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Best Electric Cargo Bikes of 2022

By Mark David Hartley   /  Last updated - May 19, 2022   /  Best-Of-Reviews, Cargo bikes, Reviews
cargo bikes

The small motors provide just another power to get around town without breaking a sweat, and the large cargo bays offer enough storage space for most people’s requirements.

A cargo bike is any bicycle that has been adapted to carry an excessive amount of luggage, boxes, goods, or other items that won’t fit on a normal bike. Since they are usually quite heavy, most people only use them for short trips within a town or city but longer tours are also possible.

The best electric cargo bikes come in many different forms, typically with front-loading cargo bays or large rear racks. The Netherlands popularized the ‘bakfiets’ (bucket bike): a cargo bike with an extra-large bucket on the front. Other cargo bikes have rear racks integrated into the frame, often strong enough to carry one adult passenger or two children.

More recently, electric cargo bikes have become very popular as car replacements, particularly amongst delivery staff, market stall workers, and small families

Best Electric Cargo Bikes of 2022

#1Yuba – Spicy Curry City
#2. Rad Power Bikes – RadWagon 4
#3. Momentum – PakYak E+
#4. Yuba – Spicy Curry AT
#5. Yuba – Kombi E5
#6. Yuba – Mundo Electric
#7. Benno – Boost E 10D
#8. Urban Arrow – Family Cargo Bike
#9. Yuba – Supermarche
#10. Bunch Bike – Original

1. Yuba – Spicy Curry City

Best electric cargo bike made by a cargo bike brand

Yuba - Spicy Curry City


MSRP: $4,900

Weight: 60 lbs   |   Load Capacity: 440 lbs   |   Range: 19-34mi   |   Battery: 500Wh   |   Motor: 250W mid-drive

  • Aluminum frame
  • 10-Speed Shimano Deore
  • Magura MT32 hydraulic brakes
  • Suitable for riders: 5’0″ – 6’5″

Yuba bikes is a well-known cargo bike brand out of California, founded in 2006 by Ben Sarrazin with the intention to reduce short car journeys. It manufactures top-quality cargo bikes with price tags to match.

The Spicy Curry is a longtail electric cargo bike with a large integrated rear rack over a small, 20″ wheel. It’s the ideal utility e-bike or family cargo bike as it can fit a variety of containers, seats, or pannier bags on the rear rack. On the front there is a 24″ wheel and a large basket, convenient for smaller items that need to stay within arms reach.

At only 60lbs (27kg), the Spicy Curry is lighter than some other cargo ebikes, so it gets an excellent performance out of its 250W Bosch Cargo Line motor. Specifically designed for cargo bikes, this mid-drive motor pushes out 75Nm of torque, easily achieving its top speed of 20 mph (32km/h) even when fully loaded.

Overview of Yuba bikes

Named after a California river, Yuba bicycles was founded in 2006 by Ben Sarrazin. Keen to help motivate others ...

The 500Wh PowerPack battery will keep providing you with pedal assistance for up to 34 (54km) miles on a single charge. When done, simply unclip it from the frame and take it indoors for easy charging overnight. The pedal-assist motor is supported by an extensive 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain, making light work of heavily-loaded hill climbs.

Downhills are equally well-supported by highly responsive 4-piston Magura MT32 hydraulic disc brakes. Come rain or shine, the 180mm Storm HC rotors will not fail you, providing excellent stopping power even when hurtling downhill at speed with extra weight.

The Yuba Spicy Curry fits riders of heights between 5’0″ – 6’5″ and can carry up to 440lbs (200kg) of weight including rider and cargo.

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2. Rad Power Bikes – RadWagon 4

Best value electric cargo bike of 2022

radwagon electric cargo bike

22×3″ tires, telescoping seat post

MSRP: $1,899

Weight: 77 lbs   |   Load Capacity: 350 lbs   |   Range: Up to 45mi   |   Battery: 672Wh   |   Motor: 750W rear hub

  • Aluminum frame
  • 7-Speed Shimano Acera
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Suitable for riders 5’1″ – 6’4″

This compact cargo ebike from Rad Power Bikes is a very popular and highly affordable longtail option for carrying heavy loads or light passengers. With 22″ wheels on both the front and back, it has a low center of gravity, making it easy to maneuver when heavily loaded.

