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E-bike specialist Himiway to launch three new additions to their line-up in October 2021

By Rebecca Bland   /  Last updated - February 10, 2022   /  Reviews

The American brand is expanding its current range of e-bikes with three new models, due to be released this Fall.
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[Update – Part II] – Himiway’s New eBikes To Be Launched Live on 24 NOV @ 7PM


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The American electric bike brand Himiway, known for its affordable and accessible electric bicycles has announced plans to release three new models of e-bike this October. The models will be the Softail supreme e-bike, the Multifunctional e-bike and the Premium all-terrain e-bike.

This represents a new horizon for the brand as they continue to establish themselves in the North American market with affordable fat tire e-bikes. Fat tires are renowned for providing extra grip, therefore increasing comfort on rides as well as providing versatility for different terrain. Himiway bikes have pride themselves on certain characteristics such as odometers so you can see your ride metrics, a long battery life, and high power from the reliable motors.

1. The first new e-bike to be announced is the Softail supreme. This will be the premium positioned bike, with the price to be set between $2,000 and $3,000. It will feature suspension and is claimed to be the brand’s most innovative bike yet.

2. The Multifunctional e-bike will be closer to what Himiway customer’s are used to seeing from the brand, with a price tag between $1,000 and $2,000. The Multifunctional is designed to be just that, a versatile fat tire e-bike that will be just as at home riding to the grocery store as it is a long weekend ride.

3. The final bike announced from Himiway is the Premium all-terrain. It will be set at a similar price point to the Multifunctional model, but is primarily designed to be ridden off-road. That doesn’t mean that off-roading is the only type of riding it will be restricted to, but it will be able to tackle more types of terrain than other models in the range.

These three new releases suggest a new dawn for the brand. Although they are continuing with a staunch focus on affordability, the Softail will see the price set above $2,000 for the first time in the brand’s history. Further updates and details on the bikes will be available in due course, prior to the October 2021 release date, but for more information visit the brand’s website here.


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About Himiway

Founded in 2017 in El Monte, California, by Mike Walker, Himiway has been a product of his lifelong passion for cycling. After seeing how other countries have adopted green travel, he was determined to bring this idea to the USA by producing and selling affordable electric bikes. After four years the brand has grown substantially and is well regarded for its quality bikes and customer service. For more information on the brand, visit their website here, or read OUR REVIEW of Himiway E-Bikes.

Media Contact

Company Name: Himiway

Address: 4250 Shirley Ave, El Monte, CA 91731

Phone: 1-816-399-3680

Email: support@himiwaybike.com

Facebook: (20+) 2022 Himiway Product Launch Group | Facebook

Website: https://himiwaybike.com/

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