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9 Best Moped-Style E-Bikes to Consider in 2024

By James Heath   /  Last updated - March 8, 2024   /  20" Bikes, Electric Bikes, Reviews

best moped style e-bikes

Moped-style e-bikes are a new trend in the industry. Manufacturers have begun designing and releasing electric bikes with similar characteristics to old-school mopeds.

These electric bicycles usually have extra space for another passenger, sporty geometry, and other characteristics like full suspension and moped-sized wheels. Additionally, there are even models which can match mopeds for speed using motors with 1500 W of power.

But what is the difference between a moped e-bike and an electric moped? Electric moped-style eBikes are equipped with pedals, therefore considered a bicycle.

If this style of electric bike is something you are interested in you, keep reading for our review of the nine most popular models available in 2024 below.


1. Ride1UP Revv 1

Winner! Best-Value Moped Ebike

ride1up revv 1 moped-style ebike

Price: $1,895-$2,395

  • Motor: 750W Bafang rear hub
  • Battery and Range: 780-1040 Wh Battery/ 30-60-mile range
  • Top Speed: 28+ mph
  • Weight: 83-93 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 400 lb

The Ride1UP Revv 1 moped-style ebike is one the newest models on the market and the brand’s first attempt at this style.

The Revv 1 is artfully designed with a traditional moped look and step-over frame that’s typical of the category.  With its characteristic, fully integrated refined look, it’s clear this is a Ride1UP ebike.

Riders can choose between a hardtail or full-suspension build, both with almost identical components. The two differences are the battery (780 Wh vs. 1040 Wh) and the tires (knobby vs. slick).

Both builds get air suspension, a 95 Nm hub motor, 4-inch puncture-resistant fat tires, four-piston hydraulic disc brakes, and bright lights with high/low beams and taillight indicators.

In addition, you get alloy fenders and compatibility with pegs and a handlebar for an extra passenger.

Add the Ride1UP Revv 1 to your shortlist if you want a sleek, feature-rich, affordable moped-style e-bike.

Buy from Ride1UP

2. Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus

Most Customizable Moped-Style Ebike

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus

Price: $1,749

  • Motor: 750W geared hub
  • Battery and Range: 672 Wh Battery / 25-45-mile range
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Weight: 74 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lb

The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus ebike is the best-priced moped-style bicycle known for how customizable it is.

With this versatile fat tire electric bike, you can take advantage of 330 unique accessory combinations available from the company’s online store allowing you to completely personalize your experience with this bike.

However, what makes the RadRunner Plus so popular is the powerful electronics. This includes a 750W/80 Nm motor that will assist you up to 20 mph, combined with a 48V 14Ah battery that offers 45 miles of range. Riders can also take advantage of a 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur to climb hills with more ease and use less battery capacity.

Additionally, the RadRunner Plus has a passenger seat, is fully equipped with a rear rack and fenders, uses powerful mechanical disc brakes, wide 3.3-inch tires with puncture protection, and fork suspension to smooth out all the bumps.

Get it if you want one of the most stylish moped electric bikes on this list that you can customize and make truly your own.

Buy from Rad Power Bikes

3. Electra Ponto Go!

Second Choice! Best-Looking Moped Electric Bike

 MSRP: $2,700

  • Motor: 750W geared hub, 60 Nm
  • Battery and Range: 650 Wh Battery / 61-mile range
  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Weight: 78 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 360 lb

The Ponto Go! is the first moped-style ebike leaving Electra’s manufacturing facilities, and the first impressions are incredibly positive. The bike looks modern and attractive and packs a strong punch in terms of the electronics.

The Ponto Go! boasts a 750W rear hub motor that provides throttle support up to 20 mph and pedal assistance up to 28 mph. Moreover, a removable, lockable 650 Wh battery will provide you with a range of up to 60 mi. on a single charge.

This e-bike is also comfortable to ride due to its fat 20″ x 4″ tires, moped geometry, and a comfortable padded seat with a passenger seat included. You also get an 8-speed rear derailleur, but don’t expect to pedal too much as the geometry is not suitable for long efforts.

Finally,  powerful hydraulic disc brakes ensure you stay safe and in control at high speeds, and you also get extras such as fenders, lights, a suspension fork, and a skirt guard.

Buy from REI

4. Quietkat Lynx

Third Place! Best 1000W Motorcycle-Style Ebike

Quietkat Lynx

Price: $3,999

  • Motor: 1000W geared hub
  • Battery and Range: 960 Wh Battery / 60-mile range
  • Top Speed: 30+ mph
  • Weight: 100 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lb

Quietkat Lynx is an electric moped bike that is both affordable and versatile with heaps of power, speed, and range.

This bike has a powerful rear hub motor with 1000W of power paired with a 960 Wh battery, so you can expect a 60-mile maximum range with light throttle usage.