With a payload capacity of only 350lbs (158kg), this RadWagon bike carries slightly less than the average cargo bike but has a powerful motor and long-range battery. The 750W geared hub motor uses 5:1 planetary reduction to provide extra torque and low-range power when hill climbing. 

Rad Power Bikes Brand Review

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It’s powered by a 48V removable Lithium NCA battery that lasts up to 45 miles (72km) on a single charge, easily enough to complete all your daily tasks. The 7-Speed Shimano Acera drivetrain is a decent accompaniment to the pedal-assist motor, offering just enough range for comfortable city cycling.

Stopping power is provided by Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes and 180mm rotors, more than suitable for the speed and weight limits of the RadWagon 4. It comes ready to go straight out the box, with fenders, a kickstand, LCD display, and front and rear lights. Rad Power Bikes also sells a range of add-on options, including baskets, racks, bags, and child seats.

The RadWagon 4 comes in one size and is suitable for riders 5’1″ – 6’4″ with adjustable handlebars and telescoping seatpost. While this cargo ebike might not sport some of the same top-quality components seen on others, the price tag is almost unbeatable for a vehicle in this category.

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3. Momentum – PakYak E+

Premium e-cargo bike with all the add-ons

momentum pakyak e+

MSRP: $5,599

Weight: 79lbs   |   Load Capacity: 361lbs   |   Range: 60 miles (120miles extended) |   Battery: 500Wh   |   Motor: SyncDrive Pro

  • Shimano Nexus 5-Speed
  • 80Nm torque/250W mid-drive motor
  • Tektro HD-E737 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes

Momentum is a lesser-known yet trusted cargo bike brand as a subsidiary of Giant. Giant’s high-quality ALUXX alloy frame is renowned amongst the cycling community and the perfect addition to a cargo e-bike.

The PakYak E+ is Momentum’s answer to a longtail electric cargo bike and has everything you need as sold. It uses Yamaha’s most efficient SyncDrive Pro mid-drive motor and an EnergyPak 500Wh battery to deliver 80Nm of torque and up to 60 miles of range.

This bike is perfect for adding a child passenger seat as it works with Thule’s Yepp seat without any mounts. This turns the rear platform into a comfortable seat for the kids while still making space for other cargo on the integrated front platform. 

Overview of Surly Bikes

Founded in 1998, Bloomington, Minnesota, United States Surly Bikes are popular for their steel frames, hand-crafted ...

Five gears are available via an excellent Nexus internal hub from Shimano – an impressive piece of equipment not often seen on electric bikes. In combination with the punchy motor, this means you’ll have no trouble cycling up steep hills while fully loaded. Momentum doesn’t scrimp on the brakes either, with 4-piston Tektro hydraulic discs, providing rock-solid stopping at speed or on downhills thanks to the 203mm rotors.

The PakYak eBike comes in one size with a limited rider height of 5’2″ to 6’2″. Finished off with top-quality components like Maxxis Hook Worm, 24×2.5″ tires, and a 40mm travel suspension dropper.

You can understand why the price tag on this bike is considerable. It’s a truly world-class electric cargo bike for those who want nothing less than the best.

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4. Yuba Spicy Curry AT

Electric cargo bike equipped for the long haul

Yuba Spicy Curry AT


MSRP: $5,599

Weight: 74 lbs   |   Load Capacity: 440lbs   |   Range: 26-53mi   |   Battery: 400Wh   |   Motor: 250W mid-drive

  • 6061-T6 aluminum frame
  • Hauls multiple kids or heavy cargo up to 440 lbs
  • Magura MT32 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes
  • Bosch Cargo Line Speed, 250W mid-drive motor
  • 500Wh battery

Yuba is a popular manufacturer of cargo bikes for city commuters, bike tourers, and recreational riders. Recently, it’s branched out into the ebike market, making several convenient cargo electric bikes, including this innovative heavy-duty model.

The Spicy Curry AT electric cargo bike runs on 26″ front and 20″ rear tires that are around 2.3″ wide. It can carry up to 440 lbs of cargo on its elongated rear rack or fit a total of three passengers. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for a large family that does lots of grocery shopping. 

