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Himiway City Pedelec Review

By Rebecca Bland   /  Last updated - March 2, 2022   /  City Bike, Himiway, Reviews

City electric bikes are brilliant ways of getting around urban areas.

They don’t require any special cycling clothing and come in a variety of frame designs. These are step-thru and step-over, which make it easier for riders to dismount the bicycle. They also use a more upright geometry, making for a comfortable and efficient way of getting around town or running errands.

MSRP: 1,499 EUR

himiway city pedelec

EU-Version – Rating: 4.7 / 5 out of 70+ ratings

Motor – 250W
36V Geared hub, 45Nm torque

Battery – 655Wh
36V 18.2Ah

EBike Class – 1
Pedal-assist. Speed limited to 25km/h (15.5mph) – EU legal

Average Range – 50 to 70km / 30-45mi
6h charge time

Weight – 26kg / 57lbs
Weight capacity: 120kg / 265lbs

Drivetrain – 7 speed Shimano Altus
Shimano SIS Shifters

Fork – 80mm travel
With lockout

Tires – 26 x 1.95″
Kenda K-Shield, puncture-resistant

Why should you buy a Himiway bike?

himiway bikes brand logo

Founded in: 2019

Himiway Bikes was founded in 2019 by Mike Magurah, an environmentalist from the US. He is determined to bring affordable and high-quality electric bikes to customers across the States. Himiway Bikes now produce a range of accessible e-bikes for different types of riding.

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About the City Pedelec

Designed for the urban environment, the Himiway City Pedelec is an innovative bike that will get you from A to B without any fuss.

Its city style means it’s easy to mount and dismount. The upright riding position gives the rider a comfortable seat on the bike, perfect for running errands or hauling luggage about town. You don’t need any specialist cycling gear to ride this either, just wear whatever you do normally and hop on!

More from Himiway

himiway bikes range

20×1.95″ / 26×4″ / 20×4″




Quick PROs & CONs


The Good →

Good Drivetrain
– The Shimano Altus derailleur, SIS shifters and Tourney cassette work very well given the affordable price tag. You can easily change from 1st to 7th gear with a slight flick of a thumb, and vice versa.

Awesome Value
– At €1,499 (Approx. 1,700USD) many riders don’t expect much at this price range, but you do get quite a good deal for this bike’s proposed field of use. For a city bike – it’s got all the boxes ticked.

  • Hydraulic disc brakes – A nice addition from rim or mechanical disc brakes, the Ares hydraulic brakes work efficiently.
  • 655Wh battery – 48V 14Ah
  • 250W motor with 550W peak can conquer the steepest hills you can think of.

– An easy bike to ride and own. There’s nothing fuzzy about it! The step-through frame and the weight of 57lbs make it quite a convenient bike for many.

2-year warranty
– Against manufacturer’s defects.

Fits a wide variety of riders
– One size step-thru frame fits a wide range of riders.

Great Looks
– The Dutch-style bike frame does look good with the matte black finish and brown saddle & grips. Also the battery blends in nicely, and the hub motor is barely noticeable.

himiway pedelec bikes

Plenty of customization to the handlebar
– The Promax handlebar is a nice choice by Himiway. The position of the handlebar can easily by adjusted up and down, and the angle of the levers as well.

You are still going to get fit
– This bike is classed as a pedelec, which means you have to move the pedals in order for the power assist to work, so you end up getting a light workout after well.

Good quality charger
– The charger is high quality. there are rubber pads underneath to prevent the floor being scratched. The charger is also silent which is uncommon among more affordable e-bikes! The full battery charge time of the Himiway City e-bike is around 6hours.

80mm travel oil fork
– With a lockout feature from the fork helps to absorb shocks and bumps in the road, smoothing out your ride.

Fenders & Integrated rear rack
– With a wooden plate on the top. There’s also availability to add a basket in the front with 4 bolts on the frame which would make this basically a small cargo e-bike.

– Front chainring cover, derailleur protection cage and a chainstay sleeve.


Points to consider →

Quality of Pedals
– Made of metal, these pedals have plenty of grip for the shoe and reflectors on both sides front and back, but they are on the cheaper scale as they don’t spin freely. That’s not a big deal as it is an electric bike after all, and an upgrade would cost around $20 – $30. It would be a minor issue for a conventional bicycle that’s being used for training purposes.

