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Orbea Gain – Series Review

By Jordan Grimes   /  Last updated - November 16, 2023   /  Electric Bikes, Orbea, Reviews

orbea gain electric bikes

Orbea is a bike company hailing from the Basque Country in the north of Spain which began the production of bicycles in 1930.

An area steeped in rich cycling heritage, it has been the perfect testing ground for innovation and improvement over the years with the help of world-class athletes and passionate regular riders. As early as 1934, the company began its participation in the Tour de France with the Orbea road cycling team.

Orbea prides itself on its highly advanced designs from a team of expert engineers so that every bike exceeds expectations. Beautiful aesthetics, cutting-edge technology, innovative manufacturing processes, and careful component selection result in the most efficient, responsive, and enjoyable ride qualities.

The Gain Electric Road Bike

The Orbea Gain electric bike is a highly advanced e-road bike with an exceptionally lightweight, fast, and comfortable ride feel. Every aspect of this bike is there to make the road ahead feel shorter and smoother so you can enjoy every moment.

Although there are several unique builds available for purchase, we will take a look at the commonalities between them below.

Orbea Gain Main Specs

  • Road / Gravel spec
  • Class 1 ebike, 20mph pedal-assist
  • Motor – 250W hub motor
  • Battery – 248Wh battery, with optional 208Wh extender
  • Price – from $2,999 to $8,999
  • Drivetrain – 1x and 2x single front chainring
  • Drop bar & flat bar
  • Frame – 6061 aluminum, OMR carbon, moncoque carbon
  • Tires – 700x28c / 30c / 32c / 38c


Carbon or Aluminum

Orbea Gain carbon frame


With the Gain, Orbea uses its “Enough Power” concept to deliver a sportive and rideable bike on the longest of rides. A seamless, integrated build and deliberate component choice ensure a minimalistic yet high-performing result.

Starting with the frame, the Orbea Gain eBike uses aluminum or carbon. The OMR Carbon, which weighs just 2.27lb, is the most technologically advanced carbon construction available. It uses high modules and high-strength fibers to deliver the ultimate stiffness-to-weight ratio.

For the aluminum frame, Orbea manipulates the metal to increase strength and resistance to unwanted flex. In addition, many of the tubes are butted to save weight.


The frame geometry is Orbea’s Endurance Geometry. This geometry stems from decades of practice optimizing ergonomics to help you ride further. Unlike aerodynamic race-geometry, endurance geometry makes the bike easier to ride increases your stamina while maximizing comfort. Additionally, handling is precise and intuitive.


Almost every aspect of the Gain has full and seamless integration.

Firstly, this bike uses Internal Cable Routing Plus (ICR Plus), resulting in smooth airflow and easy adjustment. The Gain electric road bike also has integrated lights that run full-time and include the option for a high-beam on the headlight.

Another unique feature is the frame integrated seatpost clamp on the carbon versions, decreasing contamination and improving aerodynamics. Note that aluminum versions use a regular seatpost clamp.

Finally, the essential integration feature is the electronic system. Again, Orbea’s choice here is in line with the Enough concept, the most discreet, integrated battery design possible that provides you enough battery power, not more. 

Motor and Battery

The attention to detail in this bike is the most evident in the motor and battery choice.

As mentioned above, the 248Ah battery is lightweight, small, discrete, and fully integrated, so the Gain doesn’t stand out as an e-bike. In addition, the bike comes with a range extender that fits in the bottle cage and increases the battery size to over 450Ah, roughly a 70% boost to your expected range.

Orbea put their Ebikemotion X35 Plus motor on the wheel axle and not the bottom bracket standard on other high-end e-bikes. This placement is so you can pedal without any resistance when the power assist is off. 

The Gain uses a high-tech torque simulation algorithm and proprietary sensor that matches power input per pedal stroke. This technology allows it to generate more power when needed and conserves it when it’s not, boosting your range.


The Gain has a unique intelligent bike computer that looks and acts like a premium third-party bike computer. Additionally, you have an iWOC One system on the top tube which has battery and pedal assistance LED markers and allows you to power on the bike with the push of a button.

Finally, Gain has a single CAN (Controller Area Network) port that provides a single simplified interface for charging, system diagnosis, or attaching the Range Extender.

Size Recommendations

XS – 150-160cm / 4’11” – 5’3″
S – 5’3″ – 5’7″ / 160-170cm
M – 5’7″ – 5’11” / 170-180cm
L – 5’11” – 6’3″ / 180-190cm
XL – 6’3 – 6’7″ / 190-200cm

In-between bike sizes – How to Choose?

Conclusion — Who Should Get Orbea Gain?

orbea gain bike types

Gravel & Road

A huge selling point for Orbea’s Gain electric road bike is the wide range of builds and styles available, meaning it has broad appeal across different types of riders and riding styles. So depending on what you like to use your bike for, one of these models will be preferable.

Firstly, the various build levels can cost between $2,999 and $8,999. In addition, they come as e-road, e-gravel, and e-commuter, as pictured below. The flat bar is best for commuting as you can keep more right posture and the gravel version has wider, flared handlebars and grippy 38c tires.

In general, though, the Gain is suited to someone who enjoys a clean and sleek-looking bike, the latest design technology, a lightweight and responsive ride, endurance geometry, and the ability to go farther thanks to enhanced comfort and efficient electronics.

Finally, the lower-priced versions of this bike would make a perfect entry-level purchase or an upgrade from a cheaper e-road bike. In contrast, the mid to high-end versions are for bike enthusiasts, passionate riders, and those who appreciate the finer things in life.

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3 thoughts on “Orbea Gain – Series Review

  1. Tom Ennis says:

    Wish they would scrap the terrible My Smartbike app and go back to ebikemotion.

    1. scott whittet says:

      without my needing to read multiple reviews of comparable competing e bike genres ; does the Obea Gain
      in whatever it’s road or gravel build form … offer more features ? …and what is it’s “only drawback” in that comparison? I know it’s subjective but since you guys are riders and consumer smart , please offer a comparison to Trek,Specialized, Giant . thanks , Scott

      1. Sam Millers says:

        Hey Scott, thank you for your question! Orbea Gain’s main advantage compared to other competing bikes is the seamless integration of ebike motor, battery, and controls. If you want an inconspicuous ebike, the Gain is a great choice. They do cost much, but they are worth the money.

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