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Best Hardtail Electric Mountain Bikes [of 2021]

Hardtail e-MTBs are great for many riders due to their versatility. They allow riders to tackle mountain trails and urban roads equally – making for great all-around bikes. Additionally, with the aid of a motor, riders can go for longer distances, ride on softer surfaces, and fly up steep gradients.

Like with the purchase of any new bike, choosing an electric mountain bike requires thought and consideration of your needs and abilities as a rider, as well as your budget.

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Why Hardtail Over a Full-Suspension – What are the benefits?

A hardtail e-bike has a few distinct advantages over full suspension alternatives.

hardtail vs full suspension emtb

  • They use fewer components and have less design complexity,
    as a result, hardtail bikes are almost always cheaper.


  • Hardtail bikes are lighter.
    The rear suspension can be quite heavy especially in lower-priced bikes.


  • They are faster on roads, going uphill, and on smooth trails.
    This is because suspension absorbs a good chunk of momentum on some of the force you put into the pedals.


  • Easier, cheaper maintenance.
    Adding extra components means more complicated and expensive maintenance and repair.


  • Beginner-friendly.
    Hardtail bikes are better and easily adaptable by new mountain bikers.


The 11 Best Hardtail Electric Mountain Bikes of 2021

Haibike HardNine 5
Ride1UP Prodigy XC
Giant Talon E+ 29″ 3
Marin Pine Mountain E1
QuietKat Apex
Trek Powerfly 4
Specialized Turbo Levo Hardtail
Cannondale Trail Neo S
Bulls Twenty9 Evo 1
Focus RAVEN² 9.8
Magnum Mi 6


Haibike – HardNine 5


MSRP: $3,325
Haibike USA

Haibike’s HardNine 5 is a great mid-range choice with all the components needed to deliver a smooth and fast ride on or off the trail.

This 29″ hardtail eMTB is packed with power and range from Bosch Performance Line Cruise battery and motor combo. This includes a 65Nm/250W mid-drive motor and a 500Wh battery giving you all you need for long hard days in the saddle.

High-quality components such as an SR Suntour suspension fork with 120mm travel, powerful Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and WTB Ranger Comp 2.3″ tires mean this bike handles as good as any in harsh conditions and lumpy terrain.

  • Aluminum 6061
  • SR Suntour XCM 32mm travel
  • Class 1 eBike – 20mph
  • 250W mid-drive motor – Bosch Performance Line Cruise, 65Nm
  • 500Wh battery – Bosch Performance Line Cruise
  • Tektro HD-M275 hydro brakes
  • Shimano Alivio 9-speed drivetrain


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Ride1UP – Prodigy XC

Best high-quality budget-friendly class 3 e-bike

e hardtail mtb Ride1UP Prodigy

MSRP: $2,295

Ride1UP’s Prodigy hardtail (also called XC model) is their highest spec e-bike which is optimized for off-road performance.

This electric trail bike has tons of power in its electronics beginning with a Brose 250W/90Nm mid-drive motor which delivers super-smooth power using torque sensing technology.

The juice comes from a large 504Wh Samsung battery which provides ranges between 30 and 50 miles. Additionally, you can rely on a 9-speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain to get you the rest of the way.

Grippy 2.4″ Maxxis Forekaster tires, a 120mm air suspension fork, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and balanced geometry combine for excellent handling and ride quality on varied terrain.


  • Lightweight Alloy Frame
  • 120mm Travel, Air Suspension
  • 27.5×2.4″ Maxxis Forekaster Tires
  • 9-Speed Shimano Alivio
  • Tektro HD-M290 Hydraulic Brakes, 180mm Rotors
  • Weight: 48 lbs


  • Class 3 eBike – 28mph
  • Brose TF Sprinter Mid-Drive Motor
  • Torque: 90nm
  • 504Wh Samsung Battery
  • Range: 30-50mi


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Giant – Talon E+ 29″ 3

Sleek e-MTB with trail optimized geometry

hardtail electric mountain bike Giant Talon E+

MSRP: $2,750


  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame
  • SR Suntour XCM ATB Coil Suspension
    100mm travel
  • 29×2.4″ Maxxis Rekon Tires
  • 9-Speed Shimano Alivio
  • Tektro HD-M275 Hydraulic Brakes

Giant’s Talon E+ 29″ 3 2021 model offers a lot of power and performance despite its affordable price.

Hit the trails in style and with confidence using this well-balanced, smooth, and punchy e-MTB. Using custom Giant electronics you can be sure of consistent and accurate pedal assistance. The SyncDrive Core motor provides you with 50Nm of torque and five levels of power assistance while a side-release integrated 400Wh battery can last up to 93 miles.

