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Best Single-Speed / Fixie Bikes of 2021

Single-speed and fixed gear bikes have a long history going back to the early 19th century and for a long time were the only bikes of choice before they invented derailleurs in the late 1800s. Even the Tour de France allowed only fixed gear bikes until 1906 when it opened up the race to single speed bikes with a freewheel hub. This meant cyclists could stop pedaling and rest their legs on long, downhill sections.

Low Maintenance
Many cyclists choose a single speed or fixed gear bike because they are almost entirely maintenance-free. The lack of gears means there are hardly any moving parts that need constant cleaning and tuning. With no slack in the chain, they don’t stretch easily and need not be replaced as often.

Single-speed bicycles have a different feel to the whole ride which makes them favored by many. As there’s only one gear available, a cyclist must plan their pedal-efficiency according to the whole ride. This kind of gives the bike its own character as you’d have to get to know the bikes capabilities on different terrain, and ride with the right flow.

Black Fixed-gear Bike Beside Wall


Table of Contents

1×1 bikes 101

16 Best Fixie Bikes

6 Best Single-Speed Bikes

How To Choose / FAQ

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  • Single-speed bike – A bicycle with a single gear. A bike without shifters and derailleurs.
  • Fixie, Fixed gear bike – Single-speed bike without a flywheel. The drivetrain is directly connected to the rear wheel via chain / belt.
  • Track bike – A bicycle that’s originally used in velodrome races. An agile-looking fixed gear bike, although most ‘track style’ bikes come with a flip-flop hub.
  • Single-speed track bike – A track bike with a flywheel.
  • Flip-flop hub – Rear hub that has two sprockets, one on each side. The flip flop hub allows the cyclist to use the bicycle as a fixie, or a (free-wheel) single-speed bike when turning the wheel the other way around.

A fixed-gear bike or fixie has a solid rear hub and sprocket so the pedals never stop rotating as long as the rear wheel is moving. This means you can also use the pedals as brakes by pushing backward, negating the need for traditional handlebar brakes.

These days, fixies are commonly used in competitive velodrome racing but have also gained a cult following amongst modern urban hipsters and bicycle messengers. Some modern fixies have a flip-flop hub which includes a freewheel sprocket on one side of the wheel so a rider can change between the two styles.

Read more from the FAQ section down below!

Wulf - Core-Line single-speed




  • Coaster brake – Back-pedal to stop.

As the real fixie bike is equipped with a coaster brake only (Which means the only way to stop the bike is to back-pedal), there are no brakes on the handlebar.

Most track-style fixie bikes are equipped with either a front, or a rear brake.


Front & rear brakes caliper brakes (V-brakes)

Why is the single-speed bike the best choice?

  • Character – You get to know the bike and your own limits due to its only gear ratio.
  • Pace training – Riding a single-speed bike teaches a lot about the pace. A great training tool as you have to plan your energy resources carefully due the single gear ratio.
  • Ease of maintenance – All you simply have to do in terms of maintenance is to lubricate and check the tension of the chain every now and then.
  • Simplicity – A single-speed bike is among the easiest bikes to take out for a ride. The rigidity of the frame and drivetrain makes this bike a truly unique experience.
  • No chain slack – No gears = no derailleurs mean that there is no slack in the chain.


Best Fixie Bikes

1. State Bicycles Co – Wulf
2. Golden Cycles – Vader
3. Pure Cycles – Coaster
4. 6KU – Urban Track
5. Pure Cycles – Original
6. Sole – The Admiral II
7. Throne Cycles – The Goon
8. Wabi Cycles – Classic
9. All-City Cycles – Big Block
10. State Bicycles Co – Undefeated II Black Prism Edition
11. All-City Cycles – Super Professional Singlespeed

Klunker / Electric / Mountain 1-speed bikes down below

1. State Bicycles Co – Wulf Core Line

State Bicycles Wulf - Core-Line fixed gear bike with freewheel

MSRP: $424
State Bicycles CO

For $300, the Core Line Wulf, is State Bicycle’s entry-level fixie bike. The brand has been specializing in making single-speed bikes only, and they’ve got a bunch of aggressive-looking and well-performing bikes on their arsenal. On the cheaper spectrum, you’ll find the full-steel frame bikes that are quite a beast of a bike for the money. On the higher price range, you’ll find aluminum frames with carbon forks.

