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Bikexchange is one of the oldest bicycle-related sites still online today.  It was first founded by Jim Joyce back in 1996 as a place to write down his bike-related thoughts and collate information, how-to’s, cartoons, and much more.

Bikexchange began in 1996 as a bike blog with a vast collection of information and articles provided by fifty contributors. In 2017 the site relaunched after a few years of dormancy. Fast forward to 2021 where the team is made up of five individuals across three countries with broad skills and knowledge bases and a shared passion for cycling.

At Bikexchange.com, we aim to provide comprehensive and unbiased cycling knowledge to as many cyclists as possible.

Whether you are in the market for a new bike, new equipment, or are curious about the latest bike tech, we endeavor to provide you with extensive and transparent reviews and information.

In an expansion of our site, we have teamed up with over 100 brands from 15+ retailers who sell their bikes and gear globally to bring you the best deals as well as accurate reviews and information on the latest developments in the cycling industry.

We are always on the lookout for new partners and collaborators, so if you are interested in joining our team, take a look at our careers page.

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Sam – Jordan – Rebecca – Mark

Bikexchange is a team of freelancers from different parts of the world. Read more from Our Contributors page


We believe in providing clear and direct information for the best possible user experience online.

Bikexchange is powered by our readers, which means if you buy a product through our provided link, we might earn a small commission. This is called Affiliate Marketing.

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What do we do?

Our aim at Bikexchange is to provide accurate and valuable information for our readers. We provide articles, guides, how-to’s, reviews, and best picks for every cycling-related enthusiast to read and enjoy.

  • In 2018, we began compiling information on road and mountain bikes, including buying guides, and best-of reviews.
  • In 2019, we expanded to include information on kids’ bikes, hybrid bikes,  and bike brands.
  • In 2020, we developed a wide collection of information about the best bike brands and best-of-bike reviews.
  • In 2021 we began writing cycling-related blog posts. Presently, five freelancers are working behind the scenes.


The Team – Bikexchange


Sam Millers

Content Manager


All inquiries: sam (at) bikexchange.com


Mark Hartley


Mark is a cycling enthusiast and freelance writer specializing in travel and technology. He has traveled to 56 countries worldwide, cycling through Africa and Europe. You can contact him on Twitter @splshrollstmble. Mark is behind most of the current bicycle reviews in Bikexchange today.

Mark Hartley

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Darcie & Jordan Grimes


Darcie and Jordan Grimes are an avid cycling couple who love to travel and have found their bikes to be perfect company on road-trips in the USA, through national parks, and in countries such as Canada, Ireland, and Spain.

Their passion for travel and their work in the tourism and hospitality sector has allowed them to live in incredible places like Ireland, Canada, Australia, USA, and the Cayman Islands, and have since relocated to southern Spain, where they are now working as freelance writers, practicing Spanish, and cycling in the famous Sierra Nevada mountains.

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Rebecca Bland


rebecca bland

Based in the UK, Rebecca began cycling as a means to get to work and hasn’t looked back. Now combining her passions and working as a freelance cycling writer, she enjoys road cycling, time trialing, and mountain biking. You can contact her at rebecca.bland14 at gmail.com.



Melissa Rae


Melissa Rae

Melissa is responsible for the visual aspect of the site.