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Himiway Bikes Review

By Rebecca Bland   /  Last updated - December 4, 2023

himiway electric bikes 3 models

Himiway was founded in 2017 by Mike Magaruh in California, United States.

The company has aimed to help popularize e-bikes in the US the way they are in China and other Asian countries.

In 2017, Mike began building his prototype bike, now known as the Himiway Cruiser. He took inspiration from Ernest Hemingway, his love for nature and the outdoors, and his rugged image. The cruiser was built to be a go-anywhere electric bike, and many positive Himiway bike reviews have confirmed this.

Rated the best in endurance by 200+ leading E-bike industry insiders.

Currently, the brand operates on a direct-to-consumer business model, selling the eBikes online, which means they can keep the prices low and remove the middle man. Green travel is the primary aim of this company, and Mike wants to promote cycling as a sustainable alternative to car use, particularly in America.

Himiway Brand Facts

  • Ships to US & Canada 
  • 2-Year Warranty & 15-day returns 
  • Direct-to-Consumer, Keeping the cost down without the middlemen
  • Himiway is a market leader among long-range e-bikes

Himiway Bikes History

about the name himiway

Mike Magaruh was curious about engineering and mechanics in his childhood. After studying abroad in China and realizing how much they used e-bikes compared to cars, he decided to try and bring something similar to the US.

Knowing that Americans enjoy riding outdoors and going on adventures, he wanted to build an electric bike that was more than capable of riding on the road and trails. After humble beginnings in Mike’s garage, the company now has over 100 staff and a big warehouse in Chino.

They sell bikes across the globe to markets including the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Himiway bikes are designed primarily to help people reduce their carbon footprint.

Mike Magaruh is passionate about green travel and hopes that Americans will embrace the technology as the Chinese have. By reducing the number of journeys you take in your car, you will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are already causing havoc around the world.

Himiway bikes use quaternary polymer lithium batteries that can go up to 60 miles on a single charge.

Himiway E-Bikes Model Lineup

The lineup now consists of three different electric bikes:

  • Himiway Cruiser, Himiway Cruiser Step-Thru
    > All-terrain / long-range / fat tire / eBike
  • Escape
    > Moped-Style / 20″ wheel / electric bike
  • City Pedelec
    > 26×1.95″ city e-bike with suspension and integrated rear rack

Let’s take a closer look at what you get with each one!

Himiway – Escape

A moped-style electric bike

moped style e-bike

Dual suspension

MSRP: $1,699

Tires & Wheels: 20×4″  |  Motor: 750W, 80Nm torque  |  Drivetrain: 7-speed  |  Battery: 48V 14Ah  |  Range: Up to 45+ mi

  • Rear rack
  • 16in1 multitool
  • Himiway logo bike cap
  • Front & rear fenders

The Escape is Himiway’s moped-style e-bike.

In essence, it is a full-suspension electric fat bike with 4″ wide tires and a 48V Samsung battery. It’s super capable and can be used for anything from riding to work to an outdoor adventure. This fat tire e-bike is the ideal bike for the whole family for summer, whether you’re running errands or going on holiday.

The dual-suspension provides comfort and smooths out bumps in the road or tracks, while an LCD screen displays all the ride data you need for a safe and enjoyable ride. Himiway suggests you can get 45 miles+ on a single charge, which is a decent amount of mileage for a bike of this size.

This bike is capable and intelligent and comes at an attractive price of $1,699; you can’t go wrong!

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Himiway Cruiser & Step-Thru Cruiser

Awesome value fat-tire electric cruiser

MSRP: $1,599

  • 350lbs weight capacity
  • 840Wh battery
  • 26×4″ tires coupled with front suspension

The Himiway Cruiser and Cruiser Step-Thru bikes are their flagship e-bikes.

They are both incredibly versatile and capable bikes and are jam-packed with features as well as stylish designs. The aluminum frame is durable and helps keep the overall weight down on the bike, but it can accept up to 350lbs of payload capacity. A 48V Samsung battery powers the bike well, and from each charge, you can expect to get between 35-60 miles of range depending on the modes used.

