Best Road Bike Picks

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Here you will find the best road bike picks by us. The internet is full of road bikes and choosing one is a really challenging task. We are convinced that many of the bikes do not deserve to be called road bikes because they won’t last long after you buy them.

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As a group of avid cyclists, we want to lead you through the bicycle choosing maze, showing you the best picks.

Here you will find the best of the best road bike picks by categories.

Best Road Bikes Under $500  – For Beginners:

Best Beginner Road Bikes

Yes, you really can start your road biking from around $500 if you don’t have high expectations. With bikes in this price range, you can expect entry-level components on an aluminum frame. If you find some other metallic frame material, that will be good as well. There is a wide selection of bikes under $500 but you definitely want to purchase only the good ones. Here you will find the top picks in this category.

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Best road bikes Under $1,000 – For Training

When you use your road bike for training, you should look at bikes of under $1,000. Bicycles in this category have entry to mid-level Shimano or SRAM components which will serve you well. You can even find disc brakes, which are becoming more and more popular these days. Aluminum frames are the most popular but you can also find carbon on very good road bikes under $1,000. The same story goes for carbon forks.

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Best Road Bikes Under $2,000 – for enthusiasts

If you plan to take your road biking to the next level you might want to invest just under $2,000 in your bike. Road bikes in this category have pretty decent mid to high-level components and a carbon fiber frame and fork. If you plan to get good results, you should aim for this price category.

Best Road Bikes For Women

We must be honest and say that there isn’t actually a big difference between men’s and women’s road bikes. A well-crafted men’s bike is way better than a poorly built women’s bike. There might be some issues with geometry you want to address but here we gathered the best road bikes for women.


Best Road Bikes for 2018

To sum things up, we’ve gathered the best road bikes you can find in 2018. These are top-notch bikes from different price ranges and types. There might be some 2017 models as well, which doesn’t lower their value because they are still the best even in 2018.


Best Expert Road Bikes

Experts need road bikes which fulfill their needs. When maximizing your training volume, make sure the bike can handle it. These bikes have top-level components and a well-built frame. The frame material is lightweight carbon.

These bikes often have electronic shifters for more accurate and precise performance.

Best Carbon Road Bikes

One of the most popular words in the world of road bikes is “carbon.” Carbon means low weight which equals better performance for your training and competitions. Carbon frames can start anywhere from sub $1,000. It is important to add that carbon frames are stiffer than aluminum ones!


By Types

As you already know, there are many road bike types on the market. Choosing between them can be quite hard. Here you will find the best road bike picks by categories.

Best Sportive Road Bikes

Sportive road bikes have a slightly more comfortable geometry compared to racing bikes. It means your position on them is more upright so it’s more comfortable to ride on them. The first road bike for most riders is a sportive. Here you will find the top sportive road bike picks on the market.

Best Racing Road Bikes

Racing road bikes are meant for riders who want to take part in road bike competitions. These bikes are designed to have lower wind resistance thanks to a lower position. In most cases, the frames are made of carbon, for better performance.


Best Adventure Road Bikes

Adventure road bikes are meant for journeys. What distinguishes them from others is the fact that their geometry is upright and the wheelbase can be slightly longer. To carry bags, they have rack mounts on the frame. If you are planning longer rides, you want to check out the best adventure road bike picks below.