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Velotric E-Bikes Brand Review: A Close Look at the Top Features, Models, and Pricing

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - May 3, 2024

yellow velotric electric bike

Velotric is one of the newest entrants to the e-bike market, producing entry-level e-bikes and using a mix of retailers and direct-to-consumer sales. The brand’s lineup comprises five urban-style e-bikes and one all-terrain model.

Velotric bikes stand out for their striking color finishes and refined, integrated designs, something that’s lacking in the entry-level price range.

With models between $1,500 and $2,000, it aims to compete with established brands like Ride1UP, Aventon, and Rad Power Bikes, which is a challenging proposition. 

This Velotric e-bike review will explore the brand, highlight some shared characteristics of the lineup, and take a detailed look at the individual models so you can decide if they’re worth considering.

About Velotric Bikes

step-through velotric electric bike

Velotric Bike was founded in 2020 in Shenzhen, China. In 2023, the company began its expansion into the USA, where it is partnering with retailers and selling its products online within the lower 48 states. There are already over 150 dealers, which can be viewed through the “Find a Dealer” page.

Velotric is one of the newest companies in the electric bike industry, but one of the brand’s co-founders, Adam Zhang, brings a wealth of experience from his success at Lime, a scooter and e-bike sharing company operating worldwide in big cities.

With his experience and connections in the industry, Zhang hopes to turn Velotric into his next successful venture, producing e-bikes that are “… simple to use, comfortable to ride, excellent in performance, reliable in quality, and superior in style and fashion.”

Notable Velotric E-Bike Features That We Like

gray velotric urban ebike

Velotric electric bikes are quite varied, but they also share some characteristics worth highlighting. For example, all of Velotric’s e-bikes have Apple’s “Find My” device tracking. 

But there are a few additional aspects that we like, such as:

Clean Integration and Lots of Color Options

Velotric clearly emphasizes looks and integration. Each bike has tidy welds and neat integration of battery and cables for a higher-end finish.

In particular, the T1 models have beautifully integrated cables. There are also multiple frame color options available at checkout, including up to seven for the Nomad 1.

Wide Height Ranges

Velotric e-bikes have wider-than-average height ranges, especially the models available in step-over and step-through frames (Nomad, Discover), which can fit riders from 5’3″ to 6’9″.

The other models also have height ranges well over one foot. This flexibility makes them suitable for multiple members of the same family.

High Payload Capacities

Four of Velotric’s six electric bikes have 440lb payload capacities. While this is a standard capacity for cargo/utility bikes, it’s much higher than average for all-terrain and commuter models like the Nomad 1 and Discover 1.

A high payload capacity means these bikes are suitable for heavier riders or those looking to transport heavy cargo.

Review of the Velotric Electric Bike Lineup

Despite being one of the newest electric bike brands to enter the market, Velotric has a solid range of six models across three broad categories: all-terrain, city/commuter, and cargo/utility. The brand’s first release was the Discover.

Velotric Discover 1

velotric discover 1 ebike

MSRP: $1,599

  • Step-through or step-over options
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • High payload capacity

The Velotric Discover 1 is the brand’s flagship model. It’s a comfortable and practical commuter electric bike with an affordable price tag and decent urban-ready componentry.

Velotric equipped the Discover 1 with fenders, a 55lb-rated rear rack, and lights for urban riding. It’s also compatible with a front rack that can support 33lb. The sturdy frame has a total capacity of 440lb, putting this bike on par with many cargo-specific models.

Comfort is provided by upright geometry, an 80mm suspension fork with hydraulic lockout, wide 2.5″ tires, and a wide padded seat. The tires are also conveniently puncture-resistant.

Velotric chose a 65Nm 500W, 900W peak motor for tackling hills. This motor runs off a 14.4Ah (691.2Wh) battery and returns a 60-mile max range.

Consider the Discover 1 Velotric e-bike if you need a well-rounded commuter e-bike with a huge payload capacity and an attractive price.

