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The 8 Best Cheap Electric Bikes

By Sam Millers   /  Last updated - December 29, 2023   /  Best-Of-Reviews, Electric Bikes, Reviews, Single-Speed Bikes

eBike prices

Gone are the days when electric bikes were only luxury products sold at unreasonable prices.

Today, you can find perfectly good and cheap eBikes from reputable manufacturers that utilize modern technology and materials costing slightly over $1,000.

Incredibly, between 2013 and 2018, the yearly rate of e-bike sales more than doubled in the USA from 185,000 to 400,000 units. Since the pandemic, this rate of increase has accelerated even further.

Between 2020 and 2023 more than 130 million electric bicycles are expected to be sold worldwide.

While electric bike cost is still higher than standard bikes, they offer unique qualities that cannot be found elsewhere, potentially offering huge savings when used as a replacement for a car. They are also better for the environment and individual health compared to cars.

The growth in popularity is partly due to improvements in battery technology (lithium-ion) and weight, as well as manufacturing processes, leading to a reduction in price. Additionally, with better, cheaper technology comes more demand, lowering electric bike prices even further.

How much do electric bikes cost in 2024?

$500 – $999 | Entry-level hub motor eBikes
$1,000 – $1,500 | Mid/entry hub motor eBikes
$1,500 – $2,000 | Mid-range hub-motor, entry-level mid-drive eBikes
$2,000 – $3,000 | Mid-range hub & mid-drive eBikes
$3,000 – $4,000+ | High-end hub motor, and mid/high-end mid-drive eBikes

What to expect from a cheap electric bike?

thousand dollar bikes

A sub-thousand dollar hybrid bike vs electric bike. Which one do you need more for commuting?

  • One Size Frame (Step-through, step-over)
  • Hub-Drive Motor (Mid-drive eBikes start from $2,000)
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes (Hydraulic brakes can be found on higher-spec bikes)

Why didn’t we include cheap Amazon electric bikes?

For this article, we wanted to offer you cheap electric bikes that we know perform above their price tag. The bikes listed below are all very highly rated and from reputable manufacturers with excellent customer service and support (which is not common with the cheapest brands).

If you are interested in electric bikes for $1000 or less, check out our article “Best Electric Bikes Under $1000”.

Best Cheap Electric Bikes


#1 | VVolt – Alpha

A modern urban e-bike with the best-possible value

vvolt alpha 

MSRP: $1,399

Motor – 350W Acer   |   Battery – 375Wh   |   Range – Up to 60miles

The VVolt is a new electric bike brand that has made a nice entry into the demanding and competitive e-bike market at the right time. The Alpha & Alpha S (Step-through) are superb bikes considering the fact that they combine a bunch of high-quality components at an affordable price tag.

An estimated 60mi range is a tough promise, but considering the bikes’ weight, belt-drivetrain, and the combination of 350W motor and 375Wh battery – it is likely to be true! Check out their other, high-end mid-drive motors to find out more!

  • 6061 alloy frame & fork Belt-driven
  • E-Bike Class – 1
  • 27.5″ wheels 20mph pedal-assist
  • Brakes – Hydraulic disc
  • Wheels – 27.5″
  • Weight – Approx 45lbs

Buy from Vvolt

#2 | Rad Power Bikes – RadRunner 2

Over 2,400+ reviews – Best affordable electric bike!

rad power bikes radrunner 2

MSRP: $1,299
Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 1 cheap eBike is exceptionally versatile and recognized as the “most customizable electric bike on the market”.

Using Rad Power accessories, you can customize the RadRunner for any job or use you like, totaling up to 330 combinations of accessories. This ability makes this bike uniquely suited for anyone who values versatility.

Additionally, the bike is super comfortable to ride, using a low step-through frame (which doubles as a storage space with one accessory), wide, shock-absorbent Kenda tires, and upright geometry.

Finally, the motor on the RadRunner is excellent at this low price, with speeds up to 28mph for ranges up to 45 miles. If you’re looking for a comfortable and powerful workhorse e-bike, look no further than the RadRunner 1.

  • 750W motor
  • Range – Up to 45mi

Buy from Rad Power Bikes

#3 | Lectric – XP 3.0

Most likely the best value electric bike of all time

lectric xp 3.0

MSRP: $1,099 $999
Lectric eBikes

The XP 3.0 folding electric bike by Lectric is uniquely positioned as the best value electric bike due to the excellent product, combined with free delivery of a fully assembled bike, and great customer support.

The XP 3.0 is perfectly optimized as a commuter’s bike, as it folds up quickly to take it on public transport, store it at the office, and take on any commute without breaking a sweat. Additionally, it is equipped with almost everything you need (rear rack not included) for convenient commuting or urban riding.

Finally, you can rely on the XP off-road as it has 3″ tires and front fork suspension with plenty of power and range in the electronics, making it one of the best budget electric bikes online!

