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Co-op Cycles REV – Kids’ Bikes Full Review

By Sam Millers   /  Last updated - November 16, 2023   /  Co-op Cycles, Kids, Reviews

Co-op Cycles REV

No wonder the Co-op Bikes have been REI’s best-selling bike brand lately – they simply produce the greatest value bikes for the whole family. Another favorable factor about their bikes is that there’s just the right amount of choice which doesn’t confuse an average bike buyer who doesn’t know too much about the bikes.

Co-op Bikes have a decent set-up for each of their bike range, which can be compared to other known brand bikes that can cost up to 20-30% more!

What’s So Great About Co-op Cycles?

SIZES: Small frames for kids, adults’ XXS (1.0 series), XS, S, M, L, XL
FRAME TYPES: Women’s step-through frames, kids learning bikes, kids bikes, unisex type frames for adults, rigid frame, front suspension CTY/DRT bikes, full-suspension MTB bikes
BIKE TYPES: Road, Touring, Gravel, City, Hybrids, MTB, Kids

co-op cycles brand bike selection

Co-op Cycle’s bike range: Full Suspension MTB, Road/Gravel bikes, Touring Bikes, Trail MTB’s, Hybrids, Women’s, Kids bikes

  • REV/KIDS’ – Balance bikes, learners’ bikes w/ training wheels, youths’ bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes
  • CTY – City/hybrid bikes
  • DRT – Mountain bikes
  • ARD – Road/gravel bikes
  • ADV – Commuter/Touring bikes

Co-op Cycles REV – Kids Bikes Overview

When and why to use training wheels?

Training wheels help a child get used to the concept of pedaling and transition from a balance bike to a pedal bike. However, they should only be used once a child has mastered balancing on a balance bike.

Even then, they might not be necessary, as most children can simply transition from a balance bike to a pedal bike.

How to properly adjust the saddle height for kids?

Adjusting the saddle height to the right height plays a huge in kids’ cycling learning process and long-term performance.

When a kid sits on the saddle, their legs have to reach the ground with ease, while having the saddle too low makes the transition from ground to pedals more difficult to learn.

So, there should be the right amount of reach, and not having the saddle too low. It’s recommended to take that extra time it takes to get it right so that the kiddo would feel comfortable and learn to bike the right way.

Co-op Cycles REV Bikes Comparison Chart

Model MSRP $ Max Load Wheel Size Gears
REV 12 balance-bike 139 60lbs 12″ 1
REV 12 Kids 159 80lbs 12″ 1
REV 16 Kids 189 80lbs 16″ 1
REV 20 Kids 209 80lbs 20″ 1
REV 20 + 339 80lbs 20″ 6
REV CTY Kids 349 120lbs 24″ 21
REV DRT 459 120lbs 24″ 8

REV Series Size – Age/Height Recommendation Per Model

  • 12” bikes suit toddlers from 2-3 years old and come in either pedal-less balance bikes or with training wheels on the pedal bikes.
  • 16” bike, designed for kids of 4 to 6 years old, comes with removable training wheels and has a 17.25” standover height.

REI’s Co-op Cycles REV series offers 10 different bikes for kids, ranging from 12 to 24 inches in size, and suits kids from 4 to 10 years old.

  • 20” Co-op Cycles REV bikes are best for 5 to 8-year-olds and feature a single-speed version and a geared mountain bike version.
  • REV CTY and Step-through are 24” geared bikes suited for schoolkids over the age of 8.
  • REV DRT is one of the best bikes for teenagers looking to do some off-road riding.

REV 12″ Kids’

Balance Bike / Learners Bike With Removable Training Wheels

co-op bicycles kids 12" bike

More colors available

Best for 2-3 years old

MSRP $139 – $159

Co-op Cycles bikes offer four different 12” bikes, two with pedals and two without in a range of colors for boys and girls. 

