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Rad Power Bikes Radster Review: Next-Level Power and Safety for the Money

By Editorial Team   /  Last updated - June 18, 2024   /  Electric Bikes, Rad Power Bikes, Reviews

rad power bikes radster ebike

Rad Power Bikes is freshening up its lineup of accessible e-bikes with two brand-new and exciting models for 2024—Radster Road and Radster Trail.

Not only is the brand expanding its offering, but it’s also taking safety to the next level by introducing Safe Shield batteries that boast fire-resistant technology. 

The Radster Road and Radster Trail are also pioneering torque sensors, Class 3 performance, and revamped hub motors with 100 Nm of torque. Therefore, there’s a lot to be excited about. 

A few important questions remain: are the Radster e-bikes worth the $2,199 price tag? And if yes, who should consider buying them?

Read on as we share our thoughts and answer other important questions.

9Expert Score
MSRP $2,199

Affordable urban and trail-equipped e-bikes with high-tech features and good value for the money.

  • 100 Nm motor
  • 65-mile max range
  • Class 3 top speed and torque sensors
  • Fire-resistant batteries
  • Smart locking features
  • 7.5h charging time
  • Relatively heavy at 75+ lb

Rad Power Bikes Radster Main Specs

  • MSRP: $2,199
  • Motor: 750W rear hub, 100 Nm (Torque sensor)
  • Battery: 720Wh
  • Drivetrain: 8-speed Shimano
  • Range: 25-65 Miles
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Tire Size: 29″ x 2.2″ (Road), 27.5″ x 3.0″ (Trail)
  • Weight: 74.5 lb (Road), 77.5 lb (Trail)
  • Payload Capacity: 320 lb (Road), 370 lb (Trail)

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Rad Power Bikes Radster Full Review

What do you need to know about the Rad Power Bikes Radster e-bikes?

In short, the Radster is available in two distinct builds called the Radster Road and Radster Trail, each of which is offered in two frame sizes—Regular and Large. 

These bikes are intended for urban riding/commuting and light off-road riding, respectively. Therefore, they differ in terms of wheel and tire size (and a few other details), but the platform on top of which they’re built is the same.

Rad Power Bikes takes safety seriously with new fire-resistant Safe Shield batteries and a generous 25-65 mile range.

With a price of $2,199 (standard for Rad Power Bikes), the Radster offers excellent bang for the buck, considering it has a 100 Nm motor, torque sensors, Class 3 performance, and fire-resistant batteries. 

Let’s dive deeper into all of these features and more in the full review below.

Two Frame Options and Two Builds

Radster road and trail electric bikes

So, as mentioned above, the Rad Power Bikes Radster is available in two builds—Road and Trail—and two frame options, Regular and Large. 

Who is each build best suited for?

Well, if you’re someone who uses an e-bike to commute, run errands, or fetch groceries and you don’t wander away from paved roads, you should get the Radster Road model, which fits in a similar category as the RadCity 5 Plus. It comes with 29″ x 2.2″ wheels and tires, which are more efficient on smooth roads and bike paths. 

However, if you’re more adventurous and you like exploring off the beaten path from time to time, you should definitely go with the Radster Trail, which is more similar to the RadRover 6 Plus. It features beefier 27.5″ x 3.0″ wheels and tires, so it will allow you to navigate gravel roads and light trails with ease. 

Keep in mind that, aside from the wheels and tires, there aren’t any major differences between the two builds. Sure, they have different fenders and handlebars, but the suspension fork is the same SR Suntour 80mm, and all the electronics are identical.

Powerful 100 Nm Rear Hub Motor

The upgrade that Rad Power Bikes fans will appreciate the most is the new and improved 750W rear hub motor. Instead of 60 Nm of torque that you got before, the Radster now boasts 100 Nm. This difference will really show on steep climbs, where Radster will not struggle to perform even under heavy loads. 

The Radster offers a powerful 100 Nm motor and a torque sensor for smooth acceleration and effortless hill climbing.

Another massive improvement is the fact that Rad finally said goodbye to cadence sensors and replaced them with a smoother and more advanced torque sensor. To be honest, this switch has been long due. For example, Aventon’s e-bikes are similarly priced but have been running torque sensors for a while. 

Torque sensing and a 100 Nm motor enable Radster e-bikes to reach a 28 mph Class 3 top speed, which is another step in the right direction. 

These are all things that riders and reviewers used to criticize Rad Power Bikes for, so it seems that the Seattle brand is listening and responding appropriately. 

Fire-Resistant 720 Wh Battery

radster safe shield battery

E-bike battery related fires have become a massive problem lately. So much so that the “batteries sparked 268 fires in 2023 that killed 18 people and injured 150 others” in NYC alone, according to The New York Times.

This is the main reason why Rad Power Bikes took a proactive step and equipped its new e-bikes with Safe Shield batteries. These batteries feature thermal-resistant resin that encapsulates each cell and prevents the heat and fire from spreading in case a single cell overheats and catches fire.

In addition to that, the Rad’s batteries now offer more capacity—720 Wh as opposed to 672 Wh on older ebikes—which means that you can expect to ride 25-65 miles on a single charge. 

The only downside is that it takes 7.5h to charge the batteries from 0% to 100% which can be improved with faster 3 Amp chargers. 

Decent Components

The Radster e-bikes are affordably priced, which becomes clear when you look at the drivetrain and other components. 

The 8-speed Shimano Altus rear derailleur is rather basic, and the same can be said for the Tektro dual-piston hydraulic disc brakes. 

However, these are pretty much the same components you can find on all similar bikes in this price range from Rad Power Bikes’ competitors, such as Aventon, Lectric, and Ride1UP.

For the average user, these components will easily get the job done. The shifting feels smooth and there’s more than enough braking power to control the bike when it rolls at Class 3 speeds. 

If we could make any changes, we’d lower the gear range a bit, as the 34T x 50T granny gear is rather high. Though, you won’t have any troubles climbing thanks to the powerful 100 Nm motor.

Smart Features and Accessories

rad power bikes radster accessories

If there’s one thing that Rad Power Bikes’ electric bicycles are famous for, then it has to be the accessory package they come with.

Both the Radster Road and Radster Trail e-bikes have all the accessories you come to expect from this type of e-bike, such as fenders, a rear rack, kickstand, front and rear lights, chainguard, and so on. 

Smart features like a built-in brake light, turn signals, and keyless locking make the Radster a secure and practical choice.

However, there are a few additional smart features that might surprise you. First of all, the rear light on the Radster doubles as a brake light and it also features turn signals to let others behind you know where you’re going. 

Moreover, the Radster has a smart locking feature that lets you lock and unlock the motor by scanning a keycard or entering a password. This is perfect for added security during quick city stops.  

Final Thoughts About the Rad Power Bikes Radster

radster ebike by rad power bikes

To sum up, the new Rad Power Bikes Radster models deliver incredible value.

With these e-bikes, Rad Power Bikes addresses crucial issues like battery safety and adds premium features like torque sensors. Plus, both urban and adventurous riders get options depending on their needs.

City riders and off-road enthusiasts will love the versatility of the Radster, available in both Road and Trail builds.

While some components could see upgrades, anyone searching for a powerful, safe, and well-equipped e-bike should definitely look no further.

The $2,199 price is hard to beat for this level of performance, especially considering Rad’s reputation and previous performance.

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  1. stephen says:

    Does the Rad Trail have a bell or horn?

    1. Editorial Team says:

      Hi Stephen! Yes, the Radster Trail does have a bell, as stated on Rad Power Bikes’ website.

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