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Aventon Bikes Review

By Rebecca Bland   /  Last updated - August 31, 2022
aventon bikes review

Image source: Aventon.com

Aventon bikes are an e-bike specialty brand based in Los Angeles, USA.

The bikes they make are designed to bridge the gap between technical innovation and accessible pricing. They currently sell a wide range of models, from city and step-thru bikes to folding bikes – perfect for multi-trip commuters.

The bike manufacturing process is heavily overseen by Aventon. They recognize that through their attention to detail and design that they can stand out in their own way against a heavily oversaturated e-bike market.

In this article, we’ll review the company, how they came to be, and then look at the bikes and give you enough information so that you can help to make an informed decision on your next e-bike purchase.

  • Aventon Bikes headquarters: Los Angeles
  • Founded: 2012

About Aventon

Founded in 2012 by J.W. Zhang, Aventon bikes didn’t begin life as an ebike company. 

Previously, they were known for their Aventon fixie bikes before moving into the electric bike market in 2018. The first Aventon ebike was their Pace 500, and the brand has since developed its fleet to include seven e-bikes. Some of which have won recognition in the e-bike industry. The brand has really developed since its inception!

 Aventon Elite Dealers

Elite dealers are situated across the USA and Canada. They’re selected as ‘Elite’ as they have the widest selection of e-bikes and can offer specialised customer care in regards to Aventon bikes. 

The dealer network of Aventon Bikes

Wide network of Aventon Dealers

Aventon eBikes Range

Aventon electric bike range

Pace 350 v2 Cruiser 1,399 R&L 20 MPH 20 MPH 40 Mi 27.5X2.2″ Mechanical 49 LBS
Pace 500 v2 Cruiser 1,699 S/M&M/L 28 MPH 20 MPH 40 Mi 27.5X2.2″ Hydraulic 52 LBS
Level Commuter 1,799 S/M&M/L 28 MPH 20 MPH 40 Mi 27.5X2.2″ Hydraulic 62 LBS
Sinch Folding 1,699 One-Size 20 MPH 20 MPH 40 Mi 20X4″ Mechanical 68 LBS
Aventure Hybrid 1,999 S-L 28 MPH 20 MPH 45 Mi 26X4″ Hydraulic 73 LBS
Soltera Hybrid 1,299/1,399 R&L 20 MPH 20 MPH 41 Mi 700X35c Rim/Mech 41/43 LBS

Aventon Pace Next Gen Review

aventon pace 500 next gen ebike

Aventon Pace 500 Next Gen step-over


Pace 350: $1,399
Pace 500: $1,699

The Aventon Pace 500 electric bike was the original offering from Aventon back in 2018. In March 2022, they released the second generation of Pace electric bikes. 

Both the Pace 350 Next Gen and the 500 Next Gen come in step-over and step-through variations. Both Aventon Pace e-bikes are in a cruiser-style frame and build kit, which means they’re ideal for relaxed riding. They come with a wider saddle, swept-back handlebars, and plush 2.2″ tires for comfort. 

For 2022, these bikes have improved batteries, frame-integrated electronics, and backlit color LCD displays. The 500 can assist up to speeds of 28mph, whereas the 350 does only up to 20mph. The battery range between the two bikes is the same, although the 500 has a larger capacity battery. You can see the table below for further differences between the bikes.


  Pace 350 Next Gen Pace 500 Next Gen
Motor 350W 500W
Pedal Assist 20mph 28mph
Battery 417Wh 614Wh
Av. Range 40mi 40mi
Speeds 7 8
Brakes Mechanical Hydraulic
Weight 49 lbs 52 lbs

Aventon Pace Size Recommendation
Pace 500
Regular: 5’1″ – 5’7″
Large: 5’7″ – 5’11

S/M: 4’11” – 5’8″
M/L: 5’8″ – 6’1″

Pace 350
: 5’1″ – 5’11”
Large: 5’11” – 6’4″

Buy Aventon Pace 350    Buy Aventon Pace 500

Aventon Level Review

Aventon Level review

MSRP: $1,799

Motor: 500W Rear-Hub  |  Speed: 28mph (PAS), 20mph (Throttle)  |  Battery: 48V 14Ah (672Wh)  |  Range: 40mi 

  • Front Coil Spring Suspension, 75mm Travel
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc, 180mm Rotors
  • 1×8 drivetrain
  • Weight: 62 lbs
  • Max Payload: 300 lbs

The Aventon Level eBike is the brand’s commuter step-through bike.

