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Best Bicycle Frames to Build Your Dream Bike

By Sam Millers   /  Last updated - March 21, 2022   /  Best-Of-Reviews, Reviews

Colnago bicyle review

There is a wide variety of bicycle frames available online for each different cycling discipline, from MTB to gravel, to touring. Some frame styles have barely changed over the decades, while others incorporate modern design technology that has only emerged recently.

It’s important to buy the correct frame for the riding style you intend to partake in, otherwise, you could end up damaging your frame or injuring yourself. Here we examine the differences between each type of bike frame and the riding style that they’re intended for.

While most bicycles are built around a specific geometry that serves a certain purpose – there are always many more factors in play. Factors such as materials, design, fork travel, and many more that make the bicycle whole. While each of us has our own preferences in terms of how the bike should feel, there’s a lot that can be adjusted from frame to little details around it.

If you have already found the best components for your needs such as the right wheelset, tires for your riding style, but you are looking for a bicycle frame to build the bike from

Table of Contents

Mountain Bike FramesHardtail / Full-Suspension

Road Bike Frames

Gravel Bike Frames

Cyclocross Bike Frames

Fat Bike Frames

Track Bike Frames

Touring Bike Frames

Best Mountain Bike Frames

Best Hardtail Mountain Bike Frames

Hardtail MTB frames are considerably less complex than full-suspension frames. Although newer models have advanced geometry, hardtail MTB frames typically look like early mountain bikes. They consist of a traditional bike frame with two triangles split by the seat tube and a suspension fork on the front.

Depending on the style of riding the bike is intended for, hardtail MTBs have varying head and seat tube angles. This is largely to do with the amount of travel in the fork, which is usually more if the bike is intended for downhill riding.

Salsa – Timberjack Ti

Head Tube: 68°   /   Seat Tube: 73.6°   /   Chainstays: 420-437mm


MSRP $2,500 Aventuron

Salsa Timberjack Review

Salsa’s Timberjack line of mid-range hardtail MTB trail bikes is aimed at intermediate trail riders and ...
  • Titanium
  • Designed around 130mm fork
  • Max Clearance: 27.5″+ 3.0″ / 29″ x 2.6″
  • Internal Dropper-Post Compatible
  • Cable Routing: Internal

Buy from Aventuron

Chromag – Rootdown ‘2020

chromag rootdown titanium frame

Head Tube: 64°   /   Seat Tube: 76°   /   Chainstay: 420mm

Enduro / Trail

MSRP $3,100 JensonUSA

  • Titanium
  • Designed for longer travel 160mm forks
  • Tire clearance: 29 x 2.5″ or 27.5 x 2.8″ tires
  • Headtube: 1.5″ Tapered
  • Cable Routing: Partial internal

Buy from Jenson USA

Santa Cruz Bicycles – Chameleon

Santa Cruz Bicycles Carbon 29 Mountain Bike Frame

Head Tube: 67.3°   /   Seat Tube: 72.8°   /   Chainstay: 415mm


MSRP $1,299 Competitive Cyclist

  • Carbon
  • Recommended fork travel: 120-140mm
  • Max Clearance: 29″ x 2.6″ / 27.5″ x 3.0″
  • Headset: IS41/IS52
  • Cable Routing: Internal

Buy from Competitive Cyclist

Santa Cruz Bicycles – Chameleon 27.5″+

Santa Cruz Bicycles 27.5+ Mountain Bike Frame

Head Tube: 67.5°   /   Seat Tube: 73°   /   Chainstay: 415mm


MSRP $749 CompetitiveCyclist

  • Aluminum
  • Headtube: 1-1/8″  1-1/2″ tapered
  • Cable Routing: Internal

Buy from Competitive Cyclist

Trek – Stache C

trek stache bicycle frame

Head Tube: 67.8°   /   Seat Tube: 67.9°   /   Chainstay: 420mm


MSRP $1,700 TrekBikes

  • OCLV Mountain Carbon
  • Max compatible fork travel: 120mm
  • Max Clearance: 29″ x 3″
  • Headtube: FSA IS-2 1-1/8 top, 1.5″ bottom
  • Cable Routing: Internal

