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How-to Cycling Tips and Guides

By Sam Millers   /  Last updated - January 20, 2022

Down below, we have listed some of our how-to guides and cycling tips articles. With these guides, we aim to answer your most frequently asked questions about biking and provide detailed solutions to cycling-related issues.

By using this information, we hope you can maximize the enjoyment you get from your bike while saving some time and money along the way.

If there is a topic that you would like us to consider next, please let us know in the comments!

road cyclists on open road



Which Kind of Bike Should I Get?


Bike Sizes

Bike Size Charts
Six methods for finding the right bike size.

In-Between Two Bike Sizes?
How to decide if you should go up or go down if you’re between sizes.

between two bike sizes

Bike Wheel Size Guide
From 12″ to 29″ explained.

bicycle wheel sizes


General Knowledge

10 Tips for Riding Your Bike at Night Safely

Enjoy riding your bike at night and ensure you do it safely with these tips.

Complete Guide to Bike Tire Pressure

A beginner’s guide to bike tire pressure for all bicycle types.

20 Different Types of Bikes Explained
Find your perfect style of bike by learning about each one

different types of bikes

Gravel vs Cyclocross vs Touring
What’s the difference between those similar bikes?

gravel road cyclocross road comparison

Buying a Bike – Should You Pay More Upfront?
The times when you should pay more upfront vs. pay less and upgrade later.

New Bike Buying – Importance of the Break-in Period
Five important steps to take when you buy a new bike.

How to Choose a Hybrid Bike?
A complete guide.

Bike Geometry Comparison
What each bike measurement actually means.

Bike Handlebar Types
Check out the 14 types of handlebars.

bicycle handlebar types

Basic Bike Maintenance for Beginners
Save time, money, and learn new skills with these beginner tips.

Essentials to Every bike ride
11 essential items to take with you on each ride.

Cycling With Kids – A Beginners Guide
Learn how to have fun and stay safe while cycling with your kids.

Belt Drive Bikes – PROs and CONs
Trying to decide if a belt drive system is right for you?

ride1UP single-speed belt drivetrain

How to Recycle Your Old Bicycle?
Check out the various options available for recycling your old bike.



Beginner Cyclist Tips

A Beginner-Friendly Guide on Rear Derailleur Adjustment

Learn how to adjust the rear derailleur like a pro to save time and money

A Guide to Strava’s Most Popular Features

All of Strava’s most useful features explained

Handling a Carbon Frame
Tips for beginner cyclists and first-time carbon owners.

What to Avoid as a Beginner Cyclist?
Our list of 15 things not to do when you first start riding regularly.

Is Carbon Fiber Good for Beginner Cyclists?
How to decide if a carbon bike is right for you as a beginner.

Cycling Safety Tips
A comprehensive list of safety tips to help you stay out of trouble on the roads and trails.

Cycling Etiquette
Learn how you should conduct yourself as a cyclist on the road to help keep all road users safe.

How to Properly Clean Your Bike?
Frame, chain, etc.

Injury Prevention & Rehab
How to prevent, identify, and treat common cycling injuries.

Winter Cycling Gear Guide
The best items to help you stay warm and dry during winter cycling.

How To Create a Training Plan
The science behind a good training plan and how to build your own

13 Tips to Stay Motivated and Keep Riding During Winter

Everything you need to know to make winter cycling enjoyable again!


Cycling & Health

Cycling & Sauna
Improve performance & recovery with sauna therapy.

Cycling & Nutrition
Perfect your nutrition and hydration routine both on and off the bike.


Cycling Technique
Improve your cycling technique by focusing on these five key areas.

Cycling for Weight Loss
Use cycling to lose weight safely and answer your weight loss questions.

19 Health Benefits of Cycling
Find inspiration for your next ride by learning about all the benefits of cycling.

Cycling & Carbohydrates
Learn all about carbohydrates and how to use them to fuel your next ride.

Cyclists & Coffee
Why is it that cyclists love coffee so much?

Cycling & Sleep
Boost your cycling performance and improve your overall health with better sleep.



Mountain Biking

Mountain Bike Buying Guide
Different factors to consider before MTB shopping so you can choose the perfect one.

Mountain biking FAQ
Answers to our readers’ most frequently asked questions on mountain biking.

Mountain vs Gravel Bike Comparison
Check out the comparison and why MTB-specific brands also produce gravel bikes.

mountain bike questions

What makes the price of a MTB
A complete bike vs. the separate parts.

mountain bike price

List of Essential MTB Gear
Five essential things to bring or wear on your next mountain ride.

26 vs 27.5 vs 29″ mountain bikes
Check out the pros and cons to each wheel size.

mtb wheel sizes


Road Cycling

Road Bike Buying Guide
Our list of key considerations before buying your first road bike.

What is an all-road bike?
Five comparisons to help distinguish an all-road bike.

all road bike features

Bike Frame Materials Guide
Pros and cons of alloy, steel, carbon, titanium, and bamboo.

bicycle frame materials guide

Road Bike vs Mountain Bike
What are the differences between the components used on these popular bike styles?

road vs mtb bike

How to Improve Cycling Performance?
Tips to help improve your performance on the bike and the science behind it. 



Hub vs Mid-drive
The pros and cons of hub-drive and mid-drive motors.

hub vs mid drive

Different Types of Electric Bikes Explained
Learn about the type of electric bikes and their components to help you choose the perfect one. 

different types of ebikes

Electric Bike Rules & Regulations in the US
Why are legal eBikes limited to 750W?


11 Reasons Why Not To Get an eBike

no ebike

Why Most eBikes use a 1x drivetrain?
Instead of 2x.


Cycling Gear

Introduction to Bike packing
Everything you need to prepare for your next bike tour.

Types of Bike Pedals – Guide to Beginners
Learn how to choose which bike pedal is best for you.

bicycle pedals

Water Bottle vs Hydration Pack
The pros and cons of the two main hydration systems.

Best Bike Storage and Transportation Ideas
A complete guide on different bike storage and transportation solutions

Exercise Bikes

Indoor Cycling Guide
Which of these four indoor cycling solution is best for you and your home?

types of exercise bikes