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12 Best BMX Bikes in 2024: Top Models in Racing and Freestyle Categories

By Atticus Lee   /  Last updated - December 29, 2023   /  BMX, Dirt Jump Bikes, Kids, Reviews
low-angle photography of person riding a bmx bike

Dirt, Vert, Skatepark, Pumptrack, Street, and Flatland – there’s quite a variety of ways to master the skill on this particular bike. | Image Source: Unsplash.com

One of the most popular bicycle types among the youth has always been the BMX. We might even go as far as to say that BMX bikes have played a huge role in the upbringing of many talented cyclists today.

BMX = Bicycle Motocross

Originally built for off-road racing on dirt tracks and to withstand the test of time on gnarly skateparks with fast-rolling pump tracks, there’s a large following among this particular bike type. By 2024, there’s a variety of those bikes from 16″ wheels to 20″, 24″, 26″, and even 29″ available, although most of them share the same characteristics.

Best BMX Bikes

GT – Team Signature BMX 21″

GT Team Signature BMX Bike 21"

MSRP: $745

Best selection of GT BMX bikes found on Gravity Coalition’s webpage.

  • ChroMoly steel frame (size 21″) & fork
  • 20×2.3 GT Pool tires
  • MID Sealed Bearing bottom bracket
  • Alloy Body sealed bearings
  • Brakes: Odyssey Springfield U-brake

Shop on GravityCoalition.com

Redline – Asset

redline asset bmx bike

MSRP: $530

Starting as low as $320, the RedLine BMX bike series is a keyword you want to look out for when looking for a trick bike to a skatepark.

  • 20×2.35″ VTC Speedster tires
  • Hi-tensile steel frame
  • KMC S1 chain
  • Oversized 14mm rear axle for added durability
  • Tektro 970A U-brake
  • 25/9 micro gearing
  • Suggested rider height – 4’9″ – 5’9″

Over six different BMX bikes by RedLine at Jenson USA.

Shop on JensonUSA.com

Mongoose – Legion L20

One of the best kids’ BMX freestyle bikes

mongoose legion l20

  • Fork – Hi-tens steel
  • Frame – Hi-tens steel, tapered headtube, and removable brake mounts
  • Crankset –  170mm one-piece steel, 25T alloy chainring 

Mongoose is a giant in the world of BMX.

The Legion L20 represents the company as the cheapest model of their flagship line, and it has been equipped with many great features useful to a new or experienced kid BMX rider. The crank arms are made of Chromoly steel for confidence inspiring strength and stiffness when grinding rails.

If you’re the type who already has a good variety of tricks under their belt, there’s no doubt that Mongoose’s top bike will do the trick.

Single-walled rims hold fat, 2.3-inch tires which make the L20 more than capable on quarter pipes and stair sets alike.

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GT – Kachinsky Team Comp

GT Kachinsky Team Comp

MSRP: $610

  • Frame – Chromoly
  • Brakes – Aluminum U-Brake w/ Soft Compound Pad
  • Cranks: GT Power Series Seamless Tubular Cr-Mo

GT is another of the brands that have been around forever and know quite a bit about how to make BMX bikes.

For experienced riders, they built the GT Kachinsky, a fully-featured park-ready bike built on 20” wheels with 2.35″ tires. The steel frame and three-piece crank promise durability even after failed jumps send the bike crashing down.

The Kachinsky has been equipped with many classic BMX components, such as tall riser bars, a high clamp force u-brake, and durable double-wall rims.

Get from GravityCoalition.com

Redline – Roam 20″

One of the kids’ BMX race bikes

redline roam 20"

  • Hi-tens steel frame
  • 25.4mm seatpost
  •  20 x 1.95″ street tires
  • Alloy linear brakes

For young riders who want to go a bit faster on their BMX bikes and for competition BMX racing, the Redline Roam delivers a design built around speed.

For both BMX racers and those looking to gain more velocity on a bike with a true BMX heart, the Roam is Redline’s best pick.

This bike offers an optimal race geometry and stylish design that will turn heads. A durable hi-tens steel frame ensures this bike lasts forever, while the tapered tubular steel fork deals with abuse on the front wheel from less-than-perfect landings.

Buy on JensonUSA

GT – Mercado Team Comp

Super stylish and affordable BMX 

gt mercado team comp bmx

MSRP: $610

Ideal for pushing your limits at the skatepark, the Cro-Mo frame GT Mercado features 20.75″ wheels and a Cr-Mo 1pc threaded steerer tube fork as a start. As it is built to blast, there are alloy hubs, GT Freestyle 2pc steel handlebar, sealed bearings, and alloy hinged U-type brakes to make it complete.

