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Rambo Savage Review

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - May 3, 2024   /  Electric Bikes, Hunting Bike, Rambo Bikes, Reviews

rambo savage electric hunting bike

The Rambo Savage electric bike is the brand’s most affordable mid-drive option, perfect for anything from rugged backcountry terrain to leisurely urban rides.

The Savage lives up to its name by providing impressive versatility and unbeatable power for this price. Rambo makes some of the best off-road e-bikes on the market, designed for taking on hunting, angling, and camping trips with their powerful and silent motors, durable off-road wheels and tires, and ability to haul heavy cargo. 

This Rambo Savage review will cover the bike’s main features and highlights, provide a review of the ride feel, and finish with our verdict on whether or not to choose it as your next e-bike. 

8Expert Score
MSRP $2,500

An affordable electric hunting bike, ideal for those  who want big power with a limited budget.

  • Powerful mid-drive motor
  • Tons of accessory compatibility
  • Solid payload capacity
  • Stable and comfortable on rough terrain
  • Poor range
  • Battery not integrated
  • No lights included

What Kind of Bike Is Rambo Savage?

The Rambo Savage 750W electric bike is a mixed-terrain machine with the power to crush climbs and the versatility to be a comfortable commuter or hunting companion. 

The Savage is one of the most impressive bikes in the sub-$2,500 price range thanks to the high-power, high-torque mid-drive motor, tough Kenda fat tires, and broad accessory compatibility.

These characteristics make it an excellent option for riders such as hunters, adventurers, and commuters. This bike can tackle snow, sand, and mud and haul large cargo loads along bumpy backcountry trails. However, the lack of suspension makes the Savage far from being one of the best electric mountain bikes

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The Rambo Savage would make an excellent bike for first-time e-bikers who don’t want to sacrifice power and capability. 

Rambo Savage Quick Specs:

  • Frame: 6061 Aluminum frame and fork
  • Motor: 750W/120Nm Bafang mid-drive 
  • Battery: 672Wh battery, Samsung cells
  • Max range: 35 miles
  • Tires: 26″ x 4″ Kenda Krusade puncture-resistant
  • Drivetrain: 8-speed Shimano Altus 
  • Brakes: Tektro mechanical discs, 180mm rotors
  • Weight: 59lbs
  • Max capacity: 300lbs

Rambo Savage Review

The Rambo Savage e-bike has a spec typical of other hunting electric bikes in its price range, with the surprising addition of a mid-drive motor. This one addition makes the Savage uniquely capable and appealing.

The rest of the components help serve the versatile nature of this bike. This section will cover the bike’s main features in more detail.

Bafang 750W Mid-Drive Motor and 672Wh Battery

Again, the most impressive component is the enormous 750W mid-drive motor. Mid-drive motors are uncommon for this price range, and a high-power, high-torque model from a recognized manufacturer like Bafang, is even more remarkable. For comparison, the QuietKat Apex electric hunting bike costs almost $6,000 and features a similar motor. 

Mid-drive e-bikes are the most efficient and natural-feeling type.

Torque sensing and drivetrain linkage mean you must use the full range of gears to get the most out of your motor, as the gear you select will determine the power output. For example, to efficiently tackle long, steep climbs, use the low gears to ride at a high cadence. 

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This motor pairs with a 672Wh battery, which is perfectly adequate for a bike like the Savage. This battery uses Samsung cells and provides up to 35 miles of range, a slightly disappointing return. However, this isn’t surprising for such a powerful e-bike. The Savage is a Class 2 e-bike with a max assisted speed of 20mph with pedal assistance or throttle. 

26″ Wheels and Kenda Krusade Fat Tires

Like most fat tire e-bikes, the Savage has 26″ diameter wheels. These 80mm double-wall alloy rims with a high spoke count ensure excellent durability to weight ratio. In addition, the smaller diameter allows you to maneuver tight terrain more easily compared to a 29er with fat tires. 

Rambo chose Kenda Krusade 4″ fat tires to provide diverse off-road capabilities. These tires have a Kevlar lining to provide puncture-resistance and aggressive tread to ensure traction on all terrains in all weather conditions. High-volume tires like these make it possible to ride on trails, in tall grass, and get around town in comfort, eliminating the need for fork suspension. 