Buy from Trek Bikes

Chromag – Monk

chromag bicycle frame

3 colors available

Head Tube: 70°   /   Seat Tube: 76°   /   Chainstay: 381mm

Dirt Jump

MSRP $650 JensonUSA

  • 4130 Chromoly Steel
  • 26″
  • Recommended fork travel: 80-120mm
  • Headtube: 44-56 Semi-Integrated
  • Cable Routing: External
  • Integrated chain tensioner

Buy from Jenson USA

Surly – Karate Monkey

surly karate monkey steel bike frame with external cable routing

Head Tube: 69°   /   Seat Tube: 73°   /   Chainstay: 423mm


MSRP $700 JensonUSA

  • 4130 Chromoly Steel
  • Max clearance: 29″ x 2.5″ or 27.5″ x 3.0
  • Dropper-post compatible
  • Suspension-corrected fork
  • Headtube: 4mm

Buy from Jenson USA

Ibis – DV9 Frame 2020

ibis carbon hardtail mountain bicycle frame

Head Tube: 67.4°   /   Seat Tube: 72°   /   Chainstay: 439mm

XC Race / Trail

MSRP $999 JensonUSA

  • Carbon fiber
  • Max Clearance: 29″ x 2.6″
  • Recommended fork: 100/120mm
  • Headtube: 1-1/8″ – 1 1-/2″
  • Cable Routing: Internal

Buy from Jenson USA

Surly – Bridge Club

surly bicycle frame in black

Head Tube: 70-71°   /   Seat Tube: 73°   /   Chainstay: 435mm

Touring / Commuter / Trail

MSRP $525 JensonUSA

  • 4130 ChroMoly Steel frame & Steel fork
  • Tire clearance: 26″/ 700c / 27.5″ x 2.8″ max
  • Headtube: 1-1/8″
  • Cable Routing: External
  • Full rack/fender ready – Just look at the amount of water-bottle mounts

Buy from Jenson USA


Full suspension mountain bike frames are the most complex of bike frame designs, with the most moving parts and mechanical components. They consist of two separate frame triangles on the front and rear, connected by pivots and links so that each one can move individually.

Connected to the front triangle and a pivot point on the rear triangle is a coil or air-sprung shock absorber. Rather than directly under the seat like on a motorbike, this suspension design pivots from the center of the bike so the rider doesn’t flip over forward on steep descents. When combined with a front suspension fork, this provides the best possible suspension that you can get on a bicycle.

Ibis – Mojo 3

ibis mojo 3 bike frame for sale

Head Tube: 67.1°   /   Seat Tube: 74.4°   /   Chainstay: 425mm

Trail / All-Mountain

MSRP $2,833.00 $1,800 SAVE 36%

  • Material: Carbon (Weight: 5.5lbs)
  • Suspension Type: DW-Link
  • Rear Shock – Fox Performance DPS / Fox Factory DPS
  • Tire Clearance: 2.25″ to 2.8″
  • Headtube: 1.5″
  • Cable routing: Internal

Buy from Jenson USA

Eminent – Haste

eminent carbon bike frame for sale

Head Tube: 65.5°   /   Seat Tube: 73°   /   Chainstay: 442mm

All-mountain / Enduro

MSRP $1,600

  • Material: Unidirectional Carbon
  • Suspension Type: AFS
  • Rear Shock: DVO Topax T3 Air 230x60mm
  • Recommended fork travel: 170mm
  • Tire clearance: n/a
  • Headtube: 1 1/8″
  • Cable Routing: Internal

Buy from Jenson USA

Ibis – Mojo 4 DPX2 2021

ibis mojo carbon frame

Head Tube: 65.4°   /   Seat Tube: 76.7°   /   Chainstay: 425mm

All-mountain / Trail

MSRP $2,999

Related: Ibis Mojo 4 – 2020 Review

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Suspension Type: DW-link
  • Rear Shock: Fox Float DPX2, 210 x 50
  • Tire clearance: Up to 2.6″
  • Headtube: 1.5″ tapered
  • Cable Routing: In-Frame Molded