Buy Velotric Discover 1

 Velotric Nomad 1

velotric nomad 1 ebike

MSRP: $1,799

  • Seven colors
  • 8-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain
  • Powerful 1200W peak output

The Velotric Nomad 1 is an all-terrain fat-tire e-bike that competes with models like the RadRover 6 Plus, Ride1UP Rift, and Aventon Aventure.2.

This e-bike has all the features that make this style of bike so fun and versatile. Knobbly 4″ CST BFT tires, an 80mm suspension fork, and hydraulic disc brakes provide control and traction on less technical off-road terrain. However, you’ll need to add a rack if you plan on commuting. 

As is standard with these bikes, the weight (72lb or 73lb) and handling aren’t optimized for technical off-roading. The main downsides of this bike are the high weight and the below-average battery capacity (14.4Ah), which is much smaller than, say, the Ride1UP Rift’s 20Ah battery.

Overall, the Nomad 1 is a competitive option in this category, and the broad height range, array of color options, and attractive sale price make it stand out.

Buy Velotric Nomad 1

Velotric T1 ST

Velotric t1 st ebike

MSRP: $1,499

  • Lightweight at 36lb
  • Torque sensor
  • Attractive design and integration

The T1 ST is the comfort-optimized version of Velotric’s two lightweight T1 builds. This e-bike is one of the lightest in the entry-level price range.

At just 36lb, the T1 ST is just 3lb heavier than its main competitor, the Ride1UP Roadster v2. However, it has a more powerful motor (600W vs. 500W peak output) and a larger battery (9.8Ah vs. 7Ah).

The Velotric T1 ST is designed to balance comfort and speed for short to medium-distance urban commutes. The 700c wheels and 40mm puncture-resistant tires are much narrower than the average e-bike, improving efficiency on pavement. This wheelset and the low weight make the T1 ST great for pedaling without assistance.

Another highlight of this bike is the torque sensor. A torque sensor makes for a smoother, more natural power transfer from the motor (compared to a cadence sensor).

Add the Velotric T1 ST to your shortlist if you’ve got a tight budget and want a low-maintenance, lightweight companion for urban rides.

Buy Velotric T1 ST

Velotric T1

velotric t1 ebike

MSRP: $1,799

  • Lightweight at 36lb
  • Anti-theft GPS tracking
  • Auto-on headlight

The T1 (previously Velotric Thunder 1) is the higher-end of two lightweight entry-level urban electric bikes.

This model has smart features, including GPS tracking and a headlight that switches on or off based on ambient light conditions. Velotric also plans to add crash detection to the bike’s software in a future update.

The T1 also has narrower 38mm tires and more aggressive geometry to improve range and efficiency without assistance. The max range of this build is 70 miles, compared to the 52-mile max of the T1 ST.

Other than these changes, the T1 is identical to its sibling, the T1 ST. It’s a solid option if you have a slightly larger budget ($300) and want the added safety features and increased riding range.

Velotric Packer 1

velotric packer 1 ebike

MSRP: $1,999

  • 176lb rear rack capacity
  • Powerful 4-piston brakes
  • Waterproof storage bag included

The Velotric Packer 1 is an entry-level cargo electric bike with a powerful 750W motor and a well-rounded build kit.

At this price, the Packer 1 is a competitive choice, going up against popular models like the RadWagon 4, Blix Packa, and Aventon Abound. A unique feature of this model is the mixed-wheel setup (26″ front, 20″ rear) that adds to stability and comfort.

Alongside fenders, lights, and a kickstand, the Packer has a waterproof storage bag and mesh wheel guards to protect passengers in the rear.

The 176lb rear capacity is one of the highest in this category and easily supports an adult passenger or two kids. This bike is also compatible with a front rack, and buyers can customize their Packer with a range of bespoke accessories.

Choose the Velotric Packer 1 if you’re considering a cargo e-bike and you value range, comfort, and stability for carrying heavy loads.