The Cruiser and Step-Thru’s are ideal commuter bikes and electric fat tire mountain bikes. With 80mm of front suspension and 180mm mechanical disc brakes, this bike can be taken on almost any terrain, making it one of the best fat tire electric bikes available today.

The Step-Thru has a slightly different frame design to the cruiser, where the top tube is lower, making it easier to swing your leg over. This style of frame is typically seen on town or city bikes. However, Himiway stayed true to the brand’s word and has kept this bike at a low price of $1,599, making it accessible for more people.

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Himiway City Pedelec (EU Only)

himiway city pedelec ebike

Available on the EU market only (Original bike comes with a brown saddle)

MSRP: €1,499

Tires & Wheels: 26×1.95″  |  Motor: 250W/45Nm  |  Drivetrain: 7-speed  | Battery: 36V 18.2Ah (655Wh)  |  Range: 80-120km

  • Rear rack and fenders
  • Integrated lights
  • Puncture-proof tires

The City Pedelec is a European-style e-bike designed for comfort, durability, and convenience in urban environments.

This bike comes equipped with everything you need for running errands, commuting, or taking a leisurely ride around your city’s bike paths. These features include fenders, a rear rack, integrated lights. 

The inclusion of Kenda K- Shield puncture-resistant tires virtually eliminates punctures, and the 1.95 inches provide plenty of comfort on the bumpiest city roads. Additionally, you have a saddle with comfortable padding, a Promax suspension seat post, and soft leather grips to enhance ride quality further. 

Finally, the City Pedelec has a massive range of 80 to 120km and enough power in the 250W motor to make your city rides a breeze. 

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Himiway – Zebra

All-terrain electric fat bike

himiway zebra e-bike

MSRP: $1,999

Tires & Wheels: 26×4″  |  Motor: 750W/86Nm  |  Drivetrain: 7-speed  | Battery: 48V 20Ah (960Wh)  |  Range: 60-80 miles

  • Rear rack and fenders
  • Integrated lights
  • All-terrain fat tires

The Zebra is Himiway’s all-terrain fat bike. This bike is effective in urban environments and off-road, fully-equipped for every job.

A considerable strength of the Zebra is the huge battery capacity. It’s a 960Wh Samsung/LG battery that provides up to a whopping 80 miles of range, enough for several days of commuting. 

This bike relies on fork suspension, removing the rear suspension found on the escape. While this reduces comfort slightly off-road, it adds to efficiency. To make up for the lost suspension, you have 26×4″ fat tires, which provide unbeatable comfort and traction no matter the weather or terrain. 

At just $1,999, Himiway has delivered a comfortable and powerful ride, ready for anything you throw at it.  

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Himiway – Big Dog

Versatile electric cargo bike

himiway big dog

MSRP: $2,099

Tires & Wheels: 20×4″  |  Motor: 750W, 86Nm torque  |  Drivetrain: 7-speed  |  Battery: 48V 20Ah (960Wh)  |  Range: 60-80 miles

  • Extra-long rear rack
  • Comfortable 20×4″ fat tires
  • Huge 400lb payload capacity
  • Front and rear fenders

The Big Dog is Himiway’s answer to the cargo bike design. This type of bike has been very popular among e-bike manufacturers recently. 

This electric cargo fat bike can handle huge loads up to 400lbs on diverse terrain for long-distance riding. This capability is thanks to the updated 6061 aluminum frame, powerful 750W motor, and 960Wh battery.

The extended cargo rack is ideal for carrying another passenger, bulky items, or heavy loads. In addition, the Big Dog is compatible with various accessories, including baskets, front platforms, and bags which can facilitate cargo carrying. 

With the 4″ Kenda fat tires, you can be confident going off-road whenever it’s necessary. Additionally, this bike has comfortable upright geometry and soft touchpoints to deliver a premium ride feel. 

