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Bakcou E-Bikes Brand Overview

By James Heath   /  Last updated - March 9, 2022

hunter stands next to the bakcou hunting bike

Bakcou e-bikes is a company founded on a love of hunting and the great outdoors.

They produce deer hunting electric bikes among others to promote a non-polluting way of traveling through the backcountry to get to the best spots for hunting.

Giving people the option to ride further and deeper into the great outdoors is a big part of what this company is all about. And it’s refreshing to see an American brand concerned about these issues and taking a more sustainable stance on their hobbies.

They are based in Ogden, Utah, and have been since they launched. They pride themselves on building quality hunting eBikes that aren’t just mountain bikes with a motor stuck on them.

Instead, they claim to have designed the entire frame around a powerful motor and battery system to ensure their bikes can stand up to the demands of hunting and off-road riding.

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Bakcou eBikes



About Bakcou Bikes

The Founders

bakcou ebikes founders

Founders of Bakcou Bikes – Bryan Child and Dave Andre. Photo credit: Bakcou.com

Bakcou ebikes was founded by Bryan Child and Dave Andre.

They are both passionate sportsmen and want to encourage others who share the same hobbies to take a more sustainable approach. They aim to build bikes with impressive build quality and affordable pricing, entirely redesigned for the purpose of hunting and exploring the backcountry.

Where are Bakcou Bikes Made?

Bakcou bike frames are made with partners in China. 

Who Should Get a Bakcou?

These bikes are aimed at passionate sportspeople and those who enjoy hunting in the backcountry and want a more sustainable way of getting to the ideal spots. They’re aiming to help reduce carbon emissions by providing an alternative transport method. 

Bakcou Tribe and Ambassadors

locations of bakcou dealers

Locations of Bakcou dealers

If you want to help in promoting a Bakcou electric bike, then take a look at their ambassador program. If a customer purchases an eBike through your referral, you can receive up to $200 in coupons towards your next purchase. 

Bakcou also promotes their customer images on their website. They call this experience the Tribe. 

Bakcou Bikes Range

Bakcou bike models

Storm Full-Suspension from $6,198 82mi 26×4″ 9 72 Hydraulic Air 300 1,000 48V 17.4/19.2/21 Ah
Mule Hardtail from $5,447 82mi 26×4″ 9 68 Hydraulic Air 300 1,000 48V 17.4/19.2/21 Ah
Flatlander Hardtail from $3,747 82mi 24×4″ 9 63 Hydraulic Air 300 750 48V 17.4/19.2/21 Ah
Mule Step-Through 26″ Hardtail from $5,447 82mi 26×4″ 9 68 Hydraulic Air 300 1,000 48V 17.4/19.2/21 Ah
Mule Step-Through 24″ Hardtail from $5,447 82mi 24×4″ 9 60 Hydraulic Air 300 1,000 48V 17.4/19.2/21 Ah
Flatlander Step-Through Hardtail from $3,747 82mi 24×4″ 9 63 Hydraulic Air 300 750 48V 17.4/19.2/21 Ah

Bakcou currently has a range of three hunting ebikes.

There are step-thru and regular versions of each frame. They each have unique features but are all suited to hunting activities and getting out in the great outdoors. We’ve put together an overview of each bike below, read on to find out more detail about each bike.

Bakcou Storm

bakcou storm all available colors

6 different color options.

MSRP: From $6,198

Motor: Bafang 1,000W Mid-Drive Motor  |  Torque: 160nm  |  Battery: Up to 1,008Wh  |  Range: Up to 82mi

  • 9-Speed SRAM Gearing
  • BCEB GT MRK Air Suspension Fork, 120mm Travel
  • Rockshox Monarch Rear Suspension
  • Tektro HD E750 Hydraulic Brakes, 203mm Rotors
  • 26×4″ Maxxis Minion Tires
  • Weight: 72 lbs

The Bakcou Storm ebike is an incredibly versatile and powerful e-bike designed for hunting and outdoor activities.

It is versatile due to its ability to switch between e-bike categories. This is done by toggling the motor limit between 750w and 1,000 continuous watts and a max power of 1,500 watts. There is more information available on their website on how to do this. It also boasts an incredible range of up to 82 miles per battery charge, unheard of for most ebikes.

The Storm also comes with a full-suspension setup. This consists of 120mm of RST Renegade fork travel and a Rockshox Monarch rear setup. The maximum load capacity of this bike is 300lbs which is more than enough for most hauls. The bike also boasts a SRAM 9-speed drivetrain with a SunRace wide ratio cassette (11-42T), perfect for hills and technical inclines.

