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Co-op Cycles Review

Co-op Cycles is a popular bike brand created by the famous outdoor equipment manufacturer and retailer REI.

They are focused on making affordable entry-level and mid-range bikes, which sets them apart from many other brands.

Co-op Cycles mostly make mountain, hybrid, road, and adventure bikes, so if you’re interested, you should take a look!

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Latest News by Co-op Cycles 🏆

  • January 2021 – Introduction of the most advanced full-suspension mountain bike by Co-op Cycles – the DRT 3.3!
  • September 2020First Electric Bikes Introduced – The CTY e2.1 and CTY e2.2.
  • August 2020 – Co-op Cycles released their first fat tire bike – the DRT 4.1.
co-op bikes drt 3.3 fs

Co-op Cycles latest model – the DRT 3.3 – MSRP $3,299

What is a Co-op Cycle?

The REI Co-op Cycles is a pretty new project and a newish bike brand.

They have been around since 2017, which is when REI decided to overhaul their former bike line and change their focus. Today, Co-op Cycles make a variety of road– and touring bikes, but their primary fixation is on trail bikes. This is more in line with their love of outdoor adventures which is evident in their products.

A big reason why people are buying their bikes is that Co-op Cycles controls the complete manufacturing and retailing process. The models are designed and built in-house, and they do the selling part on their own as well. Because of that, they can minimize costs and offer great value for the price they’re asking. Customers have been really in favor of this.

Another positive and unique thing about their bikes is that many of the frames come in both as standard, and step-through types – categorized as unisex.

Anyway, let’s check out their best models, and see what they’re all about.


Table of Contents

1. CTY
2. DRT
3. ADV
4. ARD
5. REV


Full Range Overview:

DRT – Mountain bikes

CTY – Hybrid bikes

ADV – Adventure/touring bikes

ARD – Road bikes (Sold out)

REV – Kids’ bikes

eBIKES – CTY e2.1 / CRT e2.2

co op cycles bikes range

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1. City / Hybrid Bikes

Co-op Cycles CTY series Review >

The Co-op City Bikes section has affordable and versatile models perfect for daily commutes and casual rides. They are considered to be urban workhorses that can serve as your primary means of transportation for many years. Check them out!

MODEL MSRP $ Gears Wheels Brakes Frame Fork Travel Drivetrain
CTY 1.1 599 3 x 8 700c Mechanical Alu x Chain
CTY 1.2 999 3 x 9 700c Hydraulic Alu x Chain
CTY 1.3 1,349 1 x 8 700c Hydraulic Alu x Belt
CTY 2.1 799 3 x 8 700c Hydraulic Alu 63mm Chain
CTY 2.2 1,199  3 x 8 700c Hydraulic Alu 63mm Chain
CTY 3.1 1,099 1 x 11 650b Hydraulic Steel x Chain
CTY e2.1 1,799 1 x 9 650b Hydraulic Alu 75mm Chain
CTY e2.2 2,199 1 x 9 650b Hydraulic Alu 75mm Chain
CTY REV 399 3 x 7 24″ Rim Alu x Chain


CTY 1.1

CTY 1.1 Co-opCo-op Cycles CTY 1.1 Bike

MSRP: $599

The CTY 1.1 and CTY 1.1 Step-Though are ideal for anyone who needs a simple yet durable daily commuter bike for simple comfortable and laid-back commutes.

The Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 bike is a basic city commuter hybrid bike that can complete a wide variety of tasks. It’s available as a step-through model as well, with a step-through frame. Both bikes come with Shimano Tourney/Acera components, 24 smooth gears, and cable-actuated disc brakes.

Step-Through / Unisex



CTY 1.2

CTY 1.2

MSRP: $999

The CTY 1.2 is the right choice for riders who need a bike to commute to work, but also want to do longer recreational rides on weekends.

The CTY 1.2 is a more advanced hybrid city model that can serve additional purposes other than commuting. It is equipped with Shimano Acera and Alivio components and sports hydraulic disc brakes. If you buy it, you’ll get 27 diverse gears to tackle any urban terrain.