  • 16/44t
  • VANS Grips
  • 40mm Deep V Rims
  • Agile looks
  • Superb saddle
  • Good quality rims and bearings
  • Weight: 25lbs

Wulf Core is a tested bike that has proven to offer the utmost fun and ageless looks that won’t age in decades! It’s hard to go wrong with full black color on a bike, especially when it’s matte black with a slight gloss. The bike comes at your door at a super cheap bike, while you might want to change out the pedals and brakes as soon as possible. Other than that, about 2000 miles later – the bike has been keeping up rather well. Just make sure to re-tighten the spokes after the break-in period.

Steel / 700x25c / Flip-flop rear hub



2. Golden Cycles – Vader

Golden Cycles - VADER fixi bike

MSRP: $299
Golden Cycle

Golden Cycles’ Vader fixie bike has a high tensile steel frame with a 1-1/8″ steel fork and Neco headset. The alloy 46T chainring drives a flip-flop hub so you can easily ride it as a fixed gear or single speed bike.

It includes both front and rear brakes for added safety and has a custom riser bar to adjust your position for comfort or speed. On the 45mm deep alloy wheels, you’ll find thin Kenda 700c x 25 tires for fast, smooth-riding.

Steel / 700 x 25c



3. Pure Cycles – Coaster

Under $400 flat-bar fixie bike

pure cycles coaster fixie bike

MSRP: $349
REI Co-op

Weighing in at just 26lbs, the ‘Coaster’ offers a hustle free ride for a relaxed commuting experience. Simple set-up includes the flip-flop hub, coaster brake, and a cruisy ‘Moustache Bar’ type handlebar. Rims – what are most cases among the most important factors on a single-speed bike are 32-hole, 25mm deep rims. 16T – 42T chainring is quite average to cruise comfortably up to around 15 miles per hour.

Steel / 700 x 32c / Coaster brake



4. 6KU – Urban Track

6KU Urban Track Bike

MSRP: $349

This attractive white fixie bike from 6KU has a lightweight 6061 aluminum frame and fork that’s perfect for town or track riding. It includes a Novatec flip flop hub for fixed or freewheel cycling and retails at an affordable price that won’t break the bank.

The package is delivered with all necessary tools for assembly and includes front and back brakes to make it road legal wherever you are. The gear ratio is 46/16 and it runs on 700x 25c Kenda tires with clearance for up to 28c tires.

Aluminum / 4 designs / 30mm deep-V rims / Flip-flop hub



5. Pure Cycles – Original

pure cycles original fixie bike

MSRP: $399
REI Co-op

This quality single speed fixie bike from Pure Cycles is both as stylish as it is functional. With a lightweight steel frame and WTB Thickslick tires, you can happily hit the streets with speed and confidence.

  • 16x44t (Single), 15x44t (Fixed)

The Pure Cycles Original comes with 40mm deep-dish wheel, front and rear brakes, and fender mounts for wet weather. What’s more, riders can conveniently swap from fixed to freewheel cycling with the simple flip-flop rear hub. Comes in six sizes for riders from 5.2″ to 6.2″ tall.

Steel / 700x28c / Deep Rims / Slick tires / Flip-Flop Hub



6. Sole – The Admiral II

sole admiral fixed gear bike

MSRP: $469
Sole Fixed Bikes

Sole bicycles make eye-catching custom built fixies designed in Venice Beach, California. The Admiral 2 is a true beauty, featuring a white steel frame with navy rims and a striking gold drivetrain. The saddle, handlebars, and grips are all Sole Signature series parts.

