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Best Electric Road Bikes of 2024: Ride Farther and Faster with Less Effort

By Mark   /  Last updated - March 12, 2024   /  Best-Of-Reviews, Electric Bikes, Road Bike
cannondale electric road bike

Image: Cannondale.com

An eRoad bike, or electric road bike, is a road bike with an electric assist motor fitted either in the hub of the rear wheel or in the bottom bracket. Otherly known as hub motor, or mid-drive.

Usually, the motor doesn’t power the bike fully but provides enough assistance that pedaling is easier, especially when going uphill.

E-Road bikes have taken longer to be accepted by the cycling community than other electric bikes due to the competitive nature of road cycling. To use electric assistance is seen by many as negating the purpose of road cycling, which is meant to be a tough form of exercise.

However, more and more people are now adopting electric road bikes to improve their training sessions, reduce joint impact, and increase their daily distance. 

As an ex-competitive cyclist who always thought of e-bikes as cheating, I have come to realize the advantages of them in my old age. Almost any cyclist who spent a decade or more completing 100-mile rides every weekend will know the damage cycling can wreak on your knees. eBikes mean I can now continue to enjoy cycling recreationally without having to go through hours of pain or use expensive anti-inflammatory creams.
 Mark Hartley, the author, says: Mark Hartley, the author, says:

1. Trek Domane+ AL 5

Trek Domane+ AL 5

Weight – 31 lbs | Battery – 250 Wh | Range – 110 mi | Motor – 250W | Torque – 40Nm

MSRP: $3,500

  • Class 1 e-bike
  • Frame – Aluminum 
  • Brakes – Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes
  • Gears – Shimano 105 R7000

Trek bikes are easily recognizable by their signature high-quality build and finish, and the Domane+ AL 5 e-road bike is no different.

Looking much like your traditional Trek road bike, it has only a slightly fatter downtube to fit the battery and more modern frame geometry. The rear hub Hyena motor has several power modes, assisting you up to 20 mph and the 250 Wh battery provides up to 110 miles of range per charge.

Hop on and it feels just like riding a standard road bike, with hardly any resistance from the motor and mild, smooth electrical assistance when going uphill.

Top-quality parts like a Shimano 105 R7000 groupset make it feel just like a pro bike, so competitive riders will feel at home. All the class and quality of a traditional Trek steed, with some added electrical horsepower.

Buy from Trek Bikes

2. Santa Cruz Skitch CC GX AXS 

Santa Cruz Skitch CC GX AXS 

Weight – 30 lbs | Battery – 430 Wh | Range – 60 | Motor – Fazua Ride 60 | Torque – 60 Nm

MSRP: $7,299

  • Class 3 e-bike
  • Frame – Carbon
  • Brakes – SRAM Rival AXS
  • Gears – SRAM GX Eagle AXS T-Type

The Santa Cruz Skitch GX AXS is one of the best e-bikes for long-distance road and gravel cycling. While it is categorized as a road, gravel, and adventure bike, the geometry and 700 x 45c tire size make it an irreplaceable companion as an all-road bike.

With a max-assisted speed of 28 mph, the Fazua Ride 60 motor is among the most compact and innovative, while the integrated 430 Wh e-bike battery is hard to spot. The level of components and the 60-mile range allows you to go farther in altitude and distances while saving a ton of energy.

The Skitch GX AXS is best suited for someone who knows how to appreciate the nice blend of components mixed into one, from a truly high-end carbon electric road bike.

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3. Ride1UP CF Racer 1

Ride1UP CF Racer 1

Weight – 28.6 lbs | Battery – 250 Wh | Range – 40 mi | Motor – 250W | Torque – 42 Nm

MSRP: $2,295

  • Class 3 e-bike
  • Frameset – Carbon
  • Brakes – SRAM Rival hydraulic discs
  • Gears – SRAM Rival 1×11-speed 

The Ride1UP CF Racer1 is an electric road and gravel bike that performs perfectly on the road thanks to high-power electronics and a lightweight carbon frame.

It comes with a powerful 250W geared rear hub motor that pushes out 42 Nm of torque, more than enough to help you with those steep hills or long rides.

