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What Does Your Bike Say About Your Personality?

By Rebecca Bland   /  Last updated - November 16, 2023   /  Blog

different types of bikes

Does riding a road bike mean you’re performance-oriented?

And does riding a cruiser make you a chilled-out sort of person?

What does your bike type say about you? Find out in our fun article and see if you recognize yourself as one of these riders.

In this article, we will reveal some of the personality traits we’ve observed based on the type of bike you like to ride most.

Your personal preferences may tell a lot about the way you think, dress and behave. Of course, this is all tongue in cheek! Do you identify with any of these profiles? Let us know!


man in white t-shirt riding on bicycle in the middle of the road during daytime

The person who rides an eBike could be one of two things; they might have to have the latest gadgets or discover the joy of cycling from a different angle. They might like to have the most economical solutions to the problem, or they might be using an eBike to access cycling in ways they couldn’t before.

Some eBike owners may have an impressive investment portfolio to fund their lifestyle. They may be the type that appreciates inventions that make the world a better place. And whether big or small, every little improvement counts. E-Bike owners might not like to show off but rather stick to the tech bunch. They understand that everything can be done it’s just a matter of how. And choosing the solution which benefits the well-being of the earth, and their lives alike.

Road Bikes

time lapse photography of bikers

Road bike riders focus on progression, speed, and performance in both their personal and professional lives.

They chase the seconds and know that it takes hard work and consistency to get the train moving. Road bike riders are the type of individuals who lead the pack, which comes naturally to them. They don’t wait for the slow and weak who aren’t willing to help themselves. They can be arrogant at times, as they are generally “better than others“.

Road bike riders like competition and enjoy the times when things are working at their best possible performance.

Mountain Bikes

man riding bicycle

Rugged and rough, mountain bike riders love to resolve problems. They like to dive into all sorts of things in life, and they don’t mind going off the beaten path. They are good at technical tasks and don’t mind getting their feet wet or hands dirty.

They’re the most ‘love for the outdoors’ type of cyclist, and a Jack of all trades. They know that mother earth is powerful, and play respectively by her rules.

They love hard work and enjoy the benefits of putting in the effort to learn something new or master a tricky technical section.

In the workplace, they are the type that helps others in complex situations. They don’t like to stand out by flaunting their achievements, but rather enjoy celebrations with their close friends.

City/Urban Bikes

woman riding on black and gray road bike

The dreamer. Chill out, kick back – they would much rather watch the road cyclists pass by instead of feeling interested in joining them. They take things at their own pace and follow the flow in life. A brief ripple is fine, but they’d much rather avoid the extremes.

City bike riders are the type to be constantly watching out of the window. Whether it’s a plane, train or car, they need some sort of constant movement to keep their dreams alive and feel satisfied. Peace and harmony are what makes their life flow in the best possible way. Pointless drama? No thanks! A glass of wine? Yes, please.

Urban cyclists mind their own business and prefer not to stand out from the crowd. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are introverts, quite the contrary. They are often social butterflies who get along with basically anyone.

In their work life, they do best at professions that involve face-to-face communication.

Commuter Bikes

man in red jacket riding on bicycle during daytime

An interesting bunch of bikers. Whether it’s for work, groceries, or fitness – commuter cyclists use the bicycle as a tool, rather than a means of pleasure. Commuter bike owners are so busy in their personal and professional lives that they don’t care as much about aesthetics, they need a tool that can stand up to the task. Hence the reason they use their bike is to get their tasks and duties done. They don’t mind using alternative routes or cutting some corners in life, because, at the end of the day, they’re gaining new experiences.

Unlike a hybrid bike rider who might be well-balanced and practical, commuter bike riders are their rebel cousins. The older the bike the better. More scratches = more character. They are often street-smart and have mastered the art of life to some degree and carry on despite a few struggles. They are used to it – a squeaky crank, a loose headtube or worn-out grips doesn’t phase them.

In their professional lives, they can do the jobs others would ignore, and make a lot of fun out of it.

