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Best Electric Bike Racks + Buying Guide

The electric bike sector is one of the fastest-growing areas within the bicycle industry, and with this growth comes the rise of the need for an electric bike rack for transporting the bikes using cars.

More and more people have discovered the ease of use and convenience of electric-assisted bicycles, but face the problem of transporting them by car. Unless you own a folding eBike, your only option might be a tow-bar ebike rack (otherwise known as a hitch mount bike rack).

tilted bicycle rack

Tilting a fully-loaded rack is truly convenient. Note: when placing two or more bikes on the rack, make sure they are directed in different ways for best fitment. Image Credit: REI.com


Table of Contents

How To Choose

1. Best 2 e-bike racks

2. Best 1 e-bike racks


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Convenient Use

Thankfully, there is a handful of useful accessories and features to make loading electric bikes onto racks much easier, for example:

  • A loading ramp
  • Accessibility to the boot by tilting the rack (even with the bikes on)
  • Both the rack and bike(s) can be locked

ebike rack

What is an electric bike rack?

Standard vs E-bike Rack

Compared to standard bike racks, e-bike specific racks for tow bars have a higher maximum weight capacity compared to standard models. This means that e-bike racks are made using more durable materials and can handle a higher weight.

If you already own a bike rack but don’t want to risk the rack breaking while driving, you are better off getting a specific tool for your e-bike. The same goes for an RV bike rack – make sure to check the max load capacity and the compatibility between the vehicle and the hitch-mount.

Safety & Precautions

We strongly advise using proper gear according to its proposed usage. E-bikes tend to cost more than non-assisted bicycles, which means it is best to follow the right instructions and recommendations. If you have e-bike insurance, this is extra important as insurance companies will often only pay out if certain storage or transportation criteria are met.

* Always check the vehicles’ recommended maximum weight capacity
* Follow the torque settings on the rack. If in doubt, it’s better to tighten things to ‘wrist tight‘ over ‘elbow tight
* Keep the rack keys safe, and write down the number written on the keys
* Do not use 1 1/4″ to 2″ racks with an adapter (and vice versa)
* In some states, getting a third number plate is compulsory

Product image for black pearl

On average, an electric bike weighs around 40-70lbs (18-32kg), and the standard e-Bike electric rack holds up 60 lbs per bike. (Cannondale Canvas NEO – 44lbs)


How To Choose &

What To Look Out For?

1. Types of racks
2. Locking
3. Wheel Sizes
4. Adapters for fat bikes, step-through frames
5. Anti-wobbling system
6. Tilting feature

1. Types

Tow bar vs roof racks

Almost all e-bike racks for cars are designed for the hitch-mount tow bar for obvious reasons – they are easy to load. Some racks, (including the Thule UpRide, pictured below) are great for carrying a lighter electric bike on the roof. Although the ease of loading the heavy electric bike to a hitch-mount bike rack makes it the most attractive rack type.

Hitch-mount (tow-bar) bike racks are heavier than racks for the boot and roof, but they also hold up two to three times more weight. Generally speaking, 60lbs per bike is the norm.

electric bike racks

Roof rack for electric bikes (left) vs tow bar bike rack (right)

2. Locking

Bikes & Rack

Luckily, almost all electric bike racks reside in the mid-to-high-end quality section which means that both the rack and bike(s) can be locked.

In essence, a lock is for ‘animals’ anyway which won’t keep away all the folks with bad intentions. In this situation, prevention is the key, and a lock (of any sort) is a must-have feature, especially if you have e-bike insurance as this will often be a condition of your policy.

3. Wheel Sizes & Tire Width Rack Compatibility

E-Bikes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and when choosing a rack for your e-bike, make sure that your bike fits within the recommended sizes for the rack.

  • 20″ – Common e-bike wheel size for folding e-bikes
  • 26″ – Found on cheaper electric bikes
  • 27.5″ – A standard e-bike wheel size
  • 29″ – Maximum wheel size
  • 650b = 27.5″
  • 700c = E-Fitness / E-Road wheel sizes

Fat bike tire width – 4″ – 5″
Standard tire width among electric bikes – 2″ – 2.4″

4. Adapters

When choosing an eBike rack – make sure to check if you need any specialist adaptors or attachments for bikes such as fat-bikes, step-through frames, and small wheel size bikes such as 20″, 24″.

