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Overview of Yuba bikes

By Rebecca Bland   /  Last updated - December 4, 2023

mother and a child on a bicycle

Named after a California river, Yuba bicycles was founded in 2006 by Ben Sarrazin.

Keen to help motivate others to ride bikes rather than use their cars (particularly for short journeys), Ben began making his own cargo bikes and selling them under the Yuba name.

They now produce a number of different variations of the original concept and include additions you can purchase to completely customise your cargo bike ride. Their bikes have been well received by reviewers across the globe and will definitely help convince people that shorter journeys can be done by e-bike rather than using their cars.

You’ll find these Yuba cargo bikes for sale across the globe now as they have a European distributor as well as main dealers in the USA.

Yuba Bikes Range

Yuba bikes brand logoYuba bikes have grown their brand and now offer a number of different styles and types of cargo bicycles. Their website is incredibly helpful and splits the models into style, or by use, for example, how many kids you need the bike to be able to passenger etc. They have nine models of bike currently for sale, broaching categories including cargo bicycle, utility bike, electric delivery bike, and more.

  1. Compact Cargo Bikes
  2. Fullsize Cargo Bikes
  3. Front Cargo Bikes

As well as offering bikes they sell a large number of different accessories to enable riders to customise their bikes. Accessories include things like kids’ seats, kickstands, and pannier racks. Each bike comes with recommended weight restrictions and recommended terrain use. If you’re not sure which Yuba bike you need, they have a handy ‘Bicycle Mobility Consultation‘ form you can fill in and they will help you decide on the ideal bike for your needs.

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Table of Contents

1. Compact Cargo Bikes
Yuba Kombi
Yuba Boda Boda

2. Full-Size Cargo Bikes
Yuba Spicy Curry
Yuba Spicy Curry All-terrain
Yuba Mundo Electric
Yuba Mundo Lux

3. Front Cargo Bikes
Yuba Electric Supermache
Yuba Superarché

1. Compact Cargo Bikes

Kombi E5, Boda Boda, and Kombi

family riding on cargo bike

The Compact Cargo bike range is designed for those who live in the city and need something easy to store, yet still easy to transport kids or cargo around. The range is designed to replace your car for city living, something that will only happen if the bike is easy enough to use, and enjoyable enough to use!

Kombi E5

The Kombi E5 is based on their best-selling Kombi but electrified.

Yuba Cargo Bikes Kombi E5 Naked

This electric cargo bike is principally designed to handle big cargo loads on flatter terrain and is a perfect example of how easy it could be to switch from your car to a bike for short journeys in the city. The Kombi cargo e-bike can take up to 440lbs/200kg of cargo including passengers.

The Kombi E5 starts at $3,200 and is available in either orange or silver colourways. The bike is powered by the Shimano Steps E5000 250W motor and a 418Wh battery which can last up to 115mi/185km if used in optimum settings for battery life. It’s a basic bike overall with lower-end components, including a Shimano Alivio drivetrain, but it will certainly help boost the use of bikes over cars in the city.

Yuba Kombi Size Guide

The bike comes in one size and Yuba suggest it fits riders 5’ – 6’5” (1.52m – 1.95m)

Boda Boda

Described as the ‘ultimate urban people mover’, the Yuba Boda Boda is an e-bike designed to move people or cargo easily in the city.

yuba boda boda bike

The Boda Boda starts at $3,300 but you can add on additional extras to build it exactly to your specification, for example, if you want to add on spaces for kids to sit behind the rider, or a bread basket, or pannier racks. It’s available in three colours – aqua, black and sandstone. The frame also comes in two variations, step-through or step over depending on your personal preference.

The bike is equipped with a Shimano Steps E6100 250W motor and a 36V 418Wh battery which can last up to 115mi/185km range in eco mode. There is a 396lbs/180kg weight limit on the Boda Boda making it ideal for carrying children or large cargo loads.