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Himiway – Cobra

Innovative electric mountain bike with super fat tires

himiway cobra

MSRP: $2,399

Tires & Wheels: 26×4.8″  |  Motor: 750W, 86Nm torque  |  Drivetrain: 7-speed  | Battery: 48V 20Ah (960Wh)  |  Range: 60-80 miles

  • 4..8″ super fat tires
  • Four-bar linkage suspension
  • Coil fork and shock

Himiway’s Cobra is the brand’s first attempt at a pure off-road fat bike. This model is loaded with full suspension, 4.8″ super-fat tires, and powerful electronics so it can excel on extreme terrain.

The dual suspension benefits from a unique four-bar linkage system that absorbs rear-upward force and vibrations without sacrificing stability. 

Like many Himiway bikes, the Cobra has a massive 750W geared hub motor that offers plenty of punch for the most challenging hills. Additionally, a 960Wh battery backs this motor to deliver 60 to 80 miles of range, more than enough for a whole day on the trails.

Finally, the electronics on this bike are stylishly integrated into a durable 6061 aluminum frame. Unfortunately, however, the Cobra is very heavy, weighing 88lbs. 

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Himiway – Cobra Pro

Premium full-suspension fat tire mountain bike

himiway cobra pro

MSRP: $3,999

Tires & Wheels: 26×4.8″  |  Motor: 1000W Mid-drive, 160Nm torque  |  Drivetrain: 10-speed  | Battery: 48V 20Ah (960Wh)  |  Range: 60-80 miles

  • 1000W Bafang mid-drive motor
  • LCD color display
  • Four-bar suspension linkage
  • 10-speed drivetrain

Saving the best for last, the Cobra Pro is Himiway’s premium off-road offering, costing a considerable $4,000 but with plenty of features and quality to back it up. 

The most notable upgrade over the standard Cobra is the high-end Bafang mid-drive motor with 160Nm of torque and 1300W peak power. This motor can sustain enormous power output to tackle the most extreme terrain, even while loaded. Additionally, thanks to its torque sensors, the power transfer is super smooth. 

The Cobra Pro also gets an upgraded LCD color display which is essentially a complete bicycle computer, and it has three extra gears to boost the climbing ability. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors, 4.8″ fat tires, and four-bar suspension linkage all combine to create a smooth and controlled ride no matter the terrain. Unfortunately, this bike is also bulky at 88lbs. 

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Himiway eBike Accessories

radmini accessories

The brand also produces and sells a wide range of accessories for your e-bike. These products range from child seats and baskets to extra batteries and tools, and clothing to keep you going on your bike.

You can find these accessories on their website, and they allow you to build your bike to your own needs and specifications.

Himiway Compared to Other Brands

Himiway Cruiser vs. Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus

himiway cruiser vs radrover plus

These are all fat tire off-road commuter e-bikes.

So how does the flagship Himiway Cruiser stack up against some of the other best fat tire eBikes on the market?

We’ve put together a comparison so you can see for yourself just how it measures up against the ever-popular Rad Power Bikes – RadRover 6 Plus. A couple of key things to point out are the increase in range and improved suspension compared to the Rad Power. Additionally, Himiway has managed to keep the price lower.

