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Black Friday Bike Deals 2019

Black Friday Cycling And Bike Deals on Bikexchange

Black Friday 2019 is right around the corner! It’s the ideal time to get the best cycling deals and upgrade your bikes and gear. Here’s all you need to know about and expect from the best shopping event of the year!

Cycling is known for being a very expensive hobby, but it does not have to be so. If you pay attention to discounts and bomber deals, you can get twice as many cycling items with the same money.

Black Friday is the perfect example. It’s the best time of the year to shop for bikes, gear cycling computers, apparel, parts, and more with a price tag that’s 50% (or more) lower than usual.

At first, Black Friday was only a thing in the USA; but today it is a global shopping event thanks to the Internet. Online shops worldwide race to advertise the lowest discounts and the best deals, whereas cyclists flock to make the most out of them.

Here’s everything you can expect during Black Friday 2019, including what discounts to expect, where to shop, what the best deals are, and a lot more!

Have a good shopping spree!

When is Black Friday this year?

Officially, Black Friday 2019 should begin on Friday, November 29. However, you can get the best deals much earlier. The biggest online cycling retailers usually begin offering sales, discounts, and deals several weeks before.

Thumb upAs Black Friday approaches, the discounts become juicier and you get a chance to save even more. Don’t worry, you won’t miss anything. We’ll regularly update you with the best shopping opportunities on this page.

What can I expect from Black Friday 2019? What are the average discounts (%)?

There are generally no rules as to what you can expect to get out of Black Friday. The deals differ each year, so it’s difficult to predict which items will be discounted the most.

The discounts usually vary between 5% and 50% on Black Friday, but the price of some items can be decreased by as much as 70%. Everything is possible, so stay tuned and try not to miss anything.

Which Cycling Items Are Included In The Sales?

All types of cycling items can be included in Black Friday deals. Some examples include replacement parts, different types of bicycles, accessories, cycling gear, tech items, apparel, and a lot more!

Simply speaking, if you’re new to cycling, you can equip yourself from scratch on Black Friday and purchase all of the cycling items that you need. If you’re an experienced cyclist, this shopping event is the perfect chance to update your outdated gear at a reasonable cost.

Where Can I Find The Best Black Friday 2019 Cycling Deals?

Come Black Friday, the Internet will be saturated with thousands of fantastic cycling deals and discounts. With our help, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date with the best ones and avoid missing out on anything!

We will update this list several times per day to ensure you get informed about the freshest cycling deals. Make sure to bookmark it and refresh it regularly to get the deals while they’re still around. 🙂

Where To Shop?

Here are Black Friday sections of best places

Where To Shop For Bikes?

Here’s our selection of merchants who offer bikes on Black Friday. Sorted by % OFF.

Competitive Cyclist

Black Friday Sales By Categories: Men’s/Women’s Apparel, Shoes & Helmets, Bikes & Frames, Components and Accessories

Competitive Cyclist Black Friday deals

Performance Bike

Some Early Black Friday Flash Sales

Performance Bike Black Friday deals


Some Early Black Friday Flash Sales

Nashbar Black Friday deals


Not announced yet, but sale section is pretty sweet!

Evo.com Black Friday selection


BLCK FRDY this year. See the early deals JensonUSA black friday deals

And Now, The Deals!

Niner RLT9 RDO 3-Star Gravel - $2,659.99 (Was $3,800) - 30% OFF

Niner RDO 3-Star Gravel Bike - 2019


Thule Helium Aero Hitch - $259.97 (Was $379.95)

Thule - Helium Aero Hitch 2-Bike Rack


Box Two 11-Speed MTB Cassette - $39.99 (Was $89.99) - 56% OFF

Box Two 11-Speed MTB Cassette (Black) (11-46T)


Assos Grandprix Jersey - From $69.95 (41% OFF)

Assos SS.grandprixJersey_evo8 - Men's


Kask Utopia Helmet - $239.96 (Was $300) - 20% OFF

Kask Utopia Helmet


WeeHoo WeeGo Cycling Trailer & Jogger - $149.95 (Was $300) - 50% OFF

Weehoo - WeeGo Buggy Bicycle Trailer and Jogger - Red/Black


Selection Of Mountain Bikes - Up To 47% Off

Selection Of Mountain Bikes On EVO

All types of mountain bikes in all price ranges!

This year, Evo has surprised us all with some pretty neat cycling deals. We especially love their discounts on mountain bicycles, and you should too. They have frames, full-suspension and hardtail models from brands such as Marin, Santa Cruz, Giant, Evil, Devinci, and more.


Selection Of Road Bikes - Up To 52% OFF

JensonUSA road bike selection

Jenson USA – Black Friday road bike heaven!