A common extra to purchase is a step-through frame adapter

Thule Frame Adapter 982XT

This type of frame adapter creates attaching point between the seat tube and head tube. The mechanism in the adapter works simply – rotate it one way to decrease it in length, rotate the other way to shorten the length.

5. Anti-Wobbling System

Another must-have component for high-quality racks is an anti-wobbling system which prevents the rack from moving on the hitch. Although tow bar bike racks come in two sizes (1 1/4″ or 2″ ), I’m sure we’ve all seen instances of unstable racks when driving down the road. Luckily, this problem can be fixed with an extra tightening knob on the bottom of the rack.

All of the e-bike racks listed down below have an anti-wobble system

6. Tilting

A pivot system with a foot assist is one of the greatest features besides the locks on the rack. Most e-bike racks have quite a high load capacity, but they can still be tilted down for easy access to the boot.


Here is a selection of the best bike racks for electric bikes 🏆




Best 2 eBike Racks




REI Score: 4.7 / 5 out of 151+ ratings

two ebike rack

Availability to add a third-bike extension + comes in two colors


Here’s a serious sci-fi-looking tool that enables you to carry eBikes safely on a tow bar. Küat is a well-known name in the bike rack industry, and the NV 2.0 is no exception. Suitable for most e-bikes with 27.5″ (650b) wheels, the Küat NV 2.0 passed the anti-wobble test, and overall, they have positive feedback on many online stores.

For the 2″ receiver model, the capacity can be increased from 2 to 4 bikes. This is a premium product, inside and out. Read more reviews or watch the instruction videos from REI’s page to get a full overview of the Küat NV 2.0.

Notes & Features

*20″ – 24″ wheels, BMX, and fat bikes need an adapter
*Not suitable for RVs

  • Max capacity: 120lbs (60lbs per bike)
  • Max wheelbase: 48″
  • Foot lever for tilting
  • Locking: Individual cable locks & hitch lock
  • Access Bike Ramp available as an extra
  • Converts into a work-stand when folded up! 🏆

Weight: 52-60 lb | Max tire width: 3″ | Tilts down to 30-degrees | Fits: 20″-29″ wheels, 1-1/4″ & 2″ tow bars



Hollywood Racks – Sport Rider

Recommended by Rad Power Bikes

Hollywood Racks - Sport Rider Ebike Hitch Rack

Fits fat bikes, e-bikes, and even electric mountain bikes

MSRP $499 Rad Power Bikes

MSRP $500 Hollywood Racks

Just like the 1Up, Hollywood bike racks isn’t a new name in the business. Their single electric bike rack can transport even the heaviest of electric bikes. Although the Sport Rider itself is quite heavy at 60lbs, it does a decent job carrying large e-bikes with a max wheelbase of 60″ and tire width of up to 5″.

The updated version carries bikes with heavy-duty wheel holders, ratchet straps, and rim protectors. The rack uses a reinforced frame and external brace for added strength. There is also the anti-wobble system which is a must when carrying expensive e-bikes behind your car.

Another great feature of the rack is that it folds flat against the car when not in use. This is convenient as you can drive your car normally without sacrificing too much space for parking and maneuvering.

*20-inch fat bike needs a small wheel adapter

  • Distance between: 10″
  • Max 80lbs per bike 🏆
  • Maximum width: 5″
  • Maximum wheelbase: 60″
  • Tilts down with the loaded bike
  • Folds in when not in use

Weight: 58 lbs | Max tire width: 5″ | Tilts down to 30-degrees | Fits: 2″ only (Do not use 1.25″ adapters)



Thule T2 Pro XT 2-Bike Hitch Rack

12″ gaps between bikes

Product image for black

2″ Receiver – MSRP $620 REI

It is hard not to love the Swedish combination of functionality and design. Thule has been around for 75 years, and they have mastered the art of transportation accessories. Their range includes roof racks, ski boxes, kayak holders, and, of course, bike racks!

The T2 Pro XT is as professional as it sounds. Right out of the box, the T2 Pro XT fits fat bikes, there’s a solid 12″ gap between the bikes, an anti-wobble pin system, and much more to rely on. When carrying E-Bikes, the max load rating of 120lbs is quite high. A further reason we like the Thule brand is their wide selection of accessories which can be added to the racks.

Accessories (extras) such as the loading ramp and one-key system are good investments in the long run!

