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Lectric XPremium Review

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - November 16, 2023   /  Electric Bikes, Folding Bikes, Lectric, Reviews

lectric xpremium review

The Lectric XPremium, alongside the XP Lite, is the newest addition to the brand’s line of affordable folding e-bikes. 

This bike begins shipping to the general public in June of 2022 and is eagerly anticipated thanks to its impressive spec, which improves upon the flagship XP 2.0. 

As the name suggests, the XPremium (XP Premium) will fit in at the top end of their range at a reasonable $1,999. This bike’s highlights include a premium mid-drive motor, huge max range, and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. 

This Lectric XPremium Review will provide you with a brief review of the bike and its main specs, a detailed look at the key components, and our verdict on whether this folding electric bike is worth the money. 

8.3Expert Score

One of the highest spec electric bikes for $2,000 or less, a solid choice for any rider who wants versatility, convenience, and power.

  • Folding frame with integrated cabling and battery.
  • Fat tires and fork suspension for comfort.
  • Premium torque-sensing mid-drive motor.
  • Dual batteries with 100-mile max range.
  • Fully-equipped setup.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Uncomfortable saddle.
  • Quite heavy for a folding bike.

Lectric XPremium Key Features

Lectric’s intentions are clear with the new XPremium, to provide a high-end folding electric bike at an affordable price. 

The electronics chosen by Lectric make this bike unique in the $2,000 category. Buttery-smooth power is supplied over whopping ranges of up to 100 miles. In addition, the XPremium is fully-equipped with all of the extras needed for urban riding and commuting.

The updated folding frame now features sleek battery integration with a sturdy folding mechanism and a low-step design for easy mounting and dismounting, perfect for when you’re maximizing the 330lb payload capacity. 

All this and more make the XPremium one of the most competitive options in this price range.

Lectric XPremium Quick Specs

  • Frame: Folding aluminum frame
  • Motor: 500W mid-drive, torque-sensing
  • Max speed: 28mph
  • Battery: Two 500Wh batteries,
  • Max range: 100+ miles
  • Charge time: 4-6 hours
  • Fork:  80mm travel coil suspension
  • Tires: Chaoyang or CST 20 x 4″
  • Drivetrain: 7-speed, 38T crank
  • Brakes: Hydraulic discs, 160mm rotors
  • Weight: 75lbs
  • Max capacity: 330lbs

Lectric XPremium Full Review

Lectric’s XPremium makes a strong statement in the direct-to-consumer e-bike market. The hugely improved spec list and upgraded frame engineering show that the brand is ready to compete with established brands like Rad Power Bikes and Ride1UP for a bigger share of the market. 

The XPremium is capable of anything you throw at it. A rear rack and large payload capacity for cargo transport, fast folding for transport or storage, fork suspension and 4″ fat tires for off-roading, and powerful electronics for tackling the most demanding days out. 

We’re mightily impressed with this folding e-bike, so let’s take a closer look at the components that make it stand out. 

Folding Frame and Suspension Fork

lectric xpremium folding ebike

Like all Lectric bikes, the XPremium has a folding frame that is relatively compact at just 40 x 22 x 32″ when folded. The one issue with this bike is the high weight (75lbs), which makes it cumbersome to carry. 

The brand has completely overhauled the previous frame to include sleek battery integration and cable routing. In addition to that, the second battery is mounted behind the seatpost, balancing weight for improved handling. 

This new model also features an 80mm travel coil suspension fork to improve comfort and control on light off-road terrain. 

Premium Mid-Drive Motor and Dual Batteries

lectric xpremium dual battery

The most impressive component of the XPremium is the mid-drive motor. Mid-drives provide the most efficient, smooth, and reliable power transfer of all motor designs. 

This motor interacts with a torque sensor that dictates the perfect amount of power based on the speed and force of your pedal stroke. In addition to the five levels of pedal assistance, the XPremium has a half-twist throttle for full-electric mode. 