– The great part is that you don’t need a key to switch on the bike, but if your bike happens to catch an eye of a thief, the bike can just be turned on from the controller, and ridden away. All the thief would need is a charger and he’d have an e-bike, of course you can’t remove the battery, but there’s no need for that.

Wheels & Tire Size
– Wheels – First thing I noticed was that the wheels seem not to be made of metal, and the spokes seem to be quite ‘soft’ as well.

– Size – Even though the 26″ wheel is still quite common among city bikes and ideal for shorter riders, an e-Bike that size would definitely benefit from 27.5″ (650b) wheels. The aluminum wheels seem to be quite brittle.

Why it’s not an issue? Well as the name goes – it is still an electric bike for city riding, therefore the speeds and use is something that are just about right for the 26×1.95″ tire. Plus, these tires are equipped with a puncture-resistant shield. A nice addition and sort of a must-have for electric bikes in 2021.

Slightly noisy
– On full power, there’s a noticeable buzzing noise coming from the motor, but after all, it is an e-bike and you’ll get used to it rather quickly. Actually, it might be safer for others around you as they can hear you coming!

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Clumsy geometry
– Although the fork does its job, the 80mm travel is quite long for an upright city bike with 26″. For taller riders, it can make the ride slightly clumsy.





Battery > Motor > Display > Controller


A compact and efficient motor providing 45Nm of torque.

  • 250W (Peak 550W)
    Max assisted speed 25km/h /15.5mph
  • 26″ wheel
  • 36V

himiway 250W hub motor



Battery & Controller

The sleek-looking and chunky battery coupled with the 36V controller are the powerhouse for this bike. I (80kg/180lbs) managed to squeeze 70km (45mi) out of the first full charge on quite a hilly commute, but I’m sure you can do better than that, or less when using Power level 5 the whole time.

himiway battery controller



Display & Control Unit

The display and control unit are easy to understand and use.

himiway controller and display

  1. Power on/off
    Hold for 3 seconds
  2. Menu settingsi
    – Trip
    – Odometer
    – Ride time
    – Avg. speed
    – Max. speed
    – Time
  3. Lights
    Front & rear
  4. Power Up
    0 – No assistance
    1 – 10 km/h
    2 – 14 km/h
    3 – 16k m/h
    4 – 21 km/h
    5 – 25 km/h

  5. Power Down
  6. USB Port
  7. Cadence Sensor
    12 sensors

himiway city pedelec display


The screen on the City Pedelec is easy to understand and read in all lighting conditions. When turning on the lights, the brightness of the screen goes down.

  • LCD
  • Speed – in km/h
  • Battery Level – 5 bars
  • Wattmeter (Shows how much power is currently being used)
  • Power level – 5 levels of assistance
  • Distance – Trip / Total
  • USB charging




Himiway City Pedelec Specifications

Brand Himiway
Model City Pedelec
Type Electric, Hybrid, City
Model Year n/a
Price (EUR) 1,499
Designed For Urban
Frame Types Step-through
Frame Size One Size
Recommended Rider Height
160-200cm / 5’3″ – 6’4″
Wheel Size 26″
E-Bike Class Class 1, 2, 3, Race Track
Max Speed 25kph / 15.5mph
Range (mi) Up to 30-60mi
Motor 250W (550W peak) – 45Nm peak
Motor Type Brushless Geared Hub – Continuous
Battery 36V 18.2Ah – 655Wh
Modes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Controller 36A
Charger Europe standard 36V 3.0A smart charger
Display Backlit LCD
Derailleur 7-speed Shimano Altus
Frame Material 6061 Aluminum Alloy
Brakes Hydraulic
Rotors 160mm
Wheels n/a
Tires 26″ x 1.95″ Puncture-resistant
Kickstand High Performance aluminum
Saddle Himiway Soft Saddle
Weight 26kg / 57lbs
Max Weight 120kg / 265lbs
Warranty 14 Day Free Trial / 1-Year Warranty

himiway city bike features




Geometry & Size Recommendations

One-size frame fits riders – 160-200cm / 5’3″ – 6’4″

himiway bike geometry




Shipping & Assembly


The weight of the bike is not too heavy which is great. The assembly process was fast and easy as it took about 10 minutes to fully build the bike. As it uses Schrader valves, the same type used on cars, you should easily be able to find a suitable bicycle pump somewhere in your household.

