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Best Electric Bikes for Kids in 2023

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - December 29, 2022   /  20" Bikes, Electric Bikes, Kids, Reviews

The best electric bike for kids is one that allows them to maximize fun and enjoyment while maintaining a safe and easy to control ride.

kids ebikes

Many of us remember our first experience with a bike and for many kids, this can make or break developing a passion for cycling.

If you have a kid who would love to be able to take on difficult mountain climbs or keep up with you on long rides finding the right e-bike for them will surely make all of these activities much more enjoyable and give you both the ability to enjoy cycling together.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some models with the most important features to keep your kid safe and happy.

Table of Contents

24″ wheel e-Bikes

20″ wheel e-Bikes

Electric Balance Bikes


A Quick Guide to Kids’ Electric Bikes

Why get an electric bike for kids?

For parents who cycle it can be difficult to find enough time to cycle with their kids and do their rides. To help solve this problem you can give your child the ability to do difficult rides, go for longer distances, and keep pace with you without overexerting themselves and having as much enjoyment as possible.

Additionally, if you live in an area with lots of hills or with great mountain biking nearby, having an e-bike will make it riding more accessible for your child. Kids’ mountain bikes are fun and usually cheap, but some kids need an electric bike to be able to clear some steep climbs.

Is it even legal for kids to ride an eBike on public roads?

Yes. There are only nine states with limitations on bikes for those under the age of 18. These restrictions mean children must wait till they are either 14, 16, or 18 to start riding. You can see this list of states at the end of the article.

Are e-bikes safe for kids?

In general, yes. E-bikes designed for children are fitted with lots of technology which helps to keep them safe while riding. This includes speed-limiting software, powerful braking systems, reflectors and lighting, and bells.

As long as your child is confident on their bike and experienced enough to use a regular bike they should have no issue switching to a motor-powered bicycle with the correct speed limitations.

Best 24-Inch Electric Bikes for Kids

#1 Jetson LX10

jetson lx10 kids ebike

Best kids’ folding electric bike for ages 12+

kids electric bicycle woom up 5

MSRP: Check on Amazon

The Jetson LX10 5 folding electric bike is a cheap e-bike without a drivetrain for those aged 12 and over. This would surely make riding the most fun activity your child likes to do.

The bike has a speed limit of 15.5mph which when reached automatically shuts off the motor. The motor itself provides 250W of power and provides a great kick that allows your kid to easily take on steep inclines.

Finally, Jetson developed this bike with integrated lights and dual disc brakes to keep your kid safe. 

Specs & Features

  • Disc Brakes
  • 10″ wheels
  • Weight: 36 lbs
  • Max Payload: 260 lbs


  • 250W motor
  • Max Assisted Speed: 15.5mph

Buy on Amazon.com

#2 Eclypse Astra

eclypse astra kids electric balance bike

MSRP: Check on Amazon

The Eclypse Astra children’s electric bike opens up opportunities for children to enjoy learning to ride.

Using an 18V 4Ah battery, your kid can expect to practice with power for between 45 and 75 minutes. Additionally, there are three power modes and a safe assisted max speed of 11mph. Additionally, a lightweight chassis ensures the bike is fun to use without the motor.

This electric bike for young kids uses a twist throttle, 16″ pneumatic tires, and a powerful rear drum brake to ensure a safe and fun time learning.

Specs & Features

  • Steel Frame
  • Drum Brake
  • 16″ Pneumatic Tires
  • Weight: 21 lbs


  • 18V Brushless motor
  • Max Assisted Speed: 11mph
  • 18V 4Ah Battery

Buy from Amazon.com

#3 woom UP 6

2.4″ wide tire boys electric bike for slightly rougher trails

woom up 6 kids mtb

MSRP: $3,749
woom Bikes

The UP 6 by woom is a hardtail eBike for kids with great off-road ability and super smooth power transfer.

Give your kid the ability to keep up on the mountain trails with a premium 250W/55Nm Fazua Evation mid-drive motor. This motor combines with a 250Wh battery giving huge ranges with support from a precise-shifting 11-Speed SRAM NX drivetrain.

This bike is fitted with some key child-specific components including the frame geometry and hydraulic air suspension fork with 90 mm travel for smaller, lighter riders. Additionally, there are ergonomically adapted handlebars and brake levers, and an ergonomically designed saddle to fit children’s biomechanics.

woom up 6 electric bike

Finally, premium hydraulic disc brakes by Promax, wide 26 x 2.35″ Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires, and Superlight woom OFF DISCO TEC double-chamber aluminum rims ensure this bike handles perfectly on rough trails.