This Spicy Curry AT model is powered by a dedicated Bosch Cargo Line Speed mid-drive motor that provides 250W of nominal power and a 500 Wh battery that ensures 19-28 miles of pedal-assist range. 

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It also boasts a Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain for easier climbing, as well as Magura’s powerful 4-piston MT32 hydraulic disc brakes. They are a frequent choice on high-end cargo bikes due to their stopping power and reliability.

At 60lbs, it’s not the lightest electric cargo bike around but considering that it can carry 440 lbs, it’s understandable. It also fits two Thule Yepp Maxi child seats without needing an adapter, making it super practical for school trips.

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5. Yuba – Kombi E5

Yuba - Kombi E5


MSRP: $3,299

Weight: 65lbs   |   Load Capacity: 440 lbs   |   Range: Up to 50mi   |   Battery: 418Wh   |   Motor: 250W

  • Chromoly frame
  • 418Wh Shimano battery
  • Shimano RD-M2000 9-Speed
  • Shimano Alivio hydraulic disc brakes
  • Suitable for riders between 5’0″ – 6’5″

At $3,300, the Yuba Kombi E5 electric cargo bike is an excellent option for a wide range of riders. The Kombi E5 comes with a premium 250W Shimano STEPS mid-drive motor, 418Wh battery, 9-speed Shimano drivetrain, and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. The large handlebar-mounted display clearly shows all the information you need, including battery life, speedometer, trip meter, and odometer.

The 24″ wheels are the ideal size for cargo bike requirements and come fitted with thick 2.5″ Maxxis Hookworm tires with a Flat Guard puncture protection layer.

The longtail rear rack includes an integrated wheel cover, so passengers will not get dirty from road spray. You can also equip this bike with a large number of accessories, including foot rests, panniers, baskets, child seats, passenger packages, and a lot more.

This way, the Kombi E5 works as an electric bike for two or three children and an adult, making short work of the morning school run.

The 418Wh of energy allows you to ride this electric cargo bicycle for a full 50 miles in one day. The Kombi E5 comes in only one size but with adjustable handlebars and telescoping seat post, making it suitable for riders between 5’0″ – 6’5″ tall.

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6. Yuba – Mundo Electric

Yuba El Mundo electric cargo bike

26×2.125 tires. Available in yellow.

MSRP: $4,700

Weight: 68 lbs   |   Load Capacity: 550 lbs   |   Range: 62mi   |   Battery: 504Wh   |   Motor: 250W

  • 10-speed Shimano Deore
  • Magura hydraulic disc brakes
  • Suitable for riders between 5’3″ to 6’6″

The Yuba Mundo electric cargo bike is larger than most cargo ebikes, with a full-size longtail steel frame, 26″ wheels, and space for 4 passengers. This makes it the ideal child-carrying vehicle and has been given the nickname “the minivan of cargo bikes.” The rear rack comes with a wooden base and footrests on either side and can be fitted with several attachments from child seats to baskets and 

The Schwalbe Big Ben tires are relatively thick at 2.15″ and feature the brand’s famous puncture-resistant GreenGuard protection layer with reinforced sidewalls. These are powered by a 250W Shimano STEPS E8000 pedal-assist motor and supported by a 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain, providing speeds up to 20 mph (32km/h) with 70Nm of torque.

Even when fully loaded, this powerful motor has no trouble climbing hills and the Magura 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes make short work of stopping on downhills. 

Yuba cargo bikes are famous for their heavy load capacity and the Mundo certainly maintains this tradition, providing enough strength to carry 550lbs (250kg) of weight including rider and cargo. This makes it the perfect electric delivery bike for businesses that sell large goods or excessive quantities.

The 504Wh battery will keep going for up to 62 miles (100km) on a single charge and can be removed for convenient charging overnight. Due to its larger frame, the Mundo Electric is well suited to taller riders up to 6’6″ in height but also fits people as small as 5’3″.

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7. Benno Boost E 10D

Nimble City Cargo Bike

MSRP: $5,499

Weight: 65 lb   |   Load Capacity: 130 lb (rear rack)   |   Range: 30-75 mi   |   Battery: 500 Wh   |   Motor: 250W

  • Bosch Performance Speed 250W motor
  • 6061 aluminum frame
  • 24 x 2.6 in. custom tires
  • Dual battery function
  • Supernova Mini 2 front and E3 rear lights

Benno Boost E 10D is a nimble and fun city cargo bike built for quick school trips and grocery shopping adventures. It has a lower carrying capacity than all other bikes on this list, but it boasts a long range and great riding performance. 