Based on the Level bike, it comes with fork suspension, a rear rack for luggage, and built-in fenders. All these components make it a versatile and comfortable commuter bike that can go anywhere. The Aventon Level commuter eBike uses a 750W motor and can assist up to 28mph. The battery range can be expected to last up to 40 miles depending on conditions.

The Level is a durable and versatile bike that’s not limited to sidewalks or short journeys. Instead, it can be used all year round, thanks to the suspension and wider tires. For the price, it’s hard to go wrong.

Aventon Level Size Recommendation

Small 5’1″ – 5’7″
Medium 5’7″- 5’11”
Large 5’11” – 6’4″ 

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Aventon Sinch Review

aventon sinch folding electric bike

MSRP: $1,799

Motor: 500W Rear-Hub  |  Speed: 20mph (PAS & Throttle)  |  Battery: 48V 14Ah (672Wh)  |  Range: 40mi (Average)

  • Front Suspension, 45mm Travel
  • Brakes: Mechanical Disc, 180mm Rotors
  • 1×7-Speed Gearing
  • Dimensions: Unfolded – 67″ x 23″ x 46″; Folded – 41″ x 23″ x 31″
  • Weight: 68 lbs
  • Max Payload: 300 lbs

The Aventon Sinch is the brand’s electric folding bike that comes with a ton of features.

The maximum assisted speed is 20mph, and it comes with a throttle option on the handlebars. The motor is a 750W peak brushless hub motor and is paired with a Lithium-ion 48V, 14Ah (672 Wh) battery. Which, for a small bike, still provides a range of up to 40 miles. It’s easy to fold and has wide 4″ tires to provide grip even off-road. The only downside is the weight. The Sinch weighs 68lbs (30.8kg), which means it’s hard to carry. Thankfully though, it’s easy to wheel around once it’s folded up.

The Sinch is a handy foldable electric bike that can tackle varied terrain for your commutes or errands.

Aventon Sinch Size Recommendation
One Size: 5’0″ – 6’3″

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Aventon Aventure Review

Aventon Aventure 3 color options

MSRP: $1,999

Motor: 750W Rear-Hub  |  Speed: 28mph (PAS), 20mph (Throttle)  |  Battery: 48V 15Ah (720Wh)  |  Range: 45mi (Average)

  • Front Suspension, 80mm Travel
  • Brakes: Hydraulic Disc, 180mm Rotors
  • 1×8-Speed Gearing
  • Weight: 73 lbs
  • Max Payload: 300 lbs

The Aventon Aventure is an all-terrain e-bike with a great price and great specifications.

There are plenty of positive Aventon electric bike reviews, particularly about the Aventure eBike. With a front suspension fork, fat tires, and multiple mounting points for racks and luggage, it’s incredibly capable and not just limited to the tarmac or your commute. It comes with a powerful rear hub motor, as well as a high-capacity battery that has an average range of 45 miles (depending on ride conditions). It’s designed to be comfortable and perform over multiple terrains, and at $1,999, it’s hard to go wrong.

It’s a bike packed with tech, including a handlebar-mounted screen upon which you can even charge your smartphone!

Aventon Aventure Size Recommendation
S: 5’1″ – 5’9″
M: 5’7″ – 5’11”
L: 5’11” – 6’4″

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Aventon Soltera Review

aventon soltera ebike

MSRP: from $1,299

Motor: 350W Rear-Hub  |  Speed: 20mph (PAS and Throttle)  |  Battery: 36V 9.6Ah (345Wh)  |  Range: 41mi (Average)

  • Brakes: Tektro caliper or Tektro mechanical disc with 160mm Rotors
  • Single-speed or Shimano 1×7-speed gearing
  • Weight: 41 or 43lbs
  • Max Payload: 300 lbs

The Aventon Soltera is a stealthy urban e-bike designed to be fast and agile for navigating the city streets.

This bike comes in a single-speed and 7-speed version. The single-speed is two pounds lighter and uses Tektro caliper brakes. The 7-speed version uses a Shimano Tourney drivetrain and Tektro mechanical disc brakes. 

Both bikes have a 350W brushless hub motor supported by a lightweight 345Wh battery to deliver max speeds of 20mph and an average range of 41 miles. 

The Soltera has aggressive geometry compared to the rest of the Aventon lineup, making it fast and easy to get up to speed. In addition, the lighter weight makes it easier to cycle this bike without the help of electric assistance if you want the added exercise. 