The 250 Wh battery can last up to 40 miles, which is perfect to power up your long-distance rides.

The Ride1UP CF Racer1 is the ideal, comfortable gravel or road electric bike for riders on a budget. In addition, it’s available in a gravel and road build, so you can choose whichever suits your riding style better. 

It’s hard to believe that you can get a full-carbon electric road bike that weighs just 28 lb for only $2,295, but Ride1UP did it somehow.

Buy from Ride1UP

4. Salsa Confluence

Salsa Confluence

Weight – 33 lb | Battery – 250 Wh | Range – 45 mi | Motor – 250W MAHLE X35+ | Torque – 40 Nm

MSRP: $2,999

  • Class 1 e-bike
  • Frame – Aluminum
  • Brakes – Tektro Mechanical disc brakes
  • Gearing – SRAM Apex 1×11

The Salsa Confluence electric road bike is designed to give more people the feeling of comfort and pedal assistance.

The Confluence combines traditional all-road bike traits with a cutting-edge, lightweight motor that helps keep the bike lightweight. It has multiple power-assist modes so you can manage exactly how much extra boost you need while still getting in some solid training.

With a 250 Wh battery that can help you ride 45 miles on a single charge, you’ll be able to explore high mountain passes that were previously inaccessible.

The high-quality SRAM Apex 1 drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes finish off this Salsa bike with a high-performance feel.

It’s the perfect bike for weight-conscious cyclists who’ve always thought eBikes are too heavy. 

Buy from REI.com

5. Trek Domane+ SLR 6

Trek Domane+ SLR 6

Weight – 27.34 lbs | Battery – 360 Wh | Range – 60 miles | Motor – TQ Mid-drive | Speed– 28 mph

MSRP: $8,500

  • Frame – Carbon
  • Brakes – Shimano 105 hydraulic
  • Gears – 1×11
  • Rear derailleur – Shimano 105 Di2 12-speed

The Domane+ SLR 6 is a Trek electric road bike with gravel capabilities, combining an aerodynamic, lightweight frame with 32 mm tires and a powerful motor. The result is an all-road beast that will tackle the tough conditions of nature with ease and speed.

The Trek Domane+ SLR 6 is a lightweight and stable ride thanks to tailored geometry, providing control and confidence even at high speed.

The 250W TQ motor will assist you up to 28 mph, helping you sail up hills with ease. Finally, you have 360 Wh battery integrated inside the down tube that offers 60 miles of range.

Buy from Trek Bikes

6. Cervelo Rouvida 

Cervelo Rouvida electric road bike

Weight – 27.3 lb | Battery – 430 Wh | Range – N/A | Motor – Fazua Ride 60 | Torque – 60 Nm

MSRP: $6,200

  • Class 3 e-bike
  • Frame – Carbon
  • Brakes – Shimano GRX hydraulic
  • Gears – 1×12
  • Derailleur – Shimano GRX RX822

The Cervelo Rouvida is a unique all-road/gravel electric bike with a carbon frame and fork, and trusted Fazua electronics. 

The Rouvida boasts a Fazua Ride 60 rear hub motor that delivers 60 Nm of torque and a 430 Wh battery that will provide you with a decent range in Eco mode.

With a range of pedal-assistance modes available, you can push out as much or as little effort as you like, ensuring that you get in all your training while reducing strain and impact on your joints.

The wide-ratio Shimano GRX drivetrain allows you to take on steep climbs, and the GRX hydraulic disc brakes will make sure you descend safely as well.

The Cervelo Rouvida also comes with interchangeable dropouts which lets you change the geometry of the bike from a road setup to a gravel setup and vice versa. Therefore, by buying it, you get two bikes in one.

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7. Santa Cruz Skitch CC Apex

Santa Cruz Skitch

Weight – 30 lbs | Battery – 430 Wh | Range – 60 miles | Motor – Fazua Ride 60 | Torque – 60 Nm

MSRP: $6,299 (Mike’s Bikes / evo.com)

  • Class 3 e-bike
  • Frame – Carbon fiber
  • Brakes – SRAM Apex
  • Gears – SRAM Apex Eagle 12-speed

Santa Cruz Skitch is a gravel electric bike that feels just as impressive on paved roads, with a highly efficient and lightweight Fazua Ride 60 motor and 430 Wh battery. This means you can use the Skitch as a gravel bike or as a normal electric road bike.

