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5 Unusual Bicycles to be Aware of

By Sam Millers   /  Last updated - May 7, 2024   /  Reviews

Not all bicycles are built to be the fastest, to be the lightest, or to be World Cup-winning bikes.

Some completely break the mold of what we expect from a modern bicycle frame. For instance, some bikes defy ‘normal’ frame geometries and use single-sided forks, or design a frame without a seattube. Whether these marvels work or are more artistic than functional, they certainly attract attention when you ride them.

These unusual bikes are some of the most exciting bikes money can buy, so read on to see what we’ve narrowed down to make the top 11.




Cannondale Bad Boy 1

Cannondale Bad Boy 1

MSRP $1,999

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Designed to be an urban adventure bike, the Cannondale Bad Boy 1 is an unusually designed bike thanks to its ‘lefty fork’.

It’s designed to operate with a belt drivetrain, which minimises maintenance requirements, although there are geared options available. The lefty fork has been a staple of Cannondale’s off-road and urban bikes for a few years now, with most of the current models using one. Cannondale claims it gives the bike more stiff and direct steering, but it certainly attracts attention either way!

Cannondale Lefty Gravel Bike

Cannondale TopStone Carbon with a lefty fork

The bike also comes with integrated light strips on the front and rear of the bikes so you can be safe and seen when riding. This is one unusual design, but it seems to work for Cannondale even if it does divide opinions.




Viks Carbon

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The Viks bikes are somewhat of a visual masterpiece.

According to Viks themselves, the seattube is no longer needed due to the design of the frame. In particular, the double-framed construction at the front-end of the bike means the strength of the bike increases to such a degree that a seattube is somewhat redundant. As well as a missing seattube, you’ll also notice a one-piece fork and bars. This bike is anything but conventional!

Although you won’t find it in the professional peloton or any races, it will certainly turn heads if you use it about town.



Marin Pine Mountain 2 – 2021

MSRP $2,099

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Although the Marin Pine Mountain 2 2021 doesn’t look particularly unusual, the fact that the bike is made using steel is not seen very often in modern mountain bikes. 

With 120mm of fork suspension, this hardtail is designed for the trails as well as the bike park. It’s a super capable bike and the steel Chromoly frame just adds to the durability of the overall build.

The unusual colourway is also quite striking, so it’s bound to turn heads as you thrash the local trails or bike park!



Surly Big Dummy

Big Dummy - complete bike - Dark Side of the Maroon

MSRP $2,150

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The Surly Big Dummy is somewhat unusual to those of us that don’t see many cargo bikes on our streets, but that is essentially what makes the bike so exciting – the ability to carry cargo that regular bicycles cannot.

Designed as a longtail cargo bike, the Big Dummy is built out of a single-piece frame to increase stiffness and reduce flex throughout the length of the bike. It’s perfect for those grocery shop trips, or for small businesses who want to cut down on van costs.

Yes, it may look a little unusual, but its unusualness is extremely practical.

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Brompton M6L

brompton bike

MSRP: $1,920

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Brompton is one of the most prestigious folding bike brands in the world, there’s no debate about that.

But, what makes it so unusual?

Well, visually it is the whole geometry and those tiny, 16″ wheels, but that is actually the oddity that many folks love about this bike. Brompton bikes are often ridden by professors, business owners, and anyone who has no issues with their masculinty/femininty, or ego. Who cares what do you ride, right? Riding a Brompton makes you appreciate a hand-made craftmenship, and a 50-year old legacy. By the way, Brompton was one of the few bike brands that didn’t suffer from the C19 supply chain issues.



Add your recommendations to the comments section and we’ll add it here!


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