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A Guide to Mountain Bike Reviews

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Unusual Mountain Bikes
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New Bike Buying Guide
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Importance of the Break-in Period
When (and why) to take your bike to the first tune-up

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Best-of Reviews


Best Electric Mountain Bikes of 2021
Full suspension & hardtail models reviewed

Best Full-Suspension – Under $3,000
A popular budget for the past few years

Best MTBs – Under $1,000
A popular budget for many new mountain bikers

Best MTBs – Under $500
Affordable MTBs for recreational riding

Best 2022 Mountain Bike Release
Latest news & models

Best XC & Trail – Full Suspension
100-130mm front travel range

Best Trail & All-Mountain
130-160mm front travel range

Best Enduro Bikes
150-180mm front travel range

Best Downhill Mountain Bikes
Best available speed demons online

Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes
For diehard hardtail fans

Best Women’s Mountain Bikes
Women’s-specific MTBs

Best Beginner Mountain Bikes
For complete & intermediate beginners

Best Cheap Mountain Bikes Online
Cheap rigid, hardtail, and full-suspension MTBs reviewed

Best Fat Tire Bikes
A popular trend for a good reason


Single Bike Reviews

Yeti ARC Review
One of the most legendary hardtails around

Santa Cruz Chameleon
27.5″ & 29″

Salsa Timberjack Review
Series overview

Trek Roscoe Review
Series overview

Co-op Cycles DRT 4.1
One of the best-value $1,299 fat bike

Ghost Kato 5.9 vs FS 2.7
Hardtail vs. Full-Suspension

Cannondale Trail 7
An entry-level mountain bike

Cannondale Trail 8
Hands-on review of the cheapest Trail bike by Cannondale

Niner AIR 9 vs AIR 9 RDO

Marin Rift Zone Review
Affordable Full-Suspension MTBs

Merida Big Nine 400 Review
A $999 1×12 trail mountain bike


Mountain Bike Brand Reviews

Yeti Cycles

Ibis Cycles

Santa Cruz Bicycles

Evil Bikes

Transition Bikes

Pivot Cycles

Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Intense Cycles USA

Juliana Bicycles

Niner Bikes

Orange Mountain Bikes

Eminent Cycles

an image of the 45 best bike brands


How Mountain Bikes ‘Work’?

Mountain Bike ReviewsWe hear the freshest news, and understand what is currently going on in the mountain bike world.

Whether it is new components, brands or models, we will get to the bottom of them and see if they are any good.

Our three main principles when writing mountain bike reviews are:

  1. All the information given in the reviews should be written in good faith.
    We don’t want to give out any false feedback, which is why we don’t make black and white comparisons. If the bike has entry-level components or crappy pedals, we will point it out.
  2. We try to keep the target audience in mind.
    When writing our reviews, we keep in mind who the review is aimed for. Mountain bike reviews for sub-$500 bikes requires a different approach compared with reviews for many expensive bikes.
    Someone who is looking for mountain bikes around $4,000 already knows what the 1×10 means, so we don’t need to write it again.
  3. Unbiased reviews are our priority.
    However, we do need to pay to professional proofreaders who make the texts readable, as well as article and review writers and web developers. Plus, we are always looking for ways to improve the user experience on our site.

Hence we are monetizing the Bikexchange.com through some affiliate networks. This means we get a commission when you buy a bike through our link, but it doesn’t change the price for you. You can read more about that here.

“We can’t test every bike on the market thanks to time and money constraint. However, we can use our knowledge to provide high-quality reviews to our readers. We are not dependent on any bike manufacturer that could potentially sway our reviews.”



What Do We Take in Mind for Our MTB Reviews?

When reviewing bikes, we really take in mind certain aspects of them.

These aspects can really change from bike to bike depending on the level of bike you buy. To help you, all of the aspects listed below are compared with the other bikes in the same price range or niche.

This helps to answer the question: “how is this bike compared to others?Bike Review Process

  1. Frame material – What is the frame material? Is it a well-built aluminum frame, or a cheap carbon one? We compare frame materials in the same price range
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  2. Components – What components does it have? Are they entry, mid or performance level? What do other bikes in the same niche have? By components, we mean derailleurs, brakes, suspension, cranks, and much more.
  3. Price – How does it stack with other bikes in the same price range? Is it cheaper than others, or more expensive? If it’s more expensive, it should have better components, and if it’s cheaper, there should be a good reason for it.
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  • Suitability for the target audience – If a manufacturer says this bike is great for a die-hard enthusiast, we will review it and comment on that statement. If a bike manufacturer tells us that one bike is excellent for entry-level riders, we review it with this in mind.
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  • Overall mix. Are there any weak links? When making mountain bike reviews, we always compare with other bikes in the same range. This gives us a pretty good overview as to where the reviewed bike stands in comparison. Our review writers are trained to keep in mind the same standards, and we’ve done well with it!


To wrap it up, our bike reviews are well-written and in-depth, covering all aspects of a bike. Unlike reviews from manufacturers, we state the big picture and point out both the positives and the negatives.

When all is said and done, our reviews are written so that you can feel good knowing the important aspects of the bike before buying.