With quality SRAM Apex Eagle gears and SRAM Apex hydraulic disc brakes combined with a lightweight carbon frame with stable geometry and 700 x 45 mm Schwalbe G-One tires, it’s clear this is a bike for long-distance rides.

It comes with all the bells and whistles of Santa Cruz’s top competitive bikes with just that added bit of power when you need it.

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Alternatives to Consider

8. Gazelle Ultimate C380+

Best flat-bar electric road bike

Gazelle Ultimate C380 plus

Weight – 55 lbs | Battery – 500Wh | Range – 80mi | Motor – 250W | Torque – 75Nm

MSRP: $5,000

  • Class 1 e-bike
  • Frame – 6061 Aluminum alloy
  • Gears – Enviollo 380 Trekking Hub

The Gazelle Ultimate C380+ is an excellent flat-bar road bike with commuter components, perfect for those who spend a lot of time cycling down dirt or gravel roads.

It has thicker tires than most at 47mm and a powerful engine with a long-lasting battery. The Ultimate C380+ is ideal for getting out into the countryside and spending a full weekend exploring your surrounding nature.

Gazelle has included an impressive Bosch Performance Line Speed eBike system and a 500Wh battery to deliver 80 miles of range. Not the cheapest e-bike on the market, but what a lovely ride!

Buy from Mike's Bikes

9. Ride1UP Gravel Roadster v2

Ride1UP Gravel Roadster v2

Weight – 33 lbs | Battery – 252 Wh | Range – 20-30 mi | Motor – 350W | Torque – 40 Nm

MSRP: $1,345

  • Class 3 eBike, 24 mph
  • Single-speed belt drivetrain
  • Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes
  • 700 x 42c tires

The Ride1UP Gravel Roadster v2 is a great alternative to traditional gravel and road electric bikes that you should consider.

Ride1UP electric bikes are known for offering a high value-to-money ratio, with modern design, affordable components, and solid real-world performance.

The Gravel Roadster v2 is powered by a 350W rear hub motor combined with a single-speed belt drivetrain that requires minimal maintenance—perfect for dusty gravel rides. 

The 250 Wh battery offers a 20-30-mile range, which is not too much, but it’s enough for a day’s worth of riding for most cyclists. 

Finally, the 700c x 42 mm tires are versatile and not too wide, so you can comfortably use the Gravel Roadster as a flat-bar electric road bike. 

Buy from Ride1UP

10. State Bicycles Co. 6061 Ebike Commuter

State Bicycles Co. 6061 Ebike Commuter

Weight – 38 lbs | Battery – 360Wh | Range – up to 100 miles | Motor – 250W | Speed – 20 mph

MSRP: $1,500

  • Class 1 e-bike
  • Frame – Aluminum
  • Brakes – Mechanical disc brakes
  • Gears – Single-speed
  • Tires – 700c x 40 mm

The State Bicycle Co. 6061 electric road bike combines a lightweight 250W motor with a single-speed drivetrain to deliver a versatile flat-bar road bike.

Paired with the motor is a 360 Wh battery that is fast-charging and long-lasting, so you can expect up to 100 miles of range in PAS 1, or 18-24 miles of range in PAS 5.

Finally, the fact that this bike comes with 700c x 40 mm tires makes it an incredibly versatile and comfortable electric road or gravel bike. 

Buy from State Bicycles

11. Giant FastRoad E+ EX Pro

Giant FastRoad E+ EX Pro

Class – 3 | Battery – 500 Wh | Speed – 28 mph | Motor – 250W | Torque – 80 Nm

MSRP: $4,300

  • Class 3 e-bike
  • Frame – Aluminum 
  • Gears – 10-speed, Shimano GRX 400

Giant is the biggest cycling brand in the world and the FastRoad E+ is their flat-bar commuter road electric bike. We’re including it on our list because it offers excellent components and accessories for the money.