Classic hardtail design and trustworthy components ensure the Talon E+ delivers a balanced and controlled ride quality. 29″ wheels, 2.4″ Maxxis Rekon Tires, 100mm travel SR Suntour XCM suspension, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes all contribute to this premium experience.


  • Class 1 eBike – 20mph
  • Giant Syncdrive Core Mid-Drive Motor
  • 400Wh Giant EnergyPak Battery
  • Range: 34-93mi


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Marin – Pine Mountain E1

The perfect electric bikepacking and an adventure hardtail

Marin Pine Mountain E1 hardtail electric bike

MSRP: $3,359
Marin Bikes


  • CroMoly Steel Frame
  • SR Suntour Raidon Boost Air Spring Suspension, 120mm
  • 27.5×2.8″ Vee Tire Crown Gem Tires
  • 10-Speed Shimano Deore Shadow Plus
  • Shimano MT420 Hydraulic Brakes, 180mm Rotors

Marin’s Pine Mountain E1 hardtail is an e-bike with the purpose of opening up opportunities for adventure that were previously out of reach.

This thoughtfully designed bike is perfect for e-bikepacking. Starting with a Chromoly steel frame which is super durable and comfortable to ride for hour after hour. Additionally, this type of frame supports heavy loads including fully packed frame bags without sacrificing stability or compromising the frame.

A 250W/60Nm mid-drive motor provides plenty of torque and power to get you up steep hills or across soft trails. Powered by a 418Wh Shimano battery and a 10-Speed Shimano Deore drivetrain you can expect long ranges.

Finally, 120mm Suntour Raidon Boost Air Spring Suspension, wide 2.8″ tires, and powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, provide smooth and confident riding on mountain trails.


  • Class 1 eBike – 20mph
  • 250W Shimano STEPS E7000 Mid-Drive Motor
  • Torque: 60nm
  • 418Wh Shimano E8010 Battery


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QuietKat – Apex

Best fat tire exploration hardtail e-bike by QuietKat

Hardtail electric mountain bike Quietkat Apex

MSRP from $4,999


  • 150mm Travel, Inverted Air Suspension
  • 26×4.5″ Kenda Juggernaut Tires
  • 9-Speed SRAM
  • Tektro 4-Piston Hydraulic Brakes
  • Weight: 71 lbs

Quietkat’s Apex is the hunting e-bike brand’s highest quality hardtail choice. With this model, you can tackle extreme conditions with confidence and rely on a lifetime frame warranty.

This unusual hardtail e-bike comes with the added benefit of an integrated pannier rack which allows you to increase load capacity without compromising stability.

When purchasing, you can choose between 750W, 1000W, or 1500W mid-drive motors for your bike. Depending on the motor size you choose your bike will provide you up to 58 miles of range thanks to a 696Wh / 840Wh battery.

To ensure great control and handling on varied terrain this powerful bike includes 4-Piston hydraulic disc brakes, a QuietKat 150mm travel fork, and 4.5″ Kenda Juggernaut puncture-resistant tires.

Quietkat Apex

You can make this class 2 eBike to class 3 eBike by removing the thumb throttle and increasing the speed limit.

Size Recommendations

15″: Under 5’6″
17″: 5’6″ – 6′
19″: 6’+


  • Class 2 eBike – 20mph (Adjustable Speed)
  • 750W / 1000W / 1,500W Mid-Drive Motor
  • 696Wh / 840Wh Battery
  • Range: Up to 58mi


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Trek – Powerfly 4

Affordable hardtail with premium electronics

Hardtail e-MTB Trek Powerfly

MSRP $3,800
Trek Bikes (Available in-store only)


  • Aluminum Frame
  • SR Suntour XCM 34 Coil Spring Suspension, 80mm
  • 29×2.3″ (M, L, XL) / 27.5×2.35″ (XS, S) Bontrager XR3 Comp Tires
  • 1×10-Speed Shimano Deore
  • Tektro HD-M275 Hydraulic Brakes
  • Weight: 52 lbs ( Size M)

The Powerfly 4 by Trek with midrange components and some of the latest design technology from the biking giant.

This hardtail shows off the best electronic’s available for a bike in this price range. This includes a long-range 500Wh battery with Trek’s Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system and a Bosch Performance CX 250W/75Nm motor that assists up to 20mph.

The Purion smart controller is the same as seen on Trek’s best e-bikes and delivers the perfect amount of power at all times. Additionally, the frame on this bike is a refined aluminum alloy with integrated cabling and build in wiring for LED light installation.