Yuba Boda Boda Size Guide

Step-Through 4.9 to 5.10ft (1.45 to 1.85m)

Step Over 5.5 to 6.5ft (1.65 to 2m)


The cheapest of the Compact Cargo bikes, the Yuba Kombi starts at $1,200 and can carry up to 440lbs/200kg of cargo including the rider.

yuba kombi cargo bicycle

It’s available in blue or yellow and is described by Yuba as ‘Kombining’ their best at the entry-level.

The Yuba Kombi is the only bike in this category not to be electric and instead uses a sturdy steel frame with Chromoly forks as the base for the bike. It features a 9-speed Shimano 11-41 Altus drivetrain, with Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes.

2.4″ Kenda tires provide puncture resistance and the bike comes equipped with fenders to keep the rain and spray off you and your cargo when you’re riding. There’s no denying the Yuba Kombi is an entry-level bike, but if you’re not sure about committing to a full cargo bike or electric bike, it’s a great place to start.

Yuba Kombi Size Guide

The bike comes in one size and Yuba suggest it fits riders 5’ – 6’5” (1.52m – 1.95m)

2. Fullsize Cargo Bikes

Spicy Curry, Spicy Curry All Terrain, Mundo Electric and Mundo Lux

yuba electric bike with a parent and kid

The Yuba Fullsize Cargo bikes or, longtail cargo bikes are designed to replace your car.

Developed as a way to transport kids or cargo such as your shopping, these bikes are the first step towards ditching your car for shorter journeys, or taking your kids to school. These bikes are more than capable of transporting large and awkward-sized loads, and with all Yuba bikes, there are additional items you can add to your bike build to make sure they’re personalized to your specific riding needs.

Spicy Curry

The Spicy Curry is one of the best-known Yuba cargo bikes, and is described as

‘A long-tail bike made for big loads and wiggly kids’.

Yuba Spicy Curry bike

Yuba Spicy Curry V3 Electric Bike

It can fit between one and three riders (or children) on board and has a maximum weight load of 400lbs/200kg. Prices start from $4,800 so it’s a decent mid-high level costing e-bike. It comes available in either blue or white colourways and is an electric bike with a Bosch Cargo Line 250W motor and a 36V PowerPack 500 battery. As well as this it also comes equipped with a Bosch Kiox display so you can manage your electric bike modes and battery levels on the go.

It has a Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain and Magura hydraulic disc brakes which means braking won’t be compromised when the weather is less than desirable. It supports speeds up to 20mph, and the battery supports a range of up to 62mi / 100km in favourable (eco) conditions.

Yuba Spicy Curry Size Guide

The bike comes in one size and Yuba suggest it fits riders 4.7 to 6.4ft (1.45m to 1.98m)

Spicy Curry All Terrain

The Spicy Curry All Terrain is similar to the Spicy Curry model, but with added off-road capabilities.

Yuba Spicy Curry All Terrain Bike Double Yepp and Bread Basket

One of the first cargo bikes with front suspension, the Spicy Curry All Terrain is described as a ‘speed pedelec cargo bike for forest, lake and mountain’. The wider tyres and front suspension forks give you confidence in the bike’s ability to take on rougher terrain, potentially opening up new routes for you and the family to take, thereby reducing your reliance on your car.

Prices start at $5,300 but you get a lot for your money with a Bosch Cargo Line Speed 250W motor and a 36V Bosch PowerPack battery meaning you’ll be able to go further for longer. It also comes with a Bosch Kiox display so you can manage your battery levels accordingly. Mid-range Magura hydraulic brakes and a 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain mean you get value for your money here. One component they have skimped on is the SR Suntour 80mm fork, which is quite an entry-level fork, but it does mean replacement or maintenance is cheap! It comes in a black frame with red decals as the only colour option and features a step-through frame design.