This electric commuter road bike uses Giant’s SyncDrive Pro 80 Nm motor and 500 Wh battery to provide a long range and PAS speeds of up to 28 mph. 

The aluminum frame comes equipped with front and rear fenders, a rear rack, front and rear lights, and even a kickstand, so you have all you need for year-round commuting on paved and street roads. 

The Giant FastRoad also boasts a 10-speed Shimano GRX 400 drivetrain with Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes, so it rides as nicely as any other road bike out there.

Buy from Mike's Bikes



What to look out for in an electric road bike?

When choosing an e-Road bike, the main points to look out for are the 1. Discipline (endurance, race, gravel), 2. Correct size, and 3. Level of components. Luckily, all of the e-road bikes lister are made of high-quality components, oftentimes designed for e-Road specific geometry and components.

Why get an electric road bike?

There are many good reasons to get an eRoad bike but trying to cheat in a cycling race is not one of them. The large batteries and visible motors make eRoad bikes instantly recognizable, so you won’t be fooling anyone.

Many eRoad bike buyers simply want to get to work without breaking a sweat or keep up with their younger, fitter mates on weekend rides. 

If you struggle with arthritis or knee pain, an electric road bike could mean the difference between hanging up your helmet for good or enjoying several more years in the saddle. Maybe you simply want to see more of the world in a day and your legs aren’t taking you as far as you’d like to go.

Despite the electrical assistance, some research has found that eBikes actually improve fitness because riders spend longer periods in the saddle.

And lastly, the most obvious reason is that eBikes are super fun to ride. The constant assistance is very convenient on both flat and hilly roads.

What is the average cost of an electric road bike?

Make no mistake, electric road bikes are not cheap so you may need to consider your needs carefully. Most electric road bikes cost upwards of $3,000, with some top-range bikes costing $6,000 or more. However, if you currently drive to work or use public transport, an eRoad bike could pay for itself in a few months by saving on petrol or train tickets.

Disadvantages of e-road bikes?

Most electric road bikes are heavier and more expensive than traditional bikes. They also have more complex parts and as such are likely to need expensive repairs more often.

Which is the best electric road bike brand?

Cannondale has produced the widest variety of eRoad bikes on the market, while their main competitor, Specialized, has also a line of high-end bikes on their fleet. When you are after a road-specific brand, consider Look electric road bikes.

electric road bike drivetrain and motor

Are electric road bikes worth the money in 2024?

Any bicycle that gets you cycling outdoors, breathing fresh air, and improving your fitness is worth the money. For many people, an e-bike gives them the power to cycle to work, saving money on fuel or transport, and paying itself off in the long run.

Over the years, motor and battery technology has gotten cheaper, making e-bikes more affordable now than ever before.

Which is the best electric road bike groupset?

Electric road bikes use the same groupsets that normal road bikes do, but with more pressure being put on the gears, it’s best to have a high-strength set like Shimano Ultegra or GRX. Some ebikes with rear-wheel motors use built-in gears like the Shimano Nexus or Rohloff system, both of which are very good.

What is the lightest electric road bike?

At only 23.7lbs (10.75kg), the Scott Addict eRIDE is probably the lightest electric road bike in the world.

Which is the best budget electric road bike?

Unfortunately, the term ‘budget’ is not often seen in the road bike industry and is not as common in the electric bike industry as well. We couldn’t find any cheap electric road bike under the $2,000 and even the $3,000 mark so please hold on few more years and let’s hope to see better deals by then.


About the Author

Mark Hartley

Mark is a cycling enthusiast and freelance writer specializing in travel and technology. He has traveled to 56 countries worldwide, cycling through Africa and Europe. You can contact him on Twitter @splshrollstmble. Mark is behind most of the current bicycle reviews in Bikexchange today. You can check his journeys @splashrollstumble. Specializes in best-of reviews, bike brand reviews, bicycle reviews.

12 thoughts on “Best Electric Road Bikes of 2024: Ride Farther and Faster with Less Effort

  1. Danita says:

    I am looking for a small e-bike. Prefer road, but size appears to be a limiting factor — I am about 4-10 …

    Also cycle longish distances – 75-100 miles. Don’t use the electric all the time, looking for strategic boosts.