6061 Aluminum Frame and 300lb Payload Capacity 

The Rambo Bikes Savage is built on a sturdy 6061 aluminum frame with a 300lb payload capacity so riders can take advantage of the huge motor to haul cargo. A high-capacity bike like the Savage allows riders to tow gear for camping, hunting, angling, or bikepacking without breaking a sweat. 

The Savage is also compatible with a wide range of cargo accessories, including front and rear racks, pannier bags, a trailer, and various platforms and baskets, available from Rambo’s online store. You can use these extras to personalize your bike for the job at hand. 

8-Speed Shimano Altus and Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes

The groupset on the Savage isn’t overly impressive for this price range but is made up of reliable Shimano and Tektro components. A wide gearing range is essential for getting the most out of a mid-drive motor. 

Firstly, you have an 8-speed Shimano Altus drivetrain with a 46t chainring and Revoshift shifters. This drivetrain provides a decent amount of gears for climbing steep hills, but we would prefer to see a smaller chainring to offer more low-end options. Additionally, the Revoshift twist shifters are imprecise.

The brakes chosen are Tektro mechanical discs with 180mm rotors on the front and back. These brakes are reliable and durable but aren’t the most powerful. We would have liked to see hydraulic disc brakes included for a $2,500 bike. 


The Rambo Savage eBike comes in a relatively minimalist build, with compatibility to add components if needed. However, there are a few helpful extras already included.

The sleek Rambo LCD computer provides all your ride metrics, including trip length and duration, battery level, and speed. In addition, you can charge your devices with the USB charging port. 

Rambo Savage has a thumb throttle that allows you to ride at a max speed of 20mph without pedaling. Throttle capability is excellent for restarting from a standstill or when you’re too tired to assist. 

Finally, the Savage comes with a pre-installed kickstand, but, disappointingly, it doesn’t have integrated lights, so you must purchase rechargeable ones. 

Rambo Savage Ride Feel

The Rambo Savage bike has a stable and comfortable ride feel on various terrains on and off-road. However, it can take some time to get used to the high-torque motor because of the snappy acceleration. 

Grippy fat tires, mountain-bike geometry, and wide handlebars ensure confident handling on lumpy trails and soft surfaces like mud, snow, and sand. But, again, it’s best to avoid very technical singletrack and downhill mountain bike routes, as the Savage isn’t built for specialized riding situations like that. 

Another critical difference in the ride feel of Rambo Savage compared to most others in this price category is the mid-drive motor, as the similarly-priced competition typically has hub drives.

Mid-drives deliver smooth and natural-feeling power from pedal assistance as the drivetrain connects directly to the motor. In addition, torque sensing responds perfectly to your effort to provide a proportionate amount from the motor. The downside is that you must be more aware of your gearing choice to ensure you don’t put too much stress on the system. 

People Also Ask

How fast does a Rambo Savage bike go?

The Rambo Savage top speed is 20mph with pedal assistance or throttle mode. The 20mph speed limit and throttle functionality mean the bike is categorized as a Class 2 e-bike. However, the Savage can go faster than that, but the motor cuts out when it reaches this speed.

How many watts is a Rambo bike?

Rambo bikes have different watt ratings, depending on the motor used. All of their bikes are either 500W, 750W, or 1000W. For example, the Rambo Savage is a 750-watt electric bike with a peak power rating of 1000W and 120Nm of torque.

Where are Rambo bikes made?

Rambo bikes are made in Asia, as are most direct-to-consumer electric bike brands in the USA. However, the company headquarters is in Lakeville, Minnesota. This location is where Rambo bikes’ final assembly and testing happens, and then they are sent to dealers or consumers.

Are Rambo bikes pedal assist?

Yes, all Rambo bikes are pedal assist. In addition, all of their models have throttle functionality, which makes them Class 2 electric bikes and above. The number of pedal assistance levels varies from model to model but averages three to five.

Our Verdict: Should You Buy Rambo Savage?

After completing this Rambo Savage 750 review, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to riders who want an all-terrain e-bike with enough power to tackle long, steep climbs. 

If you’re a rider who needs a bike to haul cargo for remote camping trips, mixed-terrain commuting, hunting, or fishing, this bike has what it takes. In addition, the Savage is a solid choice for recreational riders who like to tackle rugged mountain trails and forest paths. 

The one consideration is that you will likely have to purchase extra accessories and components so the bike can do the jobs you want. If your budget is limited to $2,500, finding a bike that arrives fully equipped could make more sense. 

In summary, add the Rambo Savage electric bike to your shortlist if you have an entry-level budget but want premium power. 

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