Buy from Jenson USA

Juliana – Furtado 3cc frame – 2020

carbon bike frame by Juliana


Head Tube: 66.2°   /   Seat Tube: 74.9°   /   Chainstay: 425mm

All-mountain / Trail

MSRP $3,800

  • Material: CC Carbon
  • Suspension Type: VPP
  • Rear Shock: 130mm travel Fox Float Performance Elite DPX2
  • Recommended fork travel: 130-150mm
  • Max tire width: 2.8″
  • Headtube: Integrated IS41/52
  • Cable Routing: Internal

Buy from Jenson USA

Trek – Fuel EX AL 2020

aluminum bicycle frame dual suspension

Head Tube: 66-66.5°   /   Seat Tube: 75-75.5°   /   Chainstays: 435-437mm

Enduro / Trail

MSRP $2,000 Trekbikes

  • Material: Aluminum, Magnesium rocker link
  • Suspension Type:
  • Rear Shock: 130mm travel Fox Performance Float EVOL, RE:aktiv3-position
  • Max Tire Width: 2.6″
  • Headtube: 1-1/8 (top – 1.5″ bottom
  • Cable Routing: Internal

Buy from Trek Bikes

Best 29″ Full-Suspension Mountain Bike Frames

Ibis – Ripmo AF Topaz 2020

aluminum alloy bike frame

Head Tube: 64.9°   /   Seat Tube: 77-76°   /   Chainstay: 435mm

Trail / All-mountain

MSRP $1,799

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Suspension Type: DW-Link
  • Rear Shock: DVO Topaz 3-position
  • Tire clearance: 2.6″
  • Headtube:
  • Cable Routing: Internal
  • Dropper-post Clearance: 150mm (S) 175mm (XL)

Buy from Jenson USA

Yeti – SB 150 Turq 2020

yeti carbon bike frame

Head Tube: 64.5°   /   Seat Tube: 77.1°   /   Chainstay: 433mm

Enduro / Trail

MSRP $3,800

  • Material: Carbon
  • Suspension Type: Switch Infinity
  • Rear Shock: Fox Factory Float X2 – 150mm
  • Tire clearance:
  • Headtube: Tapered IS 41/52 headset
  • Cable Routing: Internal

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Buy from Jenson USA

Orbea – Occam OMR+ DPX2 ‘2020

orban dual suspension carbon frame

Head Tube: 66°   /   Seat Tube: 77°   /   Chainstay: 440mm

All-mountain / Trail

MSRP $3,800

  • Material: Carbon Fiber OMR
  • Suspension Type:
  • Rear Shock: Fox DPX2 Factory 3-Position Adjust EVOL Kashima
  • Tire clearance: Up to 2.6″
  • Headtube: 1- 1/8″ – 1-1/2″
  • Cable Routing: Internal (Full housing)

Buy from Jenson USA

GT – Sensor Carbon Frame ‘2020

full-suspension carbon fiber bike frame

Head Tube: 65.5°   /   Seat Tube: 76°   /   Chainstay: 435mm

All-Mountain / Trail

MSRP $1,900 JensonUSA

  • Material: Carbon fiber front triangle with an alloy rear triangle
  • Suspension Type: LTS
  • Rear Shock: Fox Float DPX2 Performance Elite 185 x 50mm Trunnion – 130mm travel
  • Tire clearance:
  • Headtube: 1-1/8″ – 1 1/2″ FSA NO.42 Semi-Integrated sealed bearing headset
  • Cable Routing: Partial Internal
  • Optimized for: 130-140mm travel

