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Pivot Bikes Brand Overview

By Rebecca Bland   /  Last updated - December 4, 2023

Pivot bikes range

A relatively young company, Chris Cocalis founded Pivot Cycles in 2007 in Phoenix, Arizona after preciously leading another cycling brand, Titus Cycles since 1991.

The brand was later sold in 2006, which freed up Chris’ time to start Pivot Cycles. His goal with Pivot Cycles was to instill research and development into his bikes, which at the time were built around the DW-Link suspension platform, a four-bar suspension system used on early mountain bikes.

Titus Cycles was born out of Chris’ need for more robust mountain biking equipment so as a qualified mechanic, he built his own.

In 2007, Pivot became one of only a few bike brands to license the DW-Link suspension thanks to a partnership with creator Dave Weagle. Since then, the Pivot cycle brand has become synonymous with innovation and quality mountain bikes, both for racing and ripping on.

In recent years they’ve also begun branching out into other sectors such as gravel bikes and e-bikes along with a full representation of mountain bikes in all categories. You will now find Pivot mountain bikes for sale across the globe in Pivot bike dealers, or from Pivot bicycles directly.

Pivot Cycles Sponsorshipspivot cycles brand logo

Pivot has a Factory team in which they sponsor several riders, including Bernard Kerr, who has been with them for ten years. He is a Downhill (DH) World Cup racer and has won Red Bull Hardline twice, most recently in 2019.

Ed Masters is the next rider in their line-up. The New Zealander races World Cup DH, Enduro World Series (EWS), and Freestyle events such as Crankworx.

The second Kiwi on their roster is Matt Walker. He races World Cup DH, EWS, and Crankworx.

Swiss rider Emilie Siegenthaler is also sponsored by Pivot. She raced Cross-Country (XC) until 2006 when she realized her love of DH racing. She now races World Cup DH and Freestyle events.

The final rider in Pivot’s Factory team is Morgane Charre. She’s based in France and races EWS.


Pivot Bikes Range

1. XC
2. Trail
3. Enduro
4. Downill
5. E-Bike
6. Dirt Jump
7. Fat
8. Gravel

All of Pivot’s bikes are manufactured out of carbon fiber, except for their Dirt Jump bike which is constructed out of steel.

This pushes the price of the frames up a notch, but they’re not so expensive you’ll have to re-mortgage your house. They have bikes in XC, Trail, Enduro, DH, E-Bike, Fat Bike, and Jump categories, so there is something to suit everyone.

Pivot mountain bikes are inherently a racing brand, that makes bikes with racers in mind so you will find race-ready machines made by Pivot.

That’s why you’ll see Pivot bikes for sale across the world, and with an excellent reputation in the mountain biking world. Pivot cycles also sell their own apparel for both on and off the bike. The range includes technical wear for riding, as well as casual wear for all ages (including baby gro’s!)

Buy Pivot Bikes Online:

Buy on CompetitiveCyclist.com Buy on Backcountry.com

1. XC Bikes

Pivot’s XC range includes both hardtails and a full-suspension bike, reflecting the recent trend of XC races. Hardtails were traditionally used and still are a fantastic option as they are lighter and require less maintenance as they only have suspension in the forks.

However, full-suspension bikes are also becoming more popular, particularly in the pro ranks as bikes become lighter and more agile, and the courses become more technical. Pivot has four bikes on offer in this category, three hardtails, and one full-suspension bike.

Typically, hardtails are cheaper as they require fewer components, so they are a fantastic route into mountain biking, especially for learning tricks and basic skills.

Mach 4 SL

Pivot SL Carbon Pro X01 Eagle Mountain Bike

Pivot Mach 4 SL Carbon Pro X01 Eagle Mountain Bike | MSRP $7,099 Competitive Cyclist

The Mach 4 SL is the only full-suspension bike in Pivot’s XC range. The Mach bike offers 100mm of rear suspension travel and either 100mm or 120mm forks. It’s designed to be a racing bike so is incredibly lightweight yet capable of gravity-defying descents at the same time.

It’s available in the following colours: Deep Lake Blue, Team Blue, Cherry, and Stealth. The cheapest option is the Race XT – 29″, which starts at $7,130 and comes with a Shimano XT groupset. The most expensive option is the Team XX1 AXS w/120mm (or 110mm) Fork & Fox Live Valve – 29” which starts at $15,471.

