schwinn is a bike company with one of the longest histories in the industry, that’s why it was included on this list. It has a strong legacy of making quality bikes. It still does, even though it’s not what it used to be. I agree with you up to a part, but Walmart/Kmart bikes can also be good sometimes, depending on the rider and the individual needs. Happy riding!

  10. Robert Higgerson says:

    Question instead of comment. How big are the Giant bikes? Can an average sized person ride them?

    1. Sam Millers says:

      Ofcourse, Robert 🙂

  11. Scott D. Perry says:

    This is a great resource, thank you! I definitely like the a-z approach since it is all focused on quality product. I will enjoy further exploration from your site but got this link after searching through internet. I didn’t want top 25 or top 10 because it is more important, in my mind, to reward quality products with my business. Great approach and info.

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