The exceptionally cute 12” balance bikes are as simple as can be, with strong aluminum frames, thick tires, and a comfortable saddle. With only a 13.75” standover, most toddlers will have no trouble navigating the bike with their feet. Choose from Fireglow orange, Lime blast yellow, Grapefruit pink, or Spring green. Use the easily adjustable handlebars and seat post to perfectly fit the bike to your child’s size. At only 9lbs (4 kg), even a toddler will be able to hold the bike comfortably.

co-op bikes blue kids learning bike

More colors available

On the slightly upgraded 12” pedal bikes, young riders can take their skills to the next level. The single-speed bikes feature a rear coaster hub allowing kids to freewheel when desired while also using the pedals to brake. The simplified method makes it easier to steer as kids only need to concentrate on the pedals to control speed. Co-op Cycles REV 12” pedal bikes come in Gem blue, Electric Blue, and Ultra lilac. Kids can enjoy customizing their bikes with the fun sticker pack that’s included.

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REV 16″ Kids’

Kids bikes with removable training wheels

co-op cycles kids 16" kids learning bike

Best for 4-6-year olds

MSRP $189 

The Co-op Cycles REV 16” is a minor upgrade from the pedal-version of the 12” REV bike for kids who have grown a bit and begun to master pedaling. It still comes with training wheels but these should be removed once a child is comfortable on the bike

The larger REV 16” bike will give your child the feeling of riding a proper bicycle with their feet off the ground and some real pedal power. The 6061 aluminum frame is quite a bit stronger than the 12” REV, weighing in at 16 lbs (7.2 kg), and it has decent Kenda Kontact 1.75” tires, Joytech hubs, and Wellgo pedals.

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REV 20″ / REV 20″+ (6-speed)

Co-op Cycles REV

Best first “real bike” for kids

Best for 5 to 8-year-olds

MSRP $209 / $339

With the REV 20”, REI introduces gears to its Co-op Bicycles range of kids bikes, albeit only on the Plus version. The standard REV 20” bike remains a single speed coaster bike with both a pedal brake and handlebar brake. This helps the rider get comfortable using level brakes on the handlebars before upgrading to a geared bike.

co-opcycles kids mountain bikeThe off-road style REV 20” Plus features a 6-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain with extra-large 2.6” tires and Logan mechanical disc brakes. It’s a considerable upgrade from the previous REV bikes and should only be considered for kids who are completely comfortable pedaling on their own and using handlebar brakes.

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REV CTY kids’

co-op cycles kids hybrid bike

Best for recreational urban cycling

MSRP $359

Co-op Bikes offer two 24” bikes in its CTY range, a standard Evergreen model, and a Berry Blue step-through version with a lowered crossbar. Both have a 21-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain with Logan linear-pull rim brakes and Kenda Cosmos 1.5” tires. 

These larger bikes are best suited to young teenagers for commuting to school or around town. They feature lightweight 6061 aluminum frames with adjustable riser handlebars and bottle cage mounts. Although not ideal for off-road, the tires have a decent grip to handle dirt track.

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REV DRT kids’

Best value MTB for young riders!

co-op cycles kids mountain bike

Unisex frame

Best for Trail mountain biking for teens

MSRP $459

The 24” REV DRT represents the perfect introductory mountain bike for teens and young riders. With SR Suntour XCT front suspension and 2.6” Slant Six Sport tires, it will make light work of any dirt or gravel tracks around the neighborhood. The 8-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain has a Samox 30T single front ring with 11/34 cassette on the rear. Finishing it off are Tektro hydraulic disc brakes to ensure safe braking in any weather conditions.

The addition of these high-quality parts means the REV DRT comes in quite pricey for a kid’s bike, at nearly $500. However, it is essentially a fully functional hardtail mountain bike that will last a child throughout their teen years. It’s the kind of bike that will instill in a child a love for mountains and the outdoors rather than just a vehicle to visit friends with. Don’t say we didn’t warn you though – soon they’ll be off to Colorado to compete in the downhill mountain bike World Championships!

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Why is the REV series bike a good buy?

The Co-op Cycles REV range is great because they treat kids’ bikes seriously rather than trying to palm off cheap components on unsuspecting parents. Any self-respecting bike enthusiast who wants their child to truly appreciate cycling should teach them about quality materials and parts from a young age.

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