Mach 4 SL Size RecommendationsX-Small: 4’10” – 5’4” (1,47 – 1,63 m)
Small: 5’4″ – 5’8” (1,63 – 1,73 m)
Medium: 5’8″ – 5’11” (1,73 – 1,81 m)
Large: 5’11” – 6’2” (1,81 – 1,88 m)
X-Large: 6’2” – 6’7” (1,88 – 2,00 m)


Pivot SL Carbon Race XT Mountain Bike

Pivot LES SL Carbon Race XT – MSRP $3,999 Competive Cyclist

The Pivot LES SL is a hardtail designed with power to weight in mind. It’s lightweight with a carbon frame and no rear travel. The 29” wheels allow riders to maintain speed on the descents while tackling obstacles. The LES SL is available in Stealth and Factory Blue.

Prices start from $5,400 for the Race XT model which features a Shimano XT 12 speed groupset and Fox Performance forks. The most expensive model is the Team XX1 AXS – 29”, which starts at $10,800 and comes equipped with Fox Factory forks and a Sram XX1 Eagle AXS 12-speed groupset.

LES SL Size Recommendations

Small: 5’3″ – 5’8” (160cm – 172cm)
Medium: 5’8” – 5’11” (172cm – 180cm)
Large: 5’11”– 6’1” (180cm – 185cm)
X-Large: 6’1″ + (185cm +)

LES Singlespeed

Pivot LES Singlespeed

Pivot LES Singlespeed | Image Credit: PivotCycles.com

The LES Singlespeed is a lightweight hardtail with the Pivot ride quality that the brand is known for, just in a single-speed format. Having only one gear keeps maintenance to a minimum while also quietening the drivetrain. It comes with 29” wheels and 100mm front suspension travel. It’s only available in Factory Blue colors.

This Pivot hardtail starts at $3,000 for the frame only, $4,470 for the frameset which includes Fox Factory forks (100mm), and the full bike build including Shimano XT brakes, a Race Face crankset, and Fox Factory forks comes to $6,400.

LES Singlespeed Size Recommendations

Small: 5’3″ – 5’8” (160 cm – 172.7 cm)
Medium: 5’8” – 5’11” (172.7 cm – 180.3 cm)
Large: 5’11”– 6’1” (180.3 cm – 185.4 cm)
X-Large: 6’1″ + (185.4 cm + )

LES 27.5

Pivot LES 27.5

Pivot LES 27.5 | Image Credit: PivotCycles.com

The Pivot LES 27.5 is an aggressive racing hardtail designed for the rigors of XC racing. It comes with 27.5″ wheels rather than the 29″ wheels seen in the rest of the LES range, keeping the bike agile and improved handling while maintaining a lightweight.

The compact frame makes it easy to build a bike with a total weight under 9kg/19lbs. It’s only available in Team Blue colors, and prices start at $6,400 for the Race XT – 27.5″ with a Shimano 12-speed groupset and Fox Performance 100mm forks. The most expensive model is the Team XX1 AXS 27.5″ which comes to $11,000 and comes equipped with Fox Factory forks and a Sram XX1 Eagle AXS 12-speed groupset.

LES 27.5 Size Recommendations

X-Small: 4’10” – 5’5”
Small: 5’4” – 5’9”
Medium: 5’8” – 5’11”
Large: 5’10” – 6’1”

2. Trail Bikes

There are two bikes in the Pivot Mtb trail section: the Trail 429 and the Mach 5.5 Carbon. Trail bikes typically have between 120-150mm of suspension travel and are usually full-suspension bikes. They help bridge the gap between XC and Enduro bikes with a decent level of climbing ability and descending balance.

They often aren’t as long and slack and Enduro bikes but they can surprise riders with the terrain they can tackle. Both the Trail 429 and Mach 5.5 are carbon-framed bikes to keep the weight down and improve power transfer for riders.

Trail 429

Pivot Carbon 29 Race XT Mountain Bike

Pivot Trail 429 Carbon 29 Race XT Mountain Bike | MSRP $5,199 Competitive Cyclist

The Trail 429 is another fantastic Pivot full-suspension mountain bike, this time in the trail category. The DW link design is present in this bike, helping it to develop a more balanced approach for riding. It is available with 130mm of front suspension and 120 mm of rear suspension for the ultimate balance between descending and climbing abilities.

