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Prevelo Bikes Review

By Sam Millers   /  Last updated - December 4, 2023

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Prevelo is one of the best-selling kids’ bike manufacturers in the US.

Launched as a family business by Jacob Rheuban in California in 1982, Prevelo has always been focused on building better bikes for kids. Unlike the cheap bicycles you would find in most retail stores, Prevelo uses high-quality materials and custom-built frames to produce strong, lightweight bikes for kids.

Prevelo – Kids Bikes Range

prevelo bikes logo

Models: Alpha / Zulu / Zulu Heir

  • Alpha series Prevelo bikes are built with high-quality components, intended for recreational use mainly
  • Zulu series Prevelo bikes are made of premium components that are also suitable for racing and training purposes
  • Zulu Heir series is their most advanced set of kids bikes with high-end components that can be adjusted to a fine degree
Age Gears Type Models
18 months+ Single-speed Balance Bike AlphaZero
 3 to 5 Single-speed 14-inch bikes AlphaOne / ZuluOne
 4 to 6 Single-speed 16-inch bikes AlphaTwo / ZuluTwo / ZuluTwo Heir
 5 to 9 Multi-speed 20-inch bikes AlphaThree / ZuluThree / ZuluThree Heir
7 to 11  Multi-speed 24-inch bikes AlphaFour / ZuluFour / ZuluThree Heir

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Alpha Zero 12″ – Balance Bike

The Alpha Zero is probably one of the most advanced balance bikes to get

Alpha Zero kids balance bike

Available in Blue / Silver / Purple

Price: $199

It’s made by a bicycle brand that specializes and custom-builds their whole bikes range! Compared to any other balance bike out there, the Alpha Zero 12″ is built on a 6061 aluminum frame that has front and rear V-brakes. Prevelo also uses low-profile rounded hex bolts on front and rear hubs to prevent kids from getting knocked against the harsh-edged nuts.

  • Wheel Size: 12″
  • Age Range: 1.5 +
  • Gears: 0
  • Main Focus: Teach balance
  • Weight: 8.5lbs / 3.8kg
  • Tire / Tube Size: Kenda 12×1.75

The Alpha Zero is a perfect mixture of comfort, ease of use, and durability. 58+ 5-star reviews on their page.

The 12″ Alpha Zero comes 99% assembled, all you’ve got to do is install the handlebar!

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Alpha/Zulu One – 14″ bikes

Optimized for two wheels!

Alphe two / zulu two kids bikes

Alpha One (On the left) – available in Silver, purple, Blue

$359 – Alpha
$459 – Zulu

  • Wheel Size: 14″
  • Age Range: 3 to 5 years
  • Gears: Single

Every single detail about this bike is well-thought-out. Take a look at the whole range of features to get a better overview:

  • Lightweight alloy frame with custom formed tubing
  • Lightweight alloy fork with Chromoly steerer
  • Tektro brakes with a small-reach lever (Alpha One: V-brakes / Zulu One: Disc Brakes)
  • Rear coaster brake on the Alpha model
  • Rounded hex bolts for safety
  • Double chain wheel guard
  • Specifically sized custom made cranks
  • ..and much more

Alpha/Zulu Two – 16″ Bikes


prevelo bikes alpha one alpha two

$379 – Alpha Two
$469-799 – Zulu Two
$799 – Zulu Two Heir

AGE Range: 4-6

Alpha Two

The AlphaTwo is Prevelo’s best-selling kid’s bike, retailing at just under $400. The Alpha doesn’t come with training wheels as its optimized for just two-wheel use. The lightweight 6061 heat-treated aluminum frame is fitted with two 16″ wheels and Kenda 1.5″ tires with Tektro aluminum V-brakes for great stopping power.

The handlebar is 470mm wide with a 30mm extendable stem and the Prevelo seat features a toolless adjustable clamp. The bike is clearly of a high-quality that even the roughest of children will struggle to damage.