Himiway Brand Rad Power Bikes
Cruiser Model RadRover 6 Plus
Electric, Commuter Type Electric, Commuter
2020 Model Year 2021
Urban, Trails, Commuting, Sand and Snow Designed For Urban, Light Trails, Commuting, Off-Road
1,599 Price (USD) 1,999
High-Step Frame Types Standard, Step-Thru
18″ Frame Sizes Standard. 17″, Step-Thru: 14.5″
5’3″ – 6’4″ Recommended Rider Height Standard: 5’4″ – 6’2″, Step-Thru: 5’2″ – 6’2″
26″ Wheel Size 26″
Class 2 E-Bike Class Class 2
20mph Max Speed 20mph
30 – 60 Range (mi) up to 45
750W, 80Nm Torque, Lüanxing Motor 750W, 68Nm Torque
Rear-Hub Motor Type Rear-Hub
48V, 17.4Ah, 840Wh Samsung Battery 48V, 14Ah, 672Wh, Samsung/Panasonic
48V / 25A Controller 48V, 750W Frame-Integrated
US Standard 2.0A smart charger Charger 48V, 2A Rad Power Bikes Smart Charger
Yes USB Ports Optional, Sold Separately
Yes Throttle Yes
3″ Grayscale LCD Display Custom Manufactured 2.5″ Grayscale LCD
5 Pedal-Assist Levels Modes 5 Pedal-Assist Levels
1×7-Speed Shimano Altus Derailleur 1×7-Speed Shimano Altus
Aluminum Alloy Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Spring Suspension, 100mm travel Front Suspension RST Spring Suspension, 60mm travel
Tektro Aris Mechanical Brakes Nutt Hydraulic
180 Rotors (mm) 180
26×4″ Kenda Krusade Tires 26×4″ Kenda Juggernaut
Velo Soft Saddle Ergonomic Seat with Lifting handle
Flat Ruber Grips Durable Imitation Leather Ergonomic Grips
72 Weight (lbs) 73.4
350 Max weight (lbs) 275
15 Day Free Return / 2-Year Warranty Warranty 14 Day Free Trial / 1-Year Warranty

Himiway Escape vs Engwe Engine Pro

full suspension folding ebikes

First of all, both of these bikes are full-suspension 20″ fat e-bikes.

For this comparison, we’ve pitted the Escape, Himiway’s electric scooter-style bike, against the Engwe Engine Pro 2 – a folding e-bike that packs a punch.

The Himiway Escape is cheaper and can offer more range, but the Engwe can assist up to speeds of 28mph rather than 20mph. It’s also slightly lighter but has smaller wheels and is somewhat less capable off-road than the Escape.

Himiway Brand Engwe Bikes
Cruiser Model Engine Pro
Electric, Commuter Type Electric, Commuter, Fat, Folding
2020 Model Year 2021
Urban, Trails, Commuting, Sand and Snow Designed For Urban, Light Trails, Commuting, Off-Road
1,599 Price (USD) 1,700
High-Step Frame Types Folding
18″ Frame Sizes One Size
5’3″ – 6’4″ Recommended Rider Height 5’’2″ – 6’4″
26″ Wheel Size 20″
Class 2 E-Bike Class Class 3
20mph Max Speed 28mph
30 – 60 Range (mi) up to 45
750W, 80Nm Torque, Lüanxing Motor 750W
Rear-Hub Motor Type Rear-Hub
48V, 17.4Ah, 840Wh Samsung Battery 48V, 12.8Ah, 614Wh
48V / 25A Controller 48V, 18A
US Standard 2.0A smart charger Charger US Standard
Yes USB Ports Yes
Yes Throttle Yes
3″ Grayscale LCD Display Color LCD
5 Pedal-Assist Levels Modes 5 Pedal-Assist Levels
1×7-Speed Shimano Altus Derailleur 1×8-Speed
Aluminum Alloy Frame Material Aluminum Alloy
Spring Suspension, 100mm travel Suspension Oil Fork Suspension + Rear Suspension
Tektro Aris Mechanical Brakes Tektro Mechanical
180 Rotors (mm) 160
26×4″ Kenda Krusade Tires 20×4″ Fat Tires
Velo Soft Saddle Comfortable Saddle
Flat Ruber Grips Durable Leather
72 Weight (lbs) 70
350 Max weight (lbs) 330
15 Day Free Return / 2-Year Warranty Warranty 1-Year Warranty


Himiway has come a long way since its inception only a few years ago.

The brand has a range of fat eBikes to its name, and they are each capable in their own ways. Often included in some of the best electric fat bike lists, the Himiway bikes are affordable, good quality bikes that are helping open up the idea of active travel to those who perhaps previously couldn’t afford it.

With this in mind, the brand is successfully acting out its mission of getting more people on bikes and making the idea of e-bikes versus using your car for every trip more accessible.

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