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QuietKat Ranger Review — Hunting-Ready Powerful Fat E-Bike

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - November 16, 2023   /  Electric Bikes, Hardtail, Quietkat, Reviews


quietkat ranger review

The Ranger by QuietKat is a premium fat-tire e-bike with all of the specs needed to support a backcountry trip. The Ranger’s high-end components can withstand harsh terrain and it has enough power to handle any challenge. This e-bike is highly versatile and acts as the perfect companion to any person who is at home in remote mountains and forests.

Remote bicycle touring, hunting expeditions, angling trips, and cross-country trail riding are all environments where the Ranger flourishes.

QuietKat is known in the e-bike hunting community as a producer of silent motors, making their bikes ideal for hunting trips as riders do not have to worry about a loud motor scaring their target.

If you are in the market for a powerful, feature-rich e-bike for under $3,000, look no further than this tough and durable bicycle. It will be alongside you over every yard of the way for years to come.

Is Ranger the best electric hunting bike for under $3,000?

quietkat electric bike

The Ranger comes in two distinct styles, Sandstone on the left and Veil Poseidon Dry Camo on the right

The Ranger is surely one of, if not the best electric hunting bike at its price. In general, premium models with similar features to the Ranger can cost over $4,000, making this bike an excellent investment.

This new model has been updated to conveniently include an integrated pannier rack along with an integrated motor and battery for a sleek, tidy look.

$2,599 (500W motor)
$3,299 (750W motor)
$3,499 (1000W motor)

Buy QuietKat Ranger

QuietKat Ranger Quick Specs

QuietKat Brand QuietKat
Ranger Model Ranger 5.0 (NEW)
Electric, Mountain, Hardtail Type Electric, Mountain, Hardtail
2020 Model Year 2023
Off-Road, Trails, Hunting, Sand and Snow Designed For Off-Road, Trails, Hunting, Sand and Snow
From $3,299 Price (USD) 2,399
High-Step Frame Types High-Step
15.5″ / 17″ / 19″ Frame Sizes 18″
Under 5’6″ / 5’6″ – 6′ / 6’+ Recommended Rider Height One Size Fits All
26″ Wheel Size 26″
Class 2 E-Bike Class Class 2
20mph (Adjustable) Max Speed 20mph
Up to 48 Range (mi) Up to 40
750W / 1,000W Motor 500W
Rear-Hub Motor Type Rear-Hub
48V, 11.6Ah, 557Wh Panasonic Battery 48V, 10.4Ah, 500Wh
US Standard Charger US Standard
Yes Throttle Yes
Digital LCD Display Digital LCD
5 Pedal-Assist Levels Modes 5 Pedal-Assist Levels
1×7-Speed SRAM Derailleur Single-Speed
6061-Aluminum Alloy Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Mozo Coil Front Suspension Suspension Rigid Fork
Tektro Mechanical Brakes Tektro Mechanical
203 Rotors (mm) 203
26×4.5″ Kenda Juggernaut Tires 26×4.5″ Kenda Juggernaut
65 Weight (lbs) 61
325 Max weight (lbs) 325
1 Year Warranty on Components / Lifetime Warranty on Frame
1 Year Warranty on Components / Lifetime Warranty on Frame

QuietKat Ranger Full Review

The QuietKat Ranger is an excellent choice for anybody who wants a quality mountain e-bike at a reasonable price. Hunting specific e-bikes must be quiet, have good range and power for difficult terrain. They should include essential components such as a pannier rack, suspension, and an LCD screen while also being able to support enough load to pack out your catch.

The Ranger does all of this and more, including wide, grippy tires, excellent suspension, and a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame. All of this makes this e-bike a joy to ride on tough terrain. The one place where the Ranger falls short is the battery size. At just 11.6Ah, the Ranger’s battery means it has limited range, one slight downside to this all-around excellent bike.

750W or 1000W Hub Motor

Rear hub motor of QuietKat Ranger

Bafang Brushless DC Hub Motor

QuietKat offers the choice of two motors on their new Ranger. The 750W motor is sufficiently powerful, allowing most riders to achieve speeds of up to 20mph in only a few seconds, or offering enough kick to tackle steep hills.

However, the 1000W motor does offer an extra edge, making climbing easier for heavier riders, or when you want to load your bike up with your latest catch.

Finally, it’s worth noting that gear hub motors generally require less maintenance compared to mid-drive motors and because these motors work independently of your drivetrain, if something in your drivetrain breaks, you can still make it home using the throttle only.

Is a 1000W eBike legal?

Electric bicycle laws in different states are not the same. By default, the QuietKat Ranger speed is limited to 20 mph, so the bike would be legal as an electric bicycle in the United States. If you have a 1000W version and you are on private land, you can change the speed limiter. Please check your local regulations to be sure.