Buy from Jenson USA

Niner – RKT 9 RDO

full suspension mountain bike carbon frame

Head Tube: 70.5-71°   /   Seat Tube: 74.5°   /   Chainstay: 440mm

XC / XC Race

MSRP $3,000 JensonUSA

  • Material: RDO Carbon
  • Suspension Type:
  • Rear Shock: 90mm travel Fox Float DPS, 165 x 38mm
  • Max tire width: 2.3″
  • Headtube: 1.125″ x 1.5″ Tapered Integrated IS 42/28.6
  • Cable Routing: Internal
  • Drivetrain compatibility: 1x / 2x
  • Recommended fork travel: 100mm

Buy from Jenson USA

Evil – Following RockShox ‘2020

white carbon full suspension bike frame

Head Tube: 67.9°   /   Seat Tube: 77°   /   Chainstay: 430mm

All-mountain / Trail

MSRP $3,099 JensonUSA

  • Material: Unidirectional Carbon
  • Suspension Type:
  • Rear Shock: RockShox Deluxe Ultimate RCT Debonair
  • Tire clearance:
  • Headtube:
  • Cable Routing: Internal
  • Recommended fork travel: 120-130mm
  • Drivetrain compatibility: 1x

Buy from Jenson USA

Santa Cruz Bicycles – Megatower Carbon CC Coil

Santa Cruz Bicycles Carbon CC Coil Bike Frame

Available in Yellow & Grey

Head Tube: 64.7°   /   Seat Tube: 76.5-75.8°   /   Chainstays: 434-447mm


MSRP $3,399 Competitive Cyclist

  • Material: Carbon CC
  • Suspension Type: VPP
  • Rear Shock: 160mm travel Fox DHX2 Factory Coil with 2-position lever
  • Recommended fork travel: 160-180mm
  • Tire clearance:
  • Headtube: 1-1/8 to 1-1/2 tapered
  • Cable Routing: Internal
  • Lifetime warranty

Buy from Competitive Cyclist

Evil Bikes – The Following

Evil Bikes Mountain Bike Frame

Head Tube: 66.9°   /   Seat Tube: 76°   /   Chainstay: 430mm

XC / Trail

MSRP $3,099 Competitive Cyclist

  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Suspension Type: DELTA
  • Rear Shock: 120mm travel RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate RCT DebonAir, 2 tokens
  • Recommended Fork Travel: 120-130mm
  • Tire clearance:
  • Headtube: 1 1/8 – 1.5″ tapered
  • Cable Routing: Internal

Buy from Competitive Cyclist

Best Road Bike Frames

Bianchi – Oltre XR 4 Disc

Bianchi XR4 Disc Carbon Road Bike Frameset

Different Color Schemes Available

Head Tube: 72-73°   /   Seat Tube: 74-72.5°   /   Chainstay: 400-411mm


MSRP $5,900 Competitive Cyclist

  • HM Unidirectional Carbon Fiber with Countervail
  • 700c
  • Compatible with Electronic and Mechanical groups
  • Included Headset: FSA Orbit 1.5″
  • Full Carbon Oltre Aero Seatpost
  • 5-year warranty

Buy from Competitive Cyclist

Bianchi – Infinito

Bianchi CV Disc Road Bike Frameset

Head Tube: 70.5-72.5°   /   Seat Tube: 74.5-73°   /   Chainstay: 415-420mm


MSRP $3,900 Competitive Cyclist

  • Infinito Countervail Carbon
  • 700c
  • 1-1/8 – 1-1/2″ Tapered head tube
  • Headset: FSA Orbit C-40
  • Internal cable routing
  • Compatible with electronic, mechanical drivetrains
  • Aero seat post
  • 5-year warranty

Buy from Competitive Cyclist

Cervelo – R3 Disc

Cervelo R3 Disc Road Frameset

Head Tube: 71-73°   /   Seat Tube: 73°   /   Chainstay: 410mm

Grand Tour / Classics winner

MSRP $3,000 Competitive Cyclist

  • Carbon fiber
  • FSA IS2 1-1/8 – 1.5″ Tapered head tube
  • Max Clearance: 700c x 28mm
  • Cervelo Carbon SP19 Seatpost
  • Cable Routing: Internal
  • Lifetime Warranty