Finally, a lockable Suntour XCM 80mm fork, premium Bontrager XR3 Comp Tires, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and a smooth-shifting Shimano drivetrain round out a great e-bike.


  • Class 1 eBike – 20mph
  • 250W Bosch Performance CX Mid-Drive Motor
  • Torque: 85nm
  • 500Wh Bosch Powertube Battery


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Specialized – Turbo Levo Hardtail

Stylish hardtail with custom Specialized electronics

29" hardtail mtb by Specialized

MSRP: $3,699


  • Aluminum Frame
  • SR Suntour XCM 32 Suspension, 100mm
  • 29×2.3″ Tires
  • 1×9-Speed Shimano Alivio
  • Shimano BR-MT200 Hydraulic Brakes

Specialized’s Turbo Levo Hardtail e-bike is a speedy and nimble choice designed for tackling the steepest trails without hardly breaking a sweat.

The M5 premium aluminum frame is light and strong and features short chainstays with a low bottom bracket for very precise handling and a connected ride feel.

The Turbo Levo’s 1.2 E custom mid-drive motor delivers smooth and quiet power which can be adjusted easily to suit the terrain. Additionally, this motor has instant pedal engagement so your cadence is never disrupted.

Finally, a 100mm SR Suntour XCM32 29er suspension fork and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes give you plenty of confidence when the conditions become difficult.


  • Class 1 eBike – 20mph
  • 250W Specialized 1.2 E Mid-Drive Motor
  • 400Wh Specialized M1-400 Battery


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Cannondale – Trail Neo S

Long-range fully integrated hardtail

Cannondale hardtail e-MTB

MSRP: $3,099


  • SmartForm Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • SR Suntour XCM 32 Suspension, 100mm
  • 29×2.25″ WTB Ranger Tires
  • 8-Speed Shimano Altus
  • Shimano MT200 Hydraulic Brakes

Cannondale’s Trail Neo S is a versatile hardtail e-bike with innovative geometry and powerful electronics which give riders the ability to take on any adventure.

This trail-riding e-MTB uses Shimano’s lightest motor to date weighing just 5.5lbs. With 250W/40Nm to offer, the STEPS motor delivers a smooth yet powerful ride quality. Additionally, with the help of a 504Wh battery and a Shimano Altus 8-speed drivetrain, riders can expect ranges of up to 75 miles.

The customized geometry of the Neo S makes for confidence-inspiring handling all over the mountain. Finally, high-quality components like Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, WTB Ranger tires, and 100mm travel Suntour suspension further boost the capability of this bike.


  • Class 1 eBike – 20mph
  • 250W Shimano STEPS Mid-Drive Motor
  • Torque: 40nm
  • 504Wh Shimano STEPS Battery
  • Range: Up to 75mi


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Bulls – Twenty9 Evo 1

Longest estimated range

bulls twenty9 evo 1 electric hardtail mtb


MSRP $3,899
Oregon E-Bikes


  • 7005-Aluminum Frame
  • SR Suntour XCM DS HLO Suspension
    100mm travel
  • 29×2.25″ Ace Of Pace Tires
  • 9-Speed Shimano Deore
  • Tektro HD-M275 Hydraulic Brakes
    180mm Rotors

The Twenty9 Evo 1 by Bulls is a unique hardtail e-MTB with a huge range and snappy build.

For power, the Evo 1 has a Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive motor with 250W. This is supported by a premium 500Wh integrated PowerTube battery which delivers ranges up to 134 miles. Additionally, you have a reliable 9-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain you can always find the right gear.

Large 29″ tires, 100mm travel SR Suntour XCM fork suspension, 2.25″ Ace Of Pace tires, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and an aluminum skid plate all combined to give you confidence and control on and off the trail.


  • Class 1 eBike – 20mph
  • 250W Bosch Performance Line CX Mid-Drive Motor
  • 500Wh Bosch Powertube Battery
  • Range: Up to 134mi


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Focus RAVEN² 9.8

Carbon fiber e-bike with innovative frame technology

focus raven hardtail mtb




  • Carbon Frame
  • FOX 32 Float Rhythm 29 Suspension
    100mm travel
  • 29×2.25″ Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evo Addix Speedgrip Tires
  • 1×12-Speed Shimano Deore
  • Shimano SLX M7100 Hydraulic Brakes
  • Weight: 36 lbs

The Raven² 9.8 by Focus is a high-end hardtail with an ultra-lightweight (1.82kg) carbon fiber frame and race-tested geometry.