The gear ratio is 46:16 with a 170mm alloy crankset and 16T sealed bearing flip-flop hub. For the wheels, they’ve chosen 45mm Deep Dish rims running durable 700x28c Presta valve tires. All bikes come semi-assembled in four sizes to fit 5″ to 6.2″ riders.

Steel / Flip-flop hub / 700x28C / Weight: 26lb



7. Throne Cycles – The Goon (Oil Slick)

Inspired by LA’s urban cyclists, and underground MCs

MSRP: $799
Throne Cycles

The legendary Goon fixie bike features a BlocBoi alloy frame with a Cr-Mo steel fork and indented downtube for reduced wheelbase length.

The multiple availability for different types of set-up’s is what makes this bike a true fun-machine on the streets. 29er single-speed fixie can be run as brakeless, freewheel, dirt, a wheelie shredder.

  • 6061-T6 Alloy, Tig Welded
  • Carbon custom seat post
  • Alloy BMX pedals
  • 16T – 39T drivetrain
  • 29×2.10″
  • More models from Throne Cycles: Phantom, Terra, Track Lord

Throne bikes clearly built this machine with the intention of velodrome track racing but have also included a front brake to make it road legal. It’s the perfect bike for speed freaks who want a lightweight but affordable track bike.

Alloy frame & Carbon fork / 4 different designs / 700x23c



8. Wabi Cycles – Classic

A single speed urban & gravel bike

Wabi Classic road bike, Summer 2020 Colors

MSRP: $945
Wabi bikes

A stunningly simple yet beautiful bike, the Wabi cycles Classic is a traditional racer with thin Reynolds 725 steel tubing available in various shades of blue or green. It has a 46/18 gear ratio and comes with a flip-flop hub for both freewheel or fixed riding.

  • 46/18t
  • 700x28c (Clearance for up to 32mm)

Buyers can choose from drop, riser, bullhorn, or straight bars with a ‘racing’ or ‘relaxed’ saddle. At only 19 lbs (8.6kg), it’s one of the lightest steel frame fixies available but benefits from heat-treated and double-butted tubing for strength and durability. Includes 28mm Kenda tires and Tektro caliper disc brakes.

Steel / Weighs: 19 lb / Flip-flop hubs



9. All-City Cycles – Big Block

all-city cycles bike

MSRP: $999

Minnesota-based All-City Cycles are famous for their beautifully designed A.C.E steel fixie bikes, and the Big Block is no exception. It’s a classic fixie track bike enhanced for urban cycling with front and rear brakes, straight handlebars, and fender mounts.

  • 17/46t
  • Tire clearance for 25mm to 32mm

The Big Block benefits from Velodrome legal track geometry with a convenient flip-flop hub, making it ideal for track or street riding. It also features stainless steel Hennepin Bridge track dropouts with a built-in chain tensioner. The standard build comes with 700x28c Vittoria Zaffiro tires on Sun CR-18 rims.

Steel / 700x28c / Flip-flop hub



10. State Bicycles Co – Undefeated II Black Prism Edition

State Bicycles Undefeated II - Black Prism Edition bike

MSRP: $999
State Bicycles

This undeniably impressive piece of machinery from State Bicycle Co is a top-class fixie road bike designed for racing fixed gear crits. The super-light 7005 aluminum frame is complemented by a full carbon fork for excellent response and stiffness.

  • Michelin Dynamic Sport Tires
  • Flip-flop hub
  • 16/48t
  • Weight: 16 lb 6 oz

The Essor USA wheelset has a cutout flange design on the hubs making them light but strong enough for the rigors of competitive crit racing. The gear ratio is 48:16, using a sealed flip-flop hub and Essor USA Aerodash crank.