Buy from Competitive Cyclist

Ridley – Helium SLX Disc

Ridley SLX Disc Road Bike Carbon Frameset

Different color schemes available

Head Tube: 71.8-74°   /   Seat Tube: 75-72.5°   /   Chainstay: 405-408mm

Classic Road

MSRP $3,500 Competitive Cyclist

  • Carbon Fiber frame & fork
  • 700c
  • Max Clearance:
  • Headtube: 1-1/4″ – 1 1/8″ tapered
  • 5-year warranty

Buy from Competitive Cyclist

Best Gravel Bike Frames

Gravel bikes are very versatile and cover a wider range of disciplines than simply gravel riding. These days, many bikepackers use gravel bikes for short or long expedition trips that involve rougher terrain than pavement.

Simple to touring bike frames, gravel bikes typically have longer chainstays, slacker seat and head tube angles, a lower bottom bracket, and a longer wheelbase. This makes them more stable at speed over loose terrain or when loaded with luggage.

Niner – RLT 9 RDO

Niner RDO Gravel Frameset

Two colors-schemes available

Head Tube: 70-72-5°   /   Seat Tube: 74.5-72.5°   /   Chainstay: 430mm


MSRP $2,300 Competitive Cyclist

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  • RDO Carbon fiber
  • 700c x 35mm
  • Max Clearance: 40mm
  • Built for 140mm rotors, can be used with 160mm with spacers
  • Cable Routing: Internal
  • 5-year warranty

Buy from Competitive Cyclist

Santa Cruz Bicycles – Stigmata Carbon CC

Santa Cruz Bicycles Carbon CC Frameset

Head Tube: 71-72°   /   Seat Tube: 74.5 -73.5°   /   Chainstay: 425mm

CX / Gravel

MSRP $2,800 Competitive Cyclist

  • Carbon fiber
  • Max Clearance: 700c x 45mm / 650b x 50mm
  • Headtube: Cane Creek 110 IS Integrated headset
  • Cable Routing: Internal
  • Lifetime Warranty

Buy from Competitive Cyclist

Niner – MCR 9 RDO 2020

full suspension carbon gravel bike frame

Head Tube: 71-72°   /   Seat Tube: 73.8-73.3°   /   Chainstay: 440mm


MSRP $3,000 JensonUSA

🏆 Winner of Best Gravel Bike of 2022

  • Carbon frame w/& alloy link
  • Rear shock – 50mm travel  X-fusion Microlite RL with Remote locker
  • Max Clearance: 700c x 50mm / 27.5″ x 2.0″
  • Headtube: Upper: IS42/28.6 / Lower: IS52/40
  • Cable Routing: Internal

Buy from Jenson USA

The Chamois – Hagar Gravel

Evil Bikes The Chamois Hagar Gravel Frameset

Head Tube: 66.7°   /   Seat Tube: 73.5° – 74.5°   /   Chainstay: 430mm

Gravel & Bikepacking

MSRP $2,800 Competitive Cyclist

  • Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
  • 700c
  • Cane Creek 40-series headset
  • Internal cable routing
  • 3-year warranty

Buy from Competitive Cyclist

Surly – Midnight Special

steel gravel bicycle frame

Head Tube: 71-73.5°   /   Seat Tube: 75.5-72.5°   /   Chainstay: 425mm

All-Road / Gravel / Commuting / Touring

MSRP $650 JensonUSA

  • 4130 Chromoly Steel
  • Max Clearance: 700c x 42mm / 650b x 60mm
  • Headtube: 44mm
  • Cable Routing: External

Buy from Jenson USA

Best Cyclocross Frames

Cross (CX) bikes are similar to road bikes but intended for off-road use in disciplines like cyclo-cross. They are often compared to gravel bikes but the frame geometry is actually quite different. Unlike some gravel bikes, CX bike frames are never designed to carry luggage and are intended purely for short and intense rides of around two hours or less.

CX bikes have tighter seat and head tube angles to position the rider over the handlebars in a more aerodynamic position. This provides greater speed over short distances but is less comfortable for long rides.