Using the throttle or pedal assist, you can reach speeds up to 28mph. However, you can change the settings and remove the throttle to turn this into a Class 1, 2, or 3 e-bike

The inclusion of two electric batteries is equally impressive. These are 500Wh (1000Wh total) batteries that, when used with the 7-speed drivetrain, can provide ranges over 100 miles. In addition, the battery management system drains both batteries at the same rate, ensuring you have access to max power for longer.

7-Speed Drivetrain and Powerful Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes are another standout feature of this bike. They provide precise and reliable stopping power in all terrains and weather conditions, boosting your confidence and keeping you safer. The one issue is that the 160mm rotors are small for such a heavy and powerful e-bike. 

The drivetrain chosen by Lectric is a simple 1×7-speed setup, which provides just enough gearing so you can maximize the function of your e-bike motor and battery. 

Off-Road-Ready Fat Tires

Again, the XPremium is more capable and comfortable than the standard Lectric XP 2.0. The company added larger 4″ fat tires to accomplish this, significantly boosting comfort on all terrain and off-road/wet weather traction. These tires are from well-recognized brands CST or Chaoyang (based on availability). 

Fully Equipped With Accessories and Extras

lectric xpremium accessories

The final thing to mention about this bike is the fully-equipped build and compatibility with various Lectric accessory bundles. 

The XPremium comes with a high-capacity rear rack (55lbs), alloy fenders, a kickstand, integrated LED lights with brake light activation, and a backlit display to monitor and control your ride. 

In addition, you can customize your bike even further with a range of accessories, including racks, platforms, a bell, pannier bags, and more. 

 Who Should Buy the Lectric XPremium?

The Lectric XPremium has broad appeal given its versatility, affordable price, and high-quality components.

After a detailed review of the individual components and ride quality, we believe this bike is a strong choice for any urban e-biker or those who frequently travel or road-trip with their e-bike and want all-terrain capabilities.

The XPremium is unique at this price because of its mid-drive motor, enormous range (100 miles), large payload capacity, folding frame, and fully-equipped setup. 

Consider choosing the Lectric XPremium if your budget is limited to $2,000 and you have diverse and demanding requirements for your e-bike.

Other Lectric Models To Consider

The XPremium is just one of three folding electric bikes available from Lectric and the most expensive of the bunch. If your budget is tighter or you need something more compact and lightweight, consider one of the two other Lectric e-bikes. 

Verdict: Is the XPremium Worth the Money?

lectric xpremium electric bicycle

The initial reviews for the new XPremium are compelling. Users are particularly impressed with the premium electronics, high-end brakes, sturdy folding mechanism, and comfortable ride position. 

At just $1,799 pre-order and $1,999 full-price, Lectric has delivered a bike that is, without doubt, worth every penny.

If you’re in the market for a new folding e-bike, don’t look past the XPremium!

Buy Lectric XPremium

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7 thoughts on “Lectric XPremium Review

  1. Only 15 miles on premium middrive noticed apparent instability at turn or in riding downhill . Is this because of long wheelbase or not adapted to ebike idiosyncrasies?

    1. Sam Millers says:

      Hey Kevin, the weight distribution on any ebike is different compared to a standard bicycle. Therefore, getting used to how riding an ebike feels takes some time. I think in time you will get used to it. It’s the same as when you put panniers on a rear rack and the bike starts riding slightly differently.

  2. George says:

    I just received my XPremium and got only one charger. It’s kind of a pain because I have to remember to switch the charger to the second battery. Would be nice if one charging port recharged both batteries even if it took 8-10 hours.

  3. thomas says:

    The last I heard, the XPremium is shipping with only a single battery charger, and since each battery must be charged independently the 4 to 6 hour charge time is actually 8 to 12 hours

    1. Duane says:

      Ships with two batteries and 2 chargers 1 for each battery. 4-6 hour charge time.

      1. Daniel Wexler says:

        I just received my xpremium. Two batteries, but only 1 charger. Initial charge time per battery was about 6.5 hours.

      2. Sam Millers says:

        Hey Duane,
        That is actually not correct. The Lectric XPremium ships with two batteries and one charger, you can buy an additional charger from them for $49.

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