Aluminum frame & carbon fork / ESSOR USA Aerodash 170mm Crank



11. All-City Cycles – Super Professional Singlespeed

Single speed gravel bike

All City Super Professional Singlespeed bicycle

Now available in all-white

MSRP: $1,350
All-City Cycles

The Super Professional is one of the best fixed gear bikes you’ll find on the market today. Built to handle mixed terrain, it can accommodate up to 47mm tires and features All-City’s Master Dropout so riders can easily swap between geared and single-speed.

  • 18/44t
  • Optimized for 700x 25 – 45 mm / 650b x 40 – 47mm

The frame is packed with rack, bottle, and fender mounts for those looking to head out into the wild for some adventure, and for better stopping power in wet weather, the Super Professional has flat mount disc brakes. Standard builds come with WTB STi23 rims and WTB Horizon 650x47c tan sidewall tires. We recommend checking out All City Cycles full bikes range to get a quick overview of their style of bikes.

Steel / Tektro Hydraulic disc brakes




Best Single Speed Bikes

Gravel / Hybrid / Mountain / Cruiser / Electric

12. State Bicycles – Klunker $499
13. Surly Bikes – Lowside $1,425
14. Ride1Up – Roadster V2 – $1,099 eBike!
15. All-City Cycles – Nature Cross $2,099
16. Salsa Cycles – Stormchaser $1,699
17. State Bicycles Co – Elliston Deluxe $470
18. Electra Bikes – Cruiser 1 $320


12. State Bicycles Klunker Bike

state bicycles klunker bike

MSRP: $499
State Bicycle Co

The Klunker by State Bicycle Co. is an interesting combination of a beach cruiser, mountain bike, and BMX. This versatile bike can easily tackle mountain trails and is perfect for day-to-day riding.

The wheels frame and handlebars of this bike are based on BMX design. 2.3-inch WTB tires provide great durability and traction, a simple coaster brake that reduces maintenance, and upright, comfortable geometry.

Other notable components on the Klunker are the retro-style leather comfort saddle, Vans grips, and the durable and shock-absorbent steel frame. Finally, this bike has a five-year warranty demonstrating the manufacturer’s confidence in the bike’s durability.

  • Sized for riders 5’5″ to 6’3″
  • Frame: Durable Steel Frame & Fork w/ 5 Year Warranty
  • Handlebars: BMX Style V-bar with 7″ rise, 30” extra-wide with Vans Grips
  • Wheels: Extra Durable 36h BMX Style Rim w/ 2.3″ WTB Mountain Bike Tires
  • Saddle: Retro-style Leatherette Comfort Saddle
  • Gear: 42t Crank with 22t Coaster Style Cog for cruising
  • Brakes: Coaster Brake – Just Pedal Backwards
  • Pedals: Flat MTB Style Platform Pedals
  • Extras: Bottle Opener Included
  • 27.5×2.3″ WTB knobby tires
  • Coaster brake
  • Flat pedals
  • 42-22t

Fits riders 5’5″ – 6’3″




13. Surly Bikes – Lowside

Best single-speed mountain bike

yellow surly lowside 27.5 single speed mtb

MSRP: $1,425
Jenson USA

A fixie mountain bike is something of a unique offering in the cycling world, which is why it’s no surprise that niche cycling brand Surly came up with this offering. Featuring extra-large 2.8″ tires and hydraulic disc brakes, it’s rough and ready to hit the mountain trails, or use it as a ‘recreational’ trials bike. Both the possibilities and limitations which bike is capable of. There’s literally nothing else out there such as the Lowside.

  • Steel frame & fork
  • 27.5 x 2.8″ – 60 TPI Maxxis Rekon tires
  • WTB ST i35 TCS rims
  • Novatech Boots Hubs
  • Tektro M275/276 hydro brakes
  • 32/17t

The drivetrain has an SRAM NX 32T crank running Novatec freewheel hub. The 4130 Chromoly steel frame features modern trail bike characteristics like dropper post compatibility, 44mm headtube, and Gnot-Boost rear spacing with thru-axles. 

