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Best Electric Bikes for Seniors

The best electric bike for seniors is one that is very comfortable, convenient to use, and provides enough power to make any hills seem flat.

Other important characteristics include a low base weight to make it easier to maneuver, adjustable components, and good handling ability. Thankfully, there are many direct-to-consumer e-bike brands available today, finding the perfect bike for a senior is easier than ever before.

Best Bike Type For Elderly – Comfort / Cruiser

senior ebikes

Electric Bike for Senior Citizens – What to look out for?

  • Low-step frame
  • Low weight – Preferably under 55lbs
  • Easy to maneuver – 20″ / 26″ / 27.5″ wheels
    Tire width from 1.95″ to 3″
  • Walk-assist mode
  • Class 1 – 20mph pedal-assist
    Class 2 – 20mph throttle & pedal-assist

Legal EBike Classes

  • Class 1 – Pedal assist | Top speed 20mph | Motor limited to 750W. 🏆
  • Class 2 – Throttle eBike + optional throttle | Top speed 20mph | Motor limited to 750W.
  • Class 3 – Pedal-assist + optional throttle | Top speed 28mph on pedal-assist, 20mph on throttle | Motor limited to 750W.

Throttle or pedal-assist?

  • Half-Twist Throttle PROs:
    – Assists from stand-still
    – Found on powerful motors, generally on hub-motors.
    – Great for “lazy” riders
  • Pedal-assist PROs:
    – More efficient and economical
    – They’re better for your health as there’s some pedaling needed for the cadence sensor to work

Hub motor vs mid-drive

  • Mid-drive motors – Longer range, more expensive, smoother, lightweight, better weight distribution.
  • Hub drive motors – Affordable, heavier, great torque levels.


Here are the best step through electric bikes for seniors in 2021



Ride1UP LMT’d Step-Through

A fast & powerful e-Bike for hilly commutes

ride1up limited ltd bike

Score: 4.8 / 5 out of 101+ ratings

MSRP: $1,895

Ride1UP‘s LMT’D is a great e-bike for seniors because it is built for comfort, it’s lightweight, and it has plenty of power to make any ride feel easy.

The LMT’D comes with powerful electronics with excellent range including a 750W/100Nm motor and a 14Ah battery which delivers max assisted speeds of 28mph for distances between 30 and 50 miles.

For comfort, the e-bike is built with upright, cruiser geometry and has wide, backward-pointing handlebars perfect for a relaxed ride. Additionally, Schwalbe Super-Moto X 2.4″ tires and an RST Asteria Air Fork smooth out any bumps on the roads or light trails.

Finally, this bike also has powerful dual-piston Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, an 8-speed Shimano drivetrain, and a lightweight aluminum frame which further add to its ride quality.

  • Class 3 eBike – 28mph pedal-assist, 20mph throttle
  • Motor – 750W
    48V, 100nm
  • Range – 30-50mi
  • Battery – 48V 14Ah – 672Wh
  • 27.5 x 2.4″
  • RST Asteria fork
    80mm travel
  • Brakes – Tektro Orion HD-M745 hydraulic
    180mm rotors, 4-piston
  • Bike weight: 53lbs
  • 7-speed Shimano Altus

ST frame Fits riders – 5’1″ – 6’2″

More Low-Step/Step-Through e-Bikes by Ride1UP:

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Availability - LMT'd



Cannondale Adventure Neo 4

Product Image of color Charcoal Gray

MSRP: $2,700
REI Co-op

Cannondale’s Adventure Neo 4 e-bike is a stylish and smooth-rolling comfort bike with premium electronics and a lightweight design.

The Adventure Neo 4 comes uses light and durable SmartForm C3 alloy step-through frame for easy mounting and dismounting. The electronics on the bike are smartly integrated along with the cabling to deliver a sleek finish.

The motor used is a Bosch Active Line 250W/50Nm mid-drive model and is backed up by a fast-charging 400Wh battery to deliver max ranges of 64 miles and plenty of smooth power to tackle difficult gradients with ease.

The bike is comfortable and convenient to use as the head tube has two easy-to-reach bottle mounts, the touchpoints are soft and ergonomic, and the geometry is very relaxed.

  • Class 1 eBike
    20mph pedal-assist
  • Battery – 400Wh
    Charge time – 3.5h
  • 250W Bosch Active Line
    Mid-drive, 50Nm
  • Frame – SmartForm C3 alloy
  • 9-speed
    Shimano Altus
  • Brakes – Hydraulic Disc
  • Maximum estimated range – 64mi!
  • 27.5×2.2″

Locking battery compartment (Charcoal Gray)

Availability - Adventure NEO



Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus

All new, upgraded version of the previous best-seller (with over 3,000 ratings)

Rad Power Bikes

Rad Power Bikes‘ RadRunner Plus is not necessarily an electric bike for seniors but it has many of the important characteristics that we look for, however, it is quite heavy at over 74lbs.