Size Guide

The bike comes in one size and Yuba suggest it fits riders 4.7 to 6.4ft (1.45m to 1.98m)

Mundo Electric

The Yuba Mundo Electric is another Yuba electric bike that can be used to transport kids or cargo.

yuba mundo electric

Described as ‘the minivan of bicycles‘ but with a turbo boost, the Mundo Electric is modelled on their older model the Mundo, but with a motor and battery. A Chromoly steel frame adds sturdiness to the design and is the largest and longest frame in Yuba’s range.

Magura hydraulic brakes add stopping power for all conditions, while the bike is powered by a Shimano Steps E8000 motor which supports speeds up to 20mph. The bike comes in beige colour only and can handle a maximum load of 550lbs/250kg making it an extremely heavy-duty bike. Prices start from $4,700 not including any of the additional items you can add onto the build such as baskets and seats for kids.

Electric Yuba Mondo Size Guide

The bike comes in one size and Yuba suggest it fits riders 5.3 to 6.6ft (1.6 to 2m)

Mundo Lux

Yuba wants you to think of the Mundo Lux as a ‘two-wheeled minivan’.

Product image for gold

Yuba Mundo Lux Cargo Bike

The Yuba Mundo cargo bike is designed to replace your car, with no restrictions on what you can carry.

Whether you want to take the kids to school or pick up groceries, there’s no need to take your car with the Mundo Lux. The rear rack is large enough to fit three or four children (including rucksacks) and the Chromoly steel frame offers a smooth and comfortable ride.

The bike is available in two colours, gold and olive. It costs $2,500 for the base model and includes an 8-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain and Tektro Vela hydraulic disc brake (4-pot). Wide 2.15″ Schwalbe tires make easy work of the roads and make it a comfortable ride. The bike comes with a rear rack and side loaders so you can get to shuttling cargo around straight away, although there are additional extras you can check out on Yuba’s website.

Yuba Mundo Lux Size Guide

The bike comes in one size and Yuba suggest it fits riders 5 to 6.5ft (1.5 to 2m)

3. Front Cargo Bikes

Electric Supermarche & Supermarché

Yuba Cargo Bikes Electric Supermarché Lake

The Yuba Front Cargo bikes are built to house the cargo at the front of the bike, i.e. in front of the rider rather than behind with other models. These are similar to Dutch-style cargo bikes you’ll see in Amsterdam, where using cargo bikes is particularly popular as a method of transporting children to school as well as for performing errands such as grocery shopping.

Electric Supermarche

The Yuba Electric Supermarche is described as a

‘high-performance front-loader cargo haulier’.

Yuba Cargo Bikes Electric Supermarche Aqua Bamboo

Its low step-through frame means it fits most people and is designed for those who want to replace their car with a bike. Ideal for taking the kids out or going to the grocery store, it’s a supercharged electric cargo bike. Yuba has equipped the Electric Supermarche with Bosch Performance Line 250W motor and a 36V Powerpack 500 battery, which is capable of speeds up to 20 mph.

It comes in a choice of colours: aqua or white, and also comes with Magura hydraulic brakes to help you stop no matter the weather.

Prices start from $5,500 and this includes a double kickstand, a bell, fenders, an open loader, baseboard and seat kit for passengers, and also comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Electric Yuba Supermache Size Guide

The bike comes in one size and Yuba suggest it fits riders 4’7″ to 6’4″ (1.45 to 1.95m)


Described as Yuba’s version of ‘a California-Dutch front-loader (aka bakfiets), the Supermarché is perfect for active parents or those who need to shuttle cargo around locally and don’t want to use a car or van.

yoba front loader cargo bike

Yuba claims it will fit most riders thanks to its low step-through frame and the adjustable stem/seat post that can cater to almost any height. The bike is sturdy yet handles well thanks to its lightweight frame and double-cable steering. It comes with a rear rack, an open loader, seat kit, baseboard and pin lock on the front, a double kickstand, a bell, fenders, and a two-year limited warranty.

Prices start from $2,800 and the bike comes in one colour choice: white.

Yuba Supermache Size Guide

The bike comes in one size and Yuba suggest it fits riders 4’9″ to 6’5″

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