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Buzz Bikes Review

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - April 22, 2022
Buzz Bikes | Electric Bicycles & E-Trikes


Buzz eBikes are a homegrown US company based out of Dayton, Ohio.  Their passionate team of cycling enthusiasts has a singular goal of designing excellent transportation solutions for unbeatable value.

Their bikes allow adults of all skill and fitness levels to get involved with and enjoy riding no matter where the adventure takes them.

Buzz Bikes Model Range

Cerana >> Cerana T >> Charter >>  Charter F >> Centris

Cerana – the Buzz Electric Bike

Score: 4.5 / 5 out of 51+ reviews

buzz ebikes

Price: $1,500

Weight: 57 lbs    |    Integrated front basket    |    24″ wheels

The Buzz 24″ electric bike is a thoughtfully designed and robust e-bike with lots of great components and a focus on comfort.

This e-bike is perfect for a wide range of riders as it is comfortable, powerful, and comes fully equipped for commuting, general urban riding, and as a leisure bicycle.

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Upon buying an electric Buzz bike, you will have a pre-installed front carrying basket, full fenders, integrated battery-powered LED lights on the front and back, a handy LCD control panel, and a lockable battery compartment. These features make this bike super convenient to use as soon as it arrives.

  • Range: 40mi with ECO mode
  • Front & rear lights
  • Lockable battery
  • 350W mid-drive
  • 4 levels of assistance

Other notable features of this bike include the low center of gravity from the wide 24″ tires, a sturdy but lightweight aluminum frame, a premium mid-drive 350W motor, a 10.4Ah battery with 40 miles max range, powerful disc brakes, and a Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain.

All of these components combined with comfortable touchpoints give the Buzz e-bike an impressive feel, and it’s clear that the users agree given the 4.5/5 star rating on the company’s online store.


buzz ebike screen

Attention to detail

Buzz E-Bike mid-drive motor

The 350-watt mid-drive motor is quite uncommon in this price range.

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Cerana T – the Buzz E-Trike

Score: 4.3 / 5 out of 41+ reviews

buzz trike

MSRP: $1,699

Weight: 83 lbs      Integrated front basket    |    24″ & 20″ wheels    |    Foldable rear basket

The Buzz eTrike has very similar components and design to the buzz e-bike, however, it is optimized even further for use as a utility vehicle and is perfectly suited to anybody who needs a workhorse e-trike.

Using two 20″ back wheels and a 24″ front wheel, the Buzz trike has unbeatable stability and control while fully loaded. This bike has a large rear basket between the two back wheels as well as a front basket as on the regular Buzz bike.

This additional carrying capacity (40lbs at the back) greatly boosts this trike’s ability as a cargo vehicle and when not in use can be folded down.

  • Range: 40mi with ECO mode
  • Front & rear lights
  • Lockable battery
  • 350W mid-drive
  • 4 levels of assistance

The Buzz e-trike also has wide, puncture-resistant tires to increase control and comfort, full fenders, an integrated LED taillight and headlight, and a USB-charging LCD control panel that displays metrics like speed, distance, battery, and assistance level.

For power, you can rely on the same 350W mid-drive motor with four levels of smooth pedal assistance, a 10.4Ah battery that lasts up to 40 miles, disc brakes, and a reliable Shimano Tourney 7-speed drivetrain.

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BUZZ Charter

20″ e-commuter

Buzz charter

MSRP: $949

The Buzz Charter is a lightweight and stylish e-bike with a cheap price tag.

At just 38lbs total weight, this bike is easy to transport and, with 20″ wheels, is highly maneuverable for narrow city streets. In addition, it has a punchy 250W hub motor which delivers 20mph max speeds from three levels of pedal assistance.

  • Class 1 ebike: 20mph
  • Motor: 250W Rear Hub
  • Battery: 36V Samsung
  • Weight: 38lbs
  • Drivetrain: 7-Speed
  • 20″ wheels

The battery is a Samsung 36V model, beautifully integrated into the seatpost and complemented by a 7-speed drivetrain. In addition, you can see your battery and assistance levels on the control panel on the handlebars.

Finally, the Charter also has v-brakes, a bell for extra safety, a kickstand, and an impressive warranty of 2 years on the electronics and 10 years on the frame.

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BUZZ Charter F

Folding eBike

Buzz Charter F

MSRP: $999

Buzz Bicycles Charter F is the company’s lightweight electric folding bike, which comes with a minimalist design but plenty of functionality and comfort for short rides.

An easy-to-fold mechanism sets this bike apart and makes it perfect for commuters, urban riders, and those with so much space in their home. In addition, it is also easy to carry once folded because of the low weight and the small 20″ wheels.

  • Motor – 250W hub motor
  • Battery – 36V battery
  • Brakes: V-brake
  • Drivetrain 7-Speed
  • Class 1 e-bike
  • Wheels: 20″

The electronics on the Charter F are a stealthily integrated seatpost Samsung battery, and a 250W rear hub motor with three levels of pedal assistance and max assisted speeds of 20mph. Using the 7-speed drivetrain, you can get the best out of your battery range.

Other features that make this bike great for commuters include the handlebar bell and kickstand. Finally, this bike comes with a two-year warranty on the electronics and a 10-year warranty on the aluminum frame.

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BUZZ Centris

Score: 4.8 / 5 out of 15+ ratings

Buzz Centris Fat Tire folding E-BikeMSRP: $1,199

Buzz’s Centris is an affordable folding fat-tire utility e-bike with tons of valuable components and features that make it convenient and comfortable to use.

For electronics, you have a 500W rear hub motor and a 48V battery that provide max assisted speeds up to 20mph and the choice between five levels of pedal assistance or thumb throttle making this a Class 2 e-bike. In addition, you have a 6-speed Shimano drivetrain.

  • Motor – 500W hub
  • 6-speed Shimano Tourney
  • Dual racks
  • Dual disc brakes
  • Fork suspension
  • Class 2 eBike

The folding mechanism on this bike makes it perfect for commuting or traveling on public transport and convenient to store at the office or in your apartment. Grippy fat tires, front fork suspension, dual disc brakes, and upright geometry make this bike comfortable and controlled on urban roads or light trails.

This bike’s other notable features include a carrying rack on the front and back, an intelligent LCD control panel, fenders, a kickstand, and integrated LED lights, all to ensure this bike is capable of any job.

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Buzz Bikes Accessories

buzz bicycle spare battery

MSRP: $299

Users can purchase an extra 36V/10.4Ah lithium-ion battery from the Buzz store to use while your primary battery charges. This battery has an integrated handle, can be removed or installed very quickly, and is lockable in the frame. It also has an expected max range of 40 miles.


the Buzz Rear Rack

Buzz Rear Rack

Max load capacity: 22 lbs

MSRP: $49

Buzz e-bike users can purchase an easy-install aluminum rear pannier rack for extra carrying capacity on the back. This rack has a max carrying weight of 22lbs and an area of 15.75″ x 5.3″.

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As a new entrant in the eBike market, it’s clear that they have put a lot of thought and consideration into their e-bike and e-trike.

Both models have great components, are sufficiently powerful for any urban use, and have features that make them both comfortable and easy to ride.

We believe that they will continue to grow in popularity given their already high rating among users, and we are excited for further innovations and model updates in the future.

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