Cruiser Bikes

man riding a cruiser bike

They know that the simple things in life are what makes a person happy. No need to climb the hills, when you can just enjoy the scenic route. Life satisfaction is achieved by comfort, not possessions. They know it is the non-material things in life that matter the most. Oh, don’t forget that beach lifestyle.

In their professional lives, cruiser bike owners can be found doing all sorts. They might feel drawn to the creative and hospitality industries, where they stand out for their calming effect.

Downhill Bikes

man riding bicycle going to the forest during daytime

Oh boy. The type of person who is always in gear. The black sheep of the bicycle family, the talented do-it-all person who can fix the roof, do the plumbing, trim a tree, and change a tire – all that in a one-hour time frame. DH riders like things rough around the edges, and they feel at home testing the limits.

At work, they stand out by being bold, sometimes blunt, but they deserve to be so as they regularly play with the devil on the bike and win! Never underestimate what the downhill racer can achieve when their need for an adrenaline rush kicks in. They can achieve great things but often gamble with their luck as it is the extreme that satisfies them the most.

Gravel/Cyclocross Bikes

man riding road bike

A ‘next level’ type of person who likes to push boundaries. They borrow speed from the road and add the technicality of mountain biking.

Those who ride gravel bikes may be inventors or talented masterminds. In the workplace, they know that everyone has their secret talents and try to help people find out what theirs are to progress professionally or personally.

They might not be very good at ice-breaking at a bar, as they would much rather speak when there’s a time to add value to the conversation. Not as arrogant as road riders, and not as laid back as mountain bikers. They are the pioneers of new trends and know how to research before making any major decisions in life.

Hybrid Bikes


Hybrid bikes attract ‘two feet on the ground’ people, they are level-headed and look for the best possible solution for every situation.

One-size-fits-all solutions are no good either. If there’s one person that can find a suitable fix to a problem, it’s a hybrid bike owner. They are opportunists you can count on.

Are you having a hard time making a decision between two choices? Ask a hybrid bike rider and you’ll get a full overview of what to consider on each side, they know something of everything.

Hybrid bike riders are realists, instead of being overly optimistic. In a workplace, they don’t mind doing the tasks that are above or below their position to keep the team running, and motivation high.

Tandem Bikes

tandem bicycle

Have you ever seen a sad face riding a tandem bike? They are happy-go-lucky and understand the principle that two minds (and bodies) working together can generate a much better result than working alone.

They are one of the few who know how to bring people together and show others that there are endless amounts of fun out there to be had. Not everyone can pull off riding a tandem bike, but these riders enjoy the fun for the sake of it.

Fixie Bikes

2 men riding on bicycle during daytime

Why live a complex life when you can reach the same result by taking some simple shortcuts? The type of shortcuts where you’d have to cut corners, pay an extra cost, but end up in the same destinations as others.

They like to keep things simple and appreciate the fact that it is difficult to create something simple. They have understood some main principles of living the easy life and are not scared to show it off.

A fixie bike used to be the number one choice for bike messengers for a few reasons.

Cargo Bikes

2 men riding on bicycle during daytime

Cargo bike cyclists are the ones who use the bicycle to its full potential. They probably have a hybrid, mountain and a road bike in their garage, plus some kids’ trailers and seats. Cargo bike owners don’t use their car as much anymore, but who needs to when you’ve got space for all the kids plus luggage on your bike?

They want to get the best out of life and transport themselves and their families sustainably.

Fat Bikes

woman in brown jacket riding on black motorcycle on snow covered ground during daytime

Fat bike owners like to ride whatever the weather. Whatever the terrain, they’ll be outside. Whether it’s 6 feet of snow or pouring rain, they like to be at one with nature. A problem arises? They’ll figure it out, they can be adaptable to all conditions. Their life isn’t about speed, it’s about using the right tool for the job.

Often times they’re great managers and directors of people. They know how to get the best out of the people they work with and they’re great motivators too.

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