Specs & features

  • Aluminum Frame
  • Hydraulic air suspension fork 90mm
  • Promax Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 11-Speed SRAM NX
  • 26 x 2.35″ Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires
  • Weight: 37 lbs


  • 250W Fazua Evation motor
  • Torque: 55nm
  • 250Wh Battery

Get from woombikes.com

#4 Mondraker F-Play 24

Mondraker battery bike for kids

MSRP: $3,899

Kids’ electric bikes don’t get much better than Mondraker’s F-Play 24 full-suspension e-bike designed for tackling wicked mountain trails.

A Mahle-Ebikemotion X-35 mid-drive motor takes the effort out of tackling steep inclines and gives kids the ability to go harder for longer. This motor pairs nicely with a 250Wh battery and a reliable 10-Speed Shimano Deore drivetrain.

Using forward geometry, the handling of this bike is made easier, boosted even further by a custom child-specific RockShox Judy fork with Zero Suspension giving 100mm travel on both ends.

Finally, hydraulic disc brakes, the wide 2.4″ Kenda Booster tires, and kids’ touchpoints provide a great, versatile children’s mountain bike.

Specs & Features

  • 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • Zero Suspension,120mm Travel
  • Tektro Auriga HDM291 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 10-Speed Shimano Deore M5120 derailleur
  • 24×2.4″ Kenda Booster Tires
  • Weight: 36 lbs


  • Mahle-Ebikemotion X-35 Mid-Drive Motor
  • 250Wh Battery

Rear suspension of Mondraker F24 kids electric bike

Get from Mondraker

#5 Bulls Twenty4 E

A high-end kids’ eBike

Bulls e bike for kids

MSRP: $3,499
Bulls Bikes

Bulls Bikes Twenty4 E 24-inch electric bike for kids is an expensive model that easily earns its price tag with tons of features and quality.

This kids’ electric bicycle allows your kids to join you on tough rides thanks to a premium ultra-smooth 250W Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor. This motor makes each pedal stroke enjoyable no matter the gradient and limits your kid to a 15.5mph assisted speed for a whopping 134 miles on a single charge.

The components that make this bike easy to control and comfortable off-road include an, 80mm travel suspension fork, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes,high-tread 2.1″ Schwalbe Black Jack tires, and ergonomic touchpoints.

Additionally, the Twenty4 E is fitted with lights for safety along with internal cable routing for a stylish look.

Specs & Features

  • 7005 Aluminum Frame
  • SR XCT-JR L 24” Suspension
    80mm Travel
  • Tektro HD-M286 Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 8-Speed Shimano Alivio derailleur
  • 24×2.1″ Schwalbe Black Jack Tires
  • Weight: 45.3 lbs


  • 250W Bosch Active Line Plus Mid-Drive Motor
  • Max Assisted Speed: 15.5mph
  • 500Wh Battery

2 Bulls 24 inch electric bikes

Recommended rider height: 4’1″ to 4’9″

Get from Bulls Bikes

#6 Ben-E-Bike TWENTYFOUR-SIX E-Power

A mullet kids mountain bike – 26″ & 24″

white boys electric bike by Ben's E-Bikes

MSRP: €2,049

Ben-E-Bike’s TWENTYFOUR-SIX E-Power youth electric bike is an affordable and durable choice optimized for kids’ enjoyment.

This hybrid-style kids bike comes with a unique mixed wheel design (26″ and 24″) which boosts stability and rollover ability, while also making for more precise and maneuverable handling on trails. Additionally, a larger wheel upfront reduces the need for fork suspension making for a better value bike.

For the electronics, there is a 250Wh battery powering a 30Nm torque rear-hub motor supported by a 10-speed Shimano ZEE drivetrain. Finally, hydraulic disc brakes, road-smoothing Schwalbe Rocket Ron Addix tires, and a superlow 25lb base make this bike a joy to ride for any kid.

