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Engwe EP 2 Pro Review – Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

By Sam Millers   /  Last updated - November 16, 2023   /  Electric Bikes, Engwe, Folding Bikes, Reviews

engwe ep 2 pro

Engwe bikes might not be a household name, but over the last two decades, they have steadily become a more and more popular e-bike brand on the market.

In this review, we’ll be taking a closer look at their EP 2 Pro model, which actually proved to be a solid bike and a close competitor to current best-sellers in this category.

Table of Contents

Quick Specs

PROs & Cons

Safety & Precautions

Quick Specs

engwe ebike

  • Price: $1,200 USD
  • 3 in 1: Folding, Fat, E-Bike
  • Throttle & Pedal-assist: Class 3 eBike
  • Motor: 750W Rear Hub Motor with 80Nm of torque
  • Battery: 48V 12.8Ah, 615Wh
  • Range: 37miles
  • Speeds: 7-speed
  • Front Travel: 70 mm
  • Tire: 20″ x 4″
  • Weight: 70lbs / Max Capacity: 330lbs
  • Fits Riders: 5’2″ – 6’5″

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Quick PROs & CONs


  • Striking looks: The whole bike attracts attention. Cast wheels, unique paint job, hidden battery, funky geometry.
  • Surprising torque: 750W @ 80Nm on the rear wheel puts a smile on your face.
  • Smooth power transition: The motor kicks in smoothly. Speed is built up quickly and cruising at a fixed speed is easy (due to automatic speed sensors on Level 3,4,5).
  • 5 riding modes: Each mode provides plenty of assistance for a sweat-free riding experience.
engwe ebike display

Display is easy to understand, and controls are easily accessible. There are only 5 buttons on the control (on the left) Buttons 1 & 2 – to select riding modes, 3rd button to turn on/off the electronics, button #4 for lights, and button #5 to select distance/odometer on the menu.

  • 3 in 1 construction: Works well in every bike category – as a fat-, folding-, and an eBike.
  • Quality build inside-out: Every single detail on the bike blends in nicely with the aesthetic and proposed use. Nothing needs to be changed!

engwe folded in

  • Easy to use & ride: Everything is thoughtfully placed and intuitive on the bike.
  • Great & smooth braking: Mechanical disc brakes are not as powerful as hydraulic, but they do stop in a super smooth manner.
  • 4″ fat tires: Coupled with an oil suspension fork, they work well together on any terrain – cobblestoned streets to light gravel roads. Traction is a big character to this ride.
folding bike safety pins

The safety pins/clips are well thought out.

  • Shimano SIS shifters: Easy and convenient to use.
  • Maneuverability: The length & width of the bike means it has a decent turning circle. You can ride through tight entrances, and the wheelbase in general is just about right.
  • One-Size frame: To fit most riders.
  • Available in 5 frame colors
  • Bright lights: Plus a brake light. Integrated rear rack protects rear light from scratches, and there’s also availability to add a number plate under the light.

engwe ep2 carry

  • A low step-over frame: Convenient to step over.
  • Well-thought-out construction: Such as the chainring protection, fold-up stand, rear rack, carry-handle, and derailleur protector.
  • Simple & easy to use folding latches: The safety latches are well designed.
  • A side stand: Holds the bike up and keeps it stable while you’re not riding.
  • Max weight capacity of 330lbs: High weight capacity means you can carry more on the bike.
  • Made by a brand that specializes in electric bikes only
  • A comfortable saddle
folded sizes

Fits a wide range of riders. Note: the saddle height on the left picture is not on the lowest position.

  • The bike can’t be stolen if the bike is not turned on (key has to be in the slot) Also, you cannot remove the battery without the key!