The frame is constructed using F.I.T technology and specially designed tubing which significantly boosts comfort by reducing vibrations and fatigue without sacrificing rigidity. Additionally, Focus has included a wide 148mm rear axle which boosts stability without sacrificing agility.

Electronics on this include a smooth torque-sensing Fazua Evation mid-drive motor with 250W of power and 60Nm torque. This is complemented by a 252Wh battery and a reliable 12-Speed Shimano Deore drivetrain. And if you want to ride without electronic assistance you can do so by replacing the motor with a lightweight cover.

Finally, premium Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evo Addix Speedgrip tires, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, FOX 32 Float Rhythm 29 100mm travel suspension, and a superlow base weight make this bike a joy to ride.


  • Class 1 eBike – 20mph
  • 250W Fazua Evation Mid-Drive Motor
  • Torque: 60nm
  • 252Wh Battery


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Rambo Fat Tire Hunting Bikes

rambo bikes brand

Not as suitable for technical trail riding, but great for fishing, hunting, and camping.

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Magnum – Mi 6

Entry-level e-bike perfect for light trails and urban riding

electric mountain bike Magnum MI6

MSRP: $1,699
Magnum Bikes


  • 7061-Aluminum Frame
  • SR Suntour XCT Spring Suspension
    80mm travel
  • 27.5×2.25″ Schwalbe Smart Sam Tires
  • 3×7-Speed Shimano Altus
  • Tektro Mechanical Brakes
    160mm Rotors

Class 3 eBike with a throttle. Change it to Class 2 which limits the speed to 20mph. Change it to Class 1 by removing the throttle.

Magnum’s Mi6 is a budget-friendly trail e-bike with smart, reliable components perfect for new mountain bikers.

The Mi6 comes with a less efficient but powerful 500W/90Nm rear-hub motor which when combined with a large 624Wh battery and a 3×7-Speed Shimano Altus drivetrain provides ranges between 25 and 55 miles.

In order to perform well on light trails, this bike comes with 80mm travel Suntour spring suspension, 2.25″ Schwalbe Smart Sam tires, Tektro mechanical disc brakes, and a durable 6061 aluminum alloy frame.


  • 500W Geared Rear-Hub Motor
  • Torque: 90nm
  • 624Wh Li-NCM Battery
  • Range: 25-55mi


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What is a hardtail e-MTB?

Hardtail electric mountain bikes are those MTB models with fork suspension only. This is compared to full-suspension MTBs which have an additional rear shock suspension. Read more: Mountain Bike Types.


What is the Intended Use of Trail eMTBs?

This type of bike is perfect for light to moderate mountain trails with equal ability to climb and descend. With the help of a motor and battery, these bikes open up tough and demanding rides that may have previously been out of reach.

Additionally, you can use your electric trail mountain bike for regular riding on roads and around your town or city. They provide a comfortable and efficient way of getting around and often times have compatibility with fenders, pannier racks, and other convenient commuter accessories.


Mid-Drive vs Hub-Drive

In terms of mountain biking, mid-drive motors are far superior to the cheaper, less efficient, and heavier hub-drive alternatives.

For climbing hills, mid-drive motors provide smooth and consistent power from an efficient RPM. This also makes it easier to find traction on softer surfaces. However, if you have an issue with your chain you will have to push your bike because mid-drive motors rely on the drivetrain to be intact whereas hub-drive motors do not.


Most Important Components

  • Frame – a durable, lightweight frame with specific hardtail geometry will help ensure a comfortable, controlled ride. High-quality aluminum alloy or carbon fiber are generally the best for this style of bike
  • Suspension – hardtails rely on fork suspension to do the heavy lifting when it comes to shock absorption. High travel suspension helps with stability and control on the rough trails
  • Brakes – powerful disc brakes are essential to keep you safe as possible while trail riding. These breaks give you the best stopping power in poor conditions and on soft surfaces while also giving you the ability to stop in an instant. Hydraulic disc brakes with large rotors do this best
  • Tires – wide knobby MTB tires are key for providing traction and stability on loose surfaces giving you the ability to corner safely. The perfect tire will give you a good balance of stability and maneuverability for technical trails




Are Trail Hardtail E-Bikes Good?

Yes. They are great all-around bikes and the perfect choice for many types of riders especially those who like trails don’t require high-performance standards from their bike.

Hardtail Electric Bikes & Climbing

This type of bike is the best mountain bike for climbing as less of your power is lost while pedaling compared to full suspension alternatives. The more suspension that you have and the higher the travel the more power is lost on each revolution.



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