Read More



CTY 1.3

Belt-drive! 🏆

Co-op City bike

MSRP $1,349

The CTY 1.3 model is an ideal choice for people who dislike spending a lot of time on maintenance and want a no-fuss bike to commute and ride in the city.

The Co-op Cycles CTY 1.3 is a more expensive model than the previous two, but you get great improvements for your money. This bike has no chain, but a belt drive with an 8-speed internal-gear rear hub. It’s super-easy to maintain! Other than that, you’ll also get hydraulic disc brakes and a lightweight aluminum frame.


CTY 2.1

Co-Op 2.1 step through

MSRP: $799

The CTY 2.1 bike is perfect both for men and women who want an affordable suspended city bike that can deal with off-road conditions as well.

The Co-op Cycles CTY 2.1 is an aluminum urban bike with a 63mm travel front suspension ready to smooth out any bumps on the city streets. It’s equipped with Shimano Altus and Acera components with 24 gears, and it uses trusty Shimano hydraulic brakes to stop.

Moreover, it has knobby 40mm tires, so it’s great for off-road outings as well. A step-through model is available as well for anyone who prefers an easy entry.




CTY 2.2

Coop cycles cty 2.2

MSRP $1,199

If you live in a hilly area and you need a large number of gears, you should consider the CTY 2.2 model. It’s ideal both for tarmac and light gravel rides.

Co-op Cycles CTY 2.2 is a more advanced front-suspension urban bike, with Shimano Alivio components that provide a spectacular selection of 27 gears. It features a 63mm fork as well, so it does well both on city streets and on off-road excursions. For stability, you can count on its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and 40mm tires.

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CTY 3.1

coop cty 3.1 city bike

MSRP: $1,299

The CTY 3.1 is looking for riders who prefer staying off the beaten track and riding on gravel or fire roads. If you’re intending to do bike touring or bike packing, this model will be your friend as well.

The Co-op Cycles 3.1 hybrid bike loves being on rough terrain as this is where it does best. It has a Chromoly steel frame, sturdy 650b wheels, 47mm wide knobby tires, and Sram NX components with a 1×11 drivetrain. As you can see, everything on it is aimed towards stability on the hard patches. It’s rack and fender compatible, so it’s perfect for touring as well.

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2. DRT – Mountain Bikes by Co-op Cycles

DRT-Series Review – full review

The Co-op Cycles Mountain Bikes is our favorite section since it’s quite diverse. It features both hardtail and full-suspension models, which are very differently priced. These bikes are perfect for complete beginners and experienced riders alike, so let’s check them out.

DRT 1.0 Hardtail XXS 599 26″ 3×7 100mm
DRT 1.1 Hardtail XS-XL 599 27.5″ 3×7 100mm
DRT 1.2 Hardtail XS/S 999 27.5″ 2×9 120mm
M/L/XL 29″
DRT 2.1 Hardtail XS/S 1,399 27.5″ 1×12 120mm
M/L/XL 140mm
DRT 2.2 Hardtail XS/S 1,899 27.5″ 1×12 120mm
M/L/XL 140mm
DRT 3.1 FS XS/S 2,399 27.5″ 1×10 120mm
M/L/XL 140mm
DRT 3.2 FS XS/S 2,799 26″ 1×12 120mm
M/L/XL 27.5″ 140mm
DRT 4.1 FAT One Size 1,399 26″ 1×12 x


DRT 1.0

XXS frame only

co op cycles drt 1.0 bike

MSRP: $599

The DRT 1.0 is ideal for riders less than 5ft tall, so it’s great for kids and shorter adults. If you’re a beginner and not too tall, this one is for you.

The Co-op Cycles DRT 1.0 is a hardtail mountain bike costing less than $500. It has 26″ wheels and a smaller frame. It’s equipped with a mix of Shimano Altus and Acera components that provide 24 gears. Plus, it has a pair of Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, which is a bargain at this price.