48V lithium-ion Panasonic Battery

The updated Ranger now comes with the battery integrated into the down tube, improving the protection of the battery in the event of a crash or if the bike falls. The battery can be taken out easily using the keys that come with the bike.

This 11.6Ah battery has a range of between 23 and 48 miles, depending on variables such as rider weight, gradient, terrain, and assistance usage.

As mentioned above, we believe the battery is the only real weak spot of the ranger given its price. However, QuietKat does offer a battery upgrade at checkout for around $500.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

If the battery is totally empty and you use the standard charger or solar charger, it takes about 6-8 hours. There is also available a Pathfinder Rapid Charger, which would fully charge the battery in 3-6 hours.

Gearing and Braking

7-speed SRAM drivetrain and mechanical Tektro disc brakes on QuietKat Ranger

Ranger has a 7-speed SRAM drivetrain and mechanical disc brakes by Tektro.

Tektro’s mechanical disc brakes are some of the best available, providing excellent stopping power on all terrain. The Ranger uses large 203mm rotors in order to provide better stopping power for times when the bike is heavily loaded.

These mechanical brakes are easier to maintain and repair while traveling in remote areas, making them more favorable for hunting bikes. The Ranger’s brakes have also been synced with the motor, meaning the motor automatically shuts off when the brakes are activated to stop the two forces competing, improving your stopping power further.

Additionally, these brakes make less noise than hydraulic disc brakes, adding to the stealthy style of the Ranger.

Mozo Coil Suspension

One of the most important components of any mountain bike is suspension. The Ranger hardtail e-bike comes fitted with a front fork coil suspension, reducing the vibrations that transfer to your arms, and ultimately delivering a super smooth ride even on the roughest of terrain.

When compared to the more expensive air suspension, coil outperforms air in price, maintenance needs, reliability, comfort, and ability to withstand overheating, making them the better choice for overall performance. Finally, coil suspensions are heavier, however, with the power of the Ranger, this doesn’t pose any problem.

Ultra-Fat Tires

The Kenda Juggernaut 26” x 4.5”’s are some of the best fat tires you can buy. These lightweight tires have an impressive width of 4.5″, providing peak traction and shock absorption on the trail, no matter how soft or rough.

These durable, puncture-resistant tires greatly reduce the maintenance needed and will perform time and again on the toughest of trails. When combined with coil suspension and mechanical disc brakes, these tires help you stay in control and comfortable no matter what conditions arise.

Kenda Juggernaut 26″ x 4.5″

  • One of the lightest fat bike tires on the market
  • Large casing for better flotation in snow
Pro Tip:

If you ride in very soft conditions, you can deflate the tires as low as 8PSI. It gives you much better traction in mud, sand, or snow.

Aluminum Frame

  • Stainless hardware
  • Aluminum tubular framing
  • Never rust when properly maintained
  • Lifetime warranty

The Ranger’s frame is made from lightweight and durable 6061 aluminum alloy. QuietKat chose this material because of the balance between performance and durability, as it is resistant to wear and exposure yet lighter than a steel frame.

This lighter weight helps to keep the Ranger to a very reasonable net weight of 65lbs (for a fat-tire e-bike), once all the other essential e-bike components are added. Additionally, QuietKat has improved the frame geometry in their updated version, optimizing ride quality and handling with better weight distribution.

The Quietkat Ranger is available in three frame sizes. The small 15.5″ frame is for riders 5’6″ and under, the medium 17″ frame is for those between 5’6″ and 6′, and the large 19″ frame is for those 6′ and over.

QuietKat Ranger Size Recommendation

15.5″ (S) – Under 5’6″ to 6′
17″ (M) – 5’6″ – 6
19″ (L) – 6’+ and over

Large Display

Screenshot of the video where QuietKat display functions are explained

The Ranger’s digital LCD display is a great additional component that is very useful when riding. The screen is located in the middle of the handlebar. It is a perfect size, not too bulky, and easy to read both day and night.

On the screen, riders can see their main ride stats like speed, total distance traveled, battery life, power output, and riding mode. Along with the metrics, you can control the motor system.

Riders can choose from four levels of pedal-assistance (eco, standard, or power), throttle mode, or walk mode (push and hold minus button) depending on the difficulty of the terrain and the remaining battery.

Holding the top two buttons on the button pad brings up different metrics on the screen such as max speed, average speed, and time since the bike was turned on. Finally, pushing and holding the up button turns on and off the screen backlight.


2 quietkat rangers, one colored in sandstone, other in poseidon dry camo

QuietKat Ranger e-bike is available in 2 different color codes – “Sandstone” and “Veil Poseidon Dry Camo”

The QuietKat Ranger can be bought with a choice between two distinct styles, Veil Poseidon Dry Camo or Sandstone.

