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Bike Gear Guide


Here’s a selection of the most essential gear guides for cyclists.

↓ Bike Computers

↓ Trailers

↓ Racks

↓ Saddles

↓ Varia

Read before you choose

Winter Cycling Wardrobe 101
How To Choose?

5 New Bike Tech Trends in 2021
See what’s hot

Basic & Essential Mountain Bike Gear

11 Cycling Essentials For Every Bike Ride

Buying Bikes & Gear
Guide to Beginner Commuters

Water Bottles vs Hydration Packs
Which is the Best Way to Stay Hydrated?

Types of Bike Pedals
A beginner’s Guide

Choosing the Right Bike Saddle
Technical know-how

Should You Pay More Upfront or Upgrade Later?
Bike buying guide

Basic Bike Maintenance
for Beginner Cyclists 🏆

Bike Security
Locks 101 Guide



Best Bike Computers
of 2021

Wahoo Fitness Overview
Bike computers, speedometers, trainers

Wahoo vs Garmin
Two best sub-$400 Bike Computers

garmin vs wahoo



Best-Rated Bicycle Helmets
5-Star Virginia Tech 

Commuter Bike Helmets
Performance helmets for everyday rides

Best Bicycle Pumps
Floor and portable pumps listed

Best Bike Locks
That really work

Best Bike Lights
of 2021

Bontrager Overview
Trek’s components in-house brand

Wahoo Fitness Overview
Bike computers, speedometers, trainers

Best Bicycle Saddle Bags

bicycle pumps



Best Bike Trailers
of 2021

Burley Bike Trailers

Best Bicycle Cargo Trailers
For hauling pets, kids’ or any other gear

Thule Chariot Cross
Thule’s most advanced cycling trailer

Thule Chariot Lite
A lightweight bicycle trailer with suspension by a high-end transportation gear brand.

Thule Coaster XT
High-end brands entry-level bike trailer

best bicycle trailers



Trailer-Hitch Bike Racks
2″ & 1 1/4″

Best Fat Tire Bike Racks
4″ – 5″ tire width

Hollywood Bike Racks Review
One of the oldest & best-selling bike rack brands on Amazon

Best Bike Racks for home & garage
Every possible way to store a bike explored

Best Electric Bike Racks (+ Buying Guide)
Racks with a higher load capacity

Best Truck Bed Bike Racks
4 different ways to attach bike on a truck – in & out



Brooks Saddles Overview
One of the most iconic saddle-makers of all time

How To Choose The Right Bike Saddle?
Things to consider





Schwalbe Bike Tires Overview
MTB, Road & Gravel tires reviewed

Best Fat Bike Tires
20″ & 26″ tires listed

lectric xp fat tires



19 Different Types of Bikes

Best Bike Brands

Best Electric Hybrid Bikes of 2021