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Best Electric Bike Brands

Buying a new electric bike can be a bit of a minefield.

There are so many different brands offering electric bikes for many different purposes, from E-MTBs to electric cargo bikes. We’ve put together a list of some of the best electric bicycle brands we are familiar with so you can make an informed decision on your next purchase, whether you’re after an electric road bike, a city bike, or a mountain bike to name a few!

While this isn’t an exhaustive list, the eBike brands below are reputable in their discipline and are a great place to start gathering ideas and information for your next purchase.


Electric Bike Class System

Firstly, let’s have a look at the different classes of electric bikes you can buy in the United States. 

Class 1 Electric Bike – Pedal-assist only, top assisted speed of 20 mph
Class 2 Electric Bike – Throttle-assisted, top assisted speed 20 mph
Class 3 Electric Bike – Pedal-assist only with no throttle, maximum assisted speed of 28mph
Class 4 Electric Bike – A moped or a motorcycle with the top assisted speed of over 28mp/h and a motor greater than 750W

Anything above this is classed as a moped or motorcycle and is subject to separate licensing and insurance requirements. 

Before purchasing an e-bike you should check with your local state regulations regarding usage and access for your class of bike. Some states prohibit access for certain classes of bikes on trails for example, so before you part with any cash, make sure you can use it for the purchasing intention. A great place to find information relevant to your state is ‘People for Bikes‘, an advocacy group that lobbies for considerate and sensible policies surrounding cycling in the United States. 



1. Ampler Bikes

Stout e-bike


Founded: 2016 | Founders: Ardo Kaurit, Hannes Laar, and Rait Udumäe  | Headquarters: Tallinn, Estonia

Ampler make electric bikes for the urban cyclist and commuter.

The electric bike company combines modern technology with a bicycle frame design to produce a sleeker, lighter eBike, and one you will look forward to riding every day. After visiting a Eurobike fair they realized their prototype was far better than the eBikes they had seen on display, so set about creating an Indiegogo campaign and by March 2018 had sold over 1,000 eBikes.

The brand focuses on creating bikes that will enable more transport mobility in urban areas, and each bike has a claimed range of up to 70km per charge. The company now has a showroom in Germany as well as selling directly from its website in Estonia, so if you’re in Europe, this brand is one to take a closer look at.


Curt – 250W motor, 48V battery
Stout – 250W motor, 48V battery
Stellar – 250W motor, 48V battery



2. Ancheer

ancheer ebikes

Founded: 2008 | Headquarters: Los Angeles, California

Having established a long-term relationship with Asian manufacturers, Ancheer bikes is an affordable electric bike brand based out of Los Angeles, California.

Almost all of their bikes sit below the $1,000 mark making them affordable and attractive to those wanting to purchase an eBike on a budget. They currently offer a range of city, mountain, folding, and fat-tire eBikes making buying an electric bike accessible to everyone. Read our full review of the brand here

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Focuses on creating products and relationships that last

evelo dash folding bike

Founded: 2011 | Founder: Boris & Yevgeniy Mordkovich | Headquarters: Boston, San Francisco

EVELO bikes range consists of high-quality, mid-drive electric bikes that are built to last. In their range you’ll find e-folding, e-tricycle, e-commuter bikes with nice glossy paintworks, and high-quality components.

With an average range of 50miles per charge, there is quite a good variety of bikes to choose for a recreational cyclists who are looking for an e-bike for 10-20 years. As EVELO sells their bikes without the middle man (DTC=Direct To Consumer) you’ll find all the information from their website.




4. Himiway

To be an American tough guy like Ernest Hemingway


Himiway is another e-bike-only bike brand that focuses on hub-motor fat tire electric tires.

Their bikes come with an affordable price tag, a multi-purpose field of use which allows recreational cyclists to explore all kinds of trails. While they only have three models on their range at the moment, they have stepped into the electric bike industry at the right time, and many cyclists have had the chance to get into electric biking thanks to their innovations. Learn more about electric fat bikes from their website:



5. Lectric

lectric xp


Lectric has been a hit as they have managed to design a 3 in 1 bike at the three-digit price tag. They have been selling their one main bike, the Lectric XP which is a 20″ fat tire, folding electric bike which has targeted a large market of buyers for obvious reasons.

At the sub-$1,000 dollar mark, there’s more than enough to show thumbs up for the brand! Read more from Lectric.




6. Pedego Electric Bikes



Founded: 2008 | Founders: Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry | Headquarters: Southern California, US

Pedego Bikes was founded in 2008 by business partners Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry, with the aim to produce the world’s best electric bikes.

The company stands for premium customer service and quality products, so you know you’ll get your money’s worth when you buy a Pedego eBike. Currently, they sell a range of eBikes, including cruiser eBikes, city eBikes, off-road eBikes, and specialty eBikes which include things like tandems and cargo bikes.

They are based in the United States but have distributors worldwide so no matter where you live you’ll be able to experience the quality ride of a Pedego electric bicycle.