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DRT 1.1 & 1.1W

co-op cycles drt 1.1

MSRP: $599

The DRT 1.1 and 1.1W are perfect bikes for riders who are just stepping into the mountain biking world for the first time.

The Co-op Cycles DRT 1.1 is an affordable entry-level hardtail mountain bike. It’s available both as a men’s (unisex) and a women’s-specific model. Both have 27.5″ wheels, Shimano Altus/Acera components with 24 gears, and hydraulic disc brakes.

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DRT 1.2

co op cycles DRT 1.2

MSRP: $999

The DRT 1.2 and 1.2W are great bikes for absolute beginners and those who enjoy recreational off-road rides.

The Co-op Cycles DRT 1.2 is also available as a women’s bike, called DRT 1.2W. This is an upper entry-level model that sports 27.5″/29″ wheels (Only 29er on the whole range!), Shimano Altus/Deore components, and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes. Moreover, its SR Suntour fork offers 120mm of smooth suspension.

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DRT 1.3

DRT 1.3

MSRP $1,149

The DRT 1.3 hardtail model is a great choice for more experienced trail riders. You can use it for casual off-road rides or more aggressive singletrack episodes.

The Co-op Cycles DRT 1.3 bike is priced more than the previous models but offers more as well. It comes with front suspension, 27.5″ wheels, a Shimano SLX rear derailleur, and a modern 2×10 drivetrain. It also has powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes that stop on a dime.


DRT 2.1

co op cyclces drt 2.1

MSRP $1,399

Another top competitor at its price range – the DRT features all the essentials you’ll see on bikes at a 20-30% higher price tag. This is a mid-range 27.5″+ mountain bike with a 12-speed SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain, dropper seat post, hydro disc brakes, and an SR Suntour AIR-Boost 120/140mm front fork. The bike is built on a lightweight and durable 6061 double-butted alloy frame, and the 2.8″ tires really add a lot of character to each trail ride for sure!

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DRT 2.2


MSRP: $1,899

If you have an adventurous spirit and love backpacking and testing your limits on the harsh trails, the Co-op Cycles DRT 2.2 bike is for you.

The Co-op Cycles DRT 2.2 is a fantastic hardtail bike that’s reasonably priced and comes with a dropper post. Other than that, it is equipped with 120mm of travel, Shimano SLX components, and a powerful 1×11 drivetrain. It’s great for bike packing and daily trail rides.

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DRT 3.1

co op mountain bike drt 3.1

MSRP: $2,399

The DRT 3.1 is the perfect bike for real trail connoisseurs. It’s ideal both for short and tall riders who want to improve their skills on the trails.

The Co-op Cycles DRT 3.1 is a versatile full-suspension bike. It’s available both with 26″ and 27.5″ wheels, depending on the size of the frame. It sports a Shimano Deore derailleur and a 1×10 drivetrain. A dropper post and hydraulic disc brakes are included as well!

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DRT 3.2

Co-Op Cycles DRT 3.2

MSRP $2,799

If you are an experienced trail rider and you want the best that Co-op Cycles has to offer, get the DRT 3.2, and you won’t regret it.

The Co-op Cycles DRT 3.2 is the most expensive and the meanest-looking full-suspension model on offer. It comes in 26″ and 27.5″ variations and it’s equipped with an SRAM NX groupset with 12 gears. The fork travel changes from 120mm to 140mm, depending on the frame size.


DRT 3.3

co-op bikes drt 3.3 fs

MSRP: $3,299

The $3,000 mark has set a bar where many beginner, intermediate and recreational mountain bikers are looking for a decent full-suspension bike, and the DRT 3.3 is a perfect example of that. Equipped with RockShox suspensions and 130/120mm travel, the bike comes in 27.5″ wheels for sizes X-Small and Small, and 29″ wheels for Medium, Large, and XL frames. The same goes for the dropper post that varies from 100 to 150mm.

The 12-speed Shimano SLX drivetrain and aluminum frame are the rest of what to expect in that price range. Check out in-store for other specs and recommendations!