The color choices are Crimson, Steel Blue, and Battleship Grey. You” find the Pivot Trail 429 for sale at dealers and from Pivot directly. Prices start at $6,900 with the Race XT – 29″ model and go as high as $13,800 for the Team XX1 AXS Enduro – 29″ version.

How much does a pivot 429 trail weigh? A Pivot Trail 429 Race XT 2019 in size Large weighs 29lbs 14oz / 13.5kg.

Trail 429 Size RecommendationsX-Small: 4’11” – 5’4″
Small: 5’4″ – 5’8”
Medium: 5’7″ – 5’10”
Large: 5’10” – 6’2”
X-Large: 6’2″ +

Mach 5.5 Carbon

Pivot Carbon Race X01 Eagle Mountain Bike

Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon Race X01 Eagle Mountain Bike | MSRP $5,899 Competitive Cyclist

The Pivot Mach 5.5 Carbon is described as the ‘ultimate’ trail bike, with 140mm of DW rear travel and 160mm on the front, this bike will make you question what a trail bike is meant to be capable of. With 27.5″ wheels, the Pivot 5.5 is incredibly versatile and provides agility when climbing and descending.

A Pivot Mach 5.5 review called it incredibly balanced as a ride and were impressed by the bike’s responsiveness, making it a solid choice for trail riders. It’s available in two striking colours, Bass Boat Blue and Red Satin. Prices start at $7,500 for the Race XT – 27.5″ model and top out at $16,500 for the Team XX1 AXS w/Fox Live Valve – 27.5″ model.

Mach 5.5 Carbon Size Recommendations

X-Small: 4’11” – 5’4″
Small: 5’4″ – 5’8″
Medium: 5’8″ – 5’11”
Large: 5’11” – 6’3′
X-Large: 6’2″ +

3. Enduro

Enduro bikes fill the gap between death-defying DH bikes and gnarly trail bikes. They usually have between 140-170mm of travel yet more and more are defying these categories and running their ideals of suspension travel. Pivot has three bikes in their Enduro category, the Mach 6, Switchblade and the Firebird 29.

Pivot describe these bikes are being fantastic at descending while not compromising on climbing ability so you don’t have to use the uplift when you go to a trail park. Pivot does sponsor some EWS riders so these bikes have a racing pedigree and have won several stages with their Factory team.

 Mach 6

Pivot Pro X01 Eagle Coil Mountain Bike

Pivot Mach 6 Pro X01 Eagle Coil Mountain Bike | MSRP $7,699 Competitive Cyclist

The Pivot Mach 6 uses the platform stability and performance of the Firebird model (discussed further down) and infuses it with 27.5” wheels. Available in two colours: Mint Relic and Stealth. The Pivot Mach 6 carbon construction replaces older Pivot Mach 6 aluminum frames, making this a lighter and more stable bike than before.

Prices start at $7,400 for the Race XT – Coil – 27.5″ model which comes equipped with a Shimano XT 12-speed groupset and Marzocchi Bomber Z1 forks. The highest price is the Team XX1 AXS – Live – 27.5″ model. This comes with Fox Factory forks and a Sram XX1 Eagle 12-speed groupset.

Mach 6 Size Recommendations

X-Small: 4’10’ – 5’4″
Small: 5’4″ – 5’7″
Medium: 5’7″ – 5’10”
Large: 5’10” – 6’2′


Pivot 29 Pro XT/XTR Mountain Bike

Pivot SwitchBlade 29 Pro XT/XTR Mountain Bike | MSRP $6,899 Competitive Cyclist

The Switchblade is one of the few bikes Pivot offers with a choice of wheel size, 27.5″ or 29″. An all-mountain machine, it sits comfortably in Enduro categories but with the agility of a trail bike, this bike will take you wherever you need to go. The Pivot Switchblade frame is made of carbon for ultimate strength and weight saving.

It comes with 142mm of rear travel and 160mm of travel up front. It’s available in the colors Mojave, Horizon Blue, and Treeline Green. Prices start from $7,500 for the Race XT – 29″ mode and top out at $14,600 for the Team XTR w/ Fox Live Valve – 29″ model.