CONs (& our solutions)

  • 6h charge time: It takes a while to fully charge the battery, but then again – this bike holds super value at its price range. Let’s not forget that this is a 70lb folding fat electric bike. Also the charger makes a distinct noise – which is probably the fan cooling the charger.
  • Shimano Tourney drivetrain: Tourney is Shimano’s cheapest drivetrain, so it might need more tuning every now and then. However, this does mean that parts will be cheaper to replace compared to more expensive groupsets.
  • The power output is not as optimized for a long & powerful commute: The battery levels tend to vary quite a bit after using Level 5 or top speed for a while. Although if you use pedal-assistance on #3, it is probably the best power-to-battery output range you’ll get.
  • Quite heavy at 70lbs: Although it is a folding bike, it is also an e-bike and a fat bike, so this is the weight you should be expecting at this price point.
  • After folding the bike up again, the position of cables might affect the front brake lever: If the levers feel too tight, simply move the cords from side to side and it’ll be fixed. It tends to get stuck on the left fork.
  • The handlebar does seem to have a slight play in its lowest position when in stop: But you wouldn’t notice this when riding. We haven’t had any issues or safety concerns about it.
  • Brakes tend to be a bit squeaky: But that’s what you get from a mechanical disc brake combined with a 70lbs. It won’t bother your ears, and it works great regards pedestrians.

engwe bike cons


1. The rubber caps do fit snug on the rear wheel nuts, but they tend to fall off after direct contact. They are indeed a nice accessory so make sure you don’t lose them.

2. The charge-port rubber protection plug screw might come undone, so make sure to re-tighten it.
Also, the battery charge cover can be slightly difficult to open/close as it runs closely next to the frame. The good thing is that it does a great job protecting water & dust from entering the battery (shown in the next picture)

3. The ‘ignition’ key is hard to locate when standing up.
*There’s a considerable hole next to the key but that’s nothing to worry about as there are no open wires inside the frame.

EP 2 Pro Compared to Lectric & RadMini

folding ebikes comparison

Unfolded Sizes:

Lectric XP 2.0:  67″ x 47″ (Width: 18″)
Engwe EP 2 Pro: 66″ x 45.6″
RadMini 4: 68″ x 48″

Folded Sizes:

Lectric XP: 37″ x 27″ (Width 18″)
Engwe EP 2 Pro: 30″ x 32″ 🏆
RadMini 4: 41″ x 28″ x (Width 22″)

Brand Lectric Rad Power Bikes Engwe
Model XP 2.0 RadMini EP 2 Pro
Price 1,099 1,499 1,199
Motor (Peak) 500 (800W) 750W 750W
Torque 80Nm 80Nm 80Nm
Max Speed 28mph 20mph 28mph
E-Bike Class 2, 3 2 3
Battery 48V 9.6Ah 48V 14Ah 48V 12.8Ah
Capacity (Wh) 460Wh 672Wh 615Wh
Charge time 4-6h 5-6h 6h
Tires 20×3″ 20×3″ 20×4″
Speeds 7 7 7
Weight 63lbs 67lbs 70lbs
Max Weight 330lbs 275lbs 330lbs
Fork Travel 50mm 80mm 70mm
Brakes Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
Rotors 160mm 180mm 160mm
Fits Riders 4’10” – 6’3″ 4’10” – 6’2″ 5’2″ – 6’5″
Folded Dimension 37″ x 18″ x 27″ 41″ x 22″ x 28″ 30″ x 32″
Front Eyelets x4 x4 x

Read the Full Comparison

Why have folding fat-tire electric bikes become so popular?

Naturally, the look of this bike type isn’t ordinary, and 3in1 solutions can be quite polarizing, but these bikes are built with function in mind. Folding e-bikes are popular because of their affordability, ease of use, and durability.

  • Fun! What’s not to like when you have comfort, portability, and a power-assisted motor inside the rear wheel.
    Comfortable for commuting – Simply anyone can hop on the bike, and it is comfortable to ride.
  • Maneuverability. Due to their 20″ wheel size and short wheelbase, these bikes are ideal for city streets and short trips alike.
    20″ wheels – a size which might seem small, but can be ideal for commuting in urban areas and light trails. Handlebars are quite narrow as well to go through tight spaces.
  • Easy to use as a comfortable commuter bike. Front suspension coupled with 4″ fat tires works well to balance the geometry of the bike.
    20″ wheels – and 3″ – 4″ wide tires are a great combination. The fat tire size on a small wheel offers plenty of traction, comfort, and stability.
  • It’s electric. Electric assistance doesn’t need much promotion as the bikes gain in popularity. Many folding e-bikes are equipped with a throttle assist as well as pedal assistance. Additionally, the one-size-frame geometry of folding fat e-bikes suits a wide range of riders.
    750W rear hub motor – a choice that has been used among many electric bikes for over five years. It’s got plenty of torque and pull for casual commuting, and hills alike.
  • One bike for the whole family.
    One-size frames fit a wide variety of riders – men, women, elders, and kids.
  • Portable – It folds up!
    Convenient to store & travel with. The bicycle frame type is a folding bike, which means it is really convenient to store in small spaces.
  • Affordable.
    The prices of folding e-bikes start as low as $600, while the selection of best-selling bikes is around $999 – $1,400.
  • Does best in multi-surface commuting where a 4″ tire with a front suspension can do their work!
  • It looks awesome! If you are hesitating about its look – don’t be! You’ll be surprised by the number of smiles you’ll get along the way.
  • It sounds great! The buzzy knobby tire sound on paved roads combined with an electric motor is quite a character about it, in a good way!