In sticking with the moped design the Lynx has dual suspension for unbeatable comfort on rough terrain. This suspension, along with 24″ x 4.5-inch puncture-resistant tires and comfortable geometry, makes this bike super comfortable to ride.

Other notable features include LED lights with brake light activation and a bright headlight to help keep you safe and city roads, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and a small rear rack and fenders to make all jobs more convenient.

Get Quietkat Lynx if you want the most powerful model on our list with an exhilarating 30+ mph top speed.

Buy from Quietkat Bikes

5. Engwe M20

Cheapest Dual-Battery Moped Ebike

engwe m20 moped ebike

MSRP: $1,600

  • Motor: 750W geared hub
  • Battery and Range: 13 Ah or 26 Ah Dual / 45-90-mile range
  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Weight: 94-104 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 265 lb

Engwe’s M20 is the company’s newest e-bike which takes on the classic moped style and makes it affordable in true Engwe fashion.

The M20’s electronics include a 750W motor and one or two 48V 13 Ah removable batteries that will provide you with 45-90 miles of range, reaching speeds of 28 mph and peak power of 1000W.

Unfortunately, the M20 only has mechanical disc brakes, which isn’t ideal for a heavy Class 3 e-bike that weighs 94-104 pounds depending on the number of batteries you choose.

Likewise, there is no rear suspension, which means you should expect a bumpier experience if you ride on rough roads or gravel. However, there is a double headlights, fenders, a passenger seat, a kickstand, and a bright rear light.

Overall, if you buy the Engwe M20, you’ll get a stylish e-bike with tons of power at a very affordable price.

Buy from Engwe Bikes

6. Sole E-24

Best Utility Moped Electric Bike

Sole E-24

Price: $1,799

  • Motor: 750W rear hub motor
  • Battery and Range: 720 Wh Battery / 25-40-mile range
  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Weight: 65 lb
  • Weight: 57 lb

The Sole E-24 is minimalist electric moped that’s stylish and has everything you need to enjoy commuting or riding for fun. It has a recognizable moped look, with the standard seating position, which is why we’ve decided to include it on our list.

This bike has a high-quality 750W rear hub motor that can achieve speeds of 28 mph, which is pretty close to what a real moped can do. The max range is 40 miles thanks to the 720 Wh battery.

Additionally, you get a single-speed drivetrain which is expected on a bike in this price range. The pedaling position is not ideal, so the Sole E-24 may not be ideal for extremely long rides.

This moped-style ebike comes with powerful hydraulic disc brakes, wide and comfortable 24″ x 3″ tires, and you can choose between five attractive colors. 

Get it if you want maximum utility and excellent components at a reasonable price!

Buy from Sole Bikes

7. Co-op Cycles Generation e1.1

Best Compact Moped Ebike for Commuting

co-op cycles generation e1.1 ebike

MSRP: $1,499

  • Motor: 350W geared hub
  • Battery and Range: 417 Wh Battery / 30-40-mile range
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Weight: 54 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lb

The Generation e1.1 by Co-op Cycles does not look like a typical moped-style ebike, but we decided to add it to our list because its geometry is very similar to that of a moped.

The Generation e1.1 is a simple bike for city-based riders, lighter than other options on the list at just 54 lb. It has excellent features for city riding including a rear rack, integrated LED lights, and a kickstand.

The drivetrain used is a 7-speed Shimano Altus rear derailleur paired with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and 20 x 2.4″ Schwalbe Super-Moto-X tires with Double Defense.

The Generation is very comfortable to ride and versatile enough for various jobs like commuting or running errands, making it a solid choice for many riders.

Last but not least, this ebike is powered by a 350W rear hub motor and a 417 Wh battery, so you can expect a 20 mph top speed and a 30-40-mile maximum range.

Buy from REI.com

8. Rad Power Bikes RadExpand 5

Affordable and Versatile Folding Moped Ebike

rad power bikes radexpand electric bike

Price: $1,649

  • Motor: 750W geared hub
  • Battery and Range: 672 Wh Battery / 45-mile range
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Weight: 62.5 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 275 lb

The RadExpand 5 is another folding e-bike with all the properties of a versatile all-rounder moped.

This bike uses a large 672 Wh Samsung battery and a 750W rear hub motor to help you reach speeds of up to 20 mph for distances of 45 miles. Additionally, a 7-speed drivetrain provides plenty of gearing options for whatever the road brings.

Wide 4″ shock-absorbing fat tires, a padded saddle and grips, and comfortable geometry make the RadExpand 5 a very enjoyable bike to ride even on rough roads and trails.

Finally, this bike has mechanical disc brakes, is equipped with a rear rack and fenders, LED lights, and a heavy-duty kickstand, which makes it an excellent choice for urban commutes.