Specs & Features

  • 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • Rigid Fork
  • BEB Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 10-Speed Shimano ZEE
  • 26×2.1″ (Front), 24×2.1″ (Rear) Schwalbe Rocket Ron Addix Tires
  • Weight: 25 lbs


  • Brushless DC Rear-Hub Motor
  • Torque: 30nm
  • 250Wh Battery

Recommended Sizes:

Rider Height: 46″ – 58″
Leg Inseam: From 23.6″

Get from Ben E-Bike

Best 20-Inch EBikes for Kids

#7 woom UP 5

A premium kids’ e-bike with age-specific geometry and components

woom up 5 ebike

MSRP from $3,599

Kids’ bike brand woom is the leading producer of premium bikes for children across all ages. 

For power, the UP 5 has a premium Fazua Evation mid-drive motor with 55Nm of torque, providing max assisted speeds of up to 12mph and tons of range. Additionally, you have an 11-Speed SRAM NX drivetrain which helps you get the most from your motor and battery.

This bike uses comfortable and stable off-road geometry and versatile components including 24 x 2.35″ Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires, a 6061 aluminum frame, and Promax hydraulic disc brakes, which give it a great ride quality. 

All woom bikes are designed with child-specific components and geometry that make riding enjoyable, comfortable, and safe for the listed age range. 

Specs & Features

  • 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • Hydraulic air suspension fork, 90mm travel
  • Promax hydraulic disc brakes
  • 1×11-speed SRAM NX Eagle
  • 24 x 2.35″ Schwalbe Rocket Ron tires
  • Weight: 35.6lbs


  • 250W mid-drive 
  • Torque: 55nm
  • Max Assisted Speed: 12mph
  • 250Wh Battery

Buy from woom

#8 Swagtron EB6

Kids’ fat-tire eBike for soft surface exploring

electric bike for teenager

MSRP: Check on Amazon

Swagtron’s EB6 motorized bicycle for kids is the cheapest high-power choice with great off-road capability.

This bike has a 350W motor which provides max speeds of 18.6mph for distances of up to 20 miles on full electric mode and much higher ranges when you use the 7-speed Shimano SIS drivetrain.

The EB6 also has wide 4″ fat tires and dual disc brakes which allow it to perform great off-road or on city streets. Additionally, the battery is removable and replaced with a spare one for even greater ranges and has helpful USB charging functionality.

Specs & Features

  • Rigid Frame & Fork
  • Dual Disc Brakes
  • 1×7-Speed Shimano SIS
  • 20×4″ Fat Tires
  • Weight: 48.5 lbs


  • 350W Rear-Hub Motor
  • Torque: 45nm
  • Max Assisted Speed: 18.6mph
  • Lithium-Ion Removable Battery
  • Charge Time: 4-5 Hours

Get from Amazon.com

#9 Sailnovo 14″ Kids’ Bike

Kids’ folding electric bike

sailnovo kids' 14" folding bike

MSRP: Check on Amazon

The 14″ e-bike by Sailnovo is a great low-power entry-level folding bicycle for teens and kids to get the most out of cycling.

This Sailnovo bike has a child-safe 350W motor with three levels of power and a max speed of 18.5mph to keep your kid in control. This motor powers with a 36V 10.4Ah battery that lasts up to 37 miles.

This folding bike has comfortable touchpoints, upright riding geometry, a central shock absorber, double disc brakes, and LED lights.


  • Central Suspension
  • Dual Disc Brakes
  • Folding


  • 350W Rear-Hub Motor
  • 3 Power Levels (Small, Medium, Large Assist)
  • 10.4Ah 36V Battery
  • Range: 37 Miles
  • Charge Time: 5-6 Hours

Get from Amazon.com

Best Electric Balance Bikes for Kids

#10 Broc USA Electric Balance Bike

broc usa electric balance bike

MSRP: Check on Amazon

The Broc electric balance bike for kids has a fun, confidence-building design and an affordable price tag. 

This bike has a 100W motor and 150Wh battery that lasts for at least an hour and provides plenty of power for young kids learning to ride. The alloy frame and comfy seat also make it enjoyable to ride. 

The Broc balance bike has grippy BMX-style tires, an easy-to-reach brake lever for the rear drum brake, and a 12mph speed limit for safety. 

Specs & Features

  • Alloy frame
  • Drum brake
  • BMX-tread tires
  • Max Payload: 110 lbs


  • 100W motor
  • 150Wh battery

Get from Amazon.com

#11 Joystar Kids Mini Electric Balance Bike

Kids electric balance bike for 3-9-year-olds

joystar kids electric balance bike

MSRP:  Check on Amazon

The Joystar mini kid’s electric balance bike is designed for parents who want to give their kids an exhilarating first biking experience.

