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Cannondale Quick – CX, Disc, Remixte Series overview

By Sam Millers   /  Last updated - November 16, 2023   /  Cannondale, Hybrid Bikes, Reviews

cannondale quick review

The Cannondale Quick series is designed for urban cycling and commuting, with the ability to handle rough, broken roads and mild off-road conditions like parks and countryside. The hybrid bikes are fast and lightweight like road bikes but have straight handlebars and include front suspension forks on the CX versions for a more comfortable ride.

They don’t have the same strength and agility of a proper mountain bike but could easily take on a single track forest lane or backcountry dirt road. The higher-end models can handle poor weather conditions well, with disc brakes and puncture-proof Schwalbe tires. With integrated kickstands, reflective lights, and rack mounts, Cannondale Quick bikes are ready to hit the streets.

In this Cannondale Quick review, you’ll get a brief overview of each of the bike and learn the basic differences. The good news is that there are different models for the whole family, so check out which would suit your needs the most. The Cannondale Quick bike is made by an iconic brand in the world of hybrid bicycles that share great value, aesthetics, and obviously performance.

As Cannondale categorizes the Quick series as Active -> Fitness bikes, instead of city hybrids, these bikes perform well on various fields.

  • Cannondale Quick – Rigid fork hybrid bike. Best for fast commutes on paved roads. Fitness & commuting
  • Cannondale Quick CX – A hybrid bike with front suspension, generally with 63mm of travel
  • Cannondale Quick Disc – A disc-brake hybrid bike
  • Cannondale Quick Remixte – Women’s hybrid bike with a step-through frame

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Size Chart

Cannondale Quick CX 1

cannondale quick carbon 1

Quick 1 – $1,500
Quick 1 CX – $1,300

  • Alloy frame & carbon fork
  • 22-speed Shimano 105 groupset
  • 700c x 32mm
  • Hydro brakes
  • 360° reflective accents

The Cannondale Quick CX 1 is a lightweight and durable cross bike with a high-quality SmartForm C3 alloy frame. It combines top-class components with high-grade materials to create a hybrid bike that delivers an excellent, enjoyable ride at an affordable price.

The Suntour NEX front fork provides a decent 63mm of travel, just enough to swallow road vibrations and comfortably bump up onto curbsides without jarring your back or wrists. The 12-speed SRAM SX Eagle drivetrain and matching shifters offer a smooth gearing experience backed up by Tektro M275 hydraulic disc brakes for quick stopping power in any weather.

The lightweight and quick-rolling 700c RD 3.0 rims are fitted with 40mm Vittoria Terreno tires, the perfect size for both comfort and speed. High-quality Cannondale components finish off the Quick CX 1, making it a top-class bike for an affordable price. As with most other Cannondale bikes, the Quick CX 1 is also available in a women’s version with a lowered top tube.

The non-CX version of the Cannondale Quick 1 is a more lightweight, speed-orientated bike with a slightly higher price. It features a carbon fibre fork, and an upgraded Shimano 105 drivetrain with FSA Omega crankset.

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Cannondale Quick CX 2

cannondale quick 2 bike

Quick 2 – $1,100
Quick CX 2 – $850

  • SmartForm C3 Alloy
  • 63mm travel fork with remote lockout
  • 700c x 40mm tires
  • Hydro disc brakes
  • 18-speed Shimano Acera & Alivio groupset

The Cannondale Quick CX 2 offers the same high-quality frame and components of the CX 1 but with a slightly more affordable Shimano Acera drivetrain with a dual cog crank and a 9-speed 11-34 Sunrace cassette resulting in 18 gears overall.

The SmartForm C2 alloy frame has rack mounts for carrying luggage and fender mounts for cleaner commuting in bad weather. The fork is a Suntour NCX with 50mm of travel, offering a smooth and comfortable, vibration-free cycling experience.

The 40mm Kenda Piedmont tires have nobbly sides to keep the grip in wet or loose conditions but a slightly smoother center strip for extra speed on flat pavement. For added grip and stopping power, you get Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes that lock tight no matter what the weather.

It’s also available in a Women’s version with a lowered top tube and smaller frame sizes. The non-CX version of the Cannondale Quick 2 is slightly more expensive at $1,000, with a carbon fiber fork and an 18-speed Shimano Sora drivetrain. This combined with 700x32c Schwalbe Lugano tires makes it better suited to faster cycling.