Comfort Cruiser – 350W motor, 36V battery
Interceptor – 500W motor, 48V battery
Interceptor: Platinum Edition – 500W motor, 48V battery
Boomerang – 500W motor, 48V battery
Boomerang: Platinum Edition – 500W motor, 48V battery
Trail Tracker: Gorilla Edition – 500W motor, 48V battery


City Commuter: Lite Edition – 350W motor, 36V battery
City Commuter – 500W motor, 48V battery
City Commuter: Mid Drive Edition – 500W motor, 48V battery
City Commuter: Platinum Edition – 500W motor, 48V battery
Conveyer – 250W motor, 36V battery


Element – 500W motor, 48V battery
Trail Tracker – 500W motor, 48V battery
Ridge Rider – 500W motor, 48V battery
Elevate – 250W motor, 36V battery


Stretch – 500W motor, 48V battery
Latch – 250W motor, 36V battery
Trike – 250W motor, 36V battery
Tandem – 500W motor, 48V battery
Ridge Rider: Patroller Edition – 500W motor, 48V battery




7. Ride1UP Bikes

ride1up electric bikes


Founded: 2018 | Founders: Kevin Dugger  | Headquarters: San Diego, California

Although a relatively new brand, Ride1Up has earned itself a reputation for high-quality, affordable electric bicycles.

When founding the company in 2018, Kevin Dugger wanted to make bikes that lasted beyond usual wear and tear, as well as being affordable to the masses. Their ideals extend to manufacturing road and city eBikes, of which none cost more than $2,195.

The company wants to encourage people to ditch their cars for shorter journeys and use a more sustainable mode of transport, i.e. electric bicycles. Their current range includes six bikes, perfect for commuters or leisure riders, with prices starting at $1,095 making it an affordable entry into buying an electric bike.

Roadster V2 Fixie 1,095 S-L 1 700x28c 33lbs 3 40Nm
Core-5 City 1,195 XT/ST 7 27.5″x2.2 49lbs 2 60Nm
500 Series City 1,395 XT/ST 8 27.5×2.2″ 55lbs 2 60Nm
700 Series Hybrid 1,595 XT/ST 8 27.5×2.4″ 62lbs 2 60Nm
LMT’D Hybrid 1,895 XR/ST 8 27.5×2.4″ 53lbs 2 100Nm
Prodigy Mountain 2,195 XR/ST/XC 9 27.5×2.0″ 48lbs 1 90Nm

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8. Rad Power Bikes


Founded: 2007 | Founders: Mike Radenbaugh | Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

In 2007 Mike Radenbaugh built his first eBike as a way to get to school, and thus founded Rad Power Bikes.

2015 saw his friend Ty Collins come on board and the pair relaunched the brand with a direct-to-consumer business model with a mission to produce radical electric bikes accessible to all. Currently, the brand manufactures ten different eBikes, across several disciplines including off-road, city, cargo, folding, and step-thru.

Their prices are extremely reasonable and the highest priced eBike they produce is $1,899. They have distributors in the US, Canada, and Europe so are available to purchase globally in these regions. They also produce gear and spare parts for their bikes so if your bikes require maintenance you can be sure they will be able to supply you with the necessary parts.

RadMission 1 Fixie 1,099 ST & Standard Single-speed 700c Rigid
RadRunner 1 Utility 1,299 ST & Standard Single-speed 20×3.3″ Rigid
RadRunner Plus Utility 1,799 ST & Standard 7 20×3.3″ 80mm
RadWagon 4 Cargo 1,899 Step-Through 7 22×3″ Rigid
RadMini 4 Folding 1,499 ST & Standard 7 20×3″ 80mm
RadRover 5 Fat Hybrid 1,699 ST & Standard 7 26×4″ 80mm
RadCity 4 Hybrid 1,599 ST & Standard 7 26×2.3″ 100mm

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9. QuietKat

quietkat bikes


Founded: 2016 | Founders: Jake and Justin Roach | Headquarters: Eagle, Colorado

QuietKat bikes are specifically manufactured for use by people who enjoy outdoor activities such as hunting and angling.

Based out of Eagle, Colorado in the United States, the Roach brothers have populated a niche area of the eBike market by appealing to those who want to go further for their hobbies without leaving an impact on the environment as typical all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) do.

The company currently manufactures nine different bikes, all designed for different types of terrain and outdoor usage. They also produce kits and extra accessories compatible with their bikes for you to customize your build with. For example, trailers to haul cargo, or specially designed pannier racks.

Perhaps most famously, the brand also partnered with Jeep to create a full-suspension off-road eBike. Prices are keeping with industry averages for these bikes, but they are one of a kind bikes designed to serve specific needs.

Jeep Full-Suspension $6,299 58mi 26×4.8″ 9 70 Hydraulic Air 300 750 / 1000 14.5Ah/48V
RidgeRunner Full-Suspension from $5,999 64mi 26×4.8″ 9 69 Hydraulic Air 300 1000 16Ah/48V
Apex Hardtail from $4,699 58mi 26×4.5″ 9 71 Hydraulic Air 325 750/1000/1500 17.5Ah/52V, 14.5Ah/48V
Warrior Hardtail from $3,999 48mi 26×4.5″ 8 70 Mechanical Air 325 1000 11.6Ah/48V
Ranger Hardtail from $2,799 48mi 26×4.5″ 7 65 Mechanical Coil 325 11.6Ah/48V
Sherpa City $2,999 58mi 26×3″ 7 65 Mechanical Coil 325 750 14.5Ah/48V
Villager City from $2,799 40mi 26×3″ 7 50 Mechanical Coil 325 500 11.6Ah/48V
Voyager Foldable from $2,799 48mi 20×4″ 7 54 Mechanical Coil 325 750 11.6Ah/48V
Ripper Kids’ from $2,499 42mi 20×4″ 1 47 Mechanical Coil 300 500 10.4Ah/48V

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