Complemented by the Bafang mid-drive motor, this bike is incredibly packed with features to make hunting and riding outdoors easy and enjoyable.

Bakcou Mule

the mule ebike by bakcou

4 different color options

MSRP: From $5,447

Motor: Bafang 1,000W Mid-Drive Motor  |  Torque: 160nm  |  Top Speed: 35+mph  |  Battery: Up to 1,008Wh  |  Range: Up to 82mi

  • 9-Speed Shimano Alivio Gearing
  • BCEB GT MRK Air Suspension Fork, 120mm Travel
  • Tektro HD E750 Hydraulic Brakes, 203mm Rotors
  • 26×4″ Maxxis Minion Tires
  • Weight: 68 lbs

The Bakcou Mule electric bike has been one of the best selling e-bikes in the United States for over two years.

It’s a hardtail mountain fat bike designed entirely around the Bafangs ULTRA mid-drive motor. This motor is a ‘smart‘ motor in that it provides feedback from the rider to the motor leading to a smooth release of power when you need it most. Bakcou Mule reviews are generally positive, in particular commenting on the amount of technology packed into the bike.

It’s available with 26″ wheels to allow for wider tire clearance on the frame and uses strong components to allow you to get to grips with the terrain of your choice. It’s a fantastic option for those who don’t want to use ATVs or 4x4s when hunting, either as an environmental concern or because e-bikes are quieter and leave less of a mark on the environment.

You can choose from four colorways, Matte Black, Matte Desert Tan, Kuiu Verde 2.0 and Badlands. There are also three different battery size options, ranging from 17.5ah to 21ah. Overall this is a brilliantly capable bike is a great alternative to traditional hunting travel methods.

Mule Step-Through

mule 750w ebike step through 24 vs step through 26

Mule Step-Through 24″ on the left and Mule Step-Through 26″ on the right

The Mule is also available in a step-through version, with a choice of either 24″ or 26″ wheels.

The Mule 750 e bike comes with the same technology and components as the regular framed version, just with a shorter standover height of 24″ on a 16″ frame, compared to 29.5″ on the regular frame.

Bakcou Flatlander

MSRP: From $3,747

Motor: 750W Rear-Hub Motor  |  Torque: 70nm  |  Top Speed: 25+mph  |  Battery: Up to 1,008W  |  Range: Up to 82mi

  • 9-Speed Shimano Alivio Gearing
  • BCEB GT MRK Air Suspension Fork, 100mm Travel
  • Tektro HD E750 Hydraulic Brakes, 203mm Front and 180mm Rear Rotors
  • 24×4″ CST BFT Tires
  • Weight: 63 lbs

Designed for flatter land, this electric mountain bike for hunting is another versatile model from Bakcou e-bikes.

The Bakcou Flatlander has the same components spec and build as the Mule e-bike, but instead uses a hub-drive motor in the rear wheel. The reason for this is largely price related. By using a cheaper motor, the brand has been able to keep the price lower than the Mule and thus more competitive. One issue that has been addressed is that of the attachment of trailers. Normally with a hub-drive motor, it can be difficult to find a suitable trailer to attach to the bike due to the extra cabling around the rear wheel. Bakcou have fixed this by including specific mounts for trailers.

Due to the smaller amount of torque available, Bakcou suggests this bike is more suited to flatlands rather than hilly terrain. Not everyone wants to take their bike up onto the high peaks, so this is an affordable way to get your fix.

Flatlander Step-Through 24″

For those with shorter legs or who prefer a shorter standover height, there is the Flatlander ST (step-through). It comes with 24″ wheels and the same high-quality components found on the original Flatlander model.

Bakcou Accessories

On top of a range of electric bikes, Bakcou also manufactures and supply a variety of accessories.

These include the Bakcou trailers, which are made especially for the Bakcou range of e-bikes. They also sell tools, luggage, and bike protection such as covers. Check out their website here for the full range of items available.

bakcou accessories

Wide variety of accessories in Bakcou online store.


Although not the cheapest e-bikes on the market, Bakcou has built a range on a niche of riding activity.

Customers are pleased with their offerings and media reviews reflect the high quality as well. These bikes are capable of going way further than you would be able to on foot, and in some cases, in ATVs. They’re also much better for the environment than motorised vehicles and allow you to be more conscious of your surroundings while hunting.

The bikes they offer are versatile and present opportunities for all kinds of riders. If you’re after a high-quality, powerful e-bike that will make hunting more enjoyable and easier, then look no further than the Bakcou e-bikes range.

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