Switchblade Size Recommendations

X-Small: 5’ – 5’4″
Small: 5’4″ – 5’7″
Medium: 5’7″ – 5’11”
Large: 5’11” – 6’2′
X-Large: 6’2″ – 6’7”

Firebird 29

Pivot Carbon 29 Race XT Mountain Bike

Pivot Firebird Carbon 29 Race XT Mountain Bike | MSRP $5,599 Competitive Cyclist

The Pivot Firebird 29 sits on the edge of Enduro and DH. It has 162mm of rear travel and 170mm of travel in the forks. Its 29” wheels offer speed and the ability to roll over objects that wouldn’t be possible on a 27.5” wheelset. The bike is available in a choice of colors: Sandstorm, Steel Blue and Slate Blue.

Prices start at $7,500 for the Race XT – 29” model which comes equipped with Fox Performance forks and a Shimano XT 12-speed groupset. Prices go as high as $14,150 for the Team XX1 AXS – 29” model. This comes with Fox Factory forks and a Sram XX1 Eagle 12-speed groupset.

Firebird 29 Size Recommendations

Small: 5’4″ – 5’9″
Medium: 5’8″ – 5’11”
Large: 5’11” – 6’3′
X-Large: 6’2″ +

4. Downhill

Downhill bikes are the most extreme type of mountain bike available. The suspension travel they come equipped with now is in territory never seen before and thus the jumps and tracks used in races are more extreme than ever before. Pivot has only one bike in their DH lineup, but it’s a popular one.

Used by Bernard Kerr and other sponsored riders, the Phoenix 29 is a race-bred bike that’s at home on the World Cup scene as much as it is the black line at Whistler bike park.

 Phoenix 29

Pivot 29 Carbon Saint Mountain Bike

Pivot Phoenix 29 Carbon Saint Mountain Bike | MSRP $7,699 Competitive Cyclist

The Phoenix 29 is the only bike in Pivot’s downhill lineup. It’s a race bike used by their sponsored riders so you know it’s a pedigree bike. It comes with 29er wheels, which are ideal for DH use as they can roll faster and smooth out bumps for the racers. It is available in two colours; Blue, and Cement.

Given its pedigree, this isn’t a cheap bike. The cheapest full bike build offer is the Race Zee w/ Factory Fork – 29″ model, which works out at $8,800. The most expensive build is the Pro Saint – 29″ which works out at $10,300. The bike comes equipped with 203mm travel up front and 190mm of rear suspension making this one burly bike.

Phoenix 29 Size Recommendations

S: 1,63 – 1,75 m (5’4.5″ – 5’9”)
M: 1,70 – 1,80 m (5’7” –5’11”)
L: 1,77 – 1,90 m (5’10” – 6’3”)
XL: 1,88+ m (6’1” +)

5. Electric Bikes

E-bikes are a great way for people who can’t ride unassisted cycles to get on one, or they’re just a barrel of fun. eMTBs make trails even more fun and make certain routes more accessible even to the fittest of riders. It’s not uncommon to see professionals owning an e-bike as a great recovery tool on their rest days.

Pivot make one e-bike, the Shuttle which is an eMTB. The same geometry and technology are applied to these bikes as unassisted mountain bikes. The only difference is the weight due to the motor and battery, but if they keep you out riding for longer and on gnarlier trails, then what’s to lose.


Pivot Race GX Eagle e-Bike

Pivot Shuttle Race GX Eagle E-Bike | MSRP $7,999 Competitive Cyclist

The only Pivot eBike on offer is the Shuttle, a full-suspension mountain bike that comes equipped with 140mm of rear travel and 160mm of front travel. It sits somewhere between a trail and an enduro bike so you know that whatever terrain you ride, it will be capable of handling it.

It’s available only in Defender Green, and there is only one build available which is priced at $10,900 and comes with a Shimano XTR 12-speed groupset and Fox Factory forks. The motor and battery are also made by Shimano and Pivot use the Steps DU-EP800 model on the Shuttle for long-range battery power.

Shuttle Size Recommendations

Small: 5’3″ – 5’7″
Medium: 5’7″ – 5’11”
Large: 5’11” – 6’2′
X-Large: 6’2″ +

6. Dirt Jump

Dirt Jump bikes are extremely versatile bikes. They often have a short amount of front suspension travel yet are at home both at the pump track and at extreme freestyle or slopestyle events on massive jumps. They often use smaller wheels, i.e. 26” and because of that are extremely agile and have nimble handling abilities. Pivot has one bike in the dirt jump lineup, the Pivot Point bike.