Although the City Pedelec comes 90% assembled, there are some points to consider when installing the bike.

shipping ebike himiway


Note – the battery weighs quite a bit so be careful when removing it as it tends to slip out rather quickly. You don’t want to drop it!


How to install the handlebar of the Himiway City e-bike?

The ProMax handlebar installation goes as follows:

himiway handlebar installation

  1. Tools
    You’ll need three tools for the installation of the handlebar.

    – Two mid-sized Allen keys
    – Ring spanner
  2. Undo the cover
    – By turning the bolt counter-clockwise. Remove the bolt & cover.
  3. Install & position the handlebar
    *You might have to wiggle the angle of the handlebar upwards for the inside bolt to reach the head tube.
    Turn the bolt clockwise until it gets finger-tight.
  4. Tighten
    – By using the closed-ended spanner – create extra leverage and slightly tighten the bolt. Be careful.
    *Don’t use too much strength as these bolts can easily snap if too much power is used.
    *If you are going to tighten the head tube bolt without this technique, the handlebar is going to stay too soft which is unsafe.
  5.   Tighten
    – The two “safety” bolts on the side of the headtube frame by going up & down continuously until an equal strength is reached
    *Again, finger-tight is fine, be careful against overtightening.
  6. Align
    – The handlebar in the middle.
  7. Adjust
    – The right height & angle
  8. Tighten
    – The last bolt by turning the allen key clockwise. It should as tight so you could barely close the handle.
  9. Check
    – If the handlebar is tight enough by holding the wheel between your legs and turning the handlebar side to side.
    *There shouldn’t be any movement in low-medium strength.
    *If you feel it’s not about right, undo the two safety-bolts, and retighten the head tube again.

Installing the pedals

There are stickers on each of the pedals (L) (R) that indicate the side of the bike they must be installed on, and which way to turn the spanner. Note, that the left pedal is tightened by turning the spanner COUNTER-CLOCKWISE, and the right pedal is tightened by turning the spanner CLOCKWISE.

*It is the only uncommon installation technique seen on bicycles – a reverse thread.


Although the kickstand was pre-assembled, you might have to re-tighten and adjust the angle of the foot.

Mine made a slight rattling noise when riding on off-road trails, but then again it is a great reminder that after all, it is a city electric bike, not a mountain bike.
FIX – The kickstand just needed to be tightened.

Out of the box – the bike kickstand had a quite slack stand-angle.
FIX – Turns out you can adjust the height of the foot. When doing so, you can just undo the bolt a little and move it at a steep angle from 13′ to 3′ degrees.

himiway bike stand

Quick Safety Reminders for First-time EBike Owners

> Do not change gears when there’s power on the drivetrain. This is not a high-end mountain or road bike with a clutch in the derailleur

> Avoid riding in heavy rain – no bicycle is waterproof, they are generally rated for IP-65 weatherproof.

> Avoid leaving the bike & battery exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods

> Plug the charger into the battery first, then into the wall socket

> Always wear a bike helmet when riding an e-bike

> Do not change gears when not in motion

> Check the maximum rider weight





The City Pedelec by Himiway bikes is an affordable e-bike that holds great value and is equipped with a solid set of components. For an average commuter looking for a comfortable bike to get from A-B in city environments, there’s nothing to add or remove on the bike. The estimated average range of 45mi (70km) per charge makes it clearly above average in terms of motor efficiency and battery capacity. Although it’s not a mid-to-high-end electric bike, it packs a punch for its price.

We’d say that without the electronics, the Himiway City is basically a $600-$700 city bike which is an entry-level price tag with some mid-range components.

Upgrade – If you’d like to spend more (2,000€ / $2,500) you should expect a:
– Mid-drive motor
– More advanced drivetrain components
– Integrated-type battery

Cheaper – If you’d like to spend less (1,000€ / $1,500), you are going to lose out on:
– Quiet & efficient hydraulic brakes
– Shimano Acera derailleur
– Heavier bike
– Rack-mounted battery



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