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King of The Hardtail Mountain Bikes – the Yeti ARC

By Sam Millers   /  Last updated - December 27, 2021   /  Hardtail

The mountain biking scene has seen some major upgrades in the past 5-10 years, especially in the full-suspension division. Today, carbon and full-suspension mountain bikes dominate the market, but it is the hardtail mountain biking where it all once started out.

If you are interested to learn about one of the most iconic, most legendary hardtail mountain bike around – the Yeti ARC, take a look.

Down below we’ll discuss why the ARC is still one of the greatest bikes out there.

The Yeti ARC is a hardtail carbon fiber mountain bike, built on one of the lightest yet stiffest TURQ series frame. The ARC has had a legendary run in the past, and the new 2021 model has seen various upgrades after the 4-year manufacturing pause.

The prices of the Yeti ARC start from $1,900 for the frame, and $3,600 for complete builds.

yeti arc hardtail bikes

Turquoise // Raw & Gray // Yellow & Turquoise (35th anniversary special of Yeti Cycles, Limited to only 100 bikes)


2022 Yeti ARC available at –
>> JensonUSA.com/


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Yeti ARC Review

A legendary icon

Yeti ARC is a performance 29er carbon hardtail, built for either competing or for experienced athletes. The 130mm fork gives the impression of a trail or cross-country bike but don’t be fooled – this bike can take on gnarly downhill sections surprisingly well. By using your legs for the rear suspension rather than a shock, you get better control and handling at speed.

After halting production in 2016, Yeti bikes has now re-released the ARC for its 35th anniversary, celebrating over three decades of race-winning hardtail MTBs. Besides the $10,000 35th anniversary edition build, you can also choose from five different builds ranging from $3,600 to $6,900 in price.

What is so special about the ARC?

Yeti ARC
Since 1991
*Lifetime warranty on the TURQ frame

The 2021 Yeti ARC is basically a tool for advanced ‘users’ to unlock their hidden talents.

The sharp linings of the frame geometry are well distinguished by experienced mountain bikers. The ARC is different from the rest, no need to explain that.

No doubt that there is a more suitable bike out there to increase and meet your limits. The ARC is Yeti’s only current hardtail, and there’s a lot to expect from such a prestigious brand. Not to sound too biased, but we must warn you that the bike is suitable for perfectionists who take no exceptions on quality.

Even their entry-level C3 TURQ carbon boasts a finely tuned and well-blended mixture of specially picked components that have passed the initial ‘trial and error phase’.     The what?     It is that the Yeti ARC history dates way back to 1993 where the early ARC models hit speeds of 60mph on Kamikaze DH events.

Yeti has well managed to suit up the bike in colors and geometry which hide its utmost capability on single tracks. The look of the bike is rather vibrant and fun, not aggressive.


Why a hardtail mountain bike instead of a full-suspension?

Although hardtail mountain biking is where it all started out, there is still a league of die-hard hardtail fans for a good reason. There’s literally no other bike to tackle those specific trails where you’d need as little give to the bike as possible. That being said, the geometry of the carbon ARC carbon is best-suited for such playgrounds, and it is one of the top recommendations one could ask for.

The responsiveness of picking sharp and direct lines on demanding trails is only achieved by a hardtail MTB and you simply can’t compare a sporty hardtail to any other bike on some specific trails – whether it is the 20ft gaps or bombing down a rutted trail, the ARC is built to hit demanding lines with the speed of a 29er.

We are not going to dwell into the ease of climbing, instead, hardtails are preferred by riders who like to stand on their feet and control the beast with little to no give when going down the line, fast!

The aggro characteristics don’t stop there as the 130mm front travel for a hardtail is a bold statement. Add the fact that it is made by Yeti, you are guaranteed to a top-line performance-focused beast on your control.

About Yeti Cycles

Founded in 1985
Headquarters: Golden Colorado, USA

yeti cycles brand logo

Yeti bikes “hand build – race-bred”

*Warning! Yeti bikes geometry combined with high-end build is best suited for experienced mountain bikers! Recreational cyclists might find the bike’s characteristics a little too aggressive which could limit their progression.

Yeti Cycles Mountain Bikes range

The number represents the frame (rear) travel in millimeters

Model – Travel

SB100 – 120mm f / 100mm r
SB115 – 130mm f / 115mm r
SB130 – 150mm f / 130mm r
SB140 – 160mm f / 140mm r
SB150 – 170mm f /150mm r
SB165 – 180mm f / 165mm r

Yeti ARC Geometry

Trail spec, All-mountain ready

Headtube: 67°
Seat Tube: 76
Chainstays: 431mm

Front travel: 130mm
29×2.6″ (Clearance of up to 29×2.8″)


The new Yeti ARC incorporates modern geometry to keep in line with emerging trends in trail and XC mountain biking. The relaxed 67° headtube angle is just steep enough for the best pedal efficiency, while an effective 76° seat tube angle is steep enough for aggressive riding.

