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Best Mountain Bike Picks

If you are ready to buy a mountain bike, make sure you choose the right one!

As you already know, the internet is full of bikes, and as far as I’m concerned some of them don’t even deserve to be called a bike. On the other hand, there are also plenty of superb mountain bikes for sale which deserves to be recognized!

Here, under the best mountain bike reviews, we gathered the best-of-best from multiple categories!

Best Mountain Bikes

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If you are looking for the best mountain bikes for 2020, then you’ll find them here. It’s the buying guide for $500 to $9,000 bikes. It includes both hardtail and full-suspension bikes as well as fat bikes.

Yup, for women and electricity friends too.

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How Do We Work?

Mountain Bike ReviewsWe hear the freshest news, and understand what is currently going on in the mountain bike world. Whether it is new components, brands or models, we will get to the bottom of them and see if they are any good.

We live and breathe bike components, geometry, angles, and oil. We inhale new information, and exhale it in a way that helps you!

We are not stingy to give out information. Anything useful that we learn, we aim to pass on to you!

Our three main principles when writing mountain bike reviews are:

  1. All the information given in the reviews should be written in good faith.
    We don’t want to give out any false feedback, which is why we don’t make black and white comparisons. If the bike has entry-level components or crappy pedals, we will point it out.
  2. We try to keep the target audience in mind.
    When writing the reviews, we keep in mind who the review is meant for. Mountain bike reviews for sub-$500 bikes requires a different approach compared with reviews for many expensive bikes.
    Someone who is looking for mountain bikes around $4,000 already knows what the 1×10 means, so we don’t need to write it again.
  3. Unbiased reviews are our priority.
    However, we do need to pay to professional proofreaders who make the texts readable, as well as article and review writers and web developers. Plus, we are always looking for ways to improve the user experience on our site. This all takes money.

Hence we are monetizing the BikeXchange through some affiliate networks. This means we get a commission when you buy a bike through our link, but it doesn’t change the price for you. You can read more about that here.

“We can’t test every bike on the market thanks to time and money constraint. However, we can use our knowledge to provide high-quality reviews to our readers. We are not dependent on any bike manufacturer that could potentially sway our reviews.”

Mountain Bike Reviews and Best Picks

We review bikes


Through our reviews, we are constantly updating the best mountain bike reviews selection. The purpose of this page is to list the best mountain bikes on the market by category. You can read a review that is mainly positive, however, there are even better bikes that can be found in our top picks.

You will find that we have grouped bikes by popular search phrases to make it easier for you to navigate the site! We then pick the best ones out of that list and mark our favorite one in each test. This is where you will find the best mountain bikes!



Frequently asked mountain bike questions

  • How do I know which is the right mountain bike for me?

You should read the mountain bike buying guide. Here, we lead you to the right bikes!

  • Should I choose a full suspension or hardtail mountain bike?

It’s up to your riding preference. We’d like to suggest that you read the mountain biking buying guide, where you will find all of those answers.

  • Why don’t we have real-life tests like some of the other sites have?

The reason is simple, there are too many bikes on the market that never get reviews. It’s a matter of time and money. We find that it’s not as important since we use our knowledge to analyze the bikes deeply and give very accurate reviews.

What does “Reviewed and Tested” mean?
– Reviewed means that we have reviewed the bike and its different components, and aspects. We write down our findings in an in-depth mountain bike or related review for you to read. Tested means that we have tested the physical product.

The main difference is that when we test the bike, we include our ride thoughts and pictures as well as the other information that is important to know.

  • What do you guys keep in mind when reviewing the bike?

We keep in mind the target audience first, then the different components on them and other user reviews found online.

In most cases, we also contact bike manufacturers so that they can answer any additional questions we may have.

Our aim is to give a comprehensive review to readers where they can find all of the answers they are looking for.

  • Can I write for you?

Yes, sometimes we are looking for enthusiastic bike review writers. If you can write according to our principles, contact us. We pay our mountain bike review writers.

  • What if I have other feedback about a bike?

It is great to hear it if you have! We are always looking for our reader’s feedback. You have basically two possibilities: a) you can write directly to us and we include it in our review under the User Review selection or b) you can write it out under brands. Please note, we do pay a small sum to help us get more reviews that benefit our readers.


For Bike Manufacturers

Want us to review your bike and spread the word? Let us know. Also, read below.


Our principles for bike-related manufacturers

  • You can’t buy reviews – There is no chance of you sending us a good review, and us uploading it (read our principles). Neither can you buy good ratings from us as that is wrong on so many levels?
  • We can review your products – If you have some products you would like us to review, let us know. You’ll get the review first and if you don’t like it, we won’t publish it. The reason is that in life everything is subjective, and if our views are different, it doesn’t mean your products are bad.
  • We aim for the highest quality bike reviews – We always take great photos to showcase your details and specifications, and if a video would give additional value, we might make one too. Our optimal time frame for reviews from testing to publishing is somewhere around 1-2 weeks. During busy times this may be a bit longer. Hence why it is better to contact us earlier rather than later.


How Do We Monetize Our Site Through Reviews?

The whole idea of this page seems fairly easy – build a site, make reviews, answer mail, and enjoy the fame.

Nope.Please note

Unfortunately, it isn’t like that at all. We have thousands of hours of work put into this nice layout and the many articles found throughout the site. Our priority was not to do the same as most other bike review sites, we wanted to do it bigger and better.

Our team consists of a web developer (thanks Kev!), graphic designer (Thanks to El!), photographer and videographer (Thanks Pet!), proofreaders (Thanks to Ryan!), and writers (thank you all!). Plus the cost for some plugins and web hosting and domain (which isn’t cheap!)

We believe that in the 21st century, no one should work for free, and that’s why we pay for our workers. To be able to afford this, we need to monetize our site through different affiliate channels.

How does this work?

If our readers order something through links in our reviews, we get a small commission. This doesn’t change the price for you though!

There isn’t a big profit by any means, but during high season, we earn enough to cover all of the expenses. During some months, we still need to pinch our savings to continue to make this happen.

Our priority is to always provide valuable information to our readers, and through this, we can receive a small something back (in the form of commission)


What Do We Take in Mind for Our MTB Reviews?

When reviewing bikes, we really take in mind certain aspects of them.

These aspects can really change from bike to bike depending on the level of bike you buy. To help you, all of the aspects listed below are compared with the other bikes in the same price range or niche.

This helps to answer the question: “how is this bike compared to others?Bike Review Process

  1. Frame material – What is the frame material? Is it a well-built aluminum frame, or a cheap carbon one? We compare frame materials in the same price range!
  2. Components – What components does it have? Are they entry, mid or performance level? What do other bikes in the same niche have? By components, we mean derailleurs, brakes, suspension, cranks, and much more.
  3. Price – How does it stack with other bikes in the same price range? Is it cheaper than others, or more expensive? If it’s more expensive, it should have better components, and if it’s cheaper, there should be a good reason for it.
  4. Suitability for the target audience – If a manufacturer says this bike is great for a die-hard enthusiast, we will review it and comment on that statement. If a bike manufacturer tells us that one bike is excellent for entry-level riders, we review it with this in mind.
  5. Overall mix. Are there any weak links? When making mountain bike reviews, we always compare with other bikes in the same range. This gives us a pretty good overview as to where the reviewed bike stands in comparison. Our review writers are trained to keep in mind the same standards, and we’ve done well with it!

To wrap it up, our bike reviews are well-written and in-depth, covering all aspects of a bike. Unlike reviews from manufacturers, we state the big picture and point out both the positives and the negatives.

When all is said and done, our reviews are written so that you can feel good knowing the important aspects of the bike before buying.