This versatile fat tire electric bike is very comfortable and convenient to use thanks to its wide 3.3-inch tires with puncture resistance, front fork suspension, low step-through frame, and upright geometry. Another great feature of this bike is its ability to combine with 330 unique accessory pairings so you can completely customize what you use the bike for.

The RadRunner Plus has a 750 W/80Nm motor, a 14Ah battery that lasts up to 45+ miles, and a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain which makes any ride feel easy. Finally, the bike is fully equipped with a rear rack and fenders as well as integrated LED lights and kickstand.

  • 750W rear hub motor
  • Battery – 48V 14Ah
    672Wh – rated for 800 charge cycles
  • Max Payload – 300lbs
  • 7-speed Shimano Acera
  • Fork – 80mm
  • 20×3.3″ tires
  • Weight: 74.3 lbs

More step-through bikes by Rad Power Bikes

RadRunner – 65lbs, $1,299
RadMini ST – $1,299
RadMission ST – 48lbs, $999
RadCity ST – 65lbs, $1,599
RadRover ST – 71lbs, $1,699

Fits riders – 4’11” – 6’2″

Availability - RadRunner Plus



BUZZ E-Bikes Cerana T

buzz trike

MSRP: $1,500

The Buzz Cerana is a great 3 wheel electric bike for seniors because of its versatile utility and comfortable design.

This e-trike uses 20″ back wheels and a 24″ front wheel to deliver excellent stability and make it easy to control even when fully loaded.

The Cerana comes with two baskets, giving you a huge carrying capacity for anything you need, and the rear basket can be folded down whenever it’s not in use. Its power comes from a smooth 350W mid-drive motor and an efficient motor that gives up to 40 miles of range.

To boost comfort, this bike has wide, puncture-resistant tires, a padded saddle, soft grips, and a relaxed upright riding position. Finally, you also have fenders, integrated LED lights, USB charging, and disc brakes.

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  • 350W mid-drive motor
  • Weight: 83lbs
  • Minimum saddle height: 32.5″
  • Integrated basket
  • Wheels:
    24″ front
    20″ rear

Availability - Cerena Tricycle



e-Joe JADE Comfort Cruiser

e-JOE JADE Comfort Cruiser electric bike

MSRP: $2,399
eJoe Bike

e-Joe’s JADE Comfort Cruiser 2022 model delivers exactly what the brand promise, a comfortable, smooth-rolling cruiser bike, perfect for seniors.

For electronics, the JADE has a powerful 8FUN 750W rear hub motor, a 14Ah Samsung battery, and an easy-to-use LCD display with all the ride metrics. This motor and battery combination provides top speeds of 25mph and up to 45 miles of range.

Riders can take advantage of an 8-speed Shimano drivetrain and five levels of pedal assistance to get the most from their battery.

As with any comfort bike, the JADE has a convenient step-through frame design, shock-absorbent 2.125″ balloon tires, a padded seat, and a relaxed riding position. Finally, hydraulic disc brakes, a kickstand, bell, LED lights, rear rack, and fenders round out a comprehensive set of components.

  • 750W rear hub motor
  • 48V 14Ah battery – 672Wh
  • Class 1/2
  • 26×2.125 tires
  • Hydro brakes
  • 8-speed
  • Weight: 60lbs

Availability - Jade



Schwinn Coston CE

MSRP: $1,700
Schwinn bikes

Schwinn’s Coston CE hybrid electric bike is a great affordable choice for any senior who values comfort and versatility without sacrificing quality.
For power, the Coston CE has a 250W hub drive motor with a throttle, various levels of pedal-assistance, and a max assisted speed of 20mph. Using a 288Wh battery riders can expect up to 35 miles per charge. The battery also charges quite quickly in just under four hours.

The step-through frame design pairs perfectly with wide 2.6″ tires, a shock-absorbent 100mm travel fork, upright geometry, and comfortable touchpoints to deliver a smooth and enjoyable ride on varied terrain. Additionally, mechanical disc brakes, a lightweight aluminum frame, LED lights, and fenders make this bike a great all-rounder.

  • Class 2 eBike – 20mph
    Throttle & pedal-assist
  • 250W hub motor
  • 288Wh battery
    4-hour charge time
  • 100mm travel fork
  • 27.5 x 2.6″ tires
  • Mechanical brakes
    160mm rotors

Size Recommendations

S/M – 5’1″ – 5’7″
M/L – 5’8″ – 6’4″

Availability - Coston CE



Tern Vektron D8 Folding Electric Bike

Product Image of color White

MSRP: $2,799
REI Co-op

Tern’s Vektron D8 is another great electric bicycle for seniors as it is foldable, compact, and comes with plenty of power and functionality.

This mid-range e-bike has premium electronics starting with a Bafang mid-drive motor. This motor provides 250W/80Nm of smooth power making any hill feel flat. It pairs perfectly with a large 400Wh battery delivering long ranges up to 55 miles when used in conjunction with the 8-speed Shimano Claris drivetrain.