Ibis – Hakka MX Disc

Ibis MX Disc Frameset

3 Different Color Schemes Availalbe

Head Tube: 70.5-72°   /   Seat Tube: 74.5-73.5°   /   Chainstay: 430mm

CX – Cyclocross / Gravel

MSRP $2,000 Competitive Cyclist

  • Carbon Frame & Fork
  • 700c / 650b
  • Max Clearance: 27.5″ x 2.1″ / 700c x 40mm
  • Cable Routing: Internal
  • 7-year warranty

Buy from Competitive Cyclist

Ridley X-night SL Disc

Ridley SL Disc Cyclocross carbon Frameset

Head Tube: 71.5-72°   /   Seat Tube: 75-73.5°   /   Chainstay: 42.5mm

CX – Cyclocross

MSRP $2,600 Competitive Cyclist
Current Listing: $1,800 (31% off)

  • Unidirectional Carbon
  • Headtube: FSA 1-1/8 – 1.5″ tapered
  • Cable Routing: Internal
  • 5-year warranty

Buy from Competitive Cyclist

Best Fat Bike Frames

Trek – Farley C Frameset 2020trek Farley C Frameset reddark

Head Tube: 69°   /   Seat Tube: 73°   /   Chainstay: 455mm

Enduro / Trail

MSRP $2,200 Trekbikes

  • OCLV Mountain Carbon
  • Max compatible fork travel: 100mm
  • Max Tire Clearance: 26″ x 5″ / 27.5″ x 4″
  • Headset: FSA IS-2 1-1/8″ top, 1.5″ bottom
  • Cable Routing: External

Buy from Trek Bikes

Salsa Mukluk Carbon Fat Bike

carbon fiber bicycle frame

Head Tube: 69°   /   Seat Tube: 73°   /   Chainstay: 432-449mm

Fat bike

MSRP $2,000 Aventuron

  • Carbon Frame & Fork
  • Max tire Clearance: 5″

Buy from Aventuron

Best Track Bike Frames

Track bikes usually have the most intense and aggressive frame geometry, placing the rider far forward over the handlebars in the most aerodynamic position. This is the perfect position to exert the most amount of power on the pedals and get the most speed out of the bike.

Track bike frames have the shortest wheelbases, very steep seat and head tube angles, and minimal fork rake. They are also designed with very stiff materials for maximum power transfer on the drivetrain.

State Bicycles Co – Black Label 6061 v2

state bicycle co black label bicycle frames with carbon fork

  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Aluminum frame & carbon frame
  • Sizes that fit riders from 5′ to 6’6″

Shop on Amazon

All-City – Thunderdome

Image of All-City Thunderdome - Frameset - 2021 - hot pink


Head Tube: 72-72.5°   /   Seat Tube: 74.5-75°   /   Chainstay: 396mm

Track / Velodrome

MSRP $750 Aventuron

  • 7000-series Aluminum frame
  • Tapered head tube, axle-to-crown carbon fork
  • Tire clearance: 700 x 25c
  • UCI Certified track bike

Buy from Aventuron

All-City – Big Block

All-City Big Block Frameset


Head Tube: 75.5-72°   /   Seat Tube: 75-74.5°   /   Chainstay: 396mm


MSRP $550 Aventuron

  • 612 Select Chromoly Steel
  • 4130 Chromoly double-butter fork
  • Velodrome legal track bike frame geometry
  • Max Clearance: 700c x 32mm (28mm with fenders)

Buy from Aventuron

Best Touring Bike Frames

Touring bike frames are traditionally built with steel and designed to be as stable as possible due to the heavy loads they carry. They usually have slacker head tube angles and tapered forks to provide more ‘fork trail’. This makes steering slower but more stable, particularly if you are carrying heavy front panniers.

Touring frames usually have longer chainstays (up to 470mm) to provide better stability and more heel clearance for carrying rear panniers. Traditionally, touring bikes had low bottom brackets for better stability but on more modern bikes built for off-road conditions, this can be higher.

