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Overview of Brompton Bikes

By Rebecca Bland   /  Last updated - April 3, 2024

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Brompton Bikes were first designed by Andrew Ritchie in 1975, and named after the Brompton Oratory in London, where Ritchie’s flat overlooked at the time.

The name Brompton has become synonymous with folding bikes since 1981 when the first production began.

Although a relatively crude version of what they offer today, the bike was awarded ‘Best Product‘ at the Cyclex event in London in 1987.

Popularity soared and they needed more space to work so opened their first factory in west London in 1988. Currently, the brand has ten stores across the globe, as far as Kobe and Tokyo in Japan, as well as across the UK.

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Currently, the brand has a range of three different styles of folding bikes and a limited edition range. Although the brand has grown exponentially since its inception in the 1980s, they still manufacture the bikes in London, England.

Table of Contents

1. About Brompton

2. Bikes Range

3. FAQs

4. Conclusion

About Brompton Bikes

Image source: https://www.cyclist.co.uk/news/5925/brompton-world-championships-return-for-14th-year-heres-how-to-enter

The Brompton World Championships. Image source: https://www.cyclist.co.uk

The brand appeals to city riders as well as commuters due to the ease of folding the bike for transportation.

Commuters across the globe that use the train to get to work enjoy cutting out the crowds and costs of driving to and from the stations by using the handy fold up bikes Brompton make.

They are ideal for folding away on trains and don’t count as a ‘bike’ so you don’t need to book an extra space for it.

They’re also ideal for securing away in the office or workplace as they take up barely any room compared to a regular bicycle. But that’s not all. Since 2006, the bike brand has hosted its own World Championship event. Participants from across the globe take part each year to be crowned male and female Brompton World Champion.

The riders begin with a Le Mans style start where they run to their bikes, unfold them and then begin the race. The participants must also avoid wearing sports-specific attire and only wear suit clothing i.e. a suit jacket, collared shirt and tie.

Championships are held in different countries each year and it has become a somewhat coveted prize amongst fans of the Brompton bikes.

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Brompton Bikes and Product Range

Image source: https://us.brompton.com/shop

Currently, Brompton Bikes produces four types of folding bikes;

  • A-Line
  • C-Line
  • P-Line
  • T-Line

They have also collaborated with brands such as CHPT3 to create limited-edition versions of their original Bromptons, each with a different aesthetic approach. 

The brand also manufactures bags and luggage specific to the Brompton range, making the bikes even more useful than they already are! Due to the shape and frame of the Bromptons, they do require specifically designed bags to use on the bikes.

Brompton manufactures the following accessories for their range:

  • Bar bags
  • Messenger bags
  • Bike covers
  • Travel bags 

Other brands have also designed bags for the Brompton bikes including fellow British brand Restrap. Most recently, however, Brompton has branched out into creating clothing for riding, including some waterproof jackets, shorts, shirts, and a parka jacket from a brand collaboration with Protected Species

All these and more including spare parts, lighting and visibility, and gifts can be found on the Brompton website. 

Brompton A-Line

Brompton A-Line

  • Steel frame
  • No accessories
  • 3-speed drivetrain


This is one of the cheapest and simplest Brompton folding bikes that is ideal for riders who seek streamlined urban perfection.

The A-Line model costs just $1,150 and has no lights, mudguards, or a rear rack. Its barebones design is intended to be affordable, lightweight, and simple to use on a day-to-day basis.

It boasts an all-around good Mid-type handlebar, three versatile speeds, and a good-old Brompton’s steel frame. Moreover, it rolls on tiny 16″ wheels ideal for tight city streets and weighs around 25 lbs., which makes it easy to carry upstairs or lift up into the trunk of your car.

The Brompton A-Line also boasts a 3-speed internal gear hub that gives you a decent range of gears for flat terrain and moderate hills.

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It will take you less than 20 seconds to fold it down into a 22.2” x 23” x 10.6” package, so you can fit it under the desk or in a corner of your home.

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Brompton C-Line

Brompton C-Line

Price: from $1,550

  • Steel frame
  • Choice of colors and handlebars
  • 2-speed, 3-speed or 6-speed

The Brompton C-Line bikes are all based around a single frame and wheel size, with adjustability found in the handlebars, number of gears, and accessories.

Brompton produces three types of handlebars to choose from across their bikes;

  • Low Type which is straight and great for a more sporty, forward position on the bike.
  • Mid Type which has a slight raise and provides an all-round comfortable ride, more upright than the Low Type.
  • High Type which has the highest raise and is great for a more upright position on the bike.