Both of these designs work well for disguising your bike while on a hunt. The colors do not stand out in the environment, helping you stay unnoticed to potential prey animals in the area.

The camo version is the more effective finish of the two and provides excellent camouflaging in many environments. For this reason, this model is priced $100 higher than the sandstone one.

Ride Quality

The Ranger is built to perform well in rough trails, and soft or loose terrain. The inclusion of large thread, 4.5″ tires gives riders plenty of control and traction on snow and sand. QuietKat also put a lot of emphasis on optimizing the weight distribution and geometry in the latest model, making ride quality and handling significantly better than previous versions.

On rough mountain trails and gravel roads, this e-bike performs great, mainly due to fork coil suspension, and the wide, shock-absorbent tires.

As the Ranger has a rear-drive motor, riding uphills is a little less smooth compared to a mid-drive e-bike, however, there is still plenty of power for the job.

Additionally, this e-bike is quite heavy, so it can be difficult to maneuver at low speeds over soft terrain, so using the “eco” pedal assistance on soft ground is important. Finally, it’s obvious from first glance that the Ranger is made for the outdoors, so although it rides well in urban environments, it is bulky for weaving in and out of traffic.

Customer Feedback

  • “The Ranger did everything I expected and even more. Went through mud and snow to my hunting stand with no issues at all.”
  • “Quality construction, great customer service, and a whole lot of fun. I highly recommend this bike.”
  • “Had a knee replacement in May and this bike is going to allow me to still get to places I like to hunt without straining my knee.”
  • Customer Rating: 4.8 / 5 out of 19+ reviews

About QuietKat

QuietKat is the leading manufacturer of electric bikes for Overlanding, hunting, fishing, and adventuring through the great outdoors. Their bikes are optimized for tough conditions typical of the wilderness but function perfectly for day-to-day use too.

The company takes pride in the rigorous testing of their bikes in some of the toughest terrain in their home state of Colorado. Their team works tirelessly to deliver top-quality products with a focus on durability, functionality, and of course, silence.

QuietKat Bikes Range

The company offers a wide range of e-bikes ranging from $2,799 to $6,299 for adults and a $2,499 option for kids. Each bike is optimized for a specific type of riding, however, they all perform well as utility bikes to be ridden on rough terrains.

The Ranger and Apex are designed primarily as hunting e-bikes. The Warrior, RidgeRunner, and Jeep QuietKat’s are especially effective on the toughest terrain, outperforming their competition in control and performance on steep hills and rough trails.  The Sherpa is QuietKat’s cargo-style e-bike, while the folding Voyager bicycle makes transport and travel easy.

Jeep Full-Suspension from
44mi 26×4.8″ 9 70 Hydraulic Air 300 750 / 1000 14.5Ah/48V
Ibex Full-Suspension from $6,799 63mi 26×4.8″ 9 70 Hydraulic Air 300 1000 21Ah/48V
Apex Hardtail from $5,499 58mi 26×4.5″ 9 71 Hydraulic Air 325 750/1000/1500
17.5Ah/52V, 14.5Ah/48V
Ranger Hardtail from $3,499 48mi 26×4.5″ 7 65 Mechanical Coil 325   11.6Ah/48V
Villager City from $3,199 40mi 26×3″ 7 50 Mechanical Coil 325 500 11.6Ah/48V
Pioneer Rigid from $2,499 29mi 26×4″ 1 61 Mechanical Rigid 325 500/750 9.6Ah/48V

QuietKat Ranger Accessories

All of QuietKat’s bikes are highly customizable, allowing easy installation of their brand-specific accessories to make your outdoor adventure easier and more enjoyable.

Single-Wheel All-Terrain Cargo Trailer

Adding a bike trailer to your setup is an excellent idea for anybody who needs to carry very heavy or bulky items (up to 100lbs capacity) on a trip, for example, hunters who want to pack out elk or deer following their hunt.

This cargo trailer weighs 36lbs and is highly maneuverable due to its narrow width and being on one wheel. It also comes with suspension, making it very stable on rough terrain. The trailer is attached easily by a through-axle connection that comes with it.

QK1UP Bike Rack With Fat Tire Kit

QK 1UP Bike Rack With Fat Tire Kit

Designed and Manufactured in the USA, QuietKat’s Fat Tire E-Bike Rack is the perfect way to travel to remote areas with your Ranger. It is a simple and secure rack that is tailored for QuietKat bikes, fitting standard 2″ inch hitch receivers.

The rack weighs 28lbs, fits wheel sizes 16″ to 19″, and can secure up to three fat-tire bikes safely without the rack touching the frames. When you’re not using it, it folds neatly into a small block.

