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Shotgun Mountain Bike Child Bike Seat Review

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - November 16, 2023   /  Kids, Reviews

shotgun kids bike seat

The Shotgun child bike seat and handlebar combo is a simple yet beautifully designed product that is built to last.

The Shotgun is the perfect tool to allow passionate mountain-biking parents to continue enjoying the trails even with their young children. The seat keeps your child secure and comfortable as you ride, so they too can experience the joy and excitement.

  • Ideal for: Taking children aged 2-5 on mountain trails, gravel roads, and leisurely rides with your mountain bike

Our Verdict: Must-have item for mountain biking parents

shotgun kids bike combo

Safety is the main concern for any parent who cycles with their kids, especially in a way like that. You can rest assured once you see the attention to detail.

 Main Specs

shotgun kids bike

Plenty of legroom and the seat doesn’t have to be removed for everyday commuting.

Weight Capacity: 48 pounds

Age Range: 2-5 years

Weight: 4lbs

Bike Type: Mountain only

Fits top tubes: 30 to 68mm / Down tubes: 30 to 100mm in diameter

Shotgun Front Mounted Child Bike Seat – Full Review

shotgun kids bike seat parts

High-quality build throughout – from spanners to small yet complex details. For Example: Even the cushion stickers that go on the kids’ handlebar attachment have a precise groove to the cut. The length is on-point, as well.

Shotgun has developed an excellent child bike seat specialized for mountain bikes, which is now the world’s best-selling seat in the category since its release in 2017.

Because it is front-mounted, child passengers experience the ride in the most engaging and panoramic way possible, riding upfront with you. This also makes it easy for you to communicate with and involve your kid in the journey.

The seat is optimized for usage with mountain bikes only. However, it is highly compatible, fitting all models, shapes, and sizes. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for Hybrid, Road, or Electric bikes. Easy installation, removal, and adjustment make this lightweight bike seat a joy to use for parents too.

The Shotgun seat fits kids 2 -5 years of age and up to 48lbs. To help with this, the saddle is adjustable so you can change its position as your child grows. By the time they age out of it, they will surely have fallen in love with mountain biking, and be ready to join you on the trails on their own bike.

Other notable safety and fitting features include:

  • Ergonomic rubber grips on the handlebar that provide a secure place for kids to hold on as you ride (custom-fit handlebar inserts also available)
  • The footrests at the base of the seat also have grip and straps to keep your child’s feet secure while also preventing dangling and ride interference
  • Handlebar fitting and removal is simple with just a hex key
  • The bracket angle can be adjusted to fit flat or sloping top tubes
  • Full rubber protection helps prevent any other damage to carbon or alloy frames


Installation is fast and easy. However, the company also has a step-by-step setup video available on youtube for parents that need extra guidance through the process.

The Shotgun has a 5/5 star user rating on REI.com and on the company’s website, an overwhelmingly positive response from the seat’s users. It is easy to understand why this is the case, as the quality of the product and the enjoyment experienced is top class.

The seat and handlebars are also sold separately.


Kiwis, the nation well-known for their love of the outdoors and extreme sports has done an amazing job designing this handlebar and seat combo. Unlike any other seat where the kid can basically fall asleep mid-ride, the Shotgun offers too much fun for it to happen, and the kids will have a great night’s sleep afterward. In the package is also included a headtube cover that refers to “Shred Til Bed“.

We can’t say enough good words about this product without staying unbiased. It truly is the best kids’ bike seat for mountain bikers – it is safe, convenient to use, and it catches quite a lot of attention from smiling parents.

Buy from REI.com

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