Safety, Know-How & Precautions

engwe in a box


  • Always attach the plug to the battery first, then the cord into the wall outlet.
  • Unplug when not charging.
  • Unplug before cleaning.
  • Keep dust and any liquids away from the charging point.
  • Input Voltage – AC 110-220V 50/60Hz.


  • Maximum climbing degree: 35°
  • It is recommended you wear a helmet when riding
  • Waterproof rating: IPX4 – resistant to water splashes
  • Do not operate the e-bike if the cord or plug is damaged
  • Do not operate if the e-bike malfunctions or is damaged
  • Make sure the charging plug is dry and fully covering the charging port when not in use
  • Do not use near hot gas, electric burners, or a heated oven
  • Do not use the bike for anything other than its intended use
  • As this is a folding bike with two folding attachments (frame & handlebar) make sure that the fold-up safety slots are properly closed
  • Operating temperature: minus 14’F – 104’F (-10 to 40 degrees celsius)

Drivetrain, braking, forks

  • The suspension fork locking feature should only be used when riding on flat terrain.
    *It can easily break when riding on rugged terrains.
  • Change gears before approaching an incline, not during the climb.
    *Avoid changing gears when putting power through the pedals.
  • Braking: When descending large hills, it is recommended you modulate your braking using both the rear and front to steady the bicycle and control your speed.


  • It is not recommended to use accessories that can result in fire, electric shock or injury.

Here’s what you’ll have to check after the break-in period

Recommended to do after the first 10-20miles of riding

engwe maintenance

1. Tighten the bottom bracket on both sides: Hand/Wrist tight with a medium ratchet – about 30-40Nm

2. Tighten the pedals. NOTE: The right pedal is tightened clockwise, and the left pedal counter-clockwise

3. Tighten the handlebar’s fold-up safety latch so it would stay snug: Hand-tight with a screwdriver. 5Nm

4. Just to be sure – Check the handlebar plate bolts. Tilt down the display for easy access. NOTE: I didn’t have to tighten those although I felt a slight play coming from the handlebars. It was the long handlebar tube.

5. You can also get the derailleur tuned in a bike workshop after the break-in period – it should cost around $10 – $15.


engwe ebike

A 6’2″ rider on 20″ wheels feels just about right for commuting.

The EP 2 Pro Engwe EBike is a great choice for anyone who is looking for their first e-bike, or a simple and fun commuter. There’s plenty of comfort and practicalities about the bike, and we can’t ignore the surprisingly affordable price tag. The bike is equipped with trusted electronics and an ingenious design.

Is it a good electric bike for seniors? Yes, in terms of ease of use and portability factor, but the weight of the bike might turn off many potential buyers. If you are looking for a lightweight e-bike for seniors, we’d recommend looking into our Best Step-Through EBikes review.

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  1. geofff says:

    I’ve 30″ of height in my motorhome’s boot. The Engwe looks idea & its folded dimension are 30″ x 32″ above, but the picture seems to show the other two are about the same height as the Engwe, but they are 37″x 27″ & 41″ x 28″

    Engwe seem shy about giving the folded dimensions on www & always show it in a bizarre anti-gravity folded position like is shown above.

    Can anyone tell if the Engwe will likely fit in a 30″ high boot?

  2. Nino says:

    I have bought an Engwe electric bike and I am super satisfied but here in Belgium I need a license plate and to get that I need a “Certificate of Conformity (COC) from the manufacturer.
    Can you help me?

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