Buy from Rad Power Bikes

9. Addmotor Motan M-66X

Affordable Class 2/Class 3 Moped Ebike 

Addmotor Motan M-66X

MSRP: Check on Amazon

  • Motor: 750W geared hub
  • Battery and Range: 960 Wh Battery / 105-mile range
  • Top Speed: 25 mph
  • Weight: 64.4 lb
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lb

The Addmotor Motan M-66X is a moped-style e-bike with lots of power, designed to tackle tough gradients and mixed terrains.

This bike is available with Class 3 capabilities, meaning you can achieve a 25 mph max speed, but you can also ride it with a throttle. 

The 750W motor is located inside the rear hub and the bike also features a Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur. With this setup, you can easily commute around the city, ride on gravel and dirt roads, and climb steep climbs.

Additionally, the Motan M-66X bike comes with a 960 Wh battery to match the power, which means you get a 105-mile maximum range with PAS 1 and minimal throttle.

The Addmotor Motan also has mechanical disc brakes which are powerful, reliable, and require little maintenance.

Finally, Addmotor Bikes has chosen great components like 4-inch all-terrain fat tires, Addshox suspension fork, and integrated lights to round up this build.

Buy from Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a moped-style e-bike?

A moped-style ebike is essentially a regular e-bike with a design close to that of the classic moped. These e-bikes generally have powerful motors and batteries, fat tires, front and rear suspension, and excellent accessories for urban commuting. 

Are ebikes considered mopeds?

No, most e-bikes are not in the same class as mopeds. Class 1-3 are the most common types of ebikes and are distinct from mopeds because they have limited speeds and motor capacities. The key difference is that e-bikes come with pedals and offer pedal assistance in addition to throttle assistance.

What is the difference between an e-bike and an electric moped?

Here are the main differences between an ebike and an electric moped:

  • Motor Power – Ebikes can have a 750W maximum motor power and a 28 mph top speed, whereas mopeds can be stronger and faster.
  • Battery Capacity – Electric mopeds usually have larger battery capacities to sustain their larger motors for similar distances to e-bikes.
  • Range – The difference in ranges is insignificant, however, e-bikes have a slightly lower total range on average.
  • Weight – E-bikes are usually significantly lighter than mopeds.
  • Legal Requirements – Only unrestricted e-bikes are subject to the same legal requirements as electric mopeds.
  • Pedaling – All e-bikes must have functioning pedals, whereas mopeds do not.

Should you get an ebike or a moped?

This question will depend on your individual needs. The most important thing to consider is that an e-bike can be used for exercise and is subject to fewer legal requirements, whereas a moped cannot be used for exercise and must be registered and insured without exception.


9 thoughts on “9 Best Moped-Style E-Bikes to Consider in 2024

  1. Omar Shim says:

    I think in this class of Bikes people are not looking to replace their classic bicycles but are looking to replace short mileage trips in their automobiles or have some fun off-road.

    So, a large motor with good range extra passenger, cargo space and full suspension (front and back).

    1. Editorial Team says:

      Good points, Omar. Thanks for chiming in!

  2. cacarr says:

    E-bikes with 48V batteries should not be on any top-whatwvwr list. 48V is outdated. E-bikes, especially moped-style, should have at least 52V batteries.

    1. Editorial Team says:

      Thank you for your comment! While you may be right, the reality is that the majority of popular manufacturers of moped-style ebikes and other urban-style ebikes use 48V batteries, which is why we have included them on our list. Cheers!

  3. bill says:

    A moped style bike with a frame long enough for 2 older adults. is what Im looking for.
    Mid motor , pedalable, powerful enough for some trails.
    To take along on camping trips.
    Reccomendations ??

    1. Sam Millers says:

      Hey Bill!
      Check out our Best Electric Cargo Bikes guide, you’ll have a better chance of finding what you’re looking for. Personally, I’m a fan of Yuba Mundo or the new Lectric XPremium. Though they are not moped-style bikes, they check your other boxes.

  4. DCA says:

    The Juiced Scorpions (all models) have front and rear suspension. You want 50 ah?…me too…do they even exist?

  5. Dave Bishop says:

    The moped style bikes are of great interest go me. However, I didn’t see one with a rear suspension and none were mid drive. A class 2 bike is what I am looking for but with a mid drive motor of dual power 1KW for compliance in my state while in “ city mode” and 3KW in off road mode. A 72 volt motor with 50 or more AH rating. I have no idea why no one does this.

    1. John Binegar says:

      Basic economics (my Minor in college) of supply vs. demand. If the demand is not expected to be high enough for such a niche product offering it is unlikely they would recover their development costs, let alone sell enough units at considerably higher price to achieve profitability. That is why you would have to build your dream configuration yourself. Let me know how that goes…

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