Steel / Hydraulic disc brakes / SRAM NX Eagle crank



14. Ride1Up – Roadster V2

A single-speed eBike with a maintenance-free belt-drive

ride1up roadster single speed electric belt drive bicycle

MSRP: $1,095

> Full Review

This must be the easiest belt drive bikes to own – 1. It’s electric 2. It’s got a belt drive instead of a chain and derailleur system. Do we need to introduce the convenience of this bike any further? Read more about Ride1Up to get better clarification of their 6 bikes!

Also featured in the Best Single Speed eBikes Review



15. All-City Cycles – Nature Cross

By far the best single speed cyclocross bike

Nature Cross Single Speed Cyclocross bike

MSRP: $2,099
All-City Cycles

Yes, you can ride cyclocross at a single speed! This impressive single-speed CX bike from All-City combines gravel riding capabilities with sleek, inner-city style. Built from All City’s proprietary A.C.E steel, it’s a stiff and durable all-terrain bike that requires minimal maintenance.

  • Tire size range: 700c  x 30-42mm
  • 18/40t

To lighten the load, All-City has included a Columbus Futura Cross carbon fork that provides clearance for up to 42mm tires. The gear ratio is 40:18, running off an SRAM Apex crank and freewheel cog with spacer kit. The Nature Cross comes standard with Challenge Baby Litmus 700x33c tires on WTB ST Light i23 rims.

Steel frame & carbon fork / Mechanical disc brakes / 700x33c TLR



16. Salsa Cycles – Stormchaser

Best singe-speed gravel bike

2020 Salsa Stormchaser Single Speed fixed gear bike

MSRP: $1,699
REI Co-op

The Salsa Stormchaser is a single speed gravel bike built to handle whatever nature can throw at it. A carbon fork complements the aluminum frame for a strong but lightweight bike packed full of features. For a smoother, more comfortable ride, Salsa has coupled their trademark Vibration Reduction System (VRS) with 700x42c Teravail Rutland tires.

  • 700 x 42C (max x 47mm)
  • Multiple water-bottle mounts
  • Rack & fender ready
  • 38t x 17t/18t
  • TRP Spyre-C Flat Mount mechanical disc brakes

The 38T Race Face crank drives your choice of a 17T or 18T cog with a spacer kit, providing a sufficient gear ratio for gravel and hilly terrain. For more mountainous conditions, convert the Stormchaser into a 1x setup using the new Alternator Flat Mount dropouts. It’s the ideal bike for hassle-free adventures in the great outdoors.

Aluminum frame & carbon fork / Race Face Ride Crankset



17. State Bicycles Co – Elliston Deluxe

Best single-speed hybrid bike with panniers

state bicycle city bike

MSRP: $470
State Bicycles

This stylish single-speed city hybrid bike from State Bicycle Co. is a true classic with added functionality. With both front and rear racks, the Ellison Deluxe makes an ideal utility bike for collecting groceries, visiting friends, or commuting to work.

  • Frame-mounted bottle-opener
  • Rear and front pannier racks
  • Chainguard
  • Bell

It features a classy brown leather seat and grips, a bell and bottle opener, and timeless chrome finishings. The Nexus internal freewheel hub includes a simple coaster brake for easy stopping and you get a chainguard and fenders to keep everything clean and tidy.

Steel frame / Mustache Handlebar / Coaster brake



18. Electra Bikes – Cruiser 1

Cheapest single-speed cruiser bike

electra cruiser bike single speed gangsta style

MSRP: $320
REI Co-op

The Electra 1 is a laid back, single-speed cruiser in a stylish matte black finish. The unisex steel frame comes in a one-size-fits-all model and has a very relaxed geometry with wide bullhorn bars. 

  • 26 x 2.15″ Classic Knobby tires
  • Moustache bar handlebar
  • Weight 36 lb
  • Step-Through frames available!