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Cannondale Quick CX 3

cannondale quick cx 3 2020

Quick 3 – $825

  • SmartForm C3 Alloy frame, 63mm travel fork
  • 16-speed microSHIFT groupset
  • 700c x 40mm tires

The Cannondale Quick CX 3 is an affordable hybrid bike in the Quick series, with an 8-speed drivetrain and front suspension fork. The SmartForm C2 alloy frame comes with internal cable routing and has rack and fender mounts, making it ideal for work commutes or weekend trips. The SR Suntour NEX fork provides a comfortable 50mm of travel to absorb any road vibration or minor bumps.

The Shimano Tourney gears use a Sunrace 11-34 cassette and a Shimano Altus rear derailleur complemented by Shimano MT200 hydraulic disc brakes. The 40mm grippy Kenda Piedmont gravel tires run on 700c Cannondale Disc rims and offer a decent amount of traction in wet weather or loose ground conditions.

The CX 3 also comes in a Women’s version with a lowered top tube, a faster, lightweight non-CX version, and a ‘Remixte’ option. The non-CX Cannondale Quick 3 is slightly more expensive at $925 with a lightweight carbon fiber fork, 18-speed Shimano Altus/Acera/Alivio drivetrain, and Schwalbe Spicer puncture-proof tires.

Like the non-CX version, the CX 3 Remixte has a carbon fork but also features a lowered step-through frame for even easier, relaxed city riding.

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Cannondale Quick CX 4

cannondale quick cx 4 hybrid bicycle

Quick 4 – $800
Quick CX 4 – $550

  • SmartForm C3 frame, 63mm travel fork
  • 3×7 Shimano Tourney drivetrain
  • Mechanical disc brakes
  • 700c x 40mm

The Cannondale Quick CX 4 is one of the most affordable bikes in the Quick range, offering a decent commuter bike for those on a tight budget. Despite the low price, you still get a 6061 aluminum frame and medium quality 21-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain that combines a triple front crank with a 7-speed cassette.

The 700c Cannondale Disc rims are wrapped in rather standard 40mm Kenda Piedmont tires, which are somewhat entry-level but get the job done. Some riders might wish to upgrade to slightly stronger, puncture-proof tires if they use the bike frequently on rough city streets.

The Tektro mechanical disc brakes are adequate for recreational riding or town commuting but don’t offer the same instant response that hydraulic brakes do. There is also a women’s version available with a slightly lowered top tube and smaller frame sizes. 

At $800, the Cannondale Quick 4 non-CX version is considerably more expensive than the CX version, and yet doesn’t feature that many upgrades. Unlike other non-CX versions, it doesn’t have a carbon fork but rather a Chromoly steel fork. The drivetrain is also not particularly impressive, running a basic 1×9 microSHIFT system with a 38T cog and 11-42 rear cassette.

By reading the Cannondale Quick 4 reviews, many owners of the bike truly appreciate the unbeatable value in quality, looks, and performance. The Quick 4 Women’s is also one of the best-selling models in the range.

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Cannondale Quick 5

cannondale quick 5 hybrid bicycle

MSRP: $600

  • SmartForm C3 Aluminum frame
  • 2×7 speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain
  • Mechanical disc brakes

Cannondale doesn’t stock a CX version of the Quick 5 but retails a standard version plus two Women’s 5 Remixte versions with slightly different components. The standard Quick 5 uses a 7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain with RapidFire shifters and ProMax mechanical disc brakes. It has a SmartForm C3 alloy frame with Chromoly steel fork and 700x35c tires, ideal for fast riding along pavement and city streets.

Wheels include lightweight 32 spoke Cannondale Disc rims with puncture-resistant Schwalbe Spicer tires, ensuring hassle-free cycling for months on end. The Women’s Remixte versions are similar but with more easily accessible frames with step-through mounting. The upgraded Quick 5 and Women’s Remixte at $725 use better parts, like an FSA headset and Shimano hubs.

The Quick 5 range is relatively low quality in some regards but offers good value for money. If you’re looking for a reliable bike for getting around town, the Quick 5 is more than sufficient. It won’t win any races and shouldn’t be heavily loaded or taken on long excursions but it’s great for city riding, work commutes and visiting friends.

