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Co-op Cycles DRT 4.1 Fat Bike Review

By Sam Millers   /  Last updated - November 16, 2023   /  Co-op Cycles, Fat Tire Bikes, Reviews

drt 4.1 review

Fat tire bikes are characterized by their oversized tire size, designed to make cycling possible on any terrain.

Over the past few years, they have gained popularity amongst cyclists looking to venture into snowy or sandy environments. In wet weather, fat bikes will easily roll through thick mud that other mountain bikes would get stuck in.

Since Co-op Cycles found its way into the competitive bike industry in 2017, its bikes have been selling out quickly. REI, who owns and manufactures the Co-op bicycles, noticed a reasonable gap in the market – which they filled rather fast.

Its goal has been to provide good-quality bikes that are durable, versatile, and most importantly – easy to choose for both beginners and experienced cyclists alike.

Let us introduce Co-op Cycles’ first fat bike – the DRT 4.1. Belonging to the DRT-series, you can count on the bike to have most likely the best value in its price category!

Co-op Cycles – DRT 4.1 Review

co-op cycles drt 4.1

26″ wheels / Aluminum frame / 12-speed / SRAM X1 crank / Hydraulic disc brakes

Whether you are looking for a comfortable and fun all-year-rounder bike that can go through any terrain with ease – you should consider getting a fat bike! Yes, riding a fat bike on paved roads has gotten a lot of mixed attention in the biking industry lately, but who cares – right?

Fatbikes are originally designed to be ridden on soft surfaces such as sand, snow, and mud – where a regular mountain bike would struggle to find a stable line. Due to its humongous tires and wide wheels, it is a perfect bike to tow a bike trailer as well.

Best Value Components

co-op drt 4.1 parts

Hydraulic disc brakes, thru-axle wheels, tubeless-ready wheels & tires

By looking at the specification – the DRT 4.1 is equipped with components and the whole set-up you normally see on much pricier, trail mountain bikes. What we like the most is the:

  • 1×12 speed SRAM Eagle drivetrain
  • SRAM X1 1000 Eagle DUB crankset!
  • SRAM DUB BSA bottom bracket!
  • SRAM SX Eagle derailleur & shifters!
  • Shimano Acera MT-400 hydraulic disc brakes
  • Thru-axle wheels!

This list is by far the proof that you CAN GET a reasonable deal for that kind of money! Hydraulic disc brakes are a must for that kind of a beast, also the thru-axle wheels are way more stable and rigid on off-road riding. The 1×12 speed drivetrain offers a fuzz-free gear change without the front derailleur!

Well-Rounded Fat-Tire Build

drt 4.1 components and build

The Co-op Cycles DRT 4.1 fat bike has 4.8 inch thick tires and a 26” wheel size. It’s built around a special fat bike frame made with Co-op Cycles double-butted 6061 aluminum. Like most fat bikes, the DRT 4.1 has no suspension and a rigid aluminum fork.

The frame is kitted out with bottle cage mounts, fender mounts, and both front and back rack mounts. This makes the DRT 4.1 ideal for some serious offroad bikepacking to places most bikes could never explore.

You get 12 speeds courtesy of SRAM’s excellent SX Eagle gearing and stopping power is provided by Shimano’s Acera MT-400 hydraulic disc brakes. The drivetrain is a 1x setup with a single front cog on the SRAM X1 1000 Eagle crankset and 11-50t sized cogs on the rear.

The Innova 26 x 4.8” tubeless-ready tires with 60 TPI pressure have no trouble holding up on soft sand, snow, or mud. Although they grip well on wet surfaces, they don’t have too thick of a tread so you can still get up some speed on tarmac or other hard surfaces.

Co-op cycles haven’t skimped on quality components either, with a WTB saddle, thru-axle hubs, and SRAM bottom bracket to finish it off.

What to Expect from DRT 4.1

DRT 4.1 fat tire bike

Overall, the Co-op Cycles DRT 4.1 fat bike represents amazing value for money. At only $1,299 it comes in far cheaper than some top-of-the-range fat bikes and yet it’s still packed with quality parts.

Unlike is often the case with cheaper bikes, you won’t need to upgrade any components on the DRT 4.1 fat bike. Simply hop on and you’re ready to explore some backcountry trails where no bike has ever been!