The GT LP-5 20 x 2.35″ tires and the geometry are ideal for BMX-style riding in-and-around town.

Buy on GravityCoalition.com

Razor – Nebula

Steel BMX for kids

razor nebula bmx

Many people choose to ride BMX bikes around town as a form of transport. After all, who doesn’t want to be able to bar-spin on the way to the football match?

The Razor Nebula is a cheap kids BMX with traditional components including 20″ wheels, pegs, high-rise bars, and a freestyle rotor. You can comfortably sit and cruise, play around, and practice tricks at your local skate park. 

The Nebula comes with a unique graphic design, front and rear v-brakes, and a bicycle pump included with purchase. 

Get from Amazon.com

Elite BMX – Stealth 

elite bmx stealth

The Elite BMX Stealth is a complete entry-level BMX made up of durable components.

This bike has everything you need from the get-go, including a top load stem, Chromoly steel handlebars, a rear brake, and traditional BMX geometry.

This is a bike that’s super sturdy from head to toe thanks to the steel components, durable 2.4″ tires, and reinforced welds.

If you need a cheap bike that absolutely shreds and does so in style, the Stealth by Elite BMX is at the top of the list.

Get from Amazon.com

GT – Pro Series 29

gt pro series 29

An adrenaline-induced rush provides the BMX rider with dopamine, maxing out their stoke and giving them intense levels of euphoria.

The GT Pro Series 29 provides entry into the chaotic and addictive world of modern BMX. This bike has a lot of high-end BMX parts, perhaps most importantly, the geometry of the frame is focused on tricks. In addition, you have GT’s Pro Series Design 6061 alloy frame with a chain tensioners.

A tight inner triangle can be whipped around with ease. A 3-piece Cr-Mo crank fairs well against repeated shock force and Promax mechanical disc brakes perform well in all weather conditions.

The Pro Series urges riders to try advanced tricks, those they might not have the confidence to do on a less technical frame.

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Mafiabikes – Kush 2

One of the best boy’s 20-inch BMX bikes

20 inch BMX bike for boys and girls

  • Big 29″ Bars with an 8.5″ rise
  • Alloy single wall front rim and double-wall rear rim
  • 2.4″ Lagos Crawler Tyres
  • Tapered Fork Legs
  • U-Brake

The Kush 2 aims to offer up a pro-level BMX bike at an entry-level price.

With features like a CNC machined internal headset and double-walled rims, it’s apparent that efforts have been made to include durable and well-engineered parts that would be found in higher-end models. Three-piece cranks offer better customization and easier replacement. 2.4 inch Lagos Crawler tires bounce off lips and curbs nicely.

For anyone looking to get a good bang for their buck and explore the world of BMX, the Kush 2 is a contender with great specs.

Buy on Amazon

GT – Performer

Modern BMX with various frame sizes to choose from

GT Performer BMX Bike

MSRP: $425

  • Frame – Hi-Ten Steel Tubes, MID BB , Seat Stay U-Brake
  • Tires – GT LP-5 20 x 2.2 and 2.35″
  • Rims – Alloy Single Wall, 36h
  • Brake – Aluminum U-Brake 

GT’s Performer lives up to the name as a fun and responsive bike that performs well for beginners and experienced riders alike. A steel frame and fork ensure excellent durability under the pressure of trick riding. 

A integrated, sealed headset along with a GT top load stem keeps the ride feels solid in the cockpit. 20-inch wheels are helpful when accelerating quick off the mark around the skate park. The Performer is a retro BMX frame paired with modern components, perfect for those who want to ride in classic style.

Get from GravityCoalition.com

HARO – Steel Reserve 1.1

One of the best adult BMX bikes with dirt jumping capabilites

haro steel reserve 1.1

MSRP: $679

  • Fork – Suspension-Correct Rigid Chromoly
  • Brakes – Tektro Aries MD-M280
  • Tires – Kenda K-Rad 26 x 2.3″
  • Grips/Bar Type – Haro Counterfeit

Back in the ’90s, BMX riders inspired MTB riders to switch up their gear and move away from traditional road bike designs.

From the 2010s onwards, MTB riders have been inspiring BMX riders to get off the pavement and hit jumps on singletrack. The Haro Steel Reserve borrows heavily from both BMX and MTB designs to come together as a DJ (dirt jump) rig designed for big air time.

A druable Chromoly steel frame is comfortable and not too heavy. In addition, you have a rigid fork with the ability to swap for a suspension fork. For those hoping to hit big jumps, look to the Haro Steel Reserve 1.1.

Buy on JensonUSA.com

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