Pivot sponsors riders that race in these jump events so the bike is designed to be raced. Jump bikes are normally made using steel or aluminum so they’re not as lightweight as other styles of bikes, but they need to be able to withstand a lot of falling and potential damage, so they are usually bombproof.


pivot point dirt jump bike

Pivot Point | Image Credit: PivotCycles.com

The Point is Pivot’s only dirt jump bike offering. It is a steel hardtail that uses 26″ wheels for ultimate agility in races, at the pump track, or Crankworx competitions. The steel makes it an extremely hard-wearing bike, with a roomy cockpit and shorter chainstays so that it stays snappy so you can throw it around in the air easily.

Available in Gloss Blue only, the bike is only available as a frame, so this is a bike that would need to be built up at home with your own components. One plus-side to this is the personalization from choosing your own specification of componentry. The frame starts at $725.

Point Size Recommendations

The Point only comes in one size, which will generally fit riders between 5’6” to 6’4”.

7. Pivot Fat Bikes

Fat bikes are quite literally mountain bikes with fat tires. They have massive clearances so you can fit the widest tires you can think of (not quite truck tires but not far off). The benefit to these bikes is the ability to ride in all conditions, and they become particularly useful in the snow.

The wide tires improve traction in tricky conditions as well as smooth bumps. Ride when others can’t with a fat bike. Pivot have one bike in their fat bike stable, the LES Fat. Utilizing the LES technology in their XC bikes, Pivot has created a rigid fork bike that will allow you to travel no matter the weather.

 LES Fat

Pivot LES Fat

Pivot LES Fat | Image Credit: PivotCycles.com

Pivot has one bike in their Fat Bike stable, the LES Fat. This bike is made from carbon construction so it’s lightweight, and it is compatible with several wheel sizes, making it suitable for riders of all sizes and a massive amount of tire width choices.

The compatible wheel sizes are 26″, 27.5″ and 29″ and the frame comes in one colour, Cement. You can buy it with a suspension fork of 100mm or with a rigid fork depending on your preference. The suspension fork model, the Pro XT w/ Manitou Suspension Fork – 27″ Fat costs $6,050 whereas the rigid fork Pro XT w/ Pivot Carbon Rigid Fork – 27″ Fat model costs $5,700.

LES Fat Size Recommendations

Small: 5’5″ – 5’9”
Medium: 5’9” – 5’11”
Large: 5’11”– 6’3”

8. Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes take the fun and smoothness of road cycling and add in wider tires and more capabilities. When the road ends, your ride doesn’t have to with a gravel bike. Equally, they’re more capable of the rough stuff than you might think. Pivot has one gravel bike on offer, the Vault, which is made of carbon fibre making it a lightweight yet tough bike, as comfortable on the morning commute as it is on a bikepacking adventure in the mountains.


Pivot Pro GRX Gravel Bike

Pivot Vault Pro GRX Gravel Bike MSRP $5,399 Competitive Cyclist

The Pivot Vault is the only gravel bike in their extensive range of bikes but it’s marketed as a cyclocross/gravel hybrid. Pivot has also used their patent-pending ISO FLEX system which maintains the frame stiffness while isolating the seat post from the frame.

This increases rider comfort and dulls the road or gravel buzz. It’s available in two colours: Metallic Blue and Firebrick. The frame can accommodate tires up to 47mm wide, and the frame comes with a handy fuel box provision on the top tube. Prices start from $5,299 and rise to $6,999 for the top-notch specification.

Vault Size Recommendations

X-Small: 5’3″ – 5’7”
Small: 5’6″ – 5’9”
Medium: 5’8” – 5’11”
Large: 5’11” – 6’3”


Where are Pivot bikes made?

The production is based out of Taiwan, although small quality checks are often completed in-house in America.

Are their bikes good?

Their bikes are great bikes with racing success. They can be a bit pricey but you pay for quality manufacturing and the research and development that goes into the bikes warrants the price tags.

Where can I buy a Pivot bike?

You can buy a Pivot bike directly from their website or an authorised dealer across the globe.


 Pivot Cycles although a relatively young brand has made waves in the mountain bike scene since its inception in 2007. Thanks to the founder’s previous mountain bike brand experience, Pivot has been at the forefront of research and development both on and off the race circuit.

They sponsor several well-known and successful athletes and manufacture excellent mountain bikes. They can be pricey but they are often well-specced bikes to go with the price tag.

Buy on CompetitiveCyclist.com Buy on Backcountry.com

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