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DRT 4.1

Product image for Terra

MSRP $1,299

Entry to hobby riders. It is indeed a tough build with 26″ thru-axle wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, 1×12 SRAM drivetrain, and a rigid fork!

The newest addition to the range, the DRT 4.1 fat bike by Co-op Cycles is an ideal way for anyone to get into the fat bike scene. It is hard to find such a great value fat bike with that kind of set-up.

DRT 4.1 Full Review >




3. Co-op Adventure/Touring Bikes

ADV-series full review >

The Co-op Cycles Adventure Bikes section is intended for all of the free-spirited people out there who love to explore and test their endurance limits. They’re ideal for bike touring and bike packing trips into the unknown.

Co-op Cycles MSRP Wheels Frame Gears Group Brakes – Disc
ADV 1.1 1,599 700c Steel 3×10 Deore Hydraulic
ADV 2.1 1,099 700c Aluminum 2×8 Claris Mechanical 
ADV 2.2 1,499 700c Aluminum 2×10 GRX Mechanical
ADV 2.3 2,199 700c Aluminum  1×11 GRX Hydraulic
ADV 3.1 1,399 650b Steel 2×10 Deore Mechanical
ADV 3.2 1,799 650b Aluminum 2×10 Deore XT Hydraulic
ADV 4.2 2,099 27.5″ Aluminum 2×11 SLX Hydraulic


ADV 1.1

ADV 1.1 Cycles

MSRP: $1,599

The ADV 1.1 bike is a fantastic choice for bike tourers and bike packers who don’t want to spend too much but need a bike that can tackle both road and gravel trips.

The Co-op Cycles ADV 1.1 is an excellent road-touring bike that can tackle gravel trips just as well. It’s equipped with Shimano Deore LX components that give you 30 gears. This means an ultra-low gear setting that can get you over any hill when you’re packed to the max.

It comes with sturdy front and rear racks, so you’ll be ready to go right away.

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ADV 2.1

Product image for pirate black

MSRP $1,249

Best for gravel and fast commutes, the ADV 2.1 is equipped with a 2×8 Shimano Claris drivetrain, 700c WTB ST i19 wheels, and Promax mechanical disc brakes. Their size range is available for recommended heights of 5’0″ to 6’3″ once all the sizes are freely on the market.

The ADV boasts a pretty score on REI, preferred by many bikepackers who are looking for a bulletproof bike at its range.

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ADV 2.2

co op cycles adv 2.2 gravel bike

MSRP: $1,499

The ADV is a gravel&road bike with a 2×10 Shimano GRX drivetrain, 6061 alloy frame, and carbon fork. 700x40c WTB Nano Comp offers limitless fun and versatility on gravel roads and can put up with plenty of technical sections as well. It is well-equipped for its price range considering the fact similar gravel bikes can cost up to $2,000 with the same level of components.

The ADV 2.2 comes in sizes that accomodate riders from 5’0″ to 6’3″ so be fast and see if this bike light a spark in your eyes.

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ADV 2.3

co-op cycles adv 2.3

MSRP: $2,199

ADV is a performance-gravel bike, 1x11sp Shimano GRX, 700c wheels, hydro brakes, and a dropper post. The ADV is built on an aluminum frame with a carbon fork. This is an ideal bike for anyone who is looking for a 2in1 competition/training bike for road and gravel. The ADV 2.3 has reached a high score

Read More



ADV 3.1

Coop ADV 3.1


MSRP: $1,399

If you want a trusty touring bike, but you want to save as much money for the trip itself, get the ADV 3.1. It’s suitable for daily commutes and month-long trips.

The Co-op Cycles ADV 3.1 is the cheapest of the four Adventure models listed, but that does not make it bad. It comes with 650b tires, 20 gears, and Shimano Deore Shadow components. It does not come with racks, but it sports numerous mounts, so you can easily hang them yourself.


ADV 3.2

ADV 3.2 Coop

MSRP​: $1,799

If you want a 650b touring bike built for rough terrains and long daily rides, you need to get yourself a Co-op Cycles ADV 3.2.