In addition to the handlebar choices, there are plenty of colorways to choose from depending on your preference. You can also choose between bikes with 2-speed, 3-speed, or 6-speed drivetrains depending on your needs and riding terrain.

Each bike folds up to a third of its size, making it extremely compact and ideal for commuters or city riders who are space conscious.

Depending on the model, the bikes can come equipped with lights which is great for those who want to be able to ride during the night, and you also get fenders and a front carrier block with each model. 

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Brompton P-Line

Brompton P-Line

Price: from $2,950

  • Steel and titanium frame
  • 4 or 12 speeds
  • Choice of colorways

The Brompton P-Line series stands for performance and features steel and titanium frames with more gears and lower weights. 

As the term “performance” suggests, these models are designed for speedier commutes and riders who want more than just to get from point A to point B. 

You can choose from models with 4-speed or 12-speed drivetrains that weight between around 21 and 23 lb. Therefore, once folded, you’ll be able to easily carry your Brompton P-Line around.

When it comes to accessories, these bikes feature folding pedals, mudguards, and a front carrier block, but you can also equip them with a rear rack and battery lighting. 

The only downside is the pricing that starts from $2,950, but that’s what you have to pay to get a titanium frameset.

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Brompton T-Line

Brompton T-Line

Price: from $5,225

  • Titanium frames
  • Weighs 16-17 lb
  • 1-speed, 4-speed, 12-speed

The Brompton T-Line collection gets the name from the lightweight titanium frames.

By using titanium parts, the brand has managed to reduce the overall weight of the frame by up to 9 lb compared to the all-steel bikes. This makes the bikes ideal for carrying over longer distances, for example between train stations or up the stairs to work.

The bikes are available in their usual range of handlebar and seat post variants, as well as colorways.

You can get models with 1-speed, 4-speed, and 12-speed drivetrains, so there’s a configuration for pretty much any terrain out there.

If you’re willing to pay upwards of $5,000 and get a top-of-the-line Brompton bike, the T-Line is the way to go.

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Brompton Electric Bikes

Price Range: from $3,700

  • 300 Wh batteries
  • 20-45 mile battery range
  • Front hub motors

The Brompton electric bikes are fantastic bits of kit for those who don’t want to break a sweat when they travel around the city or on their way to work.

Each bike comes with three levels of assist from the 36V battery, and a promised range of between 20-45 miles, which is usually good enough for a few trips to and from work, depending on the length of your commute.

The bikes come in a wide choice of drivetrains and each bike has an integrated LED display head unit from which you can control the electric assist. Each bike is still able to be folded neatly away, and you can also detach the battery quickly with a click to make it easier to carry separately.

There are multiple choices of colors, such as Gloss Black, Gloss Turkish Green, and Bolt Lacquer. You can also choose between different types of handlebars to make sure the bike fits you and your riding style.

You can arrange a test ride of a Brompton electric bike from one of their retailers local to you across the United States as well as Britain.

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Brompton Bikes Size Guide

Each Brompton bike is built around a single frame and wheel size, which makes sure the bike can be folded properly without any frame or component interference, as well as streamlining manufacturing.

With this in mind, the brand allows riders to choose which seatpost they believe is best for their height. Each Brompton sold online comes with an Extended seatpost as standard, but you can choose a different length. The options are:

  • Standard – the shortest and lightest seatpost. Suitable for riders with an 84 cm / 33″ and under inside leg measurement.
  • Extended – Offers more height but the saddle is extended when folding the bike. Suitable for riders with an 84 – 89cm / 33 – 35” inside leg measurement.
  • Telescopic – Offers up to 175mm extra elevation than a standard seatpost. Suitable for riders with a 90cm / 35” and over inside leg measurement.


Where are Brompton Bikes made?

Brompton Bikes are designed and manufactured in London, England. They have been since their inception and the brand is proud to keep their manufacturing local to their headquarters. 

Are Brompton Bikes good?

Brompton Bikes are the gold standard in folding bikes. They are not designed for a normal road bike or mountain bike use but are perfect companions for commuters or those who ride in cities and are space conscious. 


Brompton Bikes are a well-established and loved folding bike brand from the UK.

They manufacture and produce all their bikes in London, England, and have done since they began production in the 1980s. They are the gold standard in folding bikes and design their bikes around a single frame and wheel size, but with adjustable seat posts so that people of all heights can use them.

The bikes are well-made and last for a long time. The price of the bikes is usually a couple of thousand dollars which makes them relatively expensive for new bikers, but a great investment – and let’s be honest, you’ll probably save money on your train ticket or parking by using a folding bike in the long run.

They are great fun to ride and since Brompton has brought out an electric version there’s no excuse not to try one!

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