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Specialized Bikes Review

Specialized Bikes Components Inc. which occurs under the name, “specialized’ is a leading American private company that designs and constructs bicycles, relevant parts, and accessories.

Founded and currently headed by Mike Sinyard, the company has since set up its headquarters in Morgan Hill, California. It was formed in 1974.

Specialized bikes overview

By 2011, Specialized had already generated a total of 500 million in revenue. This translates to an increase in industry sales by 37%.

By that time, it had already absorbed more than 300 employees to steer its operations. Their mission is to create a brand that most people will recognize and appreciate as part of their daily lives.

Riders believe that a functional bike is one that suits their purpose. The company has used this philosophy to come up with newer and better brands for the biking community.

Its warehouse is located in a two-story building that can be likened to a museum. Two of Specialized racing bikes ridden by world champions have been hung on the wall. In an interview, Sinyard claimed that he made a total of $64,000 by 1974.

His success is based on the fact that mountain bikes were very instrumental to the biking community at the time.

Specialized. Bikes. When?

HistoryBack in 1974, a passionate cyclist by the name Mike Sinyard sold his Volkswagen for $1,500 to join a biking tour that was being conducted in Europe.

Well, his trip paid off when he acquired handlebars and stems from Cinelli. Upon coming back to the US in 1976, he decided to import bike parts from Italy.

In so doing, he was able to construct his first bike; he decided to import because spare parts were scarce in his country. By 1981, it had already constructed two brands; Sequoia and Allez.

The early ‘90s marked the beginning of urban bikes into the biking industry. By using Globe as a marketing tool, Specialized was able to make a name for itself in 2009. Since then, the bike company has taken full advantage of marketing luxurious bikes under its trade name.

Currently, Specialized bikes have customized a Rockhopper MTB in a modern London Ambulance Unit for use in densely populated areas. It is also responsible for the manufacture of helmets, shoes, and clothing for kids, women, and men from entry-level to expert level.


SponsorshipsSpecialized has sponsored cycling competitors based in the US and in Europe.

In 2016, they supplied bikes to road cyclists including Ettix, Astana Pro Team, Tinkoff, Boels, and Axeon-Hagens Berman.

It has also sponsored the Specialized Gravity Team which has Loiic Bruni as its mountain bike veteran. Other triathletes such as Brent McMahon have also benefited through their sponsorship programs.

Specialized is also concerned about the well being of community members; it has set up a foundation for kids living with autism. They yearn for a better tomorrow for kids diagnosed with ADHD.

Astana Specialized

Astana team is sponsored by Specialized (image source: astanaproteam.kz/)


Specialized bikes offer a wide range of products under special categories such as BMX, kids bikes, women’s bikes, adventure bikes, recreational bikes, mountain bikes, and street bikes. Prices range between $360 and $470 for comfort bikes. On the other hand, Specialized mountain bikes price ranges between $350 and $6,500.

Customer Reviews

Customer ReviewsSpecialized bike customers and testers have expressed their full appreciation of the bikes especially when it comes to performance.

The company believes that it produces quality bikes that add positivity to the household setting. Let’s point out some thoughts from Specialized bike reviews:

The 2017 Specialized Roubaix Expert got this reaction out of Akmbikes, ”I love the idea of the Future Shock but before spending the money I think I’ll wait to see how it fares longer term. I’m half waiting for a raft of broken springs.

If that doesn’t happen this bike might well become my summer mile muncher. In winter it’s often shorter rides I’m doing so my mudguard equipped, and old faithful, Synapse will do the trick there.

Hopefully, the bike will get kept for a long-term review. I’ll be here to read it.”

The Specialized Ruby got this reaction out of Peter344, “I bought my wife this bike and she just can’t seem to leave it alone. It is very similar to the Roubaix and hence it has superior features. This bike does a great job.”

Specialized Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes sectionThe biking community acknowledges Specialized an as off-road member.

Thanks to its quality frame, it is able to withstand the harshest of trails and downhill challenges.

Most testers can attest to perfect full suspension of Specialized MTBs and Hard-trail MTBs.

Specialized Stumpjumper

The new Stumpjumper ranging near to $10k

Specialized Road Bikes

drawn road bikeSpecialized road bikes are comfortable, stiff, and offer great performance.

Through the vast numbers of models, it has managed to provide high-end bikes that can compete with the very best. It’s no wonder that the company is a leader in the US.

The Stumpjumper is one of the popular bikes produced by Specialized. Its weight is perfectly balanced thus enabling the user to gain control of it.

As an all-round bike, it is lightweight, has a fast-rolling wheel-set and its gears are easy to work with. Other Specialized road bikes include; Specialized Sirrus Sport and 2018 Specialized Crux Elite.

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