The Vektron D8 folds down with a sturdy locking mechanism thanks to a heavy-duty OCL hinge. Additionally, this bike rides comfortably and has great handling thanks to powerful hydraulic disc brakes, 2″ Schwalbe Big Apple tires, relaxed geometry, and ergonomic touchpoints. The bike is also fully equipped for urban riding.

  • Weight: 50lbs
  • Motor: 250W, Bafang M400
  • Pedal-assist range: 25-56 miles
  • 8-speed drivetrain
    Shimano Claris
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

Fits riders – 5’3″ – 6’5″

Availability - Vekron D8



QuietKat – Villager

Best electric bike for 60-year-old

quietkat villager

MSRP: $2,899

QuietKat’s Villager is the brand’s best choice electric bike for elderly people because it has all of the power and functionality that you can expect of a QuietKat bike with added comfort for urban cruising.

Thanks to its versatile components, the Villager can be used equally on urban streets as it can on dirt roads and light trails. This is possible due to its wide and grippy 3″ tires, 100mm fork suspension, two-piston mechanical disc brakes with huge 203mm rotors, and powerful electronics.

The motor on this bike is a 500W direct-drive model and combines with a 557Wh battery to give you up to 40 miles of range when used with the 7-speed drivetrain. Finally, a low step-through frame, high-capacity rear rack, integrated LED lights, and fenders make this bike useful in any situation.

  • 500W hub motor
  • 557Wh battery – 48V 11.6Ah
    estimated range up to 40mi
  • Weight: 50lbs
  • Weight capacity: 325lbs
  • 26×3″
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • Coil fork
  • Walk assist mode

Availability - Villager



Lectric XP 2.0 Step-Through

lectric xp step through bike frame

MSRP: $1,099
Lectric eBikes

The XP 2.0 by Lectric E-Bikes works well as an eBike for older adults and also has one of the best prices for the level of components, however, it is slightly heavier than other bikes we’ve seen.

The power on this bike comes from a 500W rear hub motor with a throttle and five levels of pedal assistance. Using the 7-speed drivetrain and a 9.6Ah battery, expect ranges up to 40 miles on a single charge.

What makes this bike great for seniors is its convenience and comfort. Firstly, the XP 2.0 has a quick and secure folding mechanism, shock-absorbent CST 3″ fat tires, front fork suspension, and a low step-through frame. Additionally, fenders, a rear pannier rack, and integrated LED lights make it perfect for city riding.

  • Motor: 500W
    800w peak
  • Mechanical disc brakes
    160mm rotors
  • 20 x 3″ tires
  • Weight: 64 lbs
  • Max load capacity – 330lbs

Availability - Lectric XP 2.0




Available in-store only

MSRP: $2,600
Mikes’ bikes

Step-through electric bikes for seniors don’t get much better than Liv’s Rove E+. This bike has great components in every area that make it a joy to ride wherever the journey takes you.

Starting with a lightweight ALUXX SL-Grade aluminum frame, the Rove E+ keeps getting better. For power, you have a Giant SyncDrive Core 50Nm mid-drive motor with six levels of pedal assistance and easy-to-reach controls on handlebars. The battery is a 400Wh EnergyPak which is seamlessly integrated into the frame and has convenient side-release functionality.

Powerful hydraulic disc brakes ensure optimal stopping power and tubeless tires provide extra traction for optimal comfort and safety. Additionally, wide 45c tires and an SR Suntour fork with 63mm travel smooth out any bumps you come across. Finally, female-specific geometry and contact points, and a lower standover height make this bike perfect for any older woman.

  • ALUXX frame
  • Tektro M275 hydro brakes
  • 700x45c tires
  • SR Suntour NEX E25 fork
    63mm travel

Availability - ROVE E+


Didn’t find what you were looking for? Let us know in the comments section what are the main criteria for you when choosing an e-bike



Why to consider the Ride1UP

  • An air suspension fork is a great component at this price range
  • Low step-through frame
  • Best value & great score from reviewers
  • Powerful motor with throttle & pedal-assistance

Why to consider the Cannondale?

  • Long estimated range
  • High-end mid-drive motor
  • Large wheels & tires
  • Easy on & off due to low-step frame
  • 9-speed drivetrain
  • Cannondale = Great quality

Why to prefer Rad Power Bikes?

  • One of the most trusted electric bike brands on the market
  • Great geometry – low-step frame
  • Trusted motor & battery
  • New “Plus” model with extra features

Why to prefer the BUZZ trike?

  • It’s a trike so it has extra stability
  • Excellent mid-drive motor
  • Smaller wheels
  • Large carrying capacity

Why to prefer the Tern?

  • Its got a folding frame & Tern focuses on folding bikes
  • Trusted mid-drive motor
  • It Folds compact when not in use

Why to prefer Quietkat?

  • Strong e-bike brand
  • 26 x 3″ tires coupled with a fork gives plenty of traction
  • A bike that can accommodate a lot of accessories for hunting, fishing, camping

Why to prefer the Liv bike?

  • LIV is a women-specific bike brand
  • The Sister company of Giant
  • Above-average components



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