  • Weight: 14.5lbs / 6.6kg
  • Double chain wheel guard
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum frame
  • Tektro V-brakes on Alpha-model
  • Internally routed cables
  • Rounded-off hex bolts to prevent kids from hitting their leg against the sharp edges

Zulu Two

  • Heir: Available with a lightweight 60mm travel air fork with HM Carbon Fiber / AL6061 lowers & AL7050 hard-anodized ⌀30mm stanchions and adjustable rebound, lockout, and compression
  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum frame
  • Custom formed frame tubing, BOXT™ rear stays, and forged rear dropouts
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy fork with Chromoly steerer
  • Hydraulic disc brakes by Tektro
  • Three-piece crank
  • Squared taper cartridge bearing bottom bracket
  • Ultra-narrow Q-factor
  • Custom made cranks
  • Double alloy chain guard
  • ..and much more


Alpha/Zulu Three – 20″ Bikes

Because kids’ bikes have smaller wheel diameters, rear derailleurs on these bikes hang low and close to the ground for optimized performance

prevelo alpha zero and zulu zero kids bike

Alpha Three $499
Zulu Three $899
Zulu Three Heir $1199

  • Wheel Size: 20″
  • Age Range:
    Alpha Three: 5-9
    Zulu Three: 5 1/2 -9
  • Gears
    Alpha Three: 1×8 (11-34T)
    Zulu Three: 1×10 (11-36T)

20″ Prevelo bikes for kids are a tough build, optimized for best comfort and performance. Since Prevelo focuses on kids’ bikes ONLY, they have customized the most crucial areas on the bike to make the ride more enjoyable compared to any other kids’ bike on the market!

These are some of the best kids’ mountain bikes out there, suitable for casual and experienced young riders!


  • Shimano Altus drivetrain on an 8-speed with Shimano’s Smart Cage derailleurs that keep things high and away from the ground.
  • Shimano Acera Rapidfire Plus thumb-operated shift lever with an indicator display.
  • Custom made cranks for sized specifically for each bike model
  • A three-piece crank with square taper cartridge bearing bottom bracket
  • Tektro V-brakes
  • 6061 alloy frame with custom formed tubing


  • 6061 alloy frame with triple-butted tubing and TRAPT™ downtube profile
  • Available with a lightweight HEIR® 80mm travel air fork with HM Carbon Fiber / AL6061 lowers & AL7050 hard-anodized ⌀30mm stanchions and adjustable rebound, lockout and compression and 15mm Thru-Axle (Rear hub – 12mm Thru-Axle).
  • Dropper post ready – Stealth
  • Available with tubeless-ready tires and wheels
  • Tektro hydraulic disc brakes
  • Shimano ZEE 10-speed drivetrain
  • Shimano Shadow RD+ Short cage
  • 11-36T for a diverse MTB experience

This bike comes 95% assembled, all you have to do is install the front wheel, pedals, seat post, and handlebar.

Alpha / Zulu Four – 24″ Bikes

Likely one of the most advanced youth’s bike on the market

Alpha four kids bike

The whole set-up on Prevelo bikes is very well-thought-out.

Not only the geometry and parts, but every single detail about the bike has its own special purpose.

If you are looking for a bike that’s built for everyday use on dirt/urban commutes, the fourth-series will be one of your best options you could choose from! Prevelo bikes hold their value quite well, as they are built for rough use and can withstand.

When comparing the fourth series to any other kids bike on the market, you are guaranteed to get the best bang for your back, as this is what the whole brand is focusing on. These are also one of the best teen bikes that can take a lot of abuse thanks to their durable frames. 