Notes & Features

*While the capacity can be extended from 2 to 4 bikes, the max load ratings stay the same!
*Fits only 26″ wheel fat bikes
*Can’t be used with a front fender
*Ratchet fits 20″ bikes at minimum
*Write down the number marked on keys in case you should lose them

  • Maximum capacity: 120lbs (60lbs p/bike)
  • Locks: Cable & knob
  • Capacity can be extended from 2 to 4 bikes
  • The ratcheting system is carbon-friendly

Product image for Detail view (Black)

Weight: 52lbs | Max tire width: 5″ | Tilts: Yes | Fits: 20″-29″ wheels, 1.25″, 2″ hitch mounts

Read more


Thule – EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack

thule easyfold xt 2

MSRP $800 Thule.com

As much as we are unbiased, we decided to include another rack by Thule.

The Easyfold XT is one of the most compact and convenient e-bike racks you can get for your e-bikes and car. unfortunately, this comes at a price. Yet while expensive, it can be easily folded down to a compact size of 31″ x 12″ x 26″. There are also wheels on the bottom of the rack for easy rolling. It also boasts other additional features such as locks (for both the bike and rack), a foot pedal for easy tilting, and pump buckles. For a perfect fit, you can gently press down on the wheel until you hear a click in order to get the bike to fit on the plate as well as possible.

Features & Know-How

*Bike arm can be completely removed and placed directly through the first bike’s frame.
*A Thule Carbon Frame Adapter is a must when carrying carbon frame bikes. The rubberized strap prevents any direct stress to the frame.
*Fat bike extra allows the rack to carry fat bikes with up to 4.7″ tire width

  • Dimensions – 48.4″ x 25″ x 26.7″
  • Folded dimensions – 31″ x 12″ x 26″
  • Maximum weight per bike: 65lb (Total: 130lb)
  • Maximum wheelbase – 1300mm
  • Distance between bikes – 9″
  • Carbon frame compatible – however, it is recommended to use the carbon frame protector
  • Fits 1.25″ receivers / Fits 2″ receivers
  • Bike lock included

thule easy fold bike rack folded in

Weight: 45 lbs / max bike weight p/bike: 65lbs (Max 130) | Max tire width: 3″ | Tilts down to 30-degrees | Fits: 29″ (With Thule XXL Fatbike Wheel Straps 4.7″)



Best Single eBike Racks



1Up Bike Racks – 2″ Super Duty Single

Suits most bike types without the frame-adapter

1up bike rack

Available in black & silver – 2″ & 1 1/4″ receivers available

MSRP from $379 1Up-USA

Starting from $625 for the double version.

Number one in the single ebike racks is a high-tech product by a brand that specializes in bike racks. The Super Duty from 1Up comes in single and double sizes, fits a wide variety of wheel sizes, and is equipped with an anti-wobbling system.

Compared to other racks in this list, what stands out the most is the way bikes attach to the rack. Unlike other racks where the attachment point is on the frame, this rack can be used safely on carbon bikes as well.

If you ever ask the e-bike community how they carry their electric bike by car, the 1Up bike rack will quite often be mentioned. The brand has a different approach to racks than other companies, and has succeeded in the market thus far.

*Ships in reusable box for storage (30″ x 14″ x 8″
*Anodized, except for a powder coat finish on the trays
*Slot for standard hitch pinholes

  • 75 lbs per bike (Max: 225 lbs with extensions)
  • Fat tire adapters available
  • Can be increased to 3 bikes (With extra add-on adapters)
  • 30″ x 14″ x 8″

2" Super Duty Single

Weight: 30 lbs | Max tire width: 3.1″ | Tilts down to 30-degrees | Fits: Up to 54″ wheelbase, 16″ – 29″ wheels

Single – 1up-USA.com

Double – 1up-USA.com


Rockymounts – Monorail Solo

Max capacity – 60lbs

eBike car rack

MSRP $320 JensonUSA

Here’s a great example of what to expect from a basic single electric bike rack. Even though it looks heavy due to its sturdy construction, the Monorail Solo rack itself is quite light at only 25lbs.

It comes in both 1.25″ and 2″ receivers and includes lock pods and a cable lock. It’s quite a basic model but has all the necessities needed to transport your e-bike safely. The Monorail Solo also folds flat against the vehicle when not in use, tilts down to 30 degrees, and has an anti-wobble bolt. All in all, it is a great rack for a single e-bike!

  • Best for: E-bikes and fat bikes
  • Includes: Locking pin and standard lock pods

Weight: 25lbs | Max tire width: 5″ | Tilts down to 30-degrees | Fits: 1.25″ / 2″ hitches

rocky mounts single bike rack




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