Portable Solar Charging Station

Portable Solar Charging Station for QuietKat eBike

Because all QuietKat bike motors are powered by batteries, having a charging source while on an overnight or multi-day trip is essential. Using their portable solar charging station you can spend days on a remote hunt or tour without worrying about charging up.

The panel connects directly to the e-bike battery for convenience and charges the battery at a similar speed to a domestic outlet, as long as it is in direct sunlight. The panel also fits easily into any of QuietKat’s Pannier bags.

Gore Cargo Cooler

One of the QuietKat accessories - Gore Cargo Cooler

A Gore Cargo Cooler is the perfect accessory for any outdoor trip where you want the comforts of a cold beverage or need to keep food refrigerated. It is designed to fit snugly into the single-wheel cargo trailer and has a 50L carrying capacity.

The cooler can also be used as a dry bag, providing a padded and waterproof compartment to protect any delicate gear from exposure while out exploring or hunting.

E-Bike Home Tool Kit

E-Bike Home Tool Kit for QuietKat electric bicycle

For any aspiring home mechanic, don’t miss out on QuietKat’s e-bike home tool kit. This kit comes with 22 e-bike specific tools that allow you to carry out any standard maintenance jobs or repairs.

To make transport easy, the kit fits into QuietKat’s pannier bags so you can take it along on any long trips.

Shop QuietKat Accessories

QuietKat Ranger vs. Rambo Bikes Roamer

QuietKat Ranger hunting bike vs Rambo Bikes the Roamer

Ranger vs The Roamer

Both QuietKat’s Ranger and Rambo Bikes’ Roamer are excellent options for any cyclist who loves the great outdoors. These hunting-style e-bikes are designed to perform as the ultimate hunting companion, and each one does so, with a couple of distinctions.

QuietKat’s motors are optimized for silence, making their e-bikes the quietest available on the market.

Where the Ranger shines is its extra load capacity (25lbs more), wider tires for better control on soft surfaces, wider gearing (7 vs 5-speed), and the sleek look and durability advantage of the internally stored battery.

Although the Roamer has a better battery, the Ranger has a greater max range due to having a wider range of pedal assistance, canceling out this advantage. The strong area for the Roamer is the internal hub gears, greatly reducing maintenance and repair needs compared to exposed gears and common derailleur issues.

This bike also has a better mid-drive motor, the superior option when it comes to e-bike motors.

In the end, with a balanced level of components and features between the two bikes, the main distinction is the price of the Roamer coming in at $400 more than the most expensive 1000W version of the Ranger. This makes us lean slightly more towards the Ranger in terms of value for money.

  QuietKat Ranger Rambo Roamer
Motor 750W / 1000W Hub-Drive 750W Bafang Mid-Drive
Battery 48V 11.6 Ah Panasonic 48V 14Ah Samsung
Range up to 48mi up to 35mi
Brakes Mechanical Hydraulic
Tires 26″ x 4.5″ Kenda 26″ x 4.0″ Kenda
Gears 7 speeds 5 speeds
Frame Size 15.5″ / 17″ / 19″ 19″
Weight 65 lbs 63 lbs
Load Capacity 325 lbs 300 lbs
Price $2,799 – $3,099 $3,499


Can I climb hills and mountains with QuietKat Ranger?

QuietKat Ranger like all other QuietKat electric mountain bikes can climb very steep hills and mountain trails. QuietKat eBikes are tested on the hills of the Rocky Mountains.

Is QuietKat better than ATV?

QuietKat electric bikes are quiet, exhaust-free, and therefore environmentally friendly. ATVs are very noisy and harmful to the environment because they create exhaust by burning the fuel. Also, QuietKat electric bike is very portable, while transport of ATV is more complicated.

Where are QuietKat bikes made?

The QuietKat company is based in Eagle, Colorado, but the frames are manufactured in Asia in order to reduce production costs. This is something that all big bike brands do to be able to offer their bikes at more competitive prices.

Conclusion – Is QuietKat Ranger Worth the Money?

It’s true that the QuietKat Ranger doesn’t come cheap. However, when compared to other hunting e-bikes in a similar price range, it is very competitive in price and quality.

Because QuietKat specializes in this type of off-road e-bike, they have been able to perfect their bikes, especially the Ranger, to perform in hunt-specific environments.

It comes with an industry-leading silent motor, stealthy bike designs, and excellent handling on the most difficult terrain, allowing riders to reach extremely remote locations.

For all of the value that the Ranger brings to Overlanding, hunting, angling, or adventuring, our opinion is that the price tag is well justified. Additionally, pairing the bike with some of the helpful accessories like the portable solar charging station can really make any long trip a breeze.

If you are searching for the perfect hunting or mountain electric bike for $3,000 or less, then look no further than the superb QuietKat Ranger, you will not be disappointed (and you can test ride the bike for 30 days risk-free).

Buy QuietKat Ranger

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