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Ride1UP 500 Series Review

The 500 Series by Ride1UP is one of the best value e-bikes on the market performing well above its entry-level price.

This bike is lightweight, maneuverable, and built to be comfortable over long distances on almost any terrain. The 500 series packs a powerful motor that assists riders over distances of 25-45 miles and up to 28mph.

Ride1UP’s 500 Series is undoubtedly a great choice for anybody who enjoys a premium ride feel without the hefty price tag. If you are in search of a stylish e-bike under $1,500, then look no further.

In this article, we will cover in detail each of this bike’s features, showing you why the 500 series has proven to be a top performer compared to every other bike in this price category.

Ride1UP 500 Series e-bikes

Available in ST and XR frame types

MSRP $1,295

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Design and Features

ComparisonΒ πŸ†





Overview – Ride1UP 500 Series

Ride1UP 500 Series - one of the best value e-bikes - standing on the gravel.

500 Series is a class 3 electric bike with a 28 mph pedal assist and a 20 mph throttle. Image source: Ride1UP.com

MSRP $1,295

Ride1UP’s 500 Series comes with impressive components. This includes Suntour XCT fork suspension, mechanical disc brakes, Kenda Kwick Seven.5 reinforced puncture-resistant tires, and a powerful motor all packed into a lightweight frame that weighs an impressive 53lbs.

Both the XR and ST models of the 500 Series e-bike are supremely comfortable, using upright comfort-style geometry that ensures smooth and controlled riding in most conditions. Note that this bike comes in versions with or without a pannier rack and fenders.

To Whom

Ride1UP clearly focuses on making their 500 Series a universally attractive choice in the electric bike market.

The bike is stylish, comfortable, and powerful enough for most users. The ST version is optimized as a smooth commuter or touring bike option, while the XR model is slightly more suitable for its maneuverability and performance on light trails.

Either way, the 500 Series is an excellent pick for any rider buying an electric bike for the first time or even upgrading from a basic, budget e-bike.

Key Specs

  • 750W geared hub motor with 60nm torque
  • 48V 13Ah LG battery
  • Range: 25-45 miles
  • Tektro mechanical disc brakes
  • Bike weight: 55lbs (without rack and fenders)
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs

Size Recommendation

XR – 5’5β€³ – 6’4β€³
STΒ (Step-Through) – 5’1β€³ – 6-2β€³


Ride1UP 500 Series Performance

Motor and Battery

The 500 Series electric bicycle helps you along with levels 0 to 9 of pedal-assist mode, up to impressive speeds of 28mph. If you feel like resting, you can still hit speeds of up to 20mph using just the throttle.

Even at such a low price, this bike has a perfectly acceptable battery capacity, with the ability to upgrade the battery as an extra purchase. Using its pre-installed 13Ah, 48V battery riders can expect full assistance between 25 to 45 miles in total while also powering an integrated LED headlight and LCD monitor. The distance depends on factors including the rider’s weight, weather conditions, terrain, and incline.

48V 13Ah removable integrated battery and 48V 2A charger.

48V 13Ah removable integrated battery and 48V 2A charger.

Braking and Gearing

In terms of brakes, this bike performs well in all weather with high-quality Tektro mechanical disc brakes. These brakes are designed to handle high speeds achieved by the powerful motor. One advantage of these brakes is that they are easier to maintain at home and are less prone to failure than hydraulic alternatives.

The 500 Series uses the dependable Shimano Acera derailleur and shifters system with an 8-speed Shimano cassette. These components are functional and durable, offering a perfectly wide range of gears for users to choose from.

gearing of ide1UP 500 series

Rims and Tires

Ride1UP takes care to include the best components possible while maintaining an unbeatable sale price. The rims used have the perfect strength to weight ratio using double-wall construction, providing excellent durability over time.

Additionally, a standout component on the 500 Series is the 650b Kenda Kwick Seven.5 27.5β€³ x 2.2β€³ tires. They integrate ceramic particles with the rubber to reinforce the tire. This innovative puncture resistance gives extra protection and provides riders with peace of mind while traveling over rough roads or on trails. The tire sidewalls also have extra reflective material to help you stay visible and safe.

Kenda Kwick Seven-5 tire that is used on Ride1UP 500 Series.

K-Shield Flat Protection. Reflective tape on the sidewall for better nighttime visibility. Premium quality comfort, commuting, or trekking tire.

Ride Quality

It is clear that the Ride1UP 500 Series MTB style electric bike over-delivers on its budget-friendly price tag, with a 4.9/5 star rating across 438+ user reviews.

Because of the careful consideration that has gone into component choice and design, this bike feels and performs as well as if not better than any of the competitors in its price range.

For us, there are two things that really highlight the 500 Series’ ride quality. The first is the lightweight, compact design which allows you to maneuver easily, making quick, sharp turns safely because of the grippy tires.

The second is the smoothness of riding. Wide tires, a Selle Royal Freeway memory foam saddle, front fork suspension, and upright comfort geometry all combine to deliver a premium ride. All this paired with great motor and battery mean you don’t need to break a sweat if you’re not in the mood.


Design and Features


In the cockpit, the 500 Series comes with a convenient handlebar-mounted LCD screen. This allows you to control your front headlight and pedaling assistance level. It also lets you keep an eye on ride metrics including speed and distance covered, as well as battery level so you know when to start heading home to charge.