This bike uses 24″ wheels combined with wide 2.6″ tires, which makes it easy to load cargo onto the rear rack or lift kids in and out of the child seat. With the addition of a powerful motor, this rear-rack electric cargo bike can haul 2 children or a total of 130 lb of cargo.

For plumbers, mechanics, or contractors, it’s the perfect electric utility bike to beat the traffic, save on fuel, and help the environment. Like most other cargo tricycles, you get a solid front rack or box built from tough materials and boost its carrying capacity.

The Benno Boost E 10D cargo bike uses a Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain supported by a 250W Bosch Performance Speed motor running off a massive 500 Wh battery. The battery charges in 7.5 hours and will last up to 75 miles on a single charge, but thanks to the dual battery capability, you can extend the range even more.

With integrated front and rear lighting, a kickstand, and strong brakes, Benno Boost is ready to go on a long city adventure.

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8. Urban Arrow – Family Cargo Bike

urban arrow family cargo bike

MSRP: $6,999

Weight: 112.4lbs  |   Load Capacity: 606lbs   |   Range: 31mi average |   Battery: 500Wh   |   Motor: 250W

Urban Arrow bikes is a popular manufacturer of Dutch-style ‘bakfiets’, or bucket bikes – large front loading bicycles that can carry people, pets, and cargo. Cyclists who need to deliver just that little bit extra, or families with several children will find these bikes the ideal solution.

Rather than getting stuck in traffic, the Urban Arrow Family electric cargo bike will ensure that you and everything you could possibly need will get there on time. You’ll get a Bosch Cargo Line motor, with the latter pumping out 75Nm of torque and handling up to 250kg of weight.

Shimano Zee hydraulic disc brakes sort out the braking on the Urban Arrow Family, with an Enviolo Internal gear Cargo hub and Trekking shifters managing the gearing. This bike has integrated LED lights with a built-in stand and removable battery, so you have everything you need from the word go.

This bike features space for up to 4 kids in the front trailer can be fitted with a Maxi Cosi, rain cover, and extra bench.

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9. Yuba – Supermarche

Product image for white

  • 20×2.4″ tires
  • Weight: 78 lbs
  • Battery:  500Wh
  • Class 1 pedal-assist, 250W mid-drive motor
  • Range: 15-50mi

The Supermarche is quite an unusual type of cargo bike for many, while it actually is well-preferred by those who are in a need of a well-thought-out electric-powered cargo bike. A high-end mid-drive motor and a large basket in the front. The Supermarche accommodates riders from 4’9″ to 6’5″.

With a charge time of 4.5h and a range of up to 15-50miles, this cargo ebike has a max carry load of 300lbs. The max torque of 75Nm gets well transferred to the rear wheel thanks to the normal-sized drivetrain.

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10. Bunch Bike Original

High-end cargo bike optimized for passenger-carrying

Electric cargo trike for familiy

MSRP: $4,999

Weight: 152 lbs   |   Load Capacity: 350 lbs   |   Range: 20-30mi   |   Battery: 653Wh   |   Motor: 500W rear hub, 45Nm Torque

  • Steel frame, ED rust-proof internal coating
  • 8-Speed Shimano Acera
  • Tektro Auriga hydraulic brakes
  • Suitable for riders 5’2″ – 6’5″

The Original is cargo bike specialists Bunch Bikes’ flagship model packed with tons of features and versatility.

This cargo is bike is highly customizable so that you can adapt to fit whatever you’re carrying on a specific day. It comes with two benches as seats so you can fit four small children and these benches can be removed in seconds without the need for tools.

To make it safe for travel, the cargo box is fitted with nonslip shoulder clips and 3-point seatbelts. Additionally, it has anti-slip steps in and outside the box make it easy for your child to climb in.

For power, you can rely on a 500W/45Nm motor and a 653Wh battery make pulling a full 350lb payload possible for up to 30 miles. Finally, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, integrated LED lights, full fenders, and a rear rack this bike safe and convenient to use.

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