    Brands? Are there US brands, should I look to Europe?

    1. Editorial Team says:

      Hey Danita,

      Considering your height and requirements, I recommend checking out Specialized’s Turbo Creo SL models in XS size or Canyon’s Precede:ON models, also in XS size. I think both would fit you well and meet your needs, though you may need to install a shorter stem on the Turbo Creo SL to shorten the reach (if the standover height fits you to begin with).

      Hope this helps!

  2. David L says:

    Trek makes awesome e-bikes both road & mountain. I have the Trek Domane+ HP7 with their Project One Cosmic Pearl paint scheme. It is a great bike and regularly complimented on its looks and performance. For some reason Trek has decided not to make this bike any more and has gone with most other manufactures with smaller motors and smaller batteries for lighter bikes. That is fine for somewhat younger lighter riders doing mostly shorter flatter rides but for older people like myself who like riding longer and hiller rides these lighter bikes don’t cut it. I believe Trek is losing out on a significant market share of the ebike business and should reconsider reintroducing the Domane+ bike.

  3. Peter McCaffery says:

    These revues are useless as a comparison between the bikes chosen. What’s needed is how the different bikes feel when ridden for an extended period. BTW, your statement that e bikes over 28mph require a license is incorrect. The law requiring e bikes to be limited to 20mph in assisted mode applies to these as well. Assisted speeds of more than 20mph can only be used off-road.
    I liked your comment that e bikes tend to get more people out riding more miles is good.

    1. Sam Millers says:

      Hey Peter, thanks for the comment! That’s why I wrote “would legally need a license to ride on the road“. You can go as wild as you like off-road, though, unless you’re riding on public trails!

  4. Gina Nadeau says:

    Great article on ebikes. I am in the market and I am a retired bike shop owner. The article helped alot.

    1. Sam Millers says:

      I’m happy to hear that, Gina! Have fun on your e-bike!

  5. Peter C. Riccardella says:

    What is the meaning of “Class” in the list of features of each bike. Most are Class 1 e-bikes, but I note that a few are listed as Class 3 e-bikes. What is the difference?

    1. Sam Millers says:

      Hi Peter. E-Bikes are categorized in 3 legal classes. Each state in the US has their own set of rules regards to age limit and helmet compulsory when riding an e-bike.
      Class 1 eBikes are equipped with pedal-assist motor only, with a max speed of up to 20mph. Motor power in Class 1 is limited to 750W.
      Class 2 eBikes come with the throttle as a standard, while there are many variations that have pedal assistance as well. The speed of Class 2 eBikes is limited to 20mph on both throttle and pedal-assist mode. Same goes for motor power that is limited to 750W.

      Class 3 eBikes have a maximum assistance of 28mph. Anything over 750W or 28mph would legally need a license to ride on the road. Those bikes are considered as Class 4 eBikes as long as they have pedals.

      We’ll be updating a post about eBike laws this week. Stay tuned!

      1. John Dougherty says:

        I’m with you David. I’ve owned one for six months and no regrets. The Domane HP+7 rarely gets mentioned at the “top” because it has it all at this point and no competition. If the reviewers were to say that, they would be frozen out by the manufactures. Nothing competes with this bike with its features, money aside. it’s a no-compromise bike and no one else makes anything resembling it. Our secret.

  6. David London says:

    I’m wondering why there is no mention about the Trek Domane+ HP7. It is truly a top of the line endurance class 3 28 mph road bike with Di2 shifting. Amazes me it didn’t make your list much less get #1 spot.

  7. Jacqueline L. Pollock says:

    The best electric bikes make cycling more accessible to people at large and allow families or groups of riders with varying fitness levels to ride together and experience the comradery that comes with heading out with others. Plus, they are just plain fun to ride. From a pure transportation perspective, e-bikes mean you can commute without sweating through your work clothes, or haul a load of groceries or kids from point A to point B without having to push 1,000 watts to get over that super steep hill in your neighbourhood.

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