At 431mm, the chainstays create a suitably balanced ratio of handling and comfort, putting the rider in a better position of control over the rear wheel. The lowered 310mm bottom bracket also helps to provide more stability at speed, solidfying the ARC’s trailblazing personality.

Weight: 24 – 26.6 lbs

With a lightweight carbon frame and no rear suspension, the 2021 Yeti ARC Hardtail weighs between 24 to 26.6 lbs (10.8 – 12kg). While not as light as some top-range carbon racing MTBs, this remains an impressive weight for a bike in its spec range. Unlike its predecessors, this anniversary edition Yeti ARC is designed as a limited-edition tribute, with fun in mind rather than a podium-winning, weight-watching design.

There are only 100 of the anniversary edition Yeti ARC’s available in the traditional turquoise and yellow color. You can also get the standard edition in a raw carbon, and blue turquoise mix with five different build models. Sizes include Small, Medium, Large and Extra large.

yeti arc 2021

29″ Maxxis tires

The Yeti ARC features a 29×2.6″ Maxxis Minion DHF tires on the front & 29×2.6″ Maxxis Rekon on the rear. The combination gives you the best grip upfront while providing additional surface contact on the rear for more speed.

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The Interesting Quirks and Features

Awesome details on the ARC

*Rubber mold on seat and chainstay protect the frame from scratches
*Chainstay protection reduces the noise coming from the chain slap

yeti arc frame spec

+ x2 ISCQ mounts right from the bottom bracket for chainguard

sram xx1 drivetrain on yeti arc

The Cyan frame goes well with the rainbow specter of high-end SRAM XX1 groupset

“Not your hardtail from yesteryear”

Yeti TURQ – Frame Spec

> Lifetime Warranty

TURQ Carbon

Made in Vietnam

29×2.6 Maxxis Minion (29×2.5 Maxxis Minion (f) & 29×2.3 (f) Maxxis Aggressor 2.3 EXO (r)
Max: 29×2.8″

Headtube: 67°
Steep enough for best pedal-efficiency, great for trail

Seat tube: 76°

Chainstay: 431mm
A rather short chainstay for aggressive riding

Weight: 24-26.6lbs

DT Swiss XM1700 wheels

Max Front Cog:  34T round – 32T oval

Bottom bracket:
PF92 (92mm)

ISCQ Mount

yeti arc hardtail frame

Frame Weight: 2.88lbs / Price: $1,900

🏆 Shock & Tire Pressure Setup – Calculate the shock pressure, clicks, and tire pressure by the model year based on rider weight.


Yeti ARC – Full Specs

Prices & Builds

*Specs, Price, & Weight Information Is Subject To Change


  • Yeti ARC Frame – $1,999
    Weight: 2.88lbs


  • C1, TURQ (LTD) – $3,600
    Weight: 26.66lbs
    Fox Performance 34
    DT Swiss M1900 wheels
    Shimano SLX 12-speed drivetrain
    Shimano XT bottom bracket
    Shimano Deore 2-piston 180mm hydro brakes
    Silverado Custom saddle

– Fox Factory Suspension $300

  • C2, TURQ – $3,900
    Weight: 26.53lbs
    Fox Performance 34
    SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed drivetrain
    SRAM Centreline 180mm brakes
    FOX Transfer 175mm dropper post
    SRAM DUB BB92 bottom bracket
    Silverado Custom saddle

– Fox Factory Suspension + $300
– SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS + $900

  • T1, TURQ (LTD) – $5,100
    Weight: 25lbs
    Fox Performance 34
    DT Swiss XM1700, 30mm wheelset
    Shimano XT bottom bracket, drivetrain, brakes
    Fox Transfer 175mm seat post
    Silverado Custom saddle

– DT Swiss EXC 1501 Wheelset $900

  • T2, TURQ – $5,700
    Weight: 24.32 lbs
    Fox Performance 34
    SRAM X01 Eagle 10-52 drivetrain, shifters
    SRAM DUB BB92 bottom bracket
    SRAM Level TLM brakes
    Silverado Custom saddle

– SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS + $700
– DT Swiss EXC 1501 Carbon Wheelset + $900