  • Age Range: 7-11
  • 8-speed gearing, 11-34T
  • 6061 aluminum frame with custom tubing
  • Tektro V-brakes
  • A three-piece crank with squared bottom cartridge
  • Custom made cranks
  • Shimano ALTUS 8-speed drivetrain
  • Shimano Acera Rapidfire plus short shifters which are easy to use with small hands
  • Double-sided chainguard for extra safety

Zulu Four

prevelo zulu four kids mtb bike

MSRP: $899 – Zulu  / $1499 – Zulu Heir

  • Preferred age range: 8-11
  • 10 or 12 speeds
  • Specific slack head tube angle & short chainstays keep the bike controlled over rough conditions
  • Lightweight aluminum frame – Custom Formed 6061 triple-butted tubing and TRAPT downtube profile
  • HEIR model comes with HM Carbon fiber 80mm travel fork
  • Stealth cable routing and dropper-post ready
  • Flat mount rear brake caliper keeps it protected between the chainstays
  • Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • 10-51T for rough and steep hills

Prevelo Kids Bike Size Recommendation

In order for the kids to learn properly how to bike, it is crucial to get them the right size bike, too!

Model Wheel Size Approx. Rider Age in years Pedaler Inseam (inches)
Alpha Zero 12″ 1½ + n/a
Alpha One 14″ 3 to 5 13 to 16.5
Alpha Two 16″ 4 to 6 15.5 to 22
Alpha Three 20″ 5 to 9 18 to 23
Alpha Four 24″ 7 to 11 23 to 28
Zulu Two 16″ 4 to 6 15.5 to 22
Zulu Three 20″ 5½ to 9 20 to 25
Zulu Four 24″ 8 to 11 23 to 29

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How to Set the Saddle Height?

prevelo kids saddle height recommendation chart

Blog – Must read for parents

Check out Prevelo’s blog for useful information on how to improve your child’s riding experience. It includes regular features and articles about child safety, advice for parents, and Prevelo partnerships. As the main contributor, Jacob provides helpful guides explaining common problems in detail, with pictures, videos, and calculators to solve issues like gear ratios.

  • Teaching children to shift gears on a bike
  • Why do rear wheels on bikes skid so easily & how to teach kids to use both brakes?
  • Gear ratio, gear inches & chain ratio calculator
  • At what age should you teach a kid to ride a bike?
  • “My child is a balance bike master but struggles with pedals. Help!”

Visit Prevelo Blog

Prevelo Bike Accessories

prevelo bikes accessories

Prevelo sells a range of protective gear and bike add-ons for kids, including helmets, knee pads, bells, lights, and kickstands. You can also add customized name lettering to your kids’ bike for an additional $20.00!

In addition to add-ons, Prevelo stocks a range of spare parts like:

  • Forks
  • Tires & tubes
  • Grips for any repairs you may need to do

Shop Prevelo Accessories

Prevelo Trade-Up Club


kids bike from above

See How It Works: Prevelo Trade-Up Program



All Prevelo bikes come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 5-year limited warranty that covers the frame and fork, and a 1-year warranty on paintwork and components.

If you have any troubles before are after purchase, Prevelo offers a wealth of support to its customers. On the website, you’ll find a comprehensive FAQ to answer any of your immediate questions and provide detailed guides on how to construct delivered bikes.

If you can’t find the help you need online you can get hold of Prevelo via their online contact form, call them, or visit their Warehouse in Temecula, California.

We’ve never seen such an overlooking Q&A about kids’ bikes, so make sure to check out their FAQ section!

Shipping & Assembly

Shipping cost: $15 US-wide

Assembly: 95% Assembled

What Do We Think of Prevelo bikes?

Thumbs up

Kids’ bikes are notoriously low-quality and built from cheap parts because parents often expect their kids to lose interest in cycling over time. However, if you want your child to develop a healthy love of cycling it’s imperative you start them off on good quality bikes right from the beginning. 

Prevelo fills this gap in the market by providing parents with top-quality bicycles built from the same materials as adult bikes. The bikes are not only much safer and enjoyable for your kids but also tougher and more durable, resulting in better value for money in the long run.

Long story short – If you are looking for a high-end kids all-rounder bike with great trail riding capability, you have become to the right place!

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