Surly – Disc Trucker 700c

steel road bike frame

Head Tube: 72°   /   Seat Tube: 73-72°   /   Chainstay: 460mm

Touring / Commuting

MSRP $575 JensonUSA

  • 4130 Chromoly Steel Frame & Fork
  • Disc-brake specific
  • Max Clearance: 26″ x 2.1 / 700c x 42mm
  • Headtube: 34mm
  • Cable Routing: External
  • Multiple rack mounts

Buy from Jenson USA

Surly – Straggler 650b

Surly STRAGGLER DISC - 700c Gravel Frame Set - 2022 - chlorine dream

Head Tube: 69.5-72°   /   Seat Tube: 75.5-72.5°   /   Chainstay: 405-410mm

Touring / Road / Trail / CX / Commuter

MSRP $600 Aventuron

  • Steel
  • 135mm spacing
  • 4130 Chromoly tubing
  • ED coated
  • TIG-welded

Buy from Aventuron

Salsa – Vaya

Salsa VAYA 700C - All-Road Frame Set - 2022 - black

Head Tube: 70.25-71.5°   /   Seat Tube: 75.5-72°   /   Chainstay: 450mm

Light touring

MSRP $999 Aventuron

  • Steel frame & Carbon fork
  • Disc-brake orientated
  • ED Coated frame
  • Max Clearance: 700c x 50mm / 700c x 45 w/fenders
  • Headtube: Included
  • Cable Routing: External

Buy from Aventuron



Where to look for the best bike frames for sale?

Check out our Best Bike Deals review, or look for:

  • JensonUSAA wide range of mountain-, road-, and gravel bike frames
  • TREKbikesQuite a selected which only a few can be ordered online. Road/Fat/MTB
  • Competitive CyclistTop bicycle brand frames available – Evil bikes, Ibis, Yeti, Niner, Pivot, Santa Cruz Bicycles, Juliana, Devinci
  • PlanetCycleryRoad bike frames starting from $380

What are the best bicycle frame brands?

  • Santa Cruz Bicycles – Offers a wide variety of mountain bike frames, both full-suspension, and hardtail
  • Surly – One of the best steel bike frame brands
  • VAAST – Known by their magnesium frames
  • SAGE Titanium Bicycles – High-end bicycles built on Titanium frames

Aluminum / Steel / Carbon / Magnesium / Titanium Benefits

(C) The Carbon fiber bike frame is characterized by ultra-durable, lightweight, and vibration reduction characteristics. Being more expensive than steel and aluminum frames, carbon is one of the most used road bike frame materials on higher-end bikes. Also, carbon bike frames are used on most mid-high end bicycles on the mountain bike range as well.

  • Vibration-reduction, super lightweight, tough weight to stress ratio

The Steel bike frame used to be the main material for decades. Today, steel frames are still widely used by their low production cost and durable characteristics. Surly bikes is one of the most known bicycle brands to use Steel frames on all their bikes’ range. Most cyclists prefer steel due to their solid feel of the ride with no flex on the frame.

  • Affordable, traditional, has a distinct solid feel to it

(Al) Aluminum alloy bike frames are among the mass-produced bicycle frame materials due to their lightweight and low manufacturing cost. Often seen on the entry-level road- and mountain bikes. The only downsides are that it is difficult to repair an aluminum frame, and aluminum tends to fatigue over time.

  • Lightweight, affordable, corrosion-resistant, stiff and responsive

(Ti) Titanium bike frame – Most likely the rarest and most expensive materials to use. Although titanium is mainly used on higher-end bicycle components, a full-titanium bicycle frame is rather uncommon and used on limited or higher-end bicycles. One of the most iconic bicycle brands that use titanium on all of their bikes is Sage Titanium Bicycles.

  • Great corrosion resistance, the frame itself won’t fatigue

(Mg) Magnesium bicycle frame – Magnesium bicycle frames started to come around the 80s. Some of the more popular magnesium bike frame brands: Pinarello, VAAST. Although due to difficulties in manufacturing and build quality issues, magnesium frames are a rather niché product these days.

  • Strong, great weight-to-strength ratio

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