  • T3, TURQ – $6,800
    Weight: 24lbs
    Fox Factory 34, FIT4
    SRAM XX1 Eagle 10-52 drivetrain
    DT Swiss wheelset
    Ergon saddle
    SRAM Level Ultimate brakes
    SRAM DUB BB92 bottom bracket

– SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS + $600
– DT Swiss EXC 1501 Carbon Wheelset + $900
*Combo deal = $1,300 (Save $200 for extra stoke)

  • 🏆🏆 35TH Anniversary – $9,900
    Custom painted, only 100 made!
    Weight: 24.58lbs
    29×2.5 / 29×2.4
    Custom wheelset
    SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS Custom rear derailleur
    SRAM Eagle AXS shiftters
    SRAM DUB BB92 bottom bracket
    ! Chris King integrated headset
    ! Chris King hubsSRAM Level Ultimate brakes
    WTB Silverado Custom saddle

Availability - JensonUSA.com


Yeti ARC vs Ibis DV9



HT: 73°
ST: 68.5°
Chainstay: 439mm

Yeti ARC vs. Santa Cruz Chameleon

Aluminum & Carbon

27.5″+ & 29″
120mm & 130mm
Alloy & Carbon
Weight: 27.5-30.5lbs

HT: 72.8°
ST: 67.3°
Chainstays: 415-430mm

SC Chameleon Review

Yeti ARC vs Norco Revolver HT1

Alloy & Carbon

29×2.0″ – 2.35″

HT: 67.8
ST: 75.3
Chainstays: 420-430mm


Yeti ARC vs Trek Roscoe

Alpha Gold Aluminum

27.5x.2.8″ & 29×2.4″
130mm travel

HT: 67.1° – 67.4°
ST: 69.6° – 70.2°
Chainstays: 438mm

Trek Roscoe Review

Yeti ARC vs Salsa Timberjack

Titanium / Aluminum

HT 66.4°
ST: 75.1°
Chainstays: 420-437mm

Aluminum Clearance: 27.5×2.8″ –  / 29×2.1 – 2.6″
Titanium Clearance: 27.5×3.0″ / 29×2.4″

Available in single-speed

2020 Timberjack XT 27.5+

Salsa Timberjack Review



What is the Yeti ARC?

Yeti ARC is a performance 29er carbon hardtail mountain bike.

Built for either competing, or for experienced athletic mountain bikers who are looking for a top-shelf hardtail made by a boutique mountain bike brand.

yeti cycles legs

What does the Yeti ARC stand for?

Yeti ARC stands for Alloy Racing Composites and refers to the frame materials used to build the first ARC series bikes.

TURQ series carbon

The new Yeti ARC hardtail comes with several build kits, all of which use either standard carbon or TURQ carbon fiber frames and Fox 34 forks. The carbon fiber frames feature press-fit bottom brackets, internal cable routing, BOOST dropouts, and integrated derailleur hangers. You can also get two standard C1 or C2 carbon frame builds at a reduced price.

Why to get a 130mm travel hardtail?

130mm of travel is relatively long for a hardtail bike, which offers certain benefits but also disadvantages. Naturally, you can attack larger drops with less chance of bottoming out but this also means you need the skill to take the impact on the back wheel. For this reason, a hardtail bike with 130mm of travel is aimed at a more professional level of riders with a decent amount of experience.

Why 29 instead of 27.5?

MTBs with 29″ wheels are designed to handle better at faster speeds, while 27.5″ bikes are more agile. If you are planning to do tricks or navigate down a tight, complex course, 27.5″ wheels could be better. However, for flat-out speed over rough terrain, 29″ wheels will provide a better experience.

Where to find Yeti ARC Hardtail for sale?

> JensonUSA 🏆

Yeti bike dealers in USA

Fork settings

yeti arc fork settings



Would you like your ARC to be a little slacker?

head tube slack

*The head tube angle can be slackened down to all-mountain spec of 65.2° (Read more down below)


yeti turq frame pants

Can’t get enough of Yeti or the Turq series frames? Check out these Yeti MTB shorts available at evo.com


Yeti ARC Size Recommendations

S – 5’1″ – 5’7″ – [155 – 171cm]

M – 5’5″ – 5’11” – [165 – 180cm]

L – 5’10” – 6’3″ – [178 – 192cm]

XL – 6’1″ – 6’7″ – [186 – 200cm]

Shop Yeti ARC



A Must-read resource for Yeti owners



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  1. R says:

    Bought a 2021 Arc C1, great bike for the first part of the short ride. Unfortunately, the seat stay cracked over nothing!

    Going through warranty, but not impressed!

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