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Best Road Bike Picks

By Sam Millers   /  Last updated - December 29, 2023

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Here you will find the best road bike picks by us. The internet is full of road bikes and choosing one is a really challenging task. We are convinced that many of the bikes do not deserve to be called road bikes because they won’t last long after you buy them.

As a group of avid cyclists, we want to lead you through the bicycle choosing maze, showing you the best picks.
Here you will find the best of the best road bike picks by categories.

Best Entry-Level Road Bikes

Best Entry Level Road Bikes For Beginners

Yes, you really can start your road biking from around $1,000 if you don’t have high expectations. With bikes in this price range, you can expect entry-level components on an aluminum frame.

If you find some other metallic frame material, that will be good as well. There is a wide selection of bikes around $1,000 but you definitely want to purchase only the good ones. Here you will find the top picks in the best entry-level road bike niche.

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Best Cheap Road Bikes

Best Cheap road bikes under 500 and 1000 dollars

These bikes are meant for you if you plan to start cycling or you’ve already begun recently. We’ve categorized them according to their prices, so you can easily find the one that suits you best.

A cheap bike is better than not having a bike at all, right? A cheap road bike will get you outside into nature, help you lose weight, get fit, become healthier, and be happier.

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Best Road Bikes in 2024

Best Road Bikes of 2019

Check out, what are the top road bikes of 2024. Currently, you can see bikes from $400 to $2,500, Enjoy!

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Best Electric Road Bikes

These are the trends one road- and electric bike enthusiast should be aware of. Check out the relatively lightweight and extended range capabilities on those 21st-century bikes. Although electrically-assisted road bikes don’t shine by their top speed, these bikes are much rather focused on that assisted torque one would need along with those climbs and extended routes.

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Best Women’s Road Bikes

Here we’ll be exploring the many different types of models for female cyclists. Women-specific road bikes have become more and more popular and here you’ll find the know-how as well on what are the main differences between male and female bikes. Women’s road bikes use a shorter top tube, a different saddle, and some minor set-up changes as well. Take a look!

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Best Cyclocross Bikes

Check out the variation of ‘performance gravel bikes’ or other times known as the cyclocross discipline. It is a tight niché of bikes that originate from 1902 France. Here is the best selection of those bikes you could order online today.

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Best Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are one of the highest trending disciplines next to electric bikes. As these bikes allow to ride fast on tarmac and gravel roads like no other bike out there, the geometry of those bikes is still somewhat similar to road bikes, hence the reason we involved this article here. Matter of fact, many cyclists choose to get one as their daily rides due to the versatility and performance aspect to it, so check out if there’s something for you out there!

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