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Cannondale Quick 6

Cannondale Quick 6 2020 hybrid bike

MSRP: $480

  • SmartForm C3 frame
  • 3×7 speed Shimano Tourney derailleur
  • 700c x 35mm tires

The Quick 6 series doesn’t include a CX version but has two standard versions at differing prices along with two Women’s Remixte versions. These highly affordable Cannondale Quick bikes use cheap parts like ProWheel cranks, Kenda tires, and low-grade V-brakes rather than disc brakes. However, for those on a budget, you still get a decent hybrid bike for zipping around town or commuting to work.

The SmartForm C3 alloy frames use Chromoly steel forks and include Cannondale’s excellent SAVE vibration-damping system with hidden cable routing and rack/fender mounts. On the lower-priced versions, you get a 7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain, a triple-crank, and a Tange bottom bracket with stock standard hubs. The more expensive version includes a 7-speed microSHIFT drivetrain with ProWheel triple-crank and Shimano hubs.

All versions include 700c Cannondale Disc rims and Kenda Kourier 35mm tires, which are sufficient for riding around town on pavement and tar. The Quick 6 bikes are the cheapest in the range and while they have several budget parts, they are still Cannondale bikes, with the promise of good build quality by a highly trusted manufacturer. Seasoned riders might soon look to upgrade some parts, but for entry-level riders, the Quick 6 will more than suffice for infrequent use.

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Cannondale Quick 20

Product image for ultra violet

MSRP: $400

  • 7-Speed Shimano Tourney
  • SmartForm C3 frame
  • Recommended height range: 42″ – 49″
  • 20×1.5″ tires

This Cannondale Kid’s bike is a lightweight alloy hybrid with small 20 inch wheels to fit young riders. The 1.5 inch Kenda Small Block tires are built for both on-road and off-road riding, with knobbly tread for handling wet weather and loose, rocky trails.

The Kid’s Quick 20 comes in both boy’s and girl’s versions, both with a solid alloy fork and 7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain. Braking is supplied by basic ProMax linear pull V-brakes, with easy-to-use handlebar levers and Revo Twists shifters for the gears.

You also get a convenient kickstand and Kid-specific grips. The Kid’s Quick 20 comes in one size that should fit most children with ages from 5 to 8 years old. The boy’s bike comes in electric blue and the girl’s in ultra violet.

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Cannondale Quick 24

Cannondale Quick 24 kids bike

The Quick 24 is a tough alloy kid’s bike with mid-size 24-inch wheels designed to fit young riders between 8 and 12 years old. The 1.5 inch Kenda Small Block tires are built for both on-road and off-road riding, with knobbly tread for handling wet weather and loose, rocky trails.

The Kid’s Quick 24 has a solid alloy fork and 7-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain with simple Revo Twist shifters changing gears. Braking is supplied by easy-to-use ProMax linear-pull V-brakes with handlebar-mounted levers.

You also get a useful kickstand for parking the bike and comfortable Cannondale Kid’s Performance grips. The Kid’s Quick 24 comes in both a boy’s and girl’s version, the boy’s bike being an acid red color and the girl’s in sherpa pink.

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Cannondale Quick NEO SL electric bike

The Quick NEO is an electric bike designed around Cannondale’s popular range of Quick hybrid bikes. The lightweight and durable step-through alloy frame features a carbon fibre fork for added weight savings and comfortable cycling.

The 250Wh MAHLE ebikemotion rear hub motor is powered by an integrated battery that unfortunately can’t be removed for charging. This is supported by a 10-speed Shimano Deore/XT drivetrain on the SL1 and an Altus drivetrain on the SL2. The 500W battery takes 3 hours to charge and will take you up to 40 miles with pedal assistance. The max speed is throttled at 20 mph in accordance with Class 1 ebike regulations. 

The large 38mm Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires are specifically designed for use on ebikes and certified for handling speeds up to 50km/h. Both SL1 and SL2 versions use Shimano MT201 hydraulic disc brakes and feature an iWoc ONE integrated controller that syncs with your smartphone for easy control and tracking.

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Cannondale Quick Size Chart

Kids’, Youth, Women, Men

20″ – 4’2″ – 4’9″
24″ – 4’6″ – 5’7″

XS – 4’10” – 5’3″
S – 5’2″ – 5’7″
M – 5’5″ – 5’10”
L – 5’9″ – 6’2″
XL – 6’0″ – 6’5″


Cannondale bikes are known for their long top tube. When you fall in-between two sizes - grab a size smaller when you have longer legs, or grab a size smaller when your arm span is shorter than your height. (The ape index)

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