  • Front suspension
  • 20×3″
  • 160mm mechanical disc brakes
  • 500W motor (800W peak)
  • 5 Pedal-assist range

Buy from Lectric Ebikes

#4 | Ride1UP Turris

Awesome 650b wheel urban commuter e-bike

Ride1UP Turris

MSRP: $1,295

The Ride1UP Turris is of the company’s best eBike options for urban riding, optimized for comfort and performance on the city streets and cycleways.

This cheap electric commuter bike is considered Class 3, meaning it comes with a 20mph limit throttle and 28mph pedal assistance. This is possible over ranges of 25 to 45 miles even with a small 12.8 Ah battery due to the lightweight frame and stripped-down components.

All-around performance was at the forefront of design with the Turris. It uses 650b all-terrain Kenda tires that include K-Shield protection for puncture resistance, a reliable Shimano Altus drivetrain, and Zoom hydraulic disc brakes.

Finally, the bike comes with mounts for a rear rack and already has pre-installed fenders, as well as a convenient LCD display with all your important ride statistics and battery level.

  • Range: 25-45 mi
  • Class 3 pedal-assist
  • 20 mph throttle
  • 750W motor
  • 60 Nm torque

Buy from Ride1UP

#5 | Electra – Cruiser GO!

electra cruiser go!

MSRP: $1,550

Trek’s Electra brand specializes in great, affordable electric bikes and the Cruiser GO! is one of the most reliable and comfortable models they sell.

The GO! is designed in a classic beach cruiser style with comfort-focused components, delivering a relaxed and smooth ride on city roads and urban trails. Its shock-absorbing, 2.35″ tires, soft grips, and a comfy saddle with suspension all contribute to the premium ride feel.

In addition, the Flat Foot technology that Electra has come up with allows you to pedal in the optimal position while also being able to get your foot flat on the ground whenever you need.

Lastly, for power, you can rely on a small but punchy 250W motor and a fully integrated 250Wh battery.  You can get ranges of up to an impressive 40 miles.

  • 250W rear hub
  • Range – Up to 40mi
  • Mechanical disc brakes

Buy on REI.com

#6 | Buzz Centris

Buzz Centris

MSRP: $1,199

Buzz Bikes’ Centris step-through e-bike is an excellent value product with versatile features.

Buzz optimized the Centris for comfort and capability on various terrains without sacrificing power. To do so, it has a step-through foldable frame design making mounting and dismounting easy, huge 4″ knobbly fat tires, and mechanical disc brakes.

All of this is combined with a 500W motor and a 48V battery giving you five levels of pedal assistance. Unfortunately, you only have a 7-speed drivetrain making it harder to tackle steep hills.

  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Tires: 20×4″ 
  • Brakes: Mechanical discs

Buy from Buzz Bikes

#7 | Velowave eMTB

velowave electric mountain bike

MSRP: Check on Amazon

The Velowave electric mountain bike is one of the most well-balanced affordable MTB options. The stylish integrated design paired with reliable components and technology makes this bike a joy to use.

As with most e-MTBs, the Velowave is equipped with knobby 27.5″ x 2.35″ tires and an adjustable suspension fork. Additionally, it has mechanical disc brakes and a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain.

The battery and motor combo on this bike are formidable. It has a powerful 500W geared hub motor and a large 624Wh battery which provide plenty of kick and range (up to 35 miles) for steep hills or heavy cargo. The battery is also in the downtube which improves handling.

Lastly, another useful feature worth noting is the multifunctional LCD screen which provides useful ride statistics. 

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc
  • LCD Screen
  • Shimano 7-speed Drivetrain
  • Tires: 2.35” puncture-resistant

Buy from Amazon

#8 | Sixthreezero – AroundtheBlock 250W

Sixthreezero‘s AroundtheBlock is another great budget-friendly e-bike. It comes with a simplified beach cruiser design that maximizes comfort and convenience for any urban riding.

For power, the AroundtheBlock has a 250W motor that operates in pedal assistance or throttle activation modes. With a full battery, riders can get anywhere from 15 to 30 miles of riding, with top speeds of 24mph with pedal assistance. Additionally, it has a 7-speed derailleur for when you want to spin the legs.

The integrated motor, battery, and cabling on this bike add to the sleek look, while the rear rack and fenders ensure you’re fully equipped for any job.

Finally, Sixthreezero chose a large cushioned saddle, soft grips, wide shock-absorbent tires, and an ergonomic pedaling position to make this bike supremely comfortable.

  • 26″ wheels and 2.1″ tires
  • Throttle
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Riders 5′ to 6′ tall
  • 250 Lbs Maximum Rider Weight

Buy on Amazon


Inexpensive electric bikes are very common and will continue to grow in popularity as the technology advances, urban cycling infrastructure improves, and the benefits of eBikes for commuters are recognized by the general population.

As we have shown in this article, finding a cheap electric bike that is reliable, versatile, and powerful is easy when you know where to look. For between only $1000 and $1700 you have access to a range of e-bikes in various different styles depending on your needs. Most of these companies sell direct-to-consumer, meaning the customer gets a lower price for dealing directly with the manufacturer.

We hope you have found something that catches your eye so that you can begin riding your new e-bike as soon as possible!

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