Aventon Soltera Size Recommendation

Regular 5’1″ – 5’7″
Large 5’7″ – 6’4″

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Aventon Bike Accessories

Aventon bike accessories

As well as selling popular e-bikes, Aventon also produces accessories for riding.

They sell everything from locks to helmets, racks, and lights. Anything you might need to accessorize your ride, they have on their website. Here you will also find components, replacement and upgrade parts for your bike, and merchandise with the Aventon brand on it.

Shop Aventon Accessories

Aventon vs Rad Power Bikes

Check out the full illustrated comparison on Aventon

Aventon Pace 500 vs RadCity 4

aventon pace 500 next gen ebike

The configured bike

  Pace 500 RadCity
Motor 500W 750W
Pedal Assist 28mph 20mph
Battery 614Wh 672Wh
Range Avg. 40mi Up to 45mi
Charger 48V, 3 Amp 48V, 2 Amp
Speeds 8 7
Brakes Hydraulic Mechanical
Weight 52 lbs 64 lbs
Max Payload 300 lbs 275 lbs
Price $1,699 $1,599

Aventon Sinch vs RadExpand 5

Aventon SinchThe configured bike

  Sinch RadExpand 5
Motor 500W 750W
Pedal Assist 20mph 20mph
Battery 672Wh 672Wh
Range Avg. 40mi Up to 45mi
Charger 48V, 3 Amp 48V, 2 Amp
Speeds 7 7
Brakes Mechanical Mechanical
Tires 20″ x 4″ 20″ x 4″
Folded Size 41″ x 23″ x 31″ 41″ x 22″ x 28″
Weight 68 lbs 59 lbs
Max Payload 300 lbs 275 lbs
Price $1,699 $1,599

Aventon Aventure vs RadRover 6

aventon aventurerad power bikes radrover 6

  Aventure RadRover 6 Plus
Motor 750W 750W
Pedal Assist 28mph 20mph
Battery 720Wh 672Wh
Range Avg. 45mi Up to 45mi
Charger 48V, 3 Amp 48V, 2 Amp
Speeds 8 7
Brakes Hydraulic Hydraulic
Tires 26″ x 4″ 26″ x 4″
Weight 73 lbs 73 lbs
Max Payload 300 lbs 275 lbs
Price $1,999 $1,999


Where is Aventon Bikes based?

Aventon Bikes is based in the United States in Los Angeles, California. In addition to its US headquarters, Aventon has its own factory in China. This gives them an advantage over brands that utilize third-party factories for manufacturing, allowing Aventon to have more autonomy over the production of its bikes.

Where are Aventon bikes made?

Aventon bikes are made in China. Aventon has its own factory in China, allowing them to control the whole manufacturing process. Once the bikes are manufactured, they are sent to Aventon’s United States headquarters in Southern California, where they carry out assembly and inspection. 

How long have Aventon bikes been in business?

Aventon bikes have been in business for ten years as of 2022. They began selling bikes in 2012 as a fixed-speed bicycle manufacturer. In 2018, Aventon made the switch to producing electric bikes with the release of the Pace 500.

Are Aventon bikes waterproof?

No, Aventon bikes aren’t waterproof. However, You can ride Aventon e-bikes in the rain. They are built to IPX4 water-resistant standards, which means you can ride through rain, but do not use pressurized water on the bike or submerge any of the bikes under water.

Is Aventon a US company?

Yes, Aventon is a US company. The registered headquarters is in Los Angeles, California. However, they also have their own factory in China, where all of the manufacturing is carried out before the bikes are sent back to the US for assembly and inspection.

Does Aventon make good eBikes?

Yes, Aventon does make good eBikes. All of Aventon’s e-bikes are priced in the entry-level range (up to $2,000). This low pricing is one of the company’s missions of making top-tier bikes available at affordable prices. Aventon bikes also have good overall user ratings. 

What brand of motor does Aventon use?

The brand of motor Aventon uses is not disclosed for each bike. However, their bikes have been fitted with both Shengyi and Bafang motors in the past. They use a range of motor sizes from 350W to 750W. All of the motors they use are rear hubs.


Aventon may have started as a fixie bike brand, but the company has evolved with the times and embraced electronic technology.

Their current lineup includes step-through, all-terrain, and folding e-bikes. They have built the brand on mobility and ease of access to it while not compromising on the style of the bikes. Their prices are accessible, and they have won industry awards with their ingenuity and look to be building on this success by encouraging more people to ditch the car and get on a bicycle.

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