This e-bike fits kids aged three to nine with an inseam of between 18 and 20″. It has an 80W motor that allows learners to reach 4mph so they can practice safely on the balance bike.

Firstly, kids learn to push the bike and balance while also using the brake. The next step is to add some light power. The Joystar balance bike’s battery charges in two to three hours and lasts four to seven miles.

The bike is made with a durable steel frame, 16″ pneumatic tires, a chain cover, and a 75lb capacity. 


  • Steel Frame
  • 16″ Wheels and pneumatic Tires
  • Weight: 25.35lbs


  • Rear-hub 80W motor 
  • 107Wh battery
  • 4-7 mile range
  • Charge Time: 2-3 hours

Buy on Amazon

#12 Hiboy BK1

hiboy bk1 kids balance electric bike

MSRP: Check on Amazon

The Hiboy BK1 is an electric balance bike that gives kids the opportunity to learn cycling fundamentals with the added fun of motor support.

This toddler electric bike provides a comfortable riding experience for young children due to its ergonomic design including a low seat height and a comfortable saddle.

The 100W motor on the BK1 has two settings and a max speed of 9mph which allows enough speed to have fun while staying safe. The 30-50 minutes ride time leaves plenty of time to practice. Finally, the bike weighs just 17.6lbs.


  • Aluminum Frame
  • 12″ Wheels
  • Weight: 17.6 lbs
  • Max Payload: 88 lbs


  • 100W Motor
  • Max Speed: 9mph
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Range: 6.2 Miles
  • Charge Time: 2-3 Hours

Buy on Amazon

#13 Massimo E16

massimo e16 electric balance bike

MSRP: Check on Amazon

The Massimo E16 is another kids’ electric balance bike with chunky tires that offer tons of grip and stability. 

This e-bike is ideal for kids aged five and older. The 350W rear hub motor packs a punch and can be set at 9mph or 15.5mph top speed. Impressively, the frame-mounted battery can last up to six hours. 

The Massimo E16 is also quite comfortable thanks to the wider tires on 16″ wheels. In addition, the seat adjusts between 18 and 22″ so your kids can keep riding as they grow. 

Finally, an easy-to-reach brake lever powers a rear disc brake to provide plenty of stopping power. 

Specs & Features

  • Fits riders 5-12 (18-22″ saddle height)
  • 16″ wheels
  • Rear disc brake
  • Weight: 22lbs


  • 350W motor
  • Range: 6 hours

Finally, this bike is designed with a small frame that is perfect for riders under 5′ 6″.

Buy from Amazon


Do bike companies make e-bikes for kids?

Yes, there are many manufacturers of kids’ e-bikes. As seen in this article, there are various sizes and styles available for different age groups up to the age of 18. Anyone can benefit from riding an e-bike, including your kids, so cycling brands try to include models for all ages.

At what age can you ride an electric bike?

In the USA, there are 9 states (plus Washington D.C.), that limit the minimum age requirement for e-biking:

  • Hawaii – 18
  • Massachusetts – 16
  • North Carolina – 16
  • Oregon – 16
  • Pennsylvania – 16
  • Washington D.C. – 16
  • Minnesota – 15
  • New Mexico – 15
  • South Carolina – 15
  • Alaska – 14

The rest of the States have no legal minimum age requirement for riding an e-bike.

Can a 12-year-old ride an electric bike?

Mostly yes, but not in some states.

In 41 states, there are no age restrictions for e-bikes. See the list above to find out the States, where a 12-year-old kid CAN NOT ride an e-bike.

Should I get an electric bike for children?

The answer depends on whether or not you would like your child to join you on your rides.

For many cyclists, giving your kids the ability to keep up and go on longer rides without tiring provides extra opportunities for parent and child bonding. Additionally, it allows your children to enjoy all kinds of rides and experience everything cycling has to offer from a young age.

How to choose an electric bike for kids?

Choosing a kids’ bike involves three main questions:

  • What type of riding are you going to be doing?
  • What is your budget?
  • How old is your child?

When you figure this out you can choose the style of bike, the size, and level of components you can afford. When you’re going to buy, look for something that is lightweight and has child-specific components that are easy to adjust. For the most part, an average battery and motor combination should work great.

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