Buy Velotric Packer 1

Velotric Go 1

Velotric go 1 ebike

MSRP: $1,799

  • Comfortable
  • Cargo accessory compatibility
  • Solid max range

Cargo e-bikes are lengthy machines that require extra storage space and aren’t very maneuverable. For that reason, many brands offer more compact ‘utility’ bikes, like the Velotric Go 1.

This model can support the same total payload capacity as the Packer 1, just with reduced capacity in the rear (120lb). It’s also compatible with a range of accessories for different jobs.

At 65lb, this is a heavy e-bike, and it only has a 500W motor, which might feel underpowered at max payload. However, the riding range is impressive (55 miles), given the battery is just 14.4Ah.

The Go 1’s 60mm front suspension and 3″ CST tires provide a comfortable base for riding on bumpy pavement, and the puncture resistance reduces the headache of repairing flats.

The Velotric Go 1 is a balanced choice in this segment, albeit slightly more expensive than the competition. Keep an eye out for Velotric’s frequent sales to get this at a better price.

Buy Velotric Go 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better, Velotric or Aventon?

Comparing Velotric vs. Aventon is straightforward, as the brands have similar pricing and model styles. In general, Aventon is preferred by owners, as the construction is higher quality, and they have a wider dealer network, so test rides and repairs are more convenient.

Who makes Velotric bikes?

Velotric bikes are made in China, but the brand recently branched into the US. The co-founders are Ted Li (Head of Marketing) and Adam Zhang (CEO). Zhang has ties to the e-bike industry in China and co-founded the bike and scooter brand Lime.

Are Velotric bikes waterproof?

No, Velotric bikes are not fully waterproof. However, they do have high IP ratings. The frame is rated to IPX6, and the motor and battery are rated to IPX7, which means you can comfortably ride in any weather conditions. Just don’t submerge any components in water.

How long does it take to charge a Velotric bike?

All Velotric bikes take around 6 hours to charge from empty. The T1 and T1 ST bikes have 9.8Ah batteries and 2A chargers, while the other four models have 14.4Ah batteries and 3A chargers. Both combinations result in a similar charge time.

Does Velotric have an app?

Yes, Velotric has its own companion app. This app is for owners of the standard T1 e-bike. It records your activities and tracks ride data, allows you to unlock the bike remotely, and has the option for personalizing each pedal assist level.

woman riding velotric cargo electric bike

Velotric e-bikes are well-rounded and stylish, but at full price, it’s hard to say they stand out in a competitive entry-level market.

For example, Ride1UP’s prices are slightly more affordable, and they have an established reputation for reliability. Likewise, Rad Power Bikes and Aventon have solid reputations in the industry, and buyers benefit from the large dealer networks, which make servicing, repairs, and warranty fulfillment easier.

Velotric has had quite a few complaints about their customer service and follow-up on warranty claims from users on online forums. While this isn’t news for entry-level e-bike brands, it may deter some.

Aside from the occasional issue, owners are generally very pleased with the performance and reliability of their Velotric bikes.

All things considered, we think a Velotric bike is a good buy if there’s a model that fits the style you’re looking for, especially if you can capitalize on one of their frequent sales.

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2 thoughts on “Velotric E-Bikes Brand Review: A Close Look at the Top Features, Models, and Pricing

  1. Christopher Champagne says:

    Hey Jordan, Enjoyed your review of the Velotric e-bikes!

    Before I buy, I’d like to know if you’re aware of any quality bikes comparable to the T1.

    I’m not really looking for an entry level bike but this is the closest thing I’ve found to my ideal e-bike: a lightweight, mid-drive, belt-drive model with a 3-speed hub.

    1. Editorial Team says:

      Hey Christopher,

      Thanks! I’m glad you liked the review.

      A few other models that come to mind and are similar to the Velotric T1 include Specialized’s Turbo Como series (they are pricier, though), the Priority Current, the Vvolt Centauri S, and the Ride1UP Roadster V2.

      However, out of all these, I like the Velotric T1 the most. I think it offers the most features for your money.

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