Alongside the display on the left side is the thumb-operated throttle. Using this throttle you can reach speeds of up to 20mph.

See all the details about the display from the video down below:

Dimensions and Sizing

Ride1UP categorizes their e-bikes as either XR or ST. Both models are the same, except for the frame dimensions, stem size, and handlebar shape.

The company optimizes the XR for performance and speed. However, the XR is still very comfortable and uses a moderately relaxed geometry common in hybrid or mountain bikes. Because of this, it uses a normal step-over top tube, as opposed to the more comfy step-through version. This style is suitable for users with heights of 5’5″ to 6’4″.

The ST version is optimized for comfort instead of performance. It does so with a convenient mount step-through frame, easier to reach cruiser-style handlebars with a longer stem, and slightly more upright frame geometry. This model is for riders of heights 5’1β€³ to 6-2β€³

To compare, the stand-over height of the XR is 28.5″ vs 15″ on the ST model. The reach to the handlebars is only 18″ on the ST, half a foot less than the XR at 24″.

Size Recommendation

XR – 5’5β€³ – 6’4β€³
STΒ (Step-Through) – 5’1β€³ – 6-2β€³

Two Ride1UP 500 Series electric bikes standing in the front yard.

Lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy frame. Image source: Ride1UP


Ride1UP 500 Series Comparison

Ride1UP 500 Series vs Rad Power Bikes Radcity vs Aventon Pace 500

Electric bike comparison between Rode1UP 500 Series, Rad Power Bikes RadCity 4 and Aventon Pace 500

500 series β†’ RadCity 4 β†’ Pace 500

Evident from the table below, each of the bikes are quite similar in the level of components.

However, given that the RadCity and Pace 500 are $350 or $250 more expensive respectively, it is our view that the 500 Series slightly edges the competition because of its price.

3 Key Differences

  1. The RadCity is less powerful, providing only 20mph max speed, likely due to having the heaviest base weight.
  2. The Pace 500 has better hydraulic disc brakes (although they are only slightly better than mechanical for the average user), but a lower battery size.
  3. The 500 Series has nine pedal assist options compared to five in its competitors. πŸ†

Other than these distinctions, the rest of the features are so similar that the choice may simply come down to the look of the bike, which we believe also goes to the Ride1UP bike. In the end, any of these bikes would be an excellent choice e-bike, competing well with any of the household names in the electric bike market.

Ride1UP Series vs Rad Power Bikes RadCity vs Aventon Pace 500

500 Series RadCity Pace 500
Motor 750w geared hub 750W Shengyi rear hub
750W (peak)/500W (sustained), rear hub
Top Speed 28 mph 20 mph 28 mph
Battery 48V 13Ah 48V 14Ah 48V 11.6Ah
Range 25-45 miles 45 miles 40 miles
Brakes Mechanical disc Mechanical disc Hydraulic disc
Frame Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Weight 55 lbs 64 lbs 49 lbs
Weight Capacity 275 lbs 275 lbs 250 lbs
Price $1,295 $1,599 $1,499


Customer Feedback

“Very happy with my 500 series purchase. My only regret was not jumping on earlier when it less expensive. To be honest though still a great value.”

“Absolutely a joy to ride. Very well built and quality parts. Looking forward to 1,000’s of miles on it.”

“Absolutely a great bike. I got me and my wife one. These bikes make it so easy to choose where to ride since we don’t have to worry about hills.”

Read all the reviews


Full Specs

48V Geared Hub Shengyi Motor, 28mph (nominal rating of 500w)
48V22A Lishui Sine-wave (potential peak output of 1000w)
48V 13AH Retention Dorado ID Plus with LG cells and Smart BMS
KD21C Adjustable Speed LCD
PAS Sensor
12 Magnet Sensitive Cadence sensor
Throttle Left Side Thumb Throttle
Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc with Electronic Motor Shutoff
Front Hub Joy tech 115mm
Kenda Kwick Seven.5 27.5″x2.2″ (650b)
Selle Royal Freeway Plush Comfort
Seat Post
27.2mm * 350mm Adjustable Angle Seat Post
XR Stem
PROMAX MA-45 1 1/8” Fork, 90mm 10Β° ext, 25.4mm Bar Clamp
ST Stem
PROMAX Adjustable 0-60Β° 60mm ext, 31.8mm Bar Clamp
Suntour XCT Coil Spring 100mm Travel
44T Chainring 11-30T Shimano Cassette
Shifters Shimano Acera Rapid-Fire
Derailleur Shimano Acera RD-M3000
Cassette Shimano 8-Speed
Black Steel, black 12G Rear, 13G Front
Pedals Wellgo Full Alloy Platform
Adjustable Arm Chainstay Mounted


Conclusion – Is Ride1UP 500 Series Worth the Money?

It’s clear to us that Ride1UP’s 500 Series electric bike would be a great buy for most e-bike riders, new or experienced. As the bike comes in a performance or comfort model, the bike can appeal to a wide variety of riding styles.Β  You can also buy the bike with or without fenders and a rear rack, depending on how you plan to ride.

This bike would be best suited for use on light trails, for commuting, or for bike touring trips. If you are hunting for your next e-bike, you will not be disappointed with the comfortable and durable 500 Series.

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What is the top speed of the Ride1UP 500 Series?

The top speed of all Ride1UP’s newest (except Roadster v2) models is 28 mph.

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