If you have decided to buy a cheap road bike on this Black Friday, Jenson USA is the place to go. They have offers that surpass 50% on carbon and aluminum road bikes that are now more affordable than ever. Choose from brands like Wilier, Giant, Colnago, Kona, Masi, Orbea, and so on.


MARIN WOLF RIDGE PRO BIKE 2019 - $5,160 (40% OFF)

Marin Wolf Ridge Pro is the pros’ number one choice.

Marin makes some of the best-looking bikes on the market right now. Do you agree? They’re mighty-spec’d as well! And this Black Friday they’re as cheap as they’ll get.


Focus Mares 6.8 - $1,450 (Was $2,230) - 35% OFF

A gravel/adventure bike for all the ladies out there.

The Focus Mares 6.8 is one of women’s top choices this Black Friday. It’s sold in 6 sizes and fits riders between 5’5″ and 6’5″. Packed with women-specific features and reliable Shimano 105 components, it will make the next cycling season your most successful one thus far.


Met Lupo Helmet - $55 (Was $100) - 45% OFF

Green, Blue, Orange, Gray, White… choose your color!

Met Lupo helmet is light, well ventilated, and available in 5 colors. If you want to stay safe, look good, and feel comfortable on your long rides, Met Lupo will meet all of your requirements. Thanks to Black Friday, you’ll save $45 on it!


Fat bikes are for kids as well!

El Oso Nino 20 is the smallest big boy out there! This fat bike is perfect for kids between 4 and 9 years old, who are 44”-54” tall. It comes with everything a real fat bike needs—fat tires, lots of gears, disc brakes, and a lot more!

Look and train like a pro cyclist without breaking the bank. It’s finally possible!

Oakley Jawbreaker Prizm is one of the best-reviewed and most popular cycling glasses ever. They’re quite expensive most of the time, but this time you can buy them for 35% less than usual. The Jawbreakers are efficient, they protect your eyes, and sit comfortably on your head. But they are a status symbol as well. That’s why they’re worth the money.


Don’t test the road – it’s harder than your head!

The Scott Fuga Plus is one of the most popular Scott Helmets ever made. It comes jam-packed with sophisticated technology that will keep you safe and make your rides more comfortable. The straps are highly adjustable, so this helmet can fit different riders. You can get it in two colors – Black and White, so hurry up while they’re still in stock!


Fox makes some of the best jerseys so this is one of the best Black Friday deals!

Winter is coming in most of the USA and Europe right now. Still, this short-sleeve jersey is too good of a deal to pass. You can save it for spring! The black color is elegant and simple, and considering the Fox quality, this jersey will probably last you for years to come.


Long Sleeve Jersey (dhb Merino) - $57.60 (Was $99.45) - 42% Off

A long-sleeve jersey is a must in every cyclist’s closet!

The best thing about this dhb long-sleeve jersey (apart from its low price) is that it comes in 6 colors: Black, gray blackberry, khaki, orange, and navy. That allows you to get the perfect model to match the color of your bike. You’ll not only be warm and dry on long and cold autumn rides, but you’ll look sleek as well.


Windproof Softshell (dhb Classics) - $55.20 (Was $89.95) - 38% Off

Fun fact: This color is called “cerise.” It looks as cool as it sounds!

This women’s long-sleeve jersey is made in two beautiful and feminine colors: cerise pink and turquoise. Most women’s bikes are painted in one of these two colors or at least have some details in these two colors. Thus, this is the perfect opportunity to get a high-quality long-sleeve jersey that matches the color of your bike. You save almost $35 with this Black Friday deal.



This is one of the best Black Friday deals you’ll find on Jenson USA.

Winter is coming! Not just in the seven kingdoms of “Game of Thrones,” but in real life as well! You should be prepared for the snowy MTB rides this autumn and winter by purchasing a quality pair of women mountain bike gloves. These come in three sizes and are stretchable in four directions, so they’ll fit your hand like a charm!


Tires suffer plenty of wear and tear. The more aggressively you ride, the more often you will have to replace them. Thus, make the best out of this fantastic deal and purchase these high-quality Schwalbe tires with a 59% discount. Don’t let the new season catch you unprepared!


What To Keep In Mind When Buying On Black Friday?

Black Friday is the best opportunity to save money while shopping. However, it’s the time of the year when a lot of scams happen as well. To stay safe, make sure you only purchase from trusted websites that partner with renowned cycling retailers (such as REI, Nashbar, Wiggle, Jenson USA, and so on). That way, you’ll be sure that you’re getting a fair treatment, the best bike deals, and that your hard-earned money is safe. 

Stay safe, get good deals, and ride on!

Did you find a bitter deal? Write it to comments and we include it here!

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