The Co-op Cycles ADV 3.2 is the ideal bike for long tours off the beaten track, where the conditions are unforgiving. It has sturdy 650b tires, hydraulic disc brakes, and Shimano Deore XT components. Its 20 gears will get you going as fast as you need to go, or as slow as necessary.


ADV 4.2

ADV 4.2 adventure bike

MSRP: $2,099

The Co-op Cycles ADV 4.2 is intended for expert bicycle travelers who plan to cross continents and travel the world with safety and comfort.

The Co-op Cycles ADV 4.2 is the most expensive of these four models, so it offers the most for the money. If you buy it, you’ll get a mix of Shimano SLX and XT components, a versatile H-bar handlebar, and a comfy suspended seat post. You can explore all the nooks and crannies with its 22 gears and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

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4. Road Bikes by Co-op Cycles

The Co-op Cycles Road Bike section is much smaller than the one dedicated to Mountain Biking. However, there is still a decent choice of beginner and mid-level aluminum and carbon bikes, with quality Shimano components. They are great both for entry-level riders and experienced recreational riders.

NOTE: The whole Co-op ARD series road bikes have been currently sold out!


ARD 1.1 & 1.1W

Co-Op ARD 1.1 road bike

MSRP $899

Ideal for road bike beginners who want to start riding for the first time or join a local cycling club and do group rides. Perfect for short and long casual rides.

The ARD 1.1 & 1.1W bikes are the two cheapest road bike models created by Co-op Cycles. Even though they cost less than $1,000, these bikes come with carbon forks, 2×8 drivetrains, Shimano Claris components, and mechanical disc brakes.

The components on both models are pretty much the same; the only difference is the geometry. ARD 1.1 is unisex, whereas 1.1W is women-specific.


ARD 1.2 & 1.2W

ARD 1.2

MSRP $1,399

The Co-op Cycles ARD 1.2 & 1.2W are a fantastic choice for riders who want to upgrade from their beginner road bike. They do well both on tarmac and gravel roads.

The ARD 1.2 and 1.2W are mid-range models with aluminum frames and full-carbon forks. These two bikes are equipped with trusty Shimano 105 components and have 22 gears. The women-specific model has a shorter stem and top tube, a narrower handlebar, and a women-specific saddle.


ARD 1.4

Co-Op cycles ARD 1.4

MSRP $2,399

The Co-op Cycles ARD 1.4 is perfect for experienced cyclists who enjoy riding on the road the majority of the time, but love making gravel excursions from time to time as well.

The Co-op Cycles ARD 1.4 is intended for the road but does a fantastic job on the gravel as well. It has a stiff full-carbon frame and fork, fitted with a Shimano 105 groupset. Its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes and 22 gears make it a versatile road and gravel smasher.




5. Co-op Cycles Kids’ Bikes

Co-op Cycles is focused on all types of riders, of both genders and all ages. Therefore, they did not forget about kids, who probably enjoy cycling the most. They have lots of different types of bikes, of different sizes and intentions. The number in the name of the bike actually indicates the size of the wheel.

Review – REV Kids’ bikes by Co-op


REV 12: Balance Bike

Co-op Kids REV 12 Balance bike

MSRP $139

Ideal for children of 2 years and older, as their first contact with a bicycle. It will help them understand how to maintain balance on a bike quickly.

A balance bike is the best way your youngest family member can learn how to ride a bike at an early age. The Co-op Cycles REV 12 has a lightweight aluminum frame and small 12″ wheels, so it’s easy to maneuver with it. It’s available in pink and green colors, and it comes with a pack of stickers that your kids can stick as they wish.


REV 12

Coop Kids REV 12

MSRP $149

The REV 12 is ideal for young children who already know how to ride a bike or those who still need a bit of practice with the training wheels. It’s great both for boys and girls.

Once your kid has learned how to maintain balance on the REV 12 Balance Bike, they’re ready for the REV 12. It comes with removable training wheels and a rear coaster brake which is super-fun. It’s available in the colors blue and red and also comes with a pack of stickers for personalization.