I’m sure most of us who know anything about bikes might be scratching their heads and thinking of what to expect from a fat bike under $1500?

Well, the good news is that the Co-op Cycles have gathered a great portfolio of positive feedback on REI, whereas a lot of satisfied customers were also skeptical about the value beforehand.

DRT 4.1 is best for recreational cyclists who simply want a fat bike to go anywhere, anytime – no matter the season.

Versatile Tires

co-op drt 4.1 tire, wheel, fork, disc brakes, fender and rack mounts

Tubeless-ready wheels and tires

As being a trail bike in its basics, the Co-op DRT 4.1 is well suited for exploring nature on two wheels for numerous reasons.

  • 26″ x 4.8″ tires – something of a must for every fat tire bike! The Innova 60TPI tires have plenty of traction and stability from sand to slippery muddy trails. The Presta valve is also
  • TLR wheels/tiresTubeless-ready, which means fewer punctures, when using the proper tire-sealant!
  • 2x bottle cage mounts – Ideal for off-roading without a backpack
  • Fender mounts – Another small extra that helps a ton’
  • Rack-ready fork & frame – 3x rack mounts on the front fork, and mounts for the rear the rack

Co-op Bikes have 300lbs of the total weight limit on the bike, including cyclist, bike, and the whole gear.

Fat tire bikes are best for trails, where no bicycles haven’t been designed to be ridden in the past! Snow, mud, sand are more suitable for dirt bikes than your average mountain-bike.

As the bike is equipped with super-balloony (4.8″ wide) tires, you don’t see the need for a suspension fork in the front. Rigid fork = more energy goes into and maintaining the speed.

Is DRT 4.1 a Good Fat Bike for Beginners?

drt 4.1 beginner's fat bike

Its New! / Awesome design / SRAM & Shimano components / Co-op bikes first fat-tire bike! / Great value!

The DRT 4.1 is built on a unisex frame, which is totally suitable for anyone. If you consider buying this as your very first fat bike, it can be indeed one of the best value bikes on the market!

Considering the fact that most stores have sold out their current stock, and still waiting for newer models to arrive, the flashy Co-op Cycles DRT 4.1 is one of the best new fat-tire bikes with such low price tags!

If you haven’t ridden in a while, you should think of the following extras as well:

  • A bicycle pump – One that’s compatible with the Presta valve. The good thing about the bike is that it comes with Tubeless-ready wheels and tires, which should minimize the effort of taking an extra pump with you on the track, but you still need a special bike pump for your home!
  • Repair kit – The larger the tire – the larger the area which could get punctured!
  • Proper lock! – If you haven’t invested in one yet, you’d really want to do it when going to get this as your next bike!

Recommended Fat Bike Tire Pressure

Generally, you’ll see the recommended tire pressure written on the tires’ sidewall, but the most common pressure range for fat bikes is:

  • 12-15PSI – Off-road – Sand, snow, mud, gravel, forest. Offers comfortability
  • 20-25PSI – On-road – Tarmac, light gravel

Size Recommendations

Co-op Cycles Mountain Bikes Frame Size Recommendation

XXS 4’9″–5’0″ / 145cm – 152cm
XS 5′–5′3″ / 152cm – 160cm
S 5′ 3″–5′6″ / 160cm – 168cm
M 5′ 6″ – 5′ 9″ / 168cm – 175cm
L 5′ 9″ – 6′ / 175cm – 183cm
XL 6′ – 6′ 3″ / 183cm – 190cm+


co-op cycles fat bike

The Co-op Cycles DRT 4.1 fat bike is most likely going to sell out quickly for numerous reasons:

1) Fat bikes have always been an increasing trend
DRT 4.1 looks simply awesome and unique
By the specs, it is a great build for beginner and intermediate riders
Unbeatable value

When taking into consideration the current status in the bicycle industry, where many bike stores are struggling to provide new bikes on stock, the new DRT 4.1 is a perfect example that good deals won’t last long!

If you are thinking of getting a rugged fat tire bike for occasional rides in the forest, maybe towing a child carrier, or letting your kids use the bike – you can’t really miss its capabilities.

Buy from REI

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