It’s the perfect bike for lazy days spent rolling down the boardwalk with friends, enjoying the sun, and feeling the breeze. The extra-wide 2.125″ tires make for a smooth and comfortable ride, while the low gear ratio and coaster brake make riding the Electra 1 effortless.

Steel / 26″ wheels / Coaster brake / Chainguard



19 . sixthreezero – Around The Block Men’s

Score: 4.4/5 out of 822+ ratings on Amazon

amazon cruiser bike

Check Price at Amazon.com

California-based sixthreezero is a premier producer of beach cruisers and hybrid single speed bikes. Around-the-Block cruiser is the perfect example of a simple, 26″ beach cruiser in stylish matte black or grey with white detailing.

  • Chainguard
  • Rear rack
  • Schneider valve
  • Moustache handlebar

The wide bullhorn handlebars and relaxed frame geometry provide a tension-free, ergonomic seating position. Add large waffle-tread tires and a dual spring cushioned saddle and you have a super-smooth and comfortable ride. Includes a pannier rack and freewheel hub with a back-pedal coaster brake for easy stopping.

Steel / 26 x 2.15″ / Coaster brake




Didn’t quite find what you were looking for? Read about the Ibis single-speed hardtail carbon belt-drive mountain bike.



How To Choose

You should choose a fixie based on how you intend to use the bike most frequently. For dedicated velodrome racing, you can get a fixed hub with no brakes to reduce weight and increase speed. However, many cities don’t allow cycling on the street without brakes, so take this into account.

Fixed-gear cycling can take some getting used to, so if you are new to it, rather get a flip-flop hub to help you transition into fixie riding.

Single-speed vs fixed

Technically, all fixed gear bikes are single speed bikes, but cyclists commonly use the term single speed to describe a bike with a freewheel rather than a fixed hub. Many single-speed bikes have a ‘flip-flop hub’ with both a freewheel and fixed sprocket so you can change between the two.

Flip-flop hub w/ Freewheel

Flip flop hub allows changing the direction of the rear wheel by

Handlebar types

  • Flat bar
  • Flat riser bar
  • Drop bar
  • Moustache


What is a fixie bike?

Fixies bikes have a single static rear sprocket, so the pedals keep rotating whenever the rear wheel is moving. Since there’s no freewheel hub, you can also brake by pushing backward on the pedals.

These days, fixies are commonly used in competitive velodrome racing but have also gained a cult following amongst modern urban hipsters and bicycle messengers. Some modern fixies have a ‘flip-flop hub’ which includes a freewheel sprocket on one side of the wheel so a rider can change between the two styles.

Fixed/single-speed bike chain tension?

Single-speed bikes use a simple sliding of the rear wheel axle on the dropouts to tension the chain. You should always tension the chain as tight as possible but be careful to ensure the rear wheel remains aligned.

What size fixie bike to get?

Although most fixie bikes’ geometry is closely related to road bikes, most brands have a size selection from XS-XL. Please refer to each bike brand’s own size chart to get the best fit for you! It is important to get the right size bike.

Best Fixie Bike Brands

State Bicycles, Throne Cycles, All-City Cycles, Pure Cycles, 6KU,

Custom Fixie Bikes

Fixie bike frames can be found at our Best Bike Frame review.

Which are the best fixie bike wheels?

700c is the #1 wheel size used among fixie bikes.

Best Fixie Bike Tires

Slicks or simple road bike tires?

thick bicycle tire

Check out those slick tires – REI.com/



Know-how for cheaper bikes (Under $300)

  • Brakes – You might want to swap out the entire brake system if you’d like to have better control over the bike at higher speeds. Breaks on cheaper bikes are generally rubbish.
  • Pedals – Under $300 bikes are generally equipped with the cheapest pedals available so we’d advise you to swap those out at some point or another.
  • Break-in period – Make sure to re-tighten some of the points after the break-in period. Handlebar, crank, wheels, spokes.

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