REV 16

Co-Op REV 16 kids bike

MSRP $279

The Co-op Cycles REV 16 is great both for boys or girls of 4 years and above. It’s a great choice no matter if they know how to ride or are still learning.

When your kid masters the Co-op 12″ bikes, it’s time to move on to the REV 16. This bike is available in pink and teal blue colors, so both girls and boys will love it. It has detachable training wheels, fun stickers, and even a funky bicycle bell.


REV 20

MSRP $199

Designed for kids who are 5 years and above, eager to join their parents on their daily rides and start enjoying rides on the trails in the park.

REV 20 is a bike that will show your kids the true joy of cycling and teach them what cycling is all about. It comes with 6 speeds, a Shimano Tourney derailleur, and a front suspension with 40mm of travel. It’s available in four colors: white, red hot, dark blue, and teal blue.


REV 24 ( & Plus)

Co-Op Cycles REV 24

MSRP $349

The Co-op Cycles REV 24 is ideal for children who are less than 5ft tall. It’s great both for pavement rides and moderate trail rides.

The Co-op Cycles REV 24 is a great progression bike before your kid is ready to hop on a 26″ trail model. This bike has wide 1.95″ knobby tires, Shimano Tourney derailleurs with 12 speeds, and a fork with 50mm of travel. It’s ideal for teaching your kid the basics of trail riding. It comes in two colors: black and Castlerock gray.



Co-op CTY kids city bike

co op cycles rev cty step through

MSRP $329

If you live in an urban area and you want an ideal bike for your kid to follow you on city bike paths, the REV CTY is the best choice.

The Co-op REV CTY is a fast kids’ urban bike that rolls on 24″ wheels, so it’s most suitable for children who are not yet looking for a full-size bike. It has Shimano Tourney components, 21 gears, and a lightweight aluminum frame. A step-through model for girls is available as well, and if you pay a bit more, you can get a model with safer mechanical disc brakes.

Read more




Co-op Kids MTB

MSRP $429

Do you think that your little boy or girl is ready to hit the singletracks? Then get them a Co-op Cycles REV DRT and watch them fly along the trails.

The Co-op Cycles REV DRT is a 24″ trail bike that can take some beating on the trails. It has 8 gears and Shimano Tourney components, coupled with powerful hydraulic disc brakes. On top of that, it sports an 80 mm fork and 2.6″ wide tires for maximum stability and comfort.

Read more




There are two choices that you can make when buying a Co-op Cycles bike, that will determine the assembly process.

A) You can buy it online and have it shipped to your home,

B) You can buy it at a nearby brick-and-mortar REI shop.

If you buy it at an REI shop, their mechanics will assemble the bike for you, so it will be ready to ride. However, if you buy it online, it will arrive in a box, only partially assembled.

Usually, what you need to do is attach the pedals, the wheels, and the handlebar, sometimes the saddle as well. The Co-op Cycle engineers adjust the brakes and the derailleurs before shipping.

But, sometimes it’s necessary to readjust these, especially after the first several miles, since the cables often stretch slightly after the first ride.

All in all, the assembly is not complicated, and you can do it in 30 minutes even if you are inexperienced, with the help of handy online guides.

Tell us about your experiences with the assembly of Co-op Cycles bikes in the comments section below!



Are Co-op Cycles Any Good?

As you can see from our detailed overview above, REI’s Co-op Cycles builds an impressive variety of bikes.

They’re intended for all types of rides and all types of riders, leaving nobody behind. Most models are very affordable and provide fantastic value for your money.

What we love the most about Co-op Cycles is that they are in charge of the whole manufacturing and selling process, so they are able to offer their bikes at significantly lower prices than the competition.

Moreover, they are focused on beginner and mid-level cycling enthusiasts, rather than on professionals, which makes the majority of cyclists out there.

If you do not care about having a bike from a popular brand like Giant or Trek, but you’re just motivated by quality and price, buying a Co-op Cycles model is a logical choice.

So, yes, Co